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The First Book of Moses,

Translated from the ORIGINAL,

Inscrib'd to his GRACE, the LORD

BURY, Primate of all England,
and Metropolitan.

. By John LOOKUP, Esq;.

Printed for J. Roberts, at the Oxford Arms in


[Price Two Shillings.
101. f. 1457

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GRACE, · The LORD Arch-Bishop of CANTERBURY, Primate of all England, and nh: Metropolitan.

May it please your GRACE, 999 PON considering that the

Scriptures, as vulgarly tranSub Nated, represent both God Even and created Nature in a

* very false Light; and in the Accounts there delivered of the Formation of this World, tell us of


Things being made by God that truly never did exist, but in the * deluded Fancies of the unlearned Vulgar ; I could not but search the original Text, in order to find out if it was possible or not so to interpret these antient Writings, that natural as well as religious Truth may be found in every Page of them. Nor had I learned much of the Hebrew, until I observed from the Dictionaries that the same Word often bears many different, and sometimes even opposite, Meanings; as is the true State of the Case with most Languages, that the Sense of such Word in this or t'other Text is often determined from the Authority of the Rabbins only; and that the Points, made use of by the more ignorant Students of that Language, never were received into the Rolls kept in the Synagogues. : If the Fews are by Providence designed to be the proper Keepers of the Scriptures of the Old Testament, it ap

· * The Firmament of the Heavens, mentioned in the firft Chapter of Genesis, is an Example of this.


pears evident that those Books are only to be received as such, which have been by them made use of in Divine Service; and in that very Manner in which they there appear, that is, divested of the Points and Accents.

The fame Tradition, which gives us Notice what Books we ought to receive as fcriptural, informs us also that the Rolls preserved in the Jewish Synagogues are exact Transcripts of that heretofore kept in the Temple; from which the Inference is plain, that the Bible as there found is to be acknowledged as the only true and genuine Scriptures.

If this is not yielded to, the Authority of the Sacred Writings must immediately fall to the Ground; for put the Cafe, a Christian is ask’d, From whence have you the Old Testament? His Answer must be, Froin the Jewish Synagogues. But what Reply can he give to one further enquiring why the Scriptures are not received among Christians in the fame Manner as a 2


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