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truly believe on JESUS CHRIST, you shall receive the quickening Spirit promised in the text, and be restored to the glorious liberties of the sons of God; I say, if you believe on JESUS CHRIST. “ For by faith we are saved; it is not of works, left any one fhould boast.” And, however some men may say, there is a fitness required in the creature, and that we must have a righteoufness of our own, before we can lay hold on the righteousness of CHRIST; yet, if we believe the scripture, salvation is the free gift of God, in Christ Jesus our LORD; and whosoever believeth on him with his whole heart, though his soul be as black as hell itself, shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghoft. Behold then, I stand up, and cry out in this great day of the feast, let every one that thirsteth come unto Jesus Christ and drink. " He that believeth on him, out of his belly shall Aow (not only streams or rivulets, but whole) rivers of living water." This I speak of the Spirit, which they that believe on Jesus shall certainly receive. For Jesus CHRIST is the same yesterday, to-day, and for ever ; he is che way, the truth, the resurrection, and the life; “ whosoever believeth on him, though he were dead, yet shall he live.” There is no respect of persons with Jesus CHRIST; high and low, rich and poor, one with another, may come to him with an bumble confidence, if they draw near by faith; from him we may all receive grace upon graces for Jesus Christ is full of grace and truth, and ready to save to the uttermost; all that by a true faith turn unto him. Indeed, the poor generally receive the gospel, and “ God has chosen the poor in this world, rich in faith.” But though not many mighty, not many noble are called ; and though it be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God, yet, even to you that are rich, do I now freely offer salvation, by Jesus CHRIST, if you will renounce yourselves, and come to Jesus CHRIST as poor finners ; I say, as poor finners; for the “ poor in fpirit" are only fo blessed, as to have a right to the kingdom of God. And Jesus CHRIST calls none to him, but those who thirst after his righteousness, and feel themselves weary, and heavy laden with the burden of their fins. JESUS CHRIST justifies the 'ungodly; he came not to call the righteous, but finners to repentance.


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Do not then say you are unworthy; for this is a faithful and true faying, and worthy of all men to be received, “ that JESUS Christ came into the world to save finners;" and if you the chief of finners, if you feel yourselves fuch, verily JESUS Christ came into the world chiefly to save you. When you seph was called out of the prison-house to Pharoah's court, we are told, that he staid some time to prepare himself; but do you come with all your prison cloaths about you; come poor, and miserable, and blind, and naked, as you are, and God the Father shall receive you with open arms, as was the returning prodigal. He fall cover your nakedness with the best robe of his dear Son's righteousness, shall seal you with the signet of his Spirit, and feed you with the fatted calf, even with the comforts of the Holy Ghoft. O, let there then be joy in heaven over some of you, as believing; let me not go back to my Master, and say, LORD, they will not believe my report. Harden no longer your hearts, but open them wide, and let the King of glory enter in; believe me, I am willing to go to pria son or death for you; but I am not willing to go to heaven without you. The love of Jesus Christ conitrains me to lift up my voice like a trumpet. My heart is now full; out of the abundance of the love which I have for your precious and immortal souls, my mouth now speaketh ; and I could now not only continue my discourse until midnight, but I could speak until I could speak no more. And why should I despair of any? no, I can despair of no one, when I consider Jesus CHRIST has bad mercy on such a wretch as I am; but the free grace of CHRIST prevented me; he saw me in my blood, he paffed by me, and said unto me, Live; and the same grace which was sufficient for me, is sufficient for you also; behold, the same blessed Spirit is ready to breathe on all your dry bones, if you will believe on Jesus CHRIST, whom God has sent ; indeed, you can never believe on, or serve a better master, one that is more mighty, or more willing to save; I can say, the LORD CHRIST is gracious, his yoke is easy, his burden exceeding light; after you have served him many years, like the servants under the law, was he willing to discharge you, you would say, we love our Master, and will not go from him. Come then, my guilty brethren, come and believe on the LORD that bought you with his precious blood; look up by faith,


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and see him whom you have pierced ; behold him bleeding, panting, dying ! behold him with arms stretched out ready to receive you all ; cry unto him as the penitent thief did, Lord, remember us now thou art in thy kingdom, and he shall say, to your souls, shortly shall you þe with me in paradise. For those whom Christ justifies, them he also glorifies, even with that glory which he enjoyed with the Father, before the world began. Do not say, I have bought a piece of ground, and must needs go see it; or I have bought a yoke of oxen, and must peeds go prove them; or I have married a wife, I am engaged in an eager pursuit after the lust of the eye, and the pride of life, and therefore cannot come.

Do not fear having your name cast out as evil, or being accounted a fool for CHRIST'S sake; yet a little while, and you shall thine like the stars in the firmament for ever. Only believe, and Jesus CHRIST shall be to you wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and eter nal redemption; your bodies shall be fashioned like unto his glorious body, and your souls be partakers of all the fulness of God. Which God of his infinite mercy, 66.


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The Resurrection of Lazarus.

JOHN xi. 43, 44. And when he had thus Spoken, he cried with a loud voice,

Lazarus come forth. And be that was dead, came fortb, bound band and foot with grave-cloaths : ' and bis face was bound about with a napkin. Jesus saith unto them, Loose him, and let him go.

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HEN Jesus CHRIST, the eternal Word, was pleased

to make all things by the word of his power, his last works were the best. When he looked back upon, and beheld the firft products of his almighty power, he pronounced them good;" but when that laft, that lovely creature man, was formed, he pronounced them " very good.” So, the fame Jesus, when he came to tabernacle among us, and to begin and carry on a new and second creation, though all his works were miracles of wonder, and manifested forth the glory of his eternal Godhead, yet the nearer he came to the end of his public ministrations, the greater and more noble did the miracles which he wrought appear. The resurrection of Lazarus, that is to be the subject of the following discourse, I think, is a sufficient proof of this. To an eye of sense, it feems to be one of the greatest, if not the very greatest miracle of all which our blefied LORD performed. When our Saviour bid John's disciples go and tell their Master what things they had seen and heard, he commands them to inform him, that by his divine power “the dead were raised;"

no doubt to the Ruler's daughter, who was raised immediately after her decease ; and the Widow's son, who at the command of Jesus, rose out of his coffin, as they were carrying his corpse to the burial. These were pregnant



proofs, that Jesus was indeed the Meffiah that was to come into the world. * Bat his raising of Lazarus from the dead, after he had Jain four days dead, and faw corruption, is ftill, if possible, a greater miracle; and confequently a stronger proof of his being the Anointed, the CHRIST of God. The evangelift John is very particular in giving us an account of this miracle; even fo particular, as to spend a whole chapter in relating the circumstances which preceded, attended, and followed after it. And as he was undoubtedly directed herein by the all-wise, unerring Spirit of God, does it not point out unto us, that this miracle, with all its respective circumstances, calls for our particular and moft ferious meditation? It appears to me in this light; and therefore, as the LORD thall be pleased to afiiit, I fhalt go back to the beginning of sthis chapter, follow the evangelift ftep by step, and copsider the particulars of this wonderous miracle, make some practical - observations as I go along, and conclude with some suitable

inftructions and exhortations, which will naturally arise from the body of the discourse. su The evangelift in the first verse, makes mention of the

fickness of Lazarus..." Now, a certain man mas fick, named Lazarus of Bethany, the town of Mary, and her sister Martha.Some think these lifters were very wealthy, fo as to own good part of the town, or, as the original word seems to jmply, the village... But then it is probable the evangelist would have said the town of Lazarus, eftates usually defcending, as with us, in the male line: it means therefore rino more, than that Martha and Mary lived in Bethany. The

Hoły, Ghost pointing out to us hereby, that nothing makes a "}, town so worthy of a gracious soul's remark or esteem, as its

having many of God's dear children for its inhabitants.

Bethany, though a little place, is more famous because it was 1 the town of Martha and Mary, than if Alexander had fought

in it one of his greatest battles. Both these women loved Jesus in fincerity, and were as good as they were great. But Mary, though the younger filter, feems to be the most emi

nents for the evangelist in the second verfe, speaks of her in iną very distinguishing manner. " It was that Mary, (that

never-to-be-forgotten Mary) which anointed the LORD with pintmeat kexpenfave as it was) and wiped his feet, (after the +42123912


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