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to follow me ftep by step; and notwithstanding the Holy Ghost might not directly work in the fame order as I have defcribed, and perhaps they cannot exactly say the time when, yet they have a well-grounded confidence that the work is done, and that they have really been convinced of fin, righte-i ousness and judgment in some way, or at some time or another.

And now, what shall I say to you? O thank God, thank the Lord Jesus, thank the ever-blessed Trinity, for this unspeakable gift: for you would never have been thus highly favoured, had not he who first spoke darkness into light, loved you with an everlasting love, and enlightened you by his Holy Spirit, and that too, not on account of any good thing fore-' seen in you, but for his own name's sake:

Be humble therefore, I believers, be humble : look to the rock from whence you have been hewn: extol free grace ; admire ele&ting love, which alone has made you to differ from the rest of your brethren. Has God brought you into light? Walk as becometh children of light. Provoke not the Holy Spirit to depart from you: for though he hath sealed you to the day of redemption, and you know that the Prince of this world is judged ; yet if you backslide, grow luke-warm, or forget your first love, the LORD will visit your offences with the rod of affliction, and your fin with spiritual scourges. Be not therefore high-minded, but fear. Rejoice, but ter it be with trembling. As the elect of God, put on, nor only' humbleness of mind, but bowels of compaffion; and pray, o pray for your unconverted brethren! Help me, help me now, O children of God, and hold up my hands, as Aaron and Hur once held up the hands of Mofes. Pray, whilst I am preaching, that the LORD may enable me to say, This day is the promise in the text fulfilled in some poor finners hearts.. Cry mightily to God, and, with the cords of holy violence, pull: down blessings on your neighbours heads. Christ yet lives and reigns in heaven : the refidue of the Spirit is yet in his hand, and a plentiful effufion of it is promised in the latter days of the church. And that the Holy Ghost, the blessed Comforter, would now come down, and convince those that are Chrifless amongst you, of fin, of righteousness, and of

judgment !

judgment ! O that you were once made willing to be convinced !

But perhaps you had rather be filled with wine than with the Spirit, and are daily chasing that Holy Ghost from your fouls. What thall I say for you to God? “ Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” What shall I say from God to you? Why? That“ God was in Christ reconciling the world unto himself :". Therefore I beseech you, as in CHRIST's stead, i be ye reconciled to God. Do not go away contradicting and blafpheming. I know Satan would have you be gone. Many of you may be uneasy, and are ready to cry out, " What a weariñefs'is' this !” But I will not let you go : I have wrestled with God for my hearers in private, and I must wrestle with you here in public. Though of myself I can do nothing, and you can no more by your own power come to and believe on Christ, than Lazarus could come forth from the grave; yet who knows but God may beget some of you again to a lively hope by this foolish-' ness of preaching, and that you may be some of that world, which the Comfortér is to convince of fin, of righteousness, and of judgment? Poor Christless fouls ! do you know what a condition you are in? Why, you are lying in the wickedone, the devil ; 'he rules in you, he walks and dwells in you, unless you dwell in CHRIST, and the Comforter is come into your hearts. And will you contentedly lie in that wicked one the devil ? What wages will he give you? Eternal death.


would come to Christ! The free gift of GOD through him is eternal life. He will accept of you even now, if you will believe in him. The Comforter may yer 'come

your hearts, even yours. All that are now his living temples, were once lying in the wicked one, as well as you. This blessed gift, this Holy Ghoft, the blessed JEsus received even for the rebellious.

I see many of you affected : but are your passion's only a little wrought upon, or are your souls really touched with a lively fenfe of the heinousness of your fins, your want of faith, and the preciousness of 'the righteousness of JESUS CHRIST? If so, I hope the LORD has been gracious, and that the Comforter is coming into your hearts. Do'not ftifle these con

victions ! dition: fend



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victions! Do not go away, and straightway forget what mais ner of doctrine you have heard, and thereby thew that these. are only common workings of a few trapfient convictions, floating upon the surface of your hearts. Beg of God that you may be sincere (for be alone can make you fo) and that you may indeed desire the promise of the text to be fulfilled in your souls. Who knows but the LORD may be gracious ? Remember you bave no plea but sovereign mercy; but, for your encouragement also, remember it is the world, such as you -are, to whom the Comforter is to come, and whom he is to convince: wait therefore at wisdom's gates. The bare probability of having a dear of mercy opened, is enough to keep you ftrivingCHRIST JE$U$ came into the world to save finners, the chief of them : you know not but he came to save you. Do not go and quarrel with God's decrees, and say, if I am a reprobate, I shall be damned ; if I am elected, I thall be saved; and therefore I will do nothing. What have you to da with God's decrees? Secret things belong to to him ; it is your business to “ give alļ diligence to make your calling and election sure.” If there are but few who find the way that leads to life, do you strive to be some of them; you know not but you may be in the number of thofe few, and that your striving may be the means which Gop intends to bless, to give you an entrance in. If you do not act thus, you are not sincere; and, if you do, who knows but you may find mercy ? For though, after you have done all that you can, God may justly cut you off, yet never was a single pers fon damned who did all that he could. Though therefore your hands are withered, stretch them outį though you are impotent, fick, and lame, come, lie at the pool. Who knows but by and by the Lord Jesus may have compassion on you, and send the Comforter to convince you of fin, righteousness, and of judgment? He is a God full of compassion and longsuffering, otherwise you and I had been long since lifting up cur eyes in torments. But still he is patient with us! :.0 Christless finners, you are alive, and who knows but God intends to bring you to repentance ? Could my prayers on tears effect it, you should have vollies of the one, and foods of the other. My heart is touched with a sense of your cons dition : May our merciful High-priest now fend down the Comforter, and make you sensible of it also ! O the love of CHRIST! It constrains me yet to beseech you to come to him ; what do you reject, if you reject CHRIST, the Lord of glory! Sinners, give the dear Redeemer a lodging in your fouls. Do not be Bethfhemires ; give CHRIST your hearts, your whole hearts. Indeed he is worthy. He made you, and not you yourselves. You are not your own; give CHRIST then your bodies and souls, which are his ! Is it not enough to melt you down, to think that the high and lofty One, who inhabiteth eternity, should condescend to invite you by his minifters? How soon can he frown you to hell? And how know you, but he may, this very instant, if you do not hear his voice? Did any yet harden their hearts against CHRIST, and prosper? Come then, do not send me sorrowful away : do not let me have reason to cry out, O my leanness, my leanness! Do not let me go weeping into my closet, and say, “ LORD, they will not believe my report; LORD, I have called them, and they will not answer ; I am unto them as a very pleasant song, and as one that plays upon a pleasant instrument; but their hearts are running after the luft of the eye, the luft of the flesh, and the pride of life.” Would you be willing that I should give such an account of you, or make such a prayer before God? And yet I must not only do so here, but appear in judgment against you hereunless


will come to CHRIST. Once more therefore I intreat you to come. What objections have you to make ? Behold, I stand here in the name of God, to answer all that you can offer. But I know no one can come, unless the Father draw him ; I will therefore address me to my God, and intercede with him to send the Comforter into your hearts.

O blessed Jesus, who art a God whose compassions fail not, and in whom all the promises are yea and amen; thou that fittest between the cherubims, shew thyself amongst us. Let us now fee thy outgoings ! O let us now taste that thou art gracious, and reveal thy almighty arm! Get thyself the victory in these poor finners hearts. Let not the word spoken prove like water spilt upon the ground. Send down,



send down, O great High-priest, the Holy Spirit, to convince the world of sin, of righteousness, and of judgment. So will we give thanks and praise to thee, O Father, thee O Son, and thee O blessed Spirit; to whom, as three Perfons, but one God, be ascribed by angels and archangels, by cherubims and seraphims, and all the heavenly hosts, all possible power, might, majesty, and dominion, now and for evermore. Amen, Amen, Amen.


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