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ADAMPE, a territory on the Gold coast, in Africa, extending from Accra to the Volta.

ADAM'S BRIDGE, Asia, a sand bank, running between Ceylon and the Coromandel coast; so called by the natives, because they believe it was the path of Adam, when he quitted Paradise, their own island, for the continent.

ADAM'S PEAK, Asia, the highest mountain in Ceylon, 60 m NE Columbo.

ADANA, a city of Asia, Turkey, in Roum, with a castle; situated 15 m from the Mediterranean, and 170 SE Konieh: it has a trade in corn, wine, and fruit.

ADARE, or ADAIR, a town of Ireland, County Limerick, 11 m sw Limerick.

ADDINGTON, 5 parishes in England ;1st, county Bucks; P. 72.-2nd, county Kent; P. 206.-3rd, county Surrey; P. 463.-4th, Great, county Northampton; P. 282.-5th, Little, county Northampton;

P. 264.

ADDISON, a county of North America, United States, state Vermont, 30 m long by 37 wide, situate on the E side of the lake Champlain: Middleburgh is the county town; P. 24,940, in 1830.

ADEENAGUR, a town of Asia, in Cabul, situated near the left bank of the Kameh, 60 m ESE Cabul.

ADEL, OF ADAIEL, Asia, a kingdom of Ajan, about 400 m in length, on the s side of the gulf of Aden. It seldom rains here; but the country is well watered by rivers, and abounds with wheat, millet, frankincense, and pepper. The inhabitants are Mahometans: the capital is Zeila.

ADELFORS, a town of Sweden, 70 m xw Calmar; it is noted for its gold mines.

ADEN, a seaport of Asia, Arabia, in Yemen, situated on a peninsula, in a gulf of its name, 120 m ESE Mocha: it trades in gums and coffee: Lg. 45.10 E, Lt. 12.56 N. -VALENTIA's Travels.

ADERBIJAN, or AZERBIJAN, Asia, a province of Persia, bounded on the N by Armenia and Schirvan, w by the Caspian sea and Ghilan, s by Irak, and w by Curdistan: it is mountainous, and contains many well-watered valleys, and is reckoned a most productive province of Persia: Tabrez is the capital.

ADILABAD, Asia, Hindostan, in Kandeish, situated on the Poornah, 20 m s by E Boorhampoor; it is near a lake held in

great veneration by the Hindoos.

ADLINGTON, 4 in England;-1st, a town, county Chester; P. 1066.-2nd, a town, county Lancaster; P. 1082.—3rd, a hamlet, county Gloucester; P. 177.-4th, a village, county Kent, near Hythe, famous as the place where Elizabeth Barton, called the

Holy Maid of Kent, practised her deceptions in 1534.—Rapin.

ADMIRALTY ISLANDS, a cluster of islands of Australasia, in the South Pacific ocean, on the NNW of New Ireland; it was visited by Captain Carteret in 1767: Lg. 149.44 E, Lt. 2.28 s.

ADONI, a town of Asia, Hindostan, in Balagaut, the capital of a district on the Hinderny, 38 m N by E Balhary; it was anciently a fine city. In 1787 it was taken and destroyed by Tippoo, and is now a small place: Lg. 77.15 E, Lt. 15.35 N.

ADOWA, a town of Africa, Abyssinia, in Tigre, it stands on the side and at the foot of a hill, 11 m E Axum, and 76 Nw Antalo;

its chief mart of commerce is between Gondar and the coast, and manufactures coarse and fine cotton cloths; P. 8000: Lg. 39.5 E, Lt. 14.12 N.

ADPAR, a town of Wales, county Cardigan, 10 m ESE Cardigan; it participates with Cardigan, Lampeter, and Aberystwith, in returning one M.P.

ADRA, a seaport of Spain, province Grenada, with a citadel, 47 m SE Grenada.

ADRAMITI, a town of Asia, Turkey, in Natolia, on the E coast of a gulf of its name, 70 m N by w Smyrna: Lg. 26.50 E, Lt. 39.26 N.

ADRIA, a town of Austria, Italy, in Polesino di Rovigo, 25 m ssw Venice; gives name to the Adriatic sea, and was formerly of great note, but has been much reduced by frequent inundations.

ADRIAMPATAM, a town of Asia, Hindostan, province Tanjore, on the s coast, 37 m SSE Tanjore.

ADRIANO, a mountain of Spain, in Biscay, one of the highest of the Pyrenees, inhabited by a few shepherds.

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ADRIANOPLE, a city of Europe, Turkey, in Romania, an archbishop's see, 130m wNw Constantinople; formerly the European seat of the Turkish dominion. It is 8 m in circuit, in the midst of an extensive plain, on the Marissa, which here receives two tributary streams, the Adra and Arda. Several of the mosques are very splendid, and the principal one has four minarets, said to be the highest in all Turkey. Many of the houses are neat, but the streets are narrow and devious. The seraglio is separated from the city by the Arda, commands an extensive view of the country, which is fertile, and famous for excellent vines: the com

merce by the Marissa is considerable. Taken

from the Greeks by the Turks, under Amurath I, in 1350, and continued to be the seat of their empire till the capture of Constantinople, in 1453. Mahomet II, one of the vmost remarkable of the Turkish sultans. and the one who took Constantinople, wanton born here in 1430: Lg. 26.47 E, Lt. 42.4 N.


ADVENTURE-BAY, in Australasia, at the SE end of Van Diemen's land, so called from the ship in which Captain Furneaux sailed: Lg. 147.30 w, Lt. 43.23 s.

AFGHANISTAN, a considerable kingdom of Asia, between Persia and Hindostan, bounded on the E by the Nilab or the Indus, N by a range of lofty mountains, separating it from Bulkh and Budukhshan, w by Persi (Herat being its frontier town), s by Baloochistan: it lies between Lt. 29 and

36 N, and Lg. 61 and 71 E; comprehending

the ancient kingdoms of Zabulistan (Ghizne and Kandahar) and Kabulistan. The inhabitants are esteemed generous, hospitable, and brave, but illiterate, refractory, ferocious, and seditious; P. about 3,000,000.

AFRICA, one of the grand divisions of the world, bounded on the N by the Mediterranean sea, E by the isthmus of Suez, the Red sea, and the Indian ocean, s by the Southern ocean, and w by the Atlantic; a peninsula of prodigious extent, and joined to Asia by the isthmus of Suez, which is 125 m over. In its greatest length, from N to s, it is 4600 m, and in the broadest part, from Cape Verd to Cape Guardafui, it is 3500. The greater part lies within the torrid zone, which renders the heat almost insupportable in many places; but the coasts in general are very fertile, the fruits excellent, and the plants extraordinary. There are more wild beasts than in


ny other part of the world; also some animals peculiar to that country, as the hippopotamus, or river horse, the giraf, the rhinoceros, with two horns on its nose, and the beautiful striped zebra; beside these are crocodiles, ostriches, camels, and many other animals not to be met with in Europe. There are several deserts, particularly one of a large extent called Sahara, but these are not quite without inhabitants. There are many large rivers, of which the principal are, the Nile, Niger, Zaire, Senegal, and Gambia. The most considerable mountains

are, the Atlas, the Mountains of the Moon,

and the Sierra Leone. The inhabitants consist of Pagans, Mahomedans, and Christians. The first, who possess the greater part of the country, from the tropic of Cancer to the Cape of Good Hope, are the most numerous, and are generally black. The Mahomedans, who are tawny, possess Egypt and the coast of Barbary. The people of Abyssinia are denominated Christians, but retain many pagan and Jewish rites. In the N of Africa are some Jews, who manage all the little trade of that part of the country. The principal divisions of Africa are, Barbary, Egypt, Sahara, Nigritia, Guinea, Bornou, Kassina, Fezzan, Timbuctoo, Nubia, Abyssinia, Abex, Loango, Congo, Angola, Benguela, Mataman, Zanguebar, Monoe

mugi, Caffraria, and the country of the Hottentots.

AFRICA, a town of Africa, on the E coast of Tunis, near a cape of its name, 20 m SSE Susa: Lg. 11.10 E, Lt. 35.32 x.


AGADES, a town of Africa, Kassina, the capital of a province, 260 m NNE Kassina = it sends annually a caravan of 1000 camels to the salt lakes in the desert, at a place called Domboo, which salt is distributed among the other provinces of the empire: Lg. 13.0 E, Lt. 2.05 n.

AGADES, a large city of Africa, capital of a kingdom, on the route to Tripoli, Fezzan, and Kassina, 47 days' travelling from Mour


AGAGNA, the chief town of the island of Guam, one of the Ladrones, in the North Pacific ocean, the residence of the Spanish governor, situated on the w coast, 12 m NE of the harbour; the houses, except the public offices, are chiefly built of wood; the streets are straight: Lg. 14.5 E, Lt. 13.26 N.

AGDE, a town of France, department L'Herault, on the river Herault, situated near its mouth in the gulf of Lyons, where there is a fort to defend the entrance, 8 leagues sw Montpelier, and 111 s Paris; ancient; P. about 7000.

AGEN, a city of France, capital of department Lot-et-Garonne, and a bishop's see, situated in a fertile country, on the river Garonne, 80 m SE Bourdeaux : prunes form here a considerable object of commerce, and it has manufactures of camblet, serges, and canvas. John Julius Scaliger was born here in 1540; P. 11,000: Lg. 0.42 E, Lt. 44.12 N.

AGGA, or AGGONA, a town and district of Africa, on the coast of Guinea, in which is a high hill called the Devil's Mount; the English have a fort here: Lg. 0.5 E, Lt. 6.0 N.

AGGERHUS, a small province of Norway, Swedish, bounded on the N by Hedemarkens and Christians, E by Smaalehnenes, s by Christiania Fiord, and w by Buskeruds; it has rich mines and fine timber: area 1347 geographical square m; P. 82,765: Christiania is the capital.

AGHADOE, a town of Ireland, county Kerry, a bishop's see united to Limerick and Ardfert, situated near the lake of Killarney, 13 m SSE Tralee.

AGHRIM, a village of Ireland, 28 m ENE Galway, memorable for the decisive victory gained in 1661, by William III, over Jaines II.

AGHRIN, a town of Ireland, county Wicklow, 13 m sw Wicklow. AGIMEER; see AJMEER.

AGINCOURT, or AZINCOUR, a village of France, department Pas-de-Calais, 11 m E Montreuil. Near this place Henry V of England obtained a signal victory over the French, on the 25th of October, 1415. Henry had only about 10,000 men, the French 100,000.

AGMAT, a town of Africa, Marocco, on the river Agmat, and w side of one of the Atlas mountains, 16 m s Marocco.


AGNADELLO, a town of Italy, Austrian, in Milan, 12 m from Lodi, celebrated for the victory of Louis XII over the Venetians, in 1509, and for that of the duke of Vendome over prince Eugene, in 1706.

AGON, an island of Sweden, in the gulf of Bothnia, with a good harbour: Lg. 18.10 E, Lt. 61.20 N.

AGOSTA, an island in the gulf of Venice, near the coast of Dalmatia, 18 m in circumference, and 10 sw of the island of Curzola. It affords fresh water and good anchorage: Lg. 17.0 E, Lt. 42.55 N.

AGows, Africa, a numerous and remarkable people of Abyssinia, to the E of the Bahr-el-Azrek, or Abyssinian Nile. Another tribe of the same people, called Tcheretz Agows, dwells on the northern bank of the Taccaze. Their language differs from that of Abyssinia, and they are shorter and stouter, but less active, than the Abyssinians. SALT's Travels.

AGRA, Asia, an extensive province of Hindostan, bounded on the N by the province Delhi, s by Malwaff, E by Oude and Allahabad, and on the w by Ajmeer, being in length about 250, and in breadth about 180 m.

AGRA, Asia, a celebrated city of Hindostan, called by the Mahometans Akbarabad, the capital of the province of Agra, and seat of the British civil authority, on the sw bank of the Jumna. The houses are built of stone, and are very lofty, but the streets are so narrow as barely to admit the passage of a carriage; the greater part is, however, in a ruinous state. On the opposite side of the river are several handsome tombs: it was taken in the year 1784 from the Moguls, by the Mahrattah chief Madajee Sindia, and remained in the hands of his successor till 1803, when it was captured by the British army: Lg. 77.56 E, Lt. 27.12 N.

AGRAMONT, a town of Spain, Catalunia, seated on a mountain, near a small river, 13 m E Balaguer.

AGRIA, or ERLAU, a town of Austria, Hungary, an archbishop's see, with a citadel; P. 16,112, in 1815: 68 m NE Pest.

AGRIGAN, Asia, one of the Ladrone islands, 43 m in circuit; it is mountainous, and has several volcanos: Lg. 146.0 E, Lt. 19.40 N.

AGRIG-CARACOUBA, a Greek colony of Russia, government Ecatherinoslav ; ' P. about 200 families.

AGROPOLI, a town of Italy, Naples, in Principato Citra, on the E side of the gulf of Salerno, 22 m SSE Salerno.

AGUILAR, a town of Spain, province Navarre, 20 m w Estella.

AHANTA, a kingdom of Africa, on the Gold coast, w of the Fantee territory, the richest and most improved district upon The chief towns are Axim, the coast. Discove, &c.

AHAR, a town of Asia, Persia, in Aderbijan, situated in a large plain, on a river of the same name, 50 m ENE Tabriz.

AHMEDABAD, a city of Asia, Hindostan, the capital of Guijerat, in a level country, on the Saubermuty, which is navigable to the gulf of Cambay, 320 m N Bombay. The walls are 6 m in circuit, and contain 12 gates, but now not a quarter of the area is inhabited. The mosque and tomb of the founder, Tater Ahmed, are built of stone and marble, the last of exquisite workmanship. It was taken by the English, in 1780, from the Poonah Mahrattas, to whom it was restored in 1783: Lg. 72.42 E, Lt. 23.53 N.

AHMEDNAGUR, a city and fort of Asia, Hindostan, it was once the capital of the Soubah of its name, which was afterwards called Dowlerabad, and now Aurungabad, situate on the river Seena, 73 m NE Poona. Was the residence of the emperor Aurunzebe, during his conquest of the Deccan soon after his death, in 1707, it was seized by the Mahrattas, and retained till 1797, when Dowlet Row Sindia forced the peshwa to cede it to him; but, in 1803, it was taken by, and ceded to, the British: Lg. 74.55 E, Lt. 19.5 N.

AHUAZ, or AHWAZ, a town of Asia, Persia, in Kusistan, on the river Karasu, 48 m sw Shuster; once a flourishing city, of which considerable ruins remain.

AнUYS, a town of Sweden, Gothland, with a good harbour, 15 m SE of Christianstadt: Lg. 14.15 E, Lt. 56.15 N.

AIASALECK, or AJASALUCK, a village of Asia, Turkey, Natolia, 39 ms Smyrna, and erroneously considered as the ancient Ephesus, which stood 2 m w of it.

AICHSTADT, a town of Bavaria, province Franconia, 40 m s by E Nürnberg. In the church is a piece of curious workmanship, called the Sun of the Holy Sacrament, which is of massy gold, enriched with pre

cious stones.

AIDAR, principal seaport town of Nubia, Africa, on a mountain, near the coast of the Red sea: it has a trade in ebony and aromatic plants: Lg. 53.57 E, Lt. 22.20 N.

AIGLE, a town of Switzerland, canton

Bern, principally built of black marble, on a river that soon joins the Rhone; 7 m from its entrance into the lake of Geneva.

AIGLE, a town of France, department Orne, 47 m sw Rouen.

AIGUEBELLE, a town of France, depart ment La-Drome, 6 m SE Montelimart.

AIGUEMORTE, a town of France, department Le-Gard, situated among the morasses near the sea, and had a harbour which is now choked up; 12 m ESE Montpellier. AIGUIBELLO, a town of Sardinia, duchy of Savoy, on the Arc, 15 m E Chambery.

AILAI, a town of Asia, in Arabia Petrea, on the E arm of the Red sea, at its Nw extremity, 140 m ESE Suez: Lg. 34.30 E, Lt. 29.10 N.

AILLY, a town of France, department Somme, 9 m SSE Amiens.

AILSA, an insulated rock, s of the isle of Arran, in Scotland. The base is 2 m in circuit; and it consists of a stupendous assemblage of precipitous cliffs, rising in a pyramidal series, 900 feet high, accessible only on the NE. It affords refuge to an immense number of seafowl, and is well stocked with rabbits. The ruins of a chapel and of a castle are still seen; and near the latter is a spring of fresh water.

AIN, a department of France, 48 m long by 46 broad, on the confines of Switzerland and Savoy, and on other sides bordered by the departments of Isere, Rhone, Saone-et-Loire, and Jura: takes its name from a river which rises in Mount Jura, near Nozeroy, and enters the Rhone above Lyon: Bourg is the capital; P. 322,608. AINSWORTH, a town in England, county

Lancaster; P. 1,584.

AIENTAB, or ANTAB, a town of Asia, Turkey, in Syria, pachalic of Aleppo, on the Sejour, near its junction with the Euphrates, 50 m E Alexandretta, 60 x by E Aleppo, about 3 m in its circuit, and has an old castle on a rock; its trade is in the manufacture of stamped calicoes: Lg. 37.15 E, Lt. 36.57 N.

AIRDRIE, a town of Scotland, county Lanark, seated on a rising ground, between two rivulets, 10 m E Glasgow, with Falkirk returns one M.P.: it has an iron foundry, and a considerable trade in malt spirits.

AIRE, a town of France, department Landes, situated on the side of a hill, by the Adour, 65 m s Bourdeaux.

AIRE, a town of France, department Pasde-Calais, situated on the Lis, 22 m s Dunkirk; and has a canal to St. Omer.

AISNE, or AINE, department of France, 80 m long by 40 broad, surrounded by the departments of Nord, Ardennes, Marne, Seine-et-Marne, and Oise-et-Somme. The soil is rich in corn, flax, pasture, and

wood; takes its name from a river, which runs by Soissons, and enters the Oise above Compiegne. Laon is the capital; P. 463,666.

AIX, ancient AQUÆ SEXTIÆ, a city of is an archbishopric; situated 163 leagues s France, department Bouches-du-Rhone, and by E of Paris, and 7 N of Marseilles: its chief trade is in oil. The streets are generally narrow, but the Cours, or promenade, is very beautiful; and the finest sized square

is La Place des Precheurs. The cathedral is an ancient edifice, well worthy the attention of the traveller. The principal doors, of bronze richly carved, are fine and curious. Tournefort, the celebrated French botanist, was born here in the year 1656; P. 27,000.

Aix, a town of Sardinia (kingdom) Italy, Savoy, on the lake Bourget : famous for its hot mineral waters, which are much frequented; 12 m NNE Chambery.

between the isle of Oleron and the contiAIX, a small island of France, situated nent, 12 m NW Rochfort: Lg. 1.10 w, Lt. 46.5 E.


AJACCIO, a seaport of Corsica, capital of department Liamone, and a bishop's see; the best built town in the island, and stands on the w coast, on a point of land that juts into the gulf of Ajaccio, 160 m SE Toulon. Napoleon Bonaparte was born here, August 15th, 1769: Lg. 8.53 E,

Lt. 41.46 N.

AJAN, or AJEN, a country on the E coast of Africa, extending from Cape Guardafui to Zanguebar 700 m, and is divided cipal of which are Adel and Magadoxo. into several states or kingdoms, the prinThe eastern coast of Ajan is sandy and barren, but the north is more fertile. The kings of Ajan are frequently at war with the emperor of Abyssinia, and sell the prisoners which they take: it trades in ivory, gold, and horses of an excellent breed.

AJAZZO, a seaport of Asia, Turkey, in Syria, situated on the Mediterranean, the site of the ancient Issus, where Alexander fought his second battle with Darius: 30 in s Antioch, and 40 w Aleppo: Lg. 36.10 E, Lt. 36.0 N.

AJMEER, or RAJPOORANA, in Asia, province Hindostan Proper, 350 m long by

200 broad; bounded N by Mooltan and Ladrore, E by Delhi and Agra, s by Malwah and Gujerat, and w by Sindy and Mooltan. The sw part is a sandy desert, and thinly inhabited; the central part is hilly, containing salt lakes and springs that produce salt spontaneously; and the SE part is mountainous, with fertile valleys and plains intervening. In the southern parts are several Rajpoot statęs, governed by rajahs and petty chiefs. The Rajpoots

are stout and brave, with Jewish features, haughty in their manners, very indolent, much addicted to the use of opium, and extremely attached to their respective chiefs.

AJMEER, in Asia, the capital of Ajmeer province, at the foot of a mountain, on the top of which is a fortress; the streets are narrow and dirty; and, excepting a palace, scarcely any remains of magnificence are to be seen the chief attraction is the cemetery of a great Mahomedan saint, who flourished about the year 1200; his tomb is of white marble, not remarkable for its beauty.

AJUNTEE, a fortified town in Asia, Hindostan, in Berar, situated at the entrance of a celebrated pass through the Berar mountains into Aurungabad, 53 m NNE Aurungabad, and 98 sw Ellichpoor.

AKABA, a town of Asia, in Arabia Petrea, with a castle, situated at the NE extremity of the Red sea, called the gulf of Akaba: possesses large groves of date trees, and is surrounded by an extensive plain, rich in pasturage; it is little visited by sea, and occupied by tribes of Bedouins; 153 m ESE Suez: Lg. 34.58 E, Lt. 29.23 N.

AKALZIKE, or AKISKA, a city of Turkey, in Armenia, with a castle, and is the capital of the district Akiska; a populous trading place, and situate on the left bank of the Kur, 130 m NE Erzerum: Lg. 43.50 E, Lt. 41.10 N.


AKH-METCHED; see SIMPHEROPOL. AKISSAT, a town of Asia, Turkey, in Natolia, the ancient Thyatira; it is built in a plain above 17 m over, which produces corn and cotton; situated on the Her

mits, 50 m SE Pergamo: Lg. 28.30 E, Lt.

38.48 ; P. about 5000.

AKKA, a town of Africa, in the kingdom of Suse, which is the general rendezvous of the accumulated caravans, destined for Nigritia; situated on the confines of Sahara, 110 m s Terodant: Lg. 8.30 w, 28.20 N.


AKSHEHR, a town of Asia, Turkey, in Caramania, said to be the ancient Antioch, in Pisidia; situated at the foot of a range of mountains, amid numerous gardens and streams, six m from the lake Eberdy, and 66 WNW Cogni: it has a handsome mosque and a college to the memory of Bajazet, who died there.


ALABAMA, one of the United States of North America, bounded N by Tennessee, E by Georgia, s by Florida and the gulf of Mexico, and w by Mississippi; its extent about 44,000 square m; the surface near the sea is low and flat, gradually ascending towards the interior, where it is mountainous; its chief river is the Alabama,

which is formed by the junction of the Coosa and Tombigbee. The soil is fertile; cotton is the principal produce for exportation; it is divided into 36 counties; Mo


bile, a city, is the most considerable place, but Tuscaloasa is the capital; divided also into seven circuits, in each of which is a circuit judge; the supreme court formed by a union of the judges; the senate is composed of 22 members, and the house of representatives of 72; the governor is elected by the people for two years. This state formerly was part of Missouri territory; but in 1817 was erected into a separate state: P. 10,000 in 1810; 144,041 in 1820; 308,997, of whom 117,294 were slaves, in 1830.

ALABASTER, or ELEUTHERA, North America, one of the Bahama islands, which produces the greater part of the pine apples that are exported, and on the E coast are a number of alabaster rocks; it has also a small fort: Lg. 76.24 w, Lt. 24.49 N.

ALAIS, a town of France, department Le-Gard, lately an episcopal see, situated near the Gard, at the foot of the Cevennes, 22 m NW Nismes: it has a citadel.

ALAND, a cluster of islands in the Baltic, situated at the entrance of the sea of Bothnia; divided into eight parishes, each of which has a church, included in the province of Stockholm; they produce corn sufficient for the inhabitants, and export fatted beef, tallow, hides, and butter. The principal island, which gives name to the rest, is 20 m long by 8 wide; Castleholm is the chief place, 70 m wsw Abo. Centre in Lg. 20 E, Lt. 60.10 N.

Turkey, in Caramania, on the E side of a ALANIA, or ALAYA, a town of Asia, lofty promontory, in the gulf of Satalia; it is strong by nature, and the capital of a pashalic, but at present of no great importance; 76 m ESE Satalia: Lg. 32.2 E, Lt. 36.32 N.

ALAPAEVSK, a town of Russia, government Perm, and district Ecatherinbourg; iron-works: Lt. 78.40 x; P. 1720.


ALATRI, a town of Italy, province Campagna di Roma, situate on a hill, 42 m ESE Rome.

ALATYR, a town of Russia, government Simbirsk, at the junction of the Alatyr and Soura; it has five churches, a glass manu

factory, and several tanneries: Lg. 46.24 E,

Lt. 54.30 N.

ALBA, a town of Italy, Sardinia, in Piedmont, Montserrat, situate on the Tanaro, 20 m SE Turin; it contains six churches, a cathedral, and seven convents.

ALBANIA, province, Europe, in Turkey, comprehending the ancient Illyria and

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