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TAI-PING, a city of Asia, China, of the first rank, in Quang-si, on a point of land, almost surrounded by a river, 360 m w by s Canton: Lg. 107.0 E, Lt. 22.36 N.

TAI-TCHEOU, a city of Asia, China, of the first rank, in Tche-kiang, on the bank of a river, in a mountainous country, 720 m SSE Peking: Lg. 121.2 E, Lt. 28.55 N.

TAI-TONG, a city of Asia, China, of the first rank, in Chan-si, near the great wall, in a mountainous country, 155 m w Peking: Lg. 113.0 E, Lt. 40.5 N.

TAI-WAN, a city of Asia, and the Chinese capital of Formosa, with a fort, built by the Dutch, and named Zealandia. The streets are nearly straight, and from 30 to 40 feet broad, and some of them above 2 m long ; they are covered 7 months in the year with awnings to defend them from the heat of the sun. The harbour only admits vessels drawing 8 feet of water: Lg. 120.30 E, Lt. 23.25 N.

TAI-YUEN, a city of Asia, China, capital of Chan-si. It is 9 m in circuit, but much decayed since it was the residence of the princes of the last imperial family of Taiming-tchao. It is 230 m sw Peking: Lg. 111.56 E, Lt. 37.54 N.

TALAVERA-DE-LA-REYNA, a town of Spain, New-Castile, manufactures of silk, and a pottery. In 1809 a bloody battle was fought between the united British and Spanish army and the French, in which the latter were defeated. It stands on the Tejo, 58 m sw Madrid; P. 8000.

TALAVERUELA, a town of Spain, province Estremadura, on the Guadiana, 14 m E Badajoz.

TALBOT, a town of North America, United States, state Maryland, Talbot county, near Chesapeake-bay, 90 m ssw Philadelphia.

TALCA, a town of South America, Chili, capital of province Maule, with a fort. It is very populous, owing to the numerous gold mines in the vicinity, and the abundance of provisions. It stands among hills, on the Maule, 140 m s by w St.-Iago: Lg. 71.1 w, Lt. 35.13 s.

TALCAGUANA, a seaport of South America, Chili, on the SE shore of the bay-ofConception, and near the ruins of the old city of Conception, 9 m from the present city of Conception: Lg. 72.30 w, Lt. 36.42 s.

TALLA, a city of Asia, China, of the first rank, in Yun-nan. Here are made curious tables and ornaments, of fine marble of different colours, representing mountains, flowers, trees, and rivers. It is 160 m wNw Yun-nan: Lg. 100.6 E, Lt. 24.54 N.

TALLAGH, or TALLOW, a borough of Ireland, county Waterford, but its jurisdiction gone into disuse, and the castle is in ruins. Seated near the Bride, 6 m ssw Lismore, 26 ENE Cork.

TALLANO, a seaport in the island-of-Cor sica, gulf-of-Tallano, 24 m NNW Bonifacio, and 30 ssw Corte: Lg. 9.18 E, Lt. 51.20 N.

TALMONT, a town of France, department Charente-Inferieure, with a harbour near the mouth of the Gironde, 20 m sw Saintes.

TALNERE, a town of Asia, Hindostan, in Khandesh, said to have been the capital of the first independent sovereign of Khandesh in 1406; on the Tupsee, 92 m w by s Boorhampoor.

TAMALAMEVA, a town of South America, Colombia, province Sta.-Martha, on the Magdalena, 180 m s Sta.-Martha: Lg. 74.15 w Lt. 8.40 N.

TAMANE, a town of Russia, government Taurida, with a large fort, on the E side of a bay of the Black-sea, and on the site of the city of Phanagoria, of which some extensive ruins yet remain. The town stands a mile w of the fort, near the entrance of the bay, from the strait-of-Taman, and 10 m s by E Yenikale, Crimea: Lt. 36.24 E, Lt. 45.5 N.

TAMANE, an island of Russia, Black-sea, government Taurida, belonging to the Tchernomors-Cosaques.

TAMARA, Asia, Indian-ocean, capital of the island-of-Socotara, with a good harbour, on a bay on the N coast. The trade chiefly in aloes, frankincense, ambergrise, and dragons'-blood: Lg. 53.45 E, Lt. 12.18 N.

TAMARACHERY, a town of Asia, Hindostan, in Malabar, among hills abounding with teak trees, 22 m NE Calicut.

TAMATAVE, a port of Africa, on the E coast of Madagascar, defended by a fort. It is the principal harbour in the island visited by the Europeans. In 1811, being then in possession of the French, 3 British ships took the fort and all the vessels in the harbour: Lg. 49.40 E, Lt. 18.5 s.

TAMBACH, a post village of Germany, 9 m sw Gotha, post-road to Würzburg; P. 1400.

TAMBOW, a government of Russia, bounded N by Vladimir, Riazan, and NijniNovgorod, E by Penza and Saratof, s by Saratof and Voronéje, and w by Voronéje, Orel, Riazan, and Toula; divided into 12 districts named after their chief town, viz., Tambow, Morchansk, Spask, Cazlow, Lebe

diane, Lipetsk, Ousmane, Borisoglebsk, Kirsanof, Chatsk, Temnikof, Elatma: chief rivers, Oca, Tsna, Mokcha, Ousmane, Vade, &c. Manufactures, cloth, sail-cloth, glass, leather, and many corn-brandy distilleries: soil very fertile, well timbered, pastures, and arable. The church is governed by the archbishop of Tambow and Ghatsk; P. 1,027,352 amongst whom are a great number of Tartars and Morduans.

TAMBOW, capital of government, and chief of district, Russia, on the left bank of the Tsna, 309 m SE Moscow, divided into two parts by the rivulet Stoudenetz; that which lies on the right bank contains all the public buildings, warehouses, shops, &c. formerly fortified with timber-works, the ditches now only remain; trade, tallow, leather, wool, salted meat: 13 churches; P. 10,700: Lg. 42.05 E, Lt. 52.43.45 N.

TAME, a river and town; see THAME. TAMELA, a parish of Russia, Finland, lately conquered, near Tavastehous; copper and iron-mines.

TAMIAGUA, a town of North America, Mexico, in Panuco, on a neck of land, between the gulf-of-Mexico and an arm of the sea, called the lake-of-Tamiagua, 100 m SSE Panuco.

TAMIEH, a town of Africa, Egypt, on a canal that communicates with the Nile, 12 m NE Fayoum.

TAMPICO, a town of North America, Mexico, province Panuco, gulf-of-Mexico, on a neck of land formed by the sea and lake-of-Tamiagua, 30 m E by s Panuco.

TAMWORTH, a borough of England, county Stafford, returns 2 M.P., with a market on Saturday, and a manufacture of narrow cloths. It is seated on the Tame, at the influx of the Anker, 8 m SE Lichfield, and 115 Nw London. The E of the town is in Warwickshire; P. 7182.

TANCROWAL, a town of Africa, on the Gambia, where the British have a fort: Lg. 14.27 w, Lt. 13.10 N.

TANDA, or TANRAH, a town of Asia, Hindostan, in Bengal, on the Ganges, 120 m NW Dacca. There is little remaining of it but the rampart; and the period when it was deserted is not certainly known: Lg. 87.56 E, Lt. 23.25 N.

TANDERAGEE, a town of Ireland, county Armagh, with an extensive linen manufacture and a considerable trade. It stands near the Newry-canal, 11 m ENE Armagh, 13 NNW Newry.

TANEYTOWN, a town of North America, United States, state Maryland, Fredrick county, 27 m N by E Fredrictown.

TANGERMUNDE, a town of Prussia, province Brandenburg, with a castle, 24 m WNW Brandenburg.

TANGIER, a seaport of Africa, kingdom Fez, with a castle, and surrounded by a wall. The trade consists principally in supplying the opposite coast of Spain with provisions, which are plentiful and cheap. It is the residence of the consuls of the European nations in amity with the emperor. The habitations of the Moors are very low, with flat roofs, and covered with plaster. The principal street is rather large, but all the other streets are crooked and narrow. Tangier was taken by the Portuguese in 1471, and they gave it as a dower to princess Catherine, on her marriage with Charles II of England, but he did not think it worth the expense of keeping, and, in 1683, caused the works to be blown up. It is seated on a bay of the strait-of-Gibraltar, 130 m NNW Fez:

Lg. 5.54 w, Lt. 35.48 N.

TANJORE, a city of Asia, Hindostan, in the Carnatic, capital of a principality, conditionally subject to its own raja, and famous for its agricultural riches. The raja's palace is a grand square, surrounded by a wall and a wet ditch; near it is a fort, which contains a celebrated pagoda, deemed the finest specimen of the pyramidical temple in India. It is seated on a branch of the Cavery, 182 m ssw Madras: Lg. 79.11 E, Lt. 10.42 N.

TANKIA, a town and fortress of Asia, Tibet, at the foot of a mountain, 105 m Teshoo Loombo: Lg. 87.22 E,


Lt. 28.21 N.

TANNA, a fertile island of Australasia, Pacific-ocean, one of the New-Hebrides, on which is a volcano and some hot springs. The inhabitants are brave and hospitable, and their arms are bows, slings, spears, and clubs. It is 22 m long by 10, and was discovered, in 1774, by Cook, who named the harbour where he lay Port-Resolution, from the name of his ship: Lg. 169.41 E, Lt. 19.32 s.

TANNA, a town of Asia, Hindostan, on the E side of Salsettte, with a fort that commands the passage between the island and the Mahratta territories in Aurungabad. It is 20 m NNE Bombay: Lg. 73.6 E, Lt. 19.11 N.

TANNESSERIM, a district of Asia, Burman empire, extending along the sea-coast, from 11 to 14 N Lt., with a capital bearing the same name.

TANORE, a town of Asia, Hindostan, on the seacoast of Malabar, 29 m s by E Calicut.

TAOO, Australasia, the most s of the Friendly-islands, Pacific-ocean, about 10 leagues in circuit.

TAORMINA, a town on the E coast of the island of Sicily, in Val-di-Demona, and on part of the site of the ancient Tauromenium,

of which some considerable ruins yet re main. It is a strong military position, seated on an eminence at the foot of a high rock, and at the head of a rocky bay, 32 m ssw Messina: Lg. 15.34 E, Lt. 37.49 N.

TAOS, a town of North America, NewMexico, on a river that enters Rio-delNorte, 80 m N Sta. Fé.

TAOUKA, a small island of Australasia, Pacific-ocean, 65 leagues NE of Otaheite: Lg. 145.9 w, Lt. 14.30 s.

TAPANOOLY, a British settlement of Asia, Sumatra, on the small island of Puchong-Keechil, seldom visited by ships.

TAPPAHANNOCK, a county-town of North America, United States, state Virginia, Essex county, in a rich plain, on the sw bank of the Rappahannock, 50 m NE Richmond, and 109 Washington.

TAPPAN, a village of North America, United States, state New-York, Rockland county, 3 m from the w bank of the Hudson, and at the s end of the broad part of it called the Tappan-sea. Here, in 1780, major Andre was tried and executed as a spy. It is 25 m N New-York.

TAPPANOOLY, a seaport of Asia, on the w side of Sumatra, on a small island, about 3 m from the shore, at the entrance of a deep bay, which stretches far into the country. The bay-of-Tappanooly, with the island-of-Mansaler, forms one of the finest ports in the world, capable of containing the united navies of Europe. It was taken by the French in 1760, and again in 1809: Lg. 98.6 E, Lt. 1.40 N.


TARA, a town of Russia, government Tobolsk, chief of district, on the Arkarka, which falls into the Irtyche, 370 m SE Tobolsk. It stands partly on a hill and on a plain; on the former is a fort, and the surrounding houses are inclosed by a rampart of earth. The lower town is inhabited by Tartars and Boukhares. It has manufactures of hats, vitriol, and morocco leather, a trade with Boukharia and the frontier of China, and 5 churches; P. 2000: Lg. 74.50 E, Lt. 56.54.40 N.

TARAGALLA, a town of Africa, Barbary, district Draha, with a castle, on the Draha,


m w by s Tafilet: Lg. 7.32 w, Lt. 27.25 N.

TARANCON, a town of Spain, province New-Castile, 40 m SE Madrid.

TARANSA, one of the western islands of Scotland, 4 m long, and 2 where broadest: Lg. 8.55 w, Lt. 58.2 N.

TARAPACA, a town of South America, Peru, province Arequipa, on a river, near its entrance into the Pacific, 290 m SSE Arequipa Lg. 70.6 w, Lt. 20.17 s.

TARARE, a town of France, department

Rhone, at the foot of a mountain, 20 m wNw Lyon.

TARASCON, a town of France, department Bouches-du-Rhone, with a castle, on the Rhone, opposite Beaucaire, with which it communicates by a bridge of boats. It has a trade in oil, brandy, starch, and silk stuffs. It is 9 m N Arles, and 14 E by s Nismes.

TARASCON, a town of France, department Arriege, on the Arriege, 7 m SSE Foix.

TARASTCHA, a town of Russia, government Kiew, chief of district, on a rivulet which joins the Rosse, 74 m s Kiew.

TARAZ, a city of Asia, Western-Tartary, capital of Turkestan, on a river which flows into the Sirr, 350 m N by E Samarcand: Lg. 66.30 E, Lt. 44.20 N.

TARAZONA, a city of Spain, province Aragon, and a bishop's see; situated partly on a rock, and partly in a fertile plain, 60 m WNW Saragossa, and 180 NE Madrid: Lg. 1.36 w, Lt. 42.2 N.

TARAZONA, a town of Spain, in LaMancha, 48 m NE Alcarez, and 54 s Cuenca.

TARBAT, a village of Scotland, county Ross, 10 m ENE Tain, on the N side of a peninsula, which projects NE between the friths of Moray and Dornoch, and terminates in 2 capes; the N one called TarbatNess; P. 1809: Lg. 3.20 w, Lt. 57.34 N.

TARBET, a town of Scotland, county Argyle, w side of Loch-Fine, where it has a safe and good harbour; had a castle, now in ruins. It is a place of considerable traffic both by land and water, 30 m ssw Inverary, and 35 N by E Campbeltown.

TARBERT, a town of Ireland, county Kerry, on the estuary of the Shannon, in which is an island, opposite the town, that forms a safe harbour for vessels in tempestuous weather. It is 30 m NNE Tralee, and 34 wsw Limerick.

TARBES, a town of France, capital of department Hautes-Pyrenees, with an ancient castle, and a college: it was lately a bishop's see. Here, in 1814, the allied army from Spain, under the duke of Wellington, defeated the French under marshal Soult. Situated in a fertile plain, on the Adour, 40 m sw Auch; P. 9706: Lg. 0.4 E, Lt. 43.14 N.

TARBOROUGH, a county-town of North America, United States, state North Carolina, Edgecomb county. Here large quantities of tobacco, maize, pork, and beef, are collected for exportation. Situated on the Tar, 72 m E by s Raleigh, and 252 Washington.

TAREM, a city of Asia, Persia, in Laristan, with a mud fort. It is meanly built, but is the residence of many respectable

merchants; situated in a plain covered with of the Romans, and has many noble monu. date-trees, 80 m ENE Lar.

TARENTO, a town of Italy, Naples, in Terra-d'Otranto, and an archbishop's see, with a castle. It had an excellent port at the mouth of a river, which becoming shallow its commerce failed; but it still derives some returns from its fisheries. Situated at the N extremity of a large gulf of the same name, 55 m Nw Otranto, and 150 E by s Naples: Lg. 17.29 E, Lt. 40.35 N.

TARGA, a town of Africa, kingdom Fez, on the Mediterranean, with a castle on a rock, 90 m SE Tangier.

TARIFA, a fortified town of Spain, province Andalusia, on an eminence, on the strait-of-Gibraltar, 52 m SE Cadiz. It was unsuccessfully besieged by the French in 1812: Lg. 5.36 w, Lt. 36.5 N.

TARIJA, a town of South America, Tucuman, capital of a district, which feeds a vast number of cattle and sheep. Situated on the St.-Juan, 196 m NNE St.-Salvadorde-Jujui Lg. 64.0 w, Lt. 21.40 s.

TARKU, a town of Asia, Daghestan, capital of a district, in a narrow glen, near the Caspian-sea, 80 m Nw Derbend, and 150 NE Teflis: Lg. 47.5 E, Lt. 45.50 N.

TARMA, a town of South America, Peru, capital of a province, which has many mines of silver, and feeds abundance of cattle; has a lucrative trade in woollen-cloth; on the Chanchamayo, 110 m ENE Lima: Lg. 75.17 w, Lt. 11.35 s.

TARN, a department of France, the Nw including part of the old province of Languedoc, surrounded by the departments of Aveiron, Herault, Aude, Haute-Garonne, and Lot. It takes its name from a river, which rises in the department of Lozere, and flows by Milhoud, Alby, Guillac, Montauban, and Moissac, in the Garonne; P. 335,844. Castres is the capital.

TARNOWITZ, a town of Prussia, province Silesia, with a valuable iron-mine; near the frontiers of Poland, 38 m ESE Oppelen.

TARO, a town of Italy, in the duchy-ofParma, near the source of the Taro, 28 m ssw Parma.

TAROUSSA, a town of Russia, government Calouga, chief of district, at the junction of the Taroussa with the Oda, on the left bank of the latter, 41 m N Calouga; has 3 churches, 70 houses, and 5 shops; P. 600.

TARPORLEY, a town of England, county Chester, with a market on Tuesday, and a manufacture of stockings, &c.; 11 m ESE Chester, and 178 Nw London; P. 995.

TARRAGONA, a city of Spain, in Catalunia, and an archbishop's see, with a university. It was very powerful in the time

ments of antiquity; is surrounded by walls, and has 2 castles. Though room for 2000 houses within the walls, there are now not above 600, which are all built with large The cathedral is noted for square stones.

its vast dimensions, the elegance of its Gothic architecture, and a magnificent chapel built with rich marble and jasper. The ordinary exports are corn, wine, and brandy; but its harbour is not much fre quented. This city was taken in 1811, by the French, who massacred the inhabitants. Situated on a hill, at the mouth of the Francoli, in the Mediterranean, 57 m wsw Barcelona, and 260 E by N Madrid: Lg. 1.16 E, Lt. 41.10 N.

TARREGA, a town of Spain, Catalunia, on a hill, 33 m N by w Tarragona.


TARTARY, a country of Asia, which, taken in its utmost limits, reaches from the Eastern-ocean to the Caspian-sea, and from Corea, China, Tibet, Hindostan, and Persia, to Russia and Siberia: between 55 and 135 E Lg., and between 35 and 55 N Lt., being 3600 m in length by 960; but in the narrowest part not above 330 broad. It may be considered under 2 grand divisions, Eastern and Western-Tartary. The greater part of the former either belongs to the emperor of China, is tributary to him, or is under his protection; and is divided into 3 provinces, Teitcicar, Kirin, and Leao-tong. A considerable part of Western-Tartary has been conquered by the Russians; and that part of it E from the mountains of Imaus, or Belur, to the Caspian-sea, is called Independent-Tartary, which has for many ages been attached to Persia. These countries include the central part of Asia, and are inhabited by Tartars of different denominations and manners. For various particulars concerning them, see the arti cles Abkazy, Circassia, Crimea, Cossacks, Georgia, Imeritia, Kalmucs, Kisti, Lesguis, Mankhous, Mingrelia, Mongols, Ossi, Samoyedes, Turcomans, and Usbecs.

TARTAS, a town of France, department Landes, on the Douse, 13 m sw Mont-de


TARWIS, a town of Austria, in Carin thia, 28 m wsw Klagenfurt.

TASCO, a city of North America, Mexico, province Mexico, with a beautiful church; has rich silver-mines in the vicinity; on the Zacatula, 70 m ssw Mexico: Lg. 99.29w, Lt. 18.35 N.

TASSACORTA, a town of Africa, isle-ofPalma, one of the Canaries, sw of Sta.-Cruz; being exposed to w winds is little frequented but by boats: Lg. 17.58 w, Lt. 28.38 N.

TASSING, an island of Denmark, between Fünen and Langeland, separated from the

former by a strait; 18 m in circuit, and has a town of the same name: Lg. 10.47 E, Lt. 55.7 N.

TASSISUDON, a city of Asia, Hindostan, and the capital of Bootan, on the Tehintchieu, in a well-cultivated valley, surrounded by mountains covered with trees and shrubs. The castle, or palace, is an extensive quadrangular building of stone, with accommodation for the debraja, all the officers of state, a very numerous establishment of Gylongs, and a temple of the great idol Mahamoonie. In the vicinity is a long line of sheds, where brazen gods are made, and other ornaments, for their religious

edifices. It has a considerable manufacture of paper, from the bark of a tree named deah: Lg. 89.48 E, Lt. 27.50 N.

TATAH, a town of Africa, on the common frontiers of Marocco, Darah, and Tafilelt, and in the route from Marocco to Timbuctoo. It is 170 m s by E Marocco: Lg. 6.15 w, Lt. 28.25 N.

TATISTCHEVSKAJA-CREPOST, Russia, government and district Orenburg, the chief fortress of the military line of Orenburg, and forms an irregular square; its walls are of wood, with a battery at each angle, and chevaux-de-frieze; on a height near the Camyche-Samara; head-quarters of staff and commandant of the lower part of this line; contains, besides barracks and government buildings, 200 houses, and 2 churches: garrison, dragoons and Cosaques. The Bachkirs and Christian Calmouks of Stavropol keep the advanced posts on the line of Oural, and the intermediate spaces, from the 1st day of spring to the end of


TATTA, a city of Asia, Hindostan, capital of a large district, s part of Sinde, 44 m ssw Hydrabad, near a branch of the Indus, called the Richtel. It has much fallen since the 15th century; little now remains, and the limits of the city are very circumscribed; but it still has a population of 15,000. On the shores of the Indus, above the Delta, considerable quantities of saltpetre are made; and in the hilly tract, which commences within 3 m NW of Tatta, there are alum and salt in abundance; has manufactures of white cloths and coloured loonges. The Indus, and its branches, admit of an uninterrupted navigation from Tatta to Lahore, for vessels of near 200 tons; and a very extensive trade was carried on between those places, in the time of Aurungzebe; but at present little exists, owing to a bad government: Lg. 68.17 E, Lt. 24.44 N.

TATTA, a town of Africa, kingdom Suse, which is a depôt for camels between the cultivated country and the desert; on the confines of Sahara, 180 m SE Terodant: Lg. 6.20 w, Lt. 28.10 N.

TATTERSHALL, a town of England, county Lincoln, on the Bane, near its conflux with the Witham, 22 m SE Lincoln, and 125 N London, with a market on Friday. It has a cross and remains of a castle, built by Sir Ralph Cromwell in 1433; P. 599.

TAUMACO, a town of Turkey, in Thessaly, 18 m Nw Zeiton.

TAUMAGO, a fertile island of Australasia, Pacific-ocean, 24 m in circuit, discovered by Quiros in 1606: Lg. 176.45 w, Lt. 13.0 s.

TAUNDA, a town of Asia, Hindostan, in Oude, where cloths similar to Bengal cossaes are made; situated near the Gograh, 35 m SE Fyzabad.

TAUNTON, a town of North America, United States, state Massachusetts, Bristol county, on the Taunton, which is navigable hence for small vessels to Narraganset bay. Here are various manufactures of iron; also of ochre into pigments of a dark yellow colour. It is 32 m s Boston, and 431 Washington; P. 6045 in 1830.

TAUNTON, a borough of England, county Somerset, 31 in NE Exeter, and 141 w by s London, governed by a mayor, with a market on Wednesday and Saturday, and returns 2 M.P. Situated in an extensive and fertile valley, called Taunton-Dean, on the Tone, which is navigable hence to the Parret. It has a large manufacture of silk, serges, duroys, druggets, &c. It had a castle, now in ruins; and is a well-built place, with spacious streets, and 2 churches. The spring assizes are held here. Taunton was the scene of many bloody executions, in the reign of James II, after the defeat of the duke of Monmouth, at Sedgmoor, near this town; P. 11,139: Lg. 3.17 w, Lt. 50.59 N. Polling-place.

TAUREAU, an island of France, department Finisterre, mouth of the Morlaix, with a fort to defend the harbour of Morlaix.

TAURIDA, a government of Russia, bounded N by Ecatherinoslav and Kherson, E by the sea-of-Azof and Caucasus, s and w by the Black-sea; divided into 6 districts, named after their chief towns, viz., Simphéropol, the capital, Eupatoria, Pereco, Theodosia, Dnéprovsk, and Melitopol; it also contains the towns of Sevastopol, Balaclava, Baktchisaraie, Carassou-Bazar, EskiCrime, Soudakh, Kertche, and Yenikol, which are not chiefs of districts; many parts are very fertile in pasture and saltlakes; fuel scarce: the church is governed by the archbishop of Ecatherinoslav. The lands of the Tchernomors-Cosaques are included in this government, extending from the sea-of-Azof, on the right bank of the Coubane, to the mouth of the Laba, comprising the island of Taman, a fertile country, neglected by the people, who pur

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