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Venezuela, swallowed up, with 1200 per. Mediterranean, Sardinia, Genova, 7 m Eby N sons, by an earthquake in 1810.

Vintimiglia, and 17 wnw Oneglia, in a ST.-Philip, or San-FELIPE, North

fruitful vale; P. 7500. America, Mexico, province Mechoacan, 28 m ST.-REMY, 2 towns in France :-Ist, x Guanaxuato.

department Bouches-du-Rhone, 15 m NE ST.-Philip, or San-FELIPE, a town of Arles, and 35 wnw Aix: Roman remains ;

P. 5100.–2nd, department Le-Puy-deSpain; see XATIVA.

Dome; P. 3500. St.-PIERRE, a small desert island of

St.-ROQUE, a town of Spain, Andalucia, North America, on the coast of Newfoundland, ceded to the French in 1763; noted

on a hill near the bay-of-Gibraltar, 7 m xw

Gibraltar. for drying and caring fish : Lg. 56.0 w, Lt. 46.39 n.

St.-SACRAMENTO, a seaport town of St.-PIERRE, a town of North America,

South America, Brazil, province RioWest-Indies, on the w coast of Martinique,

Grande-do-Sul, on the Plata, nearly opposite or Martinico, 15


to Buenos-Ayres, 100m w by n Monte-Video. Lg. 61.20 w, Lt. 14.44 n.


of North America, West Indies, one of France, department Nievre, surrounded by

the Bahamas; P. 657: Lg. 75.40 W,

Lt. 24.20 n. hills, 15 m nw Moulins, and 150 s Paris. ST.-Pietro, an island of Sardinia, in

ST.-SALVADOR, a town of North America, the Mediterranean, 13 m long by 3, near

Mexico, Guatimala, capital of district, on a

river which 20 m below enters the Pacific, the sw coast of Sardinia : captured by the French 1793, and soon after retaken.

170 m E by s Guatimala : produce sugar

and indigo : Lg. 89.50 w, Lt. 13.40 N. St.-Pol, 2 in France :-1st, a town,

ST.-SALVADOR, a town of Africa, capital department Pas-de-Calais, 18 mwnw Arras;

of the kingdom of Congo, on a large table P. 3500.- 2nd, Pol-de-Leon, a town, de

mountain, 10 m in circuit, and well cultipartment Finistere, on the coast of the

vated ; 230 m ESE Loango: 12 churches, a English-channel, 9 m nw Morlaix, 21 m NE

cathedral, and palace in which the king and Brest; P. 3504.

the Portuguese bishop reside: Lg. 14.20 E, St.-PoLTEN, a town of Austria, 35 m Lt. 5.40 s. w Vienna; residence of a great number of

St.-SALVADOR, a city of South America, the nobility.

Brazil, large and opulent, at the entrance of St.-Pons, a town of France, department All-Saints-bay, on the summit of a hill, with L'Herault, 24 m nw Narbonne, lately a the exception of a single street that ranges bishop's see: surrounded by hills, with fine parallel to the beach. The buildings are marble quarries ; P. 6267.

chiefly of the 17th century, ill constructed, ST.-QUENTIN, a town of France, depart

and of slight materials. As in all Catholic ment L'Aisne, on an eminence near the

cities, the churches are the most distinSomme; 21 m s Cambray, and 83 n by E

guished edifices. The cathedral is large, Paris, with a considerable manufacture of

but falling into ruin; while the college and lawns and cambrics. Near this place, in

archiepiscopal palace, or rather house ada 1557, Philip II of Spain gained a signal joining, are kept in thorough repair. The victory over the French, and afterward took

grand church of the ex-Jesuits is by far the the town by storm. In memory of this he

most elegant structure in the city. It is built the Escurial. The town was restored

composed entirely of European marble,

while the internal ornaments are superto France in 1559; P. 17,686.

Auously rich. The college and monastery ST.-QUINTIN, a town of France, 14 m adjoining it have lately been converted into n by E Nismes ; P. 1600.

a commodious hospital. The church and ST.-RAMBERT-LE-JOUG, town of monastery of the Francisans are extensive France, department L'Ain, at the junction buildings. The Carmelite church is more of 2 rivers which join the Ain, and shortly

modern and more elegantly ornamented falls into the Rhone, 24 m se of Bourg ;

than that of the Franciscans; and the moP. 2300.

nastery adjoining is immensely rich. Among St.-RAMBERT, a town of France, depart

the parochial churches, those of the Concesment Le-Rhone-et-Loire, on the Loire, 12 m

sion, Pillar, and St.-Peter, are the most SE Montbrison.

distinguished within the city, and those of

St.-Antonio and Victoria near the bar, St.-REGIS, a town of North America, which stand in such striking situations, as Lower-Canada, on the frontier with the to form excellent sea-marks. There are, United States; on the St.-Regis, at its besides these, several other churches, and a junction with the St.-Lawrence, 50 m sw Montreal: Lg: 74.10 w, Lt. 45.0 n.

variety of chapels, monasteries, and con

vents; all presenting the same tedious load ST.-REMO, a town and harbour in the of ornaments and bad taste. The principal


squares or places are immediately adjoining del, to which the approach through the the palace, and that of the Jesuits. The steepest of the ground requires various streets are confined and narrow, wretchedly windings in the road. The harbour is small paved, never cleaned, and therefore disgust. and sufficient for about 30 merchant vessels ingly dirty. In the royal square is the only; but is tolerably well sheltered by the house or palace of the governor, which is an small island of Sta.-Clara, which stands at old insignificant building ; and opposite are its mouth: 3 churches, 5 convents, an hosthe mint and public offices. The third side pital, &c. Manufactures, anchors, cables, contains the court-house, and the remaining and leather. It was captured by the French one the hall of the senate, and the prison. in 1719, 1794, 1808, and by the duke d'An. The custom-house and wharfs are on the gouleme in 1823; by the British from the beach, as is also the dock-yard; near which French in 1813, by assault on the 31st of are the marine store-house and offices, with August; P. 12,000: Lg. 1.56 w, Lt. 43.24 n. the house of the intendent, or port com

-For the fullest details of its fortifications, mander. In the vicinity of the town are see LANDMANN's Historical, Military, and the villas of the superior class of inhabitants. Picturesque Observations on Portugal, vol. ii. The city is protected by a number of forts

St.-SEBASTIAN, a town of North Ameand batteries; but, with the exception, on the sea side, of one of 48 guns, of St.-Philips,

rica, Mexico, province Chiametlan, on

the Mazathen, 60 m NNW Chiametlan: and Do-Mar, they are nearly, nugatory, Lg. 105.56 w, Lt. 24.20 n. from the want of ordnance. The city is defended on the land side, at the sand n

ST.-SEBASTIAN, a town of South Amepasses, which are parallel to the beach, by rica, Caraccas, 40 m ssw Caraccas; noted

for its excellent cacaos. 3 forts; on the s by the extensive fortification and outwork's of St.-Pedro's, the ST.-SEBASTIAN, a city of Rio-Janeiro, completest of the whole.

The govern

South America, capital of Brazil, province ment dock.yard admits on the stocks only a Rio-Janeiro; a bishop's see, defended by a ship of the line at a time. There are several citadel and several forts. It is seated on private dock-yards near the city, in which the w side of the harbour of Rio-Janeiro, well modelled merchant ships of all dimen. the entrance of which is narrow, but which sions are built. This capital carries on a is 20 m across, in the interior, 4 m from its considerable commerce, chiefly in linen, entrance ; and behind it are high hills cloths, hats, silk and thread stockings, grain, crowned with woods, convents, houses, and rice, flour, biscuit, port-wine, household churches. The streets are most of them utensils, negroes, oil, cheese, butter, and narrow, intersecting each other at right bacon; in exchange for which, it exports angles; and the houses in general are of gold, sugar, tobacco in leaf and in dust,

stone, one story high, with balconies. The brazil-wood, skins, balsam of copagni, churches are splendid; and there is more ipecacuanha, and many other drugs; religious parade in this city, than in any of P. 100,000, of whom 30,000 are whites, the Catholic-countries in Europe. Here 30,000 mulattoes, and the rest negroes : are manufactures of sugar, rum, and cans Lg. 38.32.30 w, Lt. 12.58 s.

vas; and great quantities of coffee and hides ST.-SALVADOR, a town of South America, are exported. The different mechanics Guatimala, on the banks of a river, which carry on their business in distinct parts of at the distance of 12 m, runs into the Pacific- the town; particular streets being set apart ocean ; P. 5000 Indians, whites, and castes: for particular trades. On the s side of a Lg. 89.20 w, Lt. 13.14 n.

spacious square is the palace, which comST.-SALVADOR-DE-JUJUY ; see JUJUY.

mands view of the sea; but it has more ST.-SANTANDER, or ANDERO, a seaport lace. There are several other squares, in

the appearance of a manufacture than a paand town of Spain, province Asturias, a

which are fountains, supplied with water bishop's see ; large and good harbour; de- by an aqueduct of considerable length, fended by several batteries; a mole advan.

brought over a valley by a double tier of cing into the sea; 11 m NE Santillana : its

arches. The mint, the armoury; the naval chief exports, wool, iron, flour: Lg. 3.47 w, arsenal, with that of the military, the exLt. 43.27 n.

change, and the custom-house, are the ST.-SEBASTIAN, a fortified seaport town principal public buildings. The only place of Spain, province Biscay, occupying a small of amusement is the theatre, a neat modern peninsula at the w side of the mouth of the building. Regular land and sea breezes Urumea, 8 m w Fontarabia ; the town is prevail here. The summer or rainy season, small; streets narrow, and houses high ; the lasts from October till March or April; fortifications towards the sea are very little rain falls during the summer months. irregular, consisting chiefly of a strong wall The climate may be considered as salubri. with triling flanks; but towards the land The P. amounts to 135,000 souls. they are regular and according to the modern CALDCLEUGH's Travels in South America. system ; on the n the peninsula rises to a A Benedictine convent and a fort are on the great height, upon which is a castle or cita- extreme point, jutting into the harbour; op





posite which is Serpent-island, where there Portuguese, but it agrees well with the are a dock-yard, magazines, and naval original natives, and also with the cattle, storehouses. ' In another part of the har- which are larger here than on the coast of bour, at a place called Val-Longo, are the. Guinea. Pavoasan is the capital. warehouses for the reception, and prepara

ST.-TRIVIER, 2 in France, department tion for sale, of the numerous slaves imported from Africa.

L'Ain :-Ist, Trivier-de-Courtes, a town

St.-Sebastian be. came the residence of a viceroy in 1763, en-Dombes, a village 18 m sw Bourg-en

20 m nnw Bourg-en-Bresse.--2nd, Trivierthe government of the state being previously at St.-Salvador; and it was the seat of the royal-family of Portugal from 1808 to ST.-Trond, a town of Belgium, province 1821. The queen sovereign died here in Liege, 21 m Nw Liege; a considerable 1816, and her body was deposited in the manufactory of fire-arms, and a Benedictine Franciscan convent of Ajuda: Lg. 43.20 w, abbey; P. 7300. Lt. 22.54 s.

ST.-TROPEZ, a seaport of France, deST.-SEVER, a town of France, depart- partment Var, with a citadel, on the Mediment Les-Landes, on the Adour, 12 m s terranean, 38 m ENE Toulon: Lg. 6.40 E, Mont-de-Marsan ; P. 5494.

Lt. 43.16 n.
St.-SEVERINA, a fortified town of Italy, ST.-UBES, a town of Portugal;
Naples, in Calabria-Ultra, an archbishop's SETUBAL.
see, on a craggy rock, 8 m from the sea, and

St.-URITZ, a town of Switzerland, can45 m se Rossano; P. 6000.

ton Bern, on the Doubs; 6 m s Porentui. ST.-SEVERINO, a town of Italy, Naples, Ancona, between 2 hills; 13 m wsw Mare

St.-Vaast, or Waas, a sea-coast-town rata; P. 2100.

of France, department La-Manche, a small

harbour, 14 m ESE Cherbourg ; it has some ST.-SEVERINO, a town of Italy, Naples, salt-works. Principatro-Citra, 10 m wsw Policastro.

St.-VALLERY, a town of France, departST.-Simon, an island of North America,

ment La-Somme, on the Somme, 10 m www United States, on the coast of Georgia, 14 m Abbeville, and 100 x by w Paris; P. 3200. long by 4, and included in Glyn county ; at

ST.-VALLERY-EN-CAUX, town of the nw end, opposite the mouth of the Ala. lamaha, is a fortress, and some islets that are

France, department Seine-Inferieure, near also fortified. Frederica is the chief town.

the sea-coast. William duke of Normandy

sailed hence when he made his descent on St.-CHRISTOVAO; see SEREGIPE.

England. It is 15 m wsw Dieppe, and St.-SUZANNE, a town of France, de- 100 Nw Paris. partment La-Mayenne, 24 m w Lemans, on

St.-VALLIER, a town of France, depart. a branch of the Loire.

ment La-Drome, near the Rhone; 18 m x Sr.-THOMAS, an island of North Ame- Valence; P. '1600. rica, West-Indies, one of the Virgin-islands, having a harbour, a town, and fort; 25 m

ST.-VEIT, a town of Austria, Corinthia, in circuit : trade considerable during peace;

at the junction of the Glun and Wunich, belongs to the Danes. Port-Franco is the

8 m n Clagenfurt; it has an old castle. chief place: Lg. 65.4 w, Lt. 18.22 n.

St.-VENANT, a town of France, departSt.-THOMAS, a fortified city of South

ment Pas-de-Calais, 6 m n by w Betham ;

P. 2250.
America, Guyana, on the right bank of the
Orinoco, with a fort on the opposite side;

St.-VINCENT, or VICENTE, a town of residence of a governor and a bishop ; 200 m South America, Brazil, province San-Paulo, SE Cumana: streets regular, houses lofty a bishop's see with a castle ; on an island and chiefly built of stone; exports cattle, in the bay-de-los-Santos ; harbour not navi. mules, tobacco, cotton, indigo : Ig. 63.55 w gable. Lt. 8.7 N.

Sr.-VINCENT, a town of Spain, province ST.-THOMAS, a town of Asia, Hindostan, Asturias, on the bay-of-Biscay, I m w by s on the Carnatic coast, noted for the best

Santillana. coloured stuffs in India, 3 ms Madras.

ST.-VINCENT, an island, Africa, w coast, St.-THOMAS, an island, Africa, w coast

one of the cape-de-Verd islands, 30 m gulf-of-Guinea, discovered in 1640 by the circuit, uninhabited ; on the rw side is a Portuguese, to whom it belongs. It is good shelter, where ships may obtain wood, almost round, about 30 m in diameter; and water, and wild-goats: Lg. 25.30 w, consists chiefly of hills, intermixed with

Lt. 17.30 n. valleys, which are often filled with a thick St.-VINCENT, an island of North Amefog. It produces plenty of sugar-canes, rice, rica, West-Indies, one of the Caribbees, and millet; and on the same vine are blos- 55 m w of Barbadoes ; inhabited by Caribs, soms and green and ripe grapes all the year a warlike race of Indians, between whom round. The climate is unwholesome to the and the aborigines of the larger islands there

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is a manifest distinction. They are con- 42 m in circuit, E of St. Nicholas. It has jectured to have been originally a colony its name from a number of salt ponds that from North America; their fierce manners from time to time are filled by the sea, approaching nearer to those of the original where the water crystallizes into a beauti. natives of that continent than they do to ful salt, the chief production of the island : that of South America, and their language Lg. 22.56 w, Lt. 16.38 n. also having some affinity to that spoken in SALA, a town of Sweden, province WesFlorida. In their wars they preserve their

teras, on a river, 20 m NNE Westeras, and ancient practice of destroying all the males, 55 Nw Stockholm. It has a famous silver and preserving the women either for servi

and lead-mine, called Salberg. tude or for breeding. St.-Vincent was long a neutral island ; but, at the peace of 1763,

SALAMANCA, a city of Spain, province the French agreed that the right to it should Leon, and a bishop's see, with a famous be vested in the British. The latter, soon

university, consisting of 24 colleges, 85 m after, engaged in a war against the Caribs,

s by w Leon, and 120 nw Madrid. There on the windward side of the island, who

were 7000 students when the Spanish mowere obliged to consent to a peace, by which narchy was in a flourishing condition, which they ceded a large tract of land to the crown.

are now reduced to about 4000, who are all The consequence of this was, that in 1779

clothed like priests. Here are magnificent they greatly contributed to the reduction of churches, a large public square, fine founthis island by the French, who, however,

tains, and every thing that can contribute restored it in 1783. St.-Vincent is 14 m long

to the beauty and commodiousness of the and 10 broad. It is extremely fertile for

city. The cathedral is one of the handthe raising of sugar and indigo; and bread

somest in Spain ; and there are several fine fruit trees, brought from Otaheite, thrive

convents, with churches belonging to them, remarkably well. A ridge of mountains

adorned with images, and some with curious passes along the middle, through its whole

pictures. Seated partly in a plain, and length, the highest of which, called Souf

partly on hills, and is surrounded by a frier, is at the n extremity. From this

wall. The Tormes washes its walls, and mountain, in 1812, after the lapse of near a

over it is a bridge, 300 paces long, built by century, proceeded a dreadful eruption, by fought between the British and their allies

the Romans. In 1812 a great battle was which the island was enveloped in a chaotic gloom for three days, and wholly covered

and the French, in which the latter were by showers of volcanic matter. Kingston

defeated : Lg. 5.43 w, Lt. 41.24 n. is the capital.

SALAMANCA, a town of North America,

Mexico, province Mechoacan, neatly built, St.-YRIEIX, a town of France, depart

on a plain, on the right bank of the Lerma, ment Haute-Vienne, on the Ille, 20 m s by

20 m s by w Guanaxuato. w Limoges ; P. 6548.

SALAMANCA-DE-BACALAR, a town of SAINTES, 3 of the Caribbee islands, North North America, Mexico, in Yucatan, with America, West-Indies, between Guadaloupe a fort, near the bay-of-Honduras, 140 m and Dominica. The middle one is a large ESE Campeachey : Lg. 88.50 w, Lt. 18.53 n. barren rock, but contributes to form a good

SALAMIS; see COLOURI. harbour : Lg. 61.45 w, Lt. 15.51 n.

SALANCHE, a town of Sardinia, Italy, Saintes, a town of France, capital of Savoy, with a considerable trade in horses, department Charente-Inferieure, lately a bi- cattle, cheese, woollen stuffs, iron tools, &c. shop's see. It has several monuments of Seated in a mountainous place, on the Arve, antiquity, of which the most famous are the 31 m se Geneva. amphitheatre, the aqueducts, and the tri

SALANKEMEN, a town of Austria, Sclaumphal arch on the bridge over the Cha.

vonia, where a battle was gained by the rente. The castle, built on a rock, is prince of Baden over the Turks in 1691. deemed impregnable ; and the cathedral has Seated on the Danube, 20 m nw Belgrade. one of the largest steeples in France. The trade in wine and brandy is very consider

SALAS-Y-GOMEZ-Island, Pacific, half able. It is 38 m se Rochelle, and 76 sw a mile long by 100 yards, uninhabited : Poitiers; P. 10,437: Lg. 0.38 w, Lt. 45.45 N.

Lg. 103.20.8 w,

Lt. 26.27.46 s.-BEECHEY. SAINTFIELD, a town of Ireland, county

SALBOE, a town of Norway, province Down, 30 m NE Newry.

Trondheim, with a copper-mine; seated at

the E end of lake-Salboe, 25 m se Trond. SAINTONGE, an old province of France, heim. lying w of Angoumois, and bordering on the bay-of-Biscay. It now forms, with a

SALCOMB, a village of England, county small territory of Aunis, the department of

Devon, 4 m s Kingsbridge, on the w side Charente-Inferieure.

of an inlet of the English-channel, which

forms a good haven, and vessels of 300 tons Sal, one of the cape-Verd islands, Africa, are built here; P. 448.


SALDANHA-BAY, on the sw coast of Russia, government Ecatherinoslav, at the Africa, which affords a most secure and con- junction of the Mocroie-Yalow with the venient harbour, but wood and good water Solona ; destined to be composed

of 200 faare scarce; 120 m xxw of the cape-of- milies. Good-Hope: Lg. 18.0 E, Lt. 32.54 s.

SALIANY, a seaport of Russia, CaspianSALECTO, a town of Africa, kingdom of sea, at the mouth of the Coura, frequented Tunis, with the remains of a large castle. by Russian merchants, who farm the sturSeated near the Mediterranean, 22 m sse geon fisheries, which are very productive. Monaster: Lg. 11.3 E, Lt. 35.13 n.

Salies, a town of France, department SALEM, a province of Asia, Hindostan, Basses-Pyrenees, with springs, from which 150 in long by 150; bounded x by Bala. fine salt is made ; 7 m w Orthes. gaut, E by the Carnatic, s by Trichinopoly SALIGNAC, a town of France, department and Coimbetoor, and w by Coimbetoor and Haute-Vienne, 10 m s Limoges. Mysore. The x part includes the territory of Barramahal, and the surface throughout the Deva, at the foot of a mountain, 16 m

SALINAS, a town of Spain, in Biscay, on is of great elevation, being placed on the summit of the table-land above the Eastern

NNE Vittoria, and 28 sse Bilboa. Gauts. The principal rivers are the Ca.

SALINES, a seaport of Asia, Turkey, on very, Pennar, and Palar, which penetrate

the s coast of the island of Cyprus, and the the mountains and cross it into the Carnatic.

chief place of commerce in the island; but

the different consuls and the principal faSALEM, Asia, capital of province Salem ;

milies reside at Larnica, about 1 m to the x, it has some handsome choultries, and a

The citadel is of a square form, without any trade in cotton goods and saltpetre; 114 m

bastions. Near it is the bazaar, where proSE Seringapatam : Lg. 78.13 E, Lt. 11.37 n.

visions and other necessaries are sold, and SALEM, 4 in North America, United the shops around it abound with all kinds States :- 1st, a county-town, state New. of European merchandise. In the vicinity York, Washington county, 46 m Albany, are marshes, from which abundance of salt 423 Washington; P. 2972.-2nd, a county- is obtained. It is seated on a bay of its town, state North Carolina, Stokes county, name, 24 m SE Nicosia :. Lg. 33.43 E, on the w side of Wack-creek: the principal Lt. 34.57 n. settlement of Moravians is in this state. It is 127 m w by n Raleigh, and 355 Wash.

SALINI, one of the Lipari-islands, Tusington.--3rd, a county-town, state New

can-sea, Mediterranean. It consists of 2 Jersey, on a branch of Salem-creek, 3 m

mountains, united at the base, and lies xw from its mouth in Delaware-bay, 65 m

of the island-of-Lipari. Trenton, and 171 Washington. 4th, a SALINGEN, a post-town of Hannover, county-town, state Massachusetts, Essex province Hoya, 19 m by post-road, w by n county. It is a seaport, well built, on a

Nienburg. tongue of land, between 2 inlets of the sea,

Salins, a town of France, department called the North and South rivers ; on the Jura, with salt works and quarries of jas. former is a bridge, 1500 feet long, which per, alabaster, and black marble; seated connects Salem and Beverley. Here are a

between 2 mountains, near the source of court-house, jail, custom-house, grammar- the Furieuse, 29 m s Besançon. school, orphans' asylum, and 11 churches. It is very commercial, and has a considerable

SALISBURY, 5 in North America, United trade with the East-Indies : 14 m NNE

States : Ist, a county-town, state North Ca. Boston, and 446 Washington; P. 13,886: rolina, Rowan county, in a fertile country, all in 1830.

on the nw side of Crane-creek, 5 m from its

junction with the Yadkin, 118 m w RaSALERNO, a fortified town of Italy, leigh, and 379 Washington.—2nd, a town, Naples, capital of Principato-Citra, at the head of the bay-of-Salerno, 27 m se Naples. -3rd, a town, state Maryland, Somerset

state Massachusetts, Essex county; P. 2519. It is an archbishop's see, with a castle, and

county, with a port of entry, 60 m Chester. a university, principally for medicine. The - 4th, a town, state Delaware, Newcastle cathedral is decorated with good paintings, county, with a considerable wheat market, and has 2 ancient pulpits of marble. It

on Duck-creek, 12 m n by w Dover.-5th, has only a roadsted for ships : Lg. 14.53 E, Lt. 40.35 N.

a town, state New-York, Herkimer county;

P. 1999: all in 1830.
SALERS, a town France, department
Cantal, among mountains, 9 m n Aurilac.

SALISBURY, or New-SARUM, a city and

county-town of England, county Wilts, and SALFORD, a town of England, county a bishop's see. It returns 2 M.P., and has Lancaster, on the Mersey, opposite to Manchester. It has a considerable cotton ma.

a market on Tuesday and Saturday. It

stands in a chalky soil, almost surrounded nufacture, and returns 1 M.P.; P. 40,786.

by the Avon, Willy, Nadder, and Bourn, SALGUIR-YANCAL, a Greek colony of and is rendered particularly clean by a small

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