Diatribe in Johannis Wicliffi ... vitam, ingenium, scripta

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Page 96 - In another treatise he complains that " prelates and great religious possessioners are so occupied in heart about worldly lordships and with plans of business, that no habit of devotion, of praying, of thoughtfulness on heavenly things, on the sins of their own heart, or on those of other men, may be preserved ; neither may they be found studying and preaching of the gospel, nor visiting and comforting of poor men.
Page 96 - But they ben so choaked with taloю of worldly goods , and occupation abouten them, that they may not preache the Gospel, and warne the people of the Devil's deceits. Prelates maken themselves most unable to keep the Gospel of Christ , by their great business abouten rotten goods...
Page 101 - which shall here last but a little season ; while ! — " about the learning of God's law, which shall be " food and nourishment for our souls, that either " in bliss or pain shall ever last — about such " things, may we not labour truly to the end, for
Page 200 - To live, and to be silent is • with me impossible — the guilt of such treason against the Lord " . of heaven is more to be dreaded than many deaths. Let the blow therefore fall. Enough I know of the men whom I oppose, of the times on which I am thrown, and of the mysterious providence which relates to our sinful race, to expect that the stroke will ere long descend. But my purpose is unalterable ; I wait its coming.
Page 225 - God's commands, his gospel, and virtues, be ever in thy mouth ; and ever despise sin to draw men therefrom ; and that thy deeds be so rightful that no man shall blame them with reason, but that thy open deeds be a true book to all subjects and unlearned men, to serve God and do his commands thereby. For example of good life, open and lasting, more stirreth rude men than true preaching by word only.
Page 45 - Nam ille qui legit sententias habet principalem horam legendi secundum suam voluntatem, habet et socium et cameram apud religiosos. Sed qui legit Bibliam, caret his et mendicat horam legendi, secundum quod placet lectori sententiarum.
Page 197 - The conduct of the clergy, and the means they had recourse to, are thus described by Wickliff in one of his discourses at this period. " Our high priests and our religious fear them, lest God's law, after all they have done, should be quickened. Therefore make they statutes stable as a rock, and they obtain grace (favour) of knights to confirm them, and this they mark well with the witness of lords, and all lest the truth of God's law should break out to the knowing of the common people.
Page 221 - God sendeth thee with health, take it in such measure that thou be fresher in mind and understanding to serve God. And always thank him for such gifts. Besides this, look thou do right and equity to all men, thy superiors, equals, and subjects or servants; and stir all to love truth, and mercy, and true peace, and charity ; and suffer no men to be at dissension, but accord them if thou canst in any good manner. Also, most of all fear God and his wrath; and most of all love God and his law, and his...
Page 179 - For as air and noxious spirits are shut up in the bowels of the earth, which are expelled in an earthquake, and so the earth is cleansed, but not without great violence, so there were many heresies shut up in the hearts of reprobate men, but by the condemnation of them the kingdom has been cleared, but not without irksomeness and great commotion.
Page 253 - Wickliff, when he wrote in his native tongue, did it not for the benefit of courtiers and scholars, but for the instruction of the less learned portion of the people. He therefore, as much as possible, rejected all

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