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173 174 ib.

His mouth speaking great things, and his power to continue

forty-two months....
He blasphemed God and his tabernacle
It was given to him to make war with the saints...
All shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book

of life ....
The solemn warning given, with respect to the end of the beast,

has reference to his destruction at the great day of the Lord.. The faith and patience of the saints shall then be peculiarly

exercised .





The Apocalyptic description of these objects

177 The second beast is an ecclesiastical character and the same as is afterwards called the false prophet..

178 This beast is the papacy He grows up out of the earth silently and unheeded

ib, He exerciseth the spiritual power of the first beast before him How this was fulfilled .

ib. He causeth the earth to worship the first beast

179 He maketh fire to come down from heavenThis denotes the

fire of persecution, which comes down from the symbolical heaven...

ib. He causeth the inhabitants of the earth, to form an image to the first beast

180 Under this hieroglyphic is described the degeneracy of the visible

professing church of Christ, once the chaste spouse of Christ,

but now so corrupted, as to become an image of the beast .... ib. How this image was formed

ib, How life was given to it

181 The image is both an image of the beast, and an image to the beast

ib. The image is a symbol of the same corrupt church, afterwards

exhibited to us as a woman, the barlot Babylon the Great .... 182 Wby two different symbols are employed to denote the same object ......

ib. Passage quoted from a writer in the British Review, illustrative of the foregoing interpretation..

183 What is meant by the beast causing men to receive a mark, that

no man might buy or sell, unless he had the mark or name of the beast, or the number of his name

185 The number of the beast explained - It is contained in the Greek

letters of the name Latinus-Passage quoted from Mr. Faber on this point....

186 This part of the prophetic description, was fulfilled by the

decrees of different councils, forbidding men from holding communion with the Albigenses and Waldenses in buying and selling ....





In chapters xi. xii. and xii. of the Apocalypse, there is frequent

mention of a certain mysterious period, during which the

enemies of the church were to triumph over her ..... 192 Seven passages of Daniel and the Apocalypse cited, wherein is mention of that period

ib. Two other texts wherein the same period is alluded to..

193 A time, times, and half a time, forty-two months, and twelve

hundred and sixty days, are different forms of expressing one and the same number, and that number is twelve hundred and sixty days

ib. Protestant writers on prophecy, almost universally agree that

these days stand for years, and that the true prophetical number is 1200 years

149 Three arguments stated to prove this...

ib. The scriptures attach a very solemn degree of importance to this prophetical period

195 A careful inquiry into its commencement and termination, is

therefore necessary for elucidating the prophecies of Daniel

and St. John The mode in which it is proposed to proceed in this inquiry stated 196 Six scriptural propositions laid down, comprehending the various

internal scriptural marks, of the commencement and termination of the foregoing period ..




The commencement of the 1260 years is to be marked, by giving

the saints, and times, and laws, into the hand of the little horn 197 That the little horn is the papacy, has been proved by former

writers on prophecy... The giving of the saints into the hand of the papacy, must be by some formal act of the secular power

200 Such an act was accordingly issued, in the reign of Justinian,


whereby the Roman Pontiff was solemnly acknowledged to be the head of the church

200 That emperor promulgated a severe edict against heretics at an early period of his reign

ib. A second edict of the same nature was issued in March 533, and

on this occasion, he formerly addressed the pope as the ac

knowledged head of the church, for his approbation of his acts 201 The answer of the pope was also published with the other docu

ments, and it shows that he understood the reference to him

as a formal recognition of the supremacy of Rome .......... ib. From the date of Justinian's epistle, in March 533, the saints

were formally delivered into the hand of the papacy, and this consequently is the true era of the 1260 years...

ib. No other recorded act of the secular power exists, conferring a greater authority on the pope...

ib. The supposed grant by Phocas of the title of universal Bishop rests on no evidence .

ib. The year 533 being the true era of the 1260 years, it is requisite

next to determine on what principle their termination is to be computed

203 Two modes of computing time have obtained, the one by com

plete or past, the other by current time; the last is used in Asia, and in the scriptures

206 Reasons for adopting the last mode, in computing prophetical time.....

209 Following this mode of reckoning, if the 1260 years commenced in 533, they must have expired in 1792.

ib. This therefore is the inference from the first proposition, that

the 1260 years commenced in 533 and ended in 1792 ... ib.



At the termination of the 1260 years, the Ancient of Days comes,

and the judgment sits to take away the dominion of the little horn, to consume and destroy it unto the end

210 Till the French revolution, the papal power continued to hold

the saints in subjection-Until then, therefore, the judgment.

had not began to sit.. At the fall of the French monarchy, in 1792, a series of events began, which have shaken to its foundation the spiritual power

ily: Inference thence deduced, that the judgment began, and the 1260

years elapsed at that period Remarks on the course of things, since the overthrow of Bona

of the papacy


parte, in reference to the apparent recovery of the papal ascen. dancy

213 And on the extensive efforts for the circulation of the Scriptures, since the re-establishment of peace.......

214 Concluding remark, in confirmation of the inference, that the 1260 years ended in 1792.....



When the witnesses put off their sackcloth, the 1260 years are ended

ib. When the woman, the church, begins to emerge from the wilderness, that period is elapsed ...

ib. The time when the witnesses put off their sackclotb, must be marked by a great revival of religion

ib. The time when the woman begins to emerge from the wilderness,

must be marked by a great progress of religion, and particularly by a revival of exertions for evangelizing the heathen and Jews ...

216 There have been three eras of light in the church; the third is

the present period, and it bears all the marks of the time when the witnesses put off their sackcloth, and the woman returns from the wilderness

ib. A short view of the late events in the church which justify this inference

217 The conclusion from the whole view is, that the 1260 years are expired ..

221 The exact apocalyptic period, when the woman begins to return

from the wilderness, is at the opening of the temple, at the sounding of the seventh trumpet..



The 1260 years end at the sounding of the seventh trumpet.. 222 That event took place in the year 1792, therefore the 1260 years tben elapsed...



The times of the Gentiles, or 1260 years end, when the signs in the heavens, mentioned in Luke xxi. 25, begin

... ib. Introductory remark, on the difficulty of interpreting our Lord's discourse on the destruction of Jerusalem

ib. This prophecy is given by three evangelists, and to arrive at its true meaning we must compare then with each other

ib. The prophecy was given in answer to certain questions of four disciples....

223 Remarks on the opinions entertained by the disciples, respecting the kingdom of our Lord


The Jewish nation then expected the Messiah as a temporal deliverer

223 Our Lord did not at once shock the prejudices of the disciples, on

this point, but gradually prepared them to reeeive the doctrines of the cross..

224 Still they clung to the expectation of a temporal kingdom... .. 225 When the apostles asked the questions recorded in Matt. xxiv. 3,

they alluded to the coming of our Lord, mentioned in Daniel, to establish his kingdom and redeem Israel......

ib. Remarks on the Greek word, rendered.“ World,and its corresponding Hebrew word.

226 The questions of the disciples more particularly considered-they were three in number ...

2:27 The first part of the discourse is introductory to the rest, and was

intended to correct the notion of the disciples, that the glori. ous reign of the Messiah was near at hand. ' It closes by announcing the universal promulgation of the Gospel, immediately before the end......

228 The next part of the discourse declares the sign which shall immediately precede the destruction of Jerusalem....

229 Our Lord warns his disciples against false Christs

ib. The third division of the discourse contains the signs which shall precede the second advent

230 The signs predicted by our Lord, are in the symbolical, and not the natural heavens

231 They denote the fall of kingdoms, and the dethronement of sove

reigns or princes, in the body of the Roman empire in its last state

232 The awful events which have taken place in Europe, since the

beginning of the French Revolution, are the fulfilment of these signs i

ib. Passage from the charge of Bishop Porteus, in the year 1794, containing remarks on these events

ib. Character of these events, as drawn by a writer of the present day 234 Further description of the events which have fulfilled the signs in the symbolical heavens

.... 235 St. Luke tells us, that these signs shall be attended with distress of nations, and roaring of the sea and waves

237 The fulfilment of this part of the prophecy is evident in the uni

versal distress which now pervades Europe, and in the spirit of insubordination which marks the present awful period

ih. Thus, has our Lord's prophecy been fulfilled, by signs in the heavens, and by the present condition of the nations of the fourth monarcby

238 d

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