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The apocalyptic narrative of their effusion

297 Introductory observations

299 The Roman empire, secular and spiritual, is the principal subject of these vials....

ib. The sixth vial, which is poured on the Euphrates, is applied by

our most respectable expositors to the destruction of the Ottoman empire-this application acquiesced in...

... ib. The seventh trumpet having sounded in 1792, the effusion of the vials also then began

ib. The consequent difficulty of interpreting the vials, from their

being only in part accomplished .. The whole vials are poured out on the earth-which is a symbol,

denoting the Roman empire, and including Turkey - This earth is an hieroglyphical universe, and it represents the Roman empire as it existed in 1792

ib. Reason for the opinion that all the seven vials began to be poured

out at the same time, and that they are synchronical in all their extent

ib. The first vial is poured out on the dry land, and is followed by a

noisome sore upon the men who have the mark of the beast, and who worship his image

ib. A sore, in the language of symbols, denotes a grievous moral disorder

301 The sore of this vial signifies the principles of atheism, of anar

chy and insubordination, into which the nations of Europe so fearfully drank at the French Revolution

302 Further observations on the consequences of these principles.... ib. An objection stated to the foregoing exposition, and answered... 303 These principles have been the germ of all the calamities of

Europe under the third woe, hence the propriety of the vial which developes them being placed first......

ib. The second vial is poured out on the sea The collective bodies of symbolical waters, signifies the whole po

pulation of the Roman earth. The syinbolical sea therefore, when the empire is in a divided state, must signify the most numerous people of the Roman world, which is the French

nation This vial was fulfilled by the revolutionary massacres in that

country, and by the slaughter of the French people in the



water .....

series of wars, down to the period of the dethronement of Bonaparte .....

... 304 'The third vial is poured out upon the rivers, and fountains of

305 This symbol denotes the other nations of Europe, which have all

drank deeply of the cup of blood put into their hands by the third angel

ib. The fourth vial was poured out on the sun

ib. The sun in a divided empire, symbolizes the government of the

principal state. This vial denotes therefore, the oppressive tyranny of the French revolutionary government, which in every stage of its existence has tormented the men of the Roman earth....

ib. The indirect influence of this tyranny, has been felt in every corner of Europe

306 The prophecy is evidently fulfilling, that the men, who in conse

quence of this vial were scorched with great heat, blasphemed God, and repented not to give him glory

307 This is evinced in the actual moral condition of Continental and especially Catholic Europe

ib. Remarks on the state of our own country, as connected with this vial

ib. The fifth vial is poured out on the seat or throne of the beast .. 309 This symbol denotes the power and councils of the head of the beast.........

310 In the year 1792, the Austrian sovereign was the head of the beast ib. The effects of this vial on the Austrian throne until her sovereign.

resigned the title of emperor of the Romans, in the year 1806. ib. The influence of this vial was next felt by Bonaparte, who occu

pied the throne of the beast after the renunciation of Austria. ib. A review of the effects of the vial upon the councils and power

of Napoleon Bonaparte, until he was a second time driven from his kingdom, and exiled to St. Helena

311 Reasons for the opinion, that the effects of this vial, are in a

measure felt by all the governments of the bestial empire, and their subjects..

312 Remarks on the symbolical darkness, which now fills the bestial empire...

313 The sixth vial was poured out on the great river Euphrates, and the water thereof was dried up

315 The Euphrates signifies the pation of the Turks, and the drying

up of its waters denotes the gradual decay of the Ottoman empire.


Remarks on the fulfilment of this vial in the rapid decay of the

Ottoman power-Its destruction seems to be hastening on by the immediate hand of God.......

-315 Who the kings of the cast are that are mentioned in this vial is

yet uncertain—It seems probable that the Jews are designed.. 316 The seventh angel poured out his vial into the air...

317 The seventh vial is the most important of the whole

ib. The symbolical air into which it is poured, signifies the political and ecclesiastical constitution of the Roman einpire

ib. Effects of the vial briefly described in the dreadful political tem

pest and earthquake of the French revolution, and its consequences, till the late pacification of Europe

318 Coincidence between the above interpretation of the hieroglyphics of this vial, and that given by Vitringa

319 Reference to certain conclusions I arrived at, in considering the

sixth seal, and consequence deduced from them, that the ope

rations of the seventh vial are for the present suspended...... 320 Observations on the tripartite division of the great city, which is probably still future....

322 On the fall of the cities of the nations.....

323 Great Babylon came up in remembrance before God, to give her the сир of wrath

324 Every island fled away and the mountains were not found 395 The hail storm considered

326 The remaining effects of the seventh vial, are contained in chap

ters xvii. xviii. and xix. the greater part of which is yet future 327 Under the seventh vial, the bestial empire will be moulded into

that political shape, which shall prepare it for its last blasphemous opposition to the Lamb at Armageddon ....

ib. An objection to the last conclusion, stated and answered

328 Arguments to show that the vials are synchronical

330 Some remarks on the marriage of the Lamb predicted in chapter xix.

334 A short view of the events, which the prophecies of the Old and

New Testament lead us to expect, before the consummation of

the vials... The first of these events, is the conversion and restoration of the Jews

ib. Two passages cited to prove the restoration of the Jews to Pales

tine, the first in Deuter. XXX. 1-7; the second in Jerem. xxxii. 37-49

995 The restoration predicted in these passages cannot be the partial


one, which succeeded the captivity at Babylon, but is evidently future

336 Three arguments to prove that the restoration of the Jews is to take place during the vials

ib. Argument to show that though the conversion of the Jews will

begin before their restoration, it will not be completed till after that event-nor until the second advent of our Lord, at the close of the vials

337 Passage cited from Joel in confirmation of the above conclusions 338 General inferences from what has been said....

339 During the remaining period of the vials, the conversion of the

Jews will proceed with accelerated velocity, and their restoration will be effected— The Roman empire will assume that shape which is to prepare it for the last confederacy; the elect 144,000 will be completed : Babylon will fall, and also the Ottoman empire, and the confederacy of nations will be assembled at Armageddon

ib. In this awful period the Word of Jehovah will be revealed from

heaven in flaming fire-the elect of God will be gathered to the marriage-supper of the Lamb, and the final judgments will be let loose

340 Several passages cited from the Scriptures, which are descriptive of the closing period of the vials

ib. 1st, Rev. xiv. 19, 20,—Remarks on this passage

341 2nd, Jeremiah xxv. 15, 16. and 27-38

ib. 3rd, Isaiah xxxiv. 1-8

343 Remarks on the awful description contained in this prophecy. 344 4th, Dan. ii. 34, 35--Observations on this passage

345 General inferences, deduced from the whole of the foregoing

passages, respecting the nature of the events which are ap

proaching The righteous shall be saved in this awful period

347 Observations on the prospects of our own highly favoured nation ib. Remarks on the harmony between the foregoing conclusions, and the past analogies of the Divine administration.

350 The second causes by which the approaching desolations are pro

bably to be effected, have long been in active operation..... 351 Remarks on the progress of unsanctified knowledge...... 352 Bishop Horsley's remarks on the 46th Psalm, quoted in confirmation of the foregoing reasoning

ib. Observations on the near approach of the day of the Lord .. 353



IN CONNECTION WITC PROPHECY. Remarks on the extraordinary aspect of the present times ...... 355 The events of the period in which we live, call on us to sit loose to temporal things...

ib. There is now no safety, either for individuals or communities,

but in repentance and faith in the Son of God. ..... ...... 956 To this highly favoured country, the voice of these divine judgments is still the voice of mercy......

357 The nature of the repentance required by Christianity

958 Concluding observations


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