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W. Simpkin and R. Marshall, Stationers'-Hall-Court.


The POOR MAN'S EVENING PORTION; being a Seleetion of a Verse of Scripture, with Short Observations, for every Day in the Year; intended for the Use of the Poor in Spirit, who are Rich in Faith, and Heirs of the Kingdom. By Robert HAWKER, D.D. Vicar of Charles, Plymouth. Sixth Edition, corrected by the Author. 12mo. 5s. bds.

“ This volume is an exact counterpart to the Doctor's · Morning Portion,' and will be highly acceptable to the numerous admirers of his writings."

DAILY BREAD; or Meditations, Practical and Experimental, for every Day in the Year, by more than One Hundred eminent and popular Ministers of the last half century, and a few other writers, The whole adapted either for the Family or Closet, and containing the Outline of Three Hundred and Sixty-Six Discourses. T. WILLIAMS, Editor. Second Edition, 7s.6d, bds., 8s. bound.

A large portion of these selections is original, the MSS. having been furnished either by the authors, or by individuals accustomed to follow ministers with the pen. Economy both of time and price has been consulted, and, altogether, Mr. W. has produced a work eminently deserving the patronage of the religious public.”

Congreg. Mag. “ Among the Names affixed to these Meditations, we observe those of Cecil, Fuller, Pearce, Swaine, Moody, Medley, Dr. Simpson, Hitchin, Shrubsole, Lambert, (all deceased ;) and among living preachers, Drs. Ryland, Bogue, and Mason; Messrs. Jay, Parsons, Burder, Cockin, Griffin, &c. &c. From these preachers it is not unreasonable to expect a production of considerable merit, and such as may be acceptable to pious persons in various ways.--In whatever way this volume may be used, we trust that it will promote the edification of the serious reader; and with that wish, and that expectation, we cordially recommend it.”

Evan. Mag.

MEDITATIONS and PRAYERS, selected from the Holy Scriptures, the Liturgy, and Pious Tracts, recommended to the way-faring man, traveller, &c. &c. whensoever unavoidably precluded from the House of Prayer. Dedicated to Lord Radstock, G.C.B. &c. By the Rev. John WATTS, A.M. 8vo. 28. 6d. sewed 3s, bds.

EVERY MAN'S ASSISTANT, and the Sick Man's Friend. By the Rev. Sir J.STONEHOUSE,Bart. M.D., Rector of Great and Little Cheveral, Wilts. A new Edit. revised and carefully corrected from the last Manuscript Notes of the Author, by his only surviving Son, the Rev. T. StonehouseVigor, Chaplain to the Bishop of Hereford. 12mo. 5s. boards.

DR. T.GOODWIN'S TRIUMPH of FAITH, recommended by the Rev. G. BURDER. New Edition, 12mo. 4s. 6d, bds.

“ We consider this one of the most valuable books which has lately appeared."

Evangelical Magazine.

REFLECTIONS on the WORD of GOD, for every Day in the Year. By the late Rev. WILLIAM WARD, Missionary at Serampore. 12mo. with a fine Portrait, 6s. 6d, bds., 7s. bound.

“ The plan of the work is sufficiently simple. For every day in the year a text is selected, upon which the author makes such reflections as its subject suggests to him. They are short; con. sisting generally of one, two or three pages of a small octavo volume; so that those persons (and we should hope there are many such) who are disposed to devote a portion of each day to the consideration of sacred subjects, would find this book a convenient manual, which would lead them gradually into a very extensive field of religious inquiry. Sometimes the judicious reader will meet with hints which he may improve, and sometimes with positions which he may be inclined to dispute. But he will find every where indications of a mind thoroughly devoted to the great object of diffusing religious instruction, of enlightening the ignorant, awakening the thoughtless, reclaiming the wicked, improving the good."- Quarterly Theological Review, No. 5.

“ This volume was produced by the Author in his voyage to England, in 1819. The sentiments are those of truth and soberness, conveyed with much devotion of spirit, and in simplicity of language.”

Home Mission. Mag. June 1825.

MRS. ROWE'S DEVOUT EXERCISES of the HEART. A neat Edition, royal 32mo. Is. 6d. half-bd. roan.

CALL to the UNCONVERTED, to Turn and Live, and accept mercy while it may be had, as they will ever find it in their extremity, from the living God. By the late Rev. Mr. RICHARD BAXTER. A new Edition, with an Account of the Author, and a Preface at large, 18mo.

The CONVERSION of the WORLD; or the Claims of Six Hundred Millions of Heathen, and the ability and duty of the Churches respecting them. By the Rev. GORDON HALL and SAMUEL NEWELL, American Missionaries at Bombay. 12mo. ls. 60, sewed.

“ This is a tract of no common interest, whether we consider the quarter from which it comes, or the proposal it contains.... Though written for America, it applies almost equally to every Christian country.”Evan, Mag.

“ This is a Missionary Panorama-a stinging, stirring pamphlet, which will do more good than many a fashionable quarto. We most earnestly recommend the perusal of it to all our readers.". Baptist Mag.

ROMAINE'S TREATISE on the WALK of FAITH, with Portrait, 24mo. 3s. Also, his Minor Works, including the Walk, Life, and Triumph of Fajih. 2 vols. 24mo. 6s. The Life and Tji imph separately, 1s. 6d. each.-All half-bro


Theological Works, published by



showing that modern Catholics are just as inimical to the spread of the Scriptures and religious knowledge as were their predecessors."-Evan. Mag. 1822.

A SECOND SERIES of LETTERS to W. WILBERFORCE, Esq. and his defender Melancthon. 8vo. 5s. 6d. sewed.

A DICTIONARY of RELIGIOUS OPINIONS; or, a Concise Account of the various Denominations into which the Christian Profession is divided; including Biographical Sketches of the Founders of the different Denominations, and a view of the Ecclesiastical Government peculiar to each Sect. A New Edition, revised, corrected, and enlarged. By W. JONES, Author of the Biblical Cyclopædia, and History of the Christian Church; with Portraits of the most eminent Reformers. 12m0, 5s. bds.

“ The description of each sect is given with accuracy and candour; and we can fairly say, that it is, upon the whole, the best book of the kind that we have seen."-British Critic.

A DICTIONARY of ALL RELIGIONS, and Religious Denominations, Ancient and Modern, Jewish, Pagan, Mahommedan, or Christian ; also of Ecclesiastical History. To which are prefixed, 1. An Essay on Truth, the Causes of Error, &c., by the late Rev. And. FULLER. 2. On the State of the World at Christ's appear. ance, by Mrs. H. Adams, original Editor of the Work. And to which are appended, A Sketch of Missionary Geography, with Practical Reflections on the whole. Thos. WILLIAMS. The Third London Edit. with the Improvements of the Fourth American Edition, and many new articles and corrections throughout. In 1 vol. 8vo. with a fine copper-plate Engraving of the Reformers, 10s. 6d, boards.

“ This book has passed through several editions in America. We must confess we have derived great information and entertainment from the perusal of it; and think we may safely recommend it as an excellent work of reference, for an account of the many different sects and persuasions to be found in the world. We have carefully examined those articles that have reference to the most important controversies, and differences of opinion among believers; and we must say, they seem to us to be drawn up with great impartiality and correctness; and the work is certainly valuable in admitting the representations of sectarists themselves.--We cannot conclude without again expressing how much satisfaction we have derived from the perusal of this yolume, which contains more than we could have expected to find in it.'

British Critic, Vol. XXVII. p. 437. “The copious title of this publication will afford our readers a general idea of the nature of the work: they will be led to form an expectation of much useful matter, and they will not be disappointed.”- Evan. Mag.

“ This work is written with no ordinary degree of ability; it evinces much labour as well as skill, and has rarely, if ever, been surpassed in candour and impartiality."--Evan. Register.

“In perusing a number of leading articles contained in the work before us, we have observed that they have no tendency to lower the standard of Religious truth; nor consequently to confound matters of faith with those of opinion. The Essay on Truth, by the late Rev. A. Fuller, greatly enhances its value. The Appendix, containing' A brief Sketch of the State of Religion throughout the World,' forms a highly interesting part of the volume.”—Methodist Mag.

“ T'he Editor has taken much pains to improve the work by corrections and additions; the numerous references to authorities are highly valua. ble.”-Bapt. Mag.

The SCRIPTURE TESTIMONY examined and confirmed by Plain Arguments; or, an Appeal to Reason and Common Sense, for the Truth of the Holy Scriptures, in Two Discourses, by David JENNINGS, D.D. With a Preface by B. CRACKNELL, D.D. ls. sewed.

“ These excellent discourses are so well known, and have been so highly esteemed, that it will be sufficient barely to announce their republication, Though many persons have written on the subject, none have treated it in a more easy and familiar manner than Dr.J. And we doubt not but it will please God, who made the preaching and first pub. lication of these sermons acceptable and successful, still to accompany them with his blessing.”

Evan. Mag.

The REFLECTOR, or Christian Advocate ; in which the united efforts of Modern Infidels and Socinians are detected and exposed ; illustrated by numerous Examples : being the substance of the Bushby Lectures, delivered on appointment of the Lord Bishop of London, in the Parish Churches of St. James's, Clerkenwell,

and St. Antholin's, Watling-street, by the Rev. S. PIGGOTT, A.M. Rector of Dunstable, Bedfordshire, Chaplain to Lord Viscount Charlton, and Author of " A Guide for Families in Sacred Truth," &c. 8vo. 10s. bds.

“On the various attempts which have been made in modern times to subvert Christianity, and to bring Revelation into contempt, Mr. Piggott makes many spirited observations ; and the survey which he takes of the subject is at once comprehensive and just; its language is clear, and its arguments convincing: of its practical tendency no doubt can be entertained. We consider its merits to be highly respectable, and, as such, wish it an extensive circulation."--Imperial Magazine, No.69.

LETTERS to WM. WILBERFORCE, Esq. M.P. To which is added, an Answer to Melancthon, by Amicus Protestans. Svo. 5s. 6d. sewed.

“ The conduct of Mr. W., in advocating the Catholic Claims, appears to this Writer highly inconsistent; and this he endeavours to prove by

W. Simpkin and R. Marshall, Stationers'-Hall-Court.



MEMOIRS of His Late Majesty The LIFE of the Rev. JOHN GEORGE III.; written with a special NEWTON, Rector of St. Mary Woolnoth: View to the Progress of Religion, Civil and in a series of Letters to the Rev. Dr. Religious Liberty, Benevolence, and gene HAWEIS. To which is added, a short Sketch ral Knowledge, during the late Reign. By of his Life and Character, from the Conclu. THOMAS WILLIAMS. With a fine Portrait sion of his own Narrative, till his Death in from Mr. Ackerman's Print, from a Draw 1807. 18mo. 2s, with a Portrait. ing taken by Count Munster, immediately before the last illness of his Majesty. 18mo. PILGRIMS of the NINE5s.6d. boards.

TEENTH CENTURY; a Continuation of Also, by the same Author,

the Pilgrim's Progress, upon the Plan proA BRIEF MEMOIR of her late Majesty jected by Mr. BUNYAN; comprising the QUEEN CHARLOTTE; with a Poetical History of a Visit to the Town of Tolera. Appendix, and fine Portrait. 2s. 6d. bds. tion: with an Account of its Charters, and a Together, in 1 vol. 18mo. bds. 7s.

description of the Principles and Customs “ This portable volume presents to the view of of its İnhabitants; under the Similitude of a the public, a portrait of our late venerable Sove. Dream. By Joseph Ivimey, with Engrareign, drawn, we think, with accuracy, taste, and vings, and Historical Notes. 12mo. 3s. 60. spirit...... We give credit to the Author when bds. he says, that 'in selecting and arranging the “The performance is every way creditable to numerous facts of which this narrative is com the talents and information of the writer; and posed, the greatest care has been taken to insert we cannot allow ourselves to think that even only the most authentic and the most interesting.' Bunyan himself would frown on the undertaking.” We perceive, also, that this is not a mere pane.

Evan. Mag. Sept. 1827. gyric on the Royal character, the writer having “ This publication is ingenious, abounds with carefully avoided every thing like exaggeration; interesting notices of Nonconformity at different yet, he justly observes,' the private and domestic periods, and breathes a very laudable spirit of life of the King contains so many bright points, religious liberty.”-Methodist Mag. Oct. 1827. that a faithful narrative of facts has much the “ Justice to the writer requires us to state, that appearance of eulogy, and forms the best enco. his object is not merely to amuse and entertain mium on his character."-Evan. Mag.

the reader. The leading doctrines of evangelical truth are clearly stated, practical religion is

powerfully enforced, and many a way-worn pilMEMOIRS of MRS. HARRIET grim will be refreshed by the exhibition of the NEWELL, Wife of the Rev. S. Newell, joy and fervour of Christian experience. American Missionary to India, who died

« The work is embellished with six neat enNov. 1812, aged Nineteen Years. Also a gravings, and is well printed.”Baptist Mag. Sermon on her Death, an Account of the American Missionary Society, and a Mono POETICAL SKETCHES OF dy on her Death. By LEONARD Woods, BIBLICAL SUBJECTS; partly Original, D.D. of North America, 18mo. 2s. 6d. bds.,

partly selected from our most esteemed with a Portrait.

Poets, illustrative of the Sacred Volume. “ These Memoirs of Mrs. N. are derived chiefly

By JOSEPH BELCHER. 12mo. 5s. bds. from her own writings, and exhibit the character of a pious, intelligent, and zealous young woman,

“Some good Selections (of Sacred Poetry) have eminently qualified for her station ....An Ame

recently appeared, among which we have to thank

Mr. B. for what we esteem the very best.” rican correspondent informs us that the life and letters of Mrs. N. are read with great interest,

Home Mission. Mag. and the sale is greater than of any work ever pub

“ We really think this volume will be an acceptlished in that country.

Poor Mrs. N. is doing able present to young persons; and believe it well more to serve the Missionary cause, by her death, calculated for usefulness, in directing their minds than she could have done by her life.”—Evan. Mag. to the contemplation of the Sacred Scriptures, by

exhibiting its most important narratives and preSELECT REMAINS of the

cepts in an alluring form."-Script. Mug. Rev. J. M. CLACK, late of Hastings, HYMNS and POEMS, Doctrinal Sussex. Also a Brief Memoir, with a and Experimental, on a variety of Subjects, Funeral Oration and Sermon. By J.

designed for those who know the Plague of HOOPER, A.M. one of the Tutors of Hoxton

their own Heart, and are fully persuaded Academy. 8vo. 7s. bds.

that Salvation is entirely of Grace. By We have seldom met with so many incidents D. HERBERT, of Sudbury. 2 vols. 18mo. 78. of a singular and affecting nature, in connexion bds., 8s. bnd. With a Portrait of the Author with an individual, who was not permitted to see taken by Wageman, and engraved by many years on earth, as are presented to us in this Thompson. Either Volume may be had small but respectable volume."-Lond. Instructor. separately.


Theological Works, published by W. Simpkin and R. Marshall.

CHRISTIAN COUNSEL; or, a Manual of 100 Contemplations. By an Old Divine. 18mo. ls. bds.

“ This is the reprint of a work puplished in the year 1680, bearing the initials of T. S. as its author. It has been greatly admired by most who have read it; and having become very scarce, has been now reprinted in this very neat and cheap form. We can most cordially recommend it as highly calculated to promote the interests of pure and undefiled religion.”

Pulpit, No. 346. ADVICE to YOUTH; containing a Compendium of the Duties of Human Life, in Youth and Manhood. By Hugh Blair, D.D. F.R.S., Author of the Ser. mons, Lectures on Rhetoric, &c. A new Edition, with a Corollary to each chapter. ls. 6d. half-bd. in roan.

GOSPEL SONNETS, or Spiritual Songs, in Six Parts. By the Rev. RALPH ERSKINE, late Minister of the Gospel at Dumfermline. 24mo. 3s. bds.

WISDOM in MINIATURE, or the Young Gentleman's and Lady's pleasing Instructor; being a Collection of Divine, Moral, and Historical Sentences, selected from the best Authors. ls. 6d. half-bd.

HINTS from an INVALID MOTHER to her DAUGHTER, on Subjects connected with Moral and Religious Improvement in the Conduct of Life, in various Relations. By ANNA WILLIAMS. 2d Edition, 12mo. 3s, bds.

“ We think these Hints worthy of the perusal, not only of young ladies, but of parents, and of those who preside in public seminaries, or engage in private tuition."--Evan. Mag.

By the same Author, INCITEMENT to EARLY PIETY; or a Manual of Devotion : with a Selection of Hymns adapted to Youth of both Sexes. To which is prefixed, a Letter of Maternal Advice. 18mo. 8d.

The DAWN of GENIUS and VIRTUE; containing Anecdotes and Biographical Sketches of more than an hundred Persons, eminently distinguished in early life. ls. 6d. half-bd. in roan,


in use.

Locke Collection, and other popular Psalmodists. We hope this will be found a valuable addition to Psalm and Hymn Tunes, both for the parlour and the chapel, and supercede much of the trash now

The size of the book agrees with Dr. Rippon's.”- Evan. Mag.

“ The Tunes, (in number 347) are intended for Public Worship as well as private use: such is the design of the publication. The execution, as we are informed by a competent judge of Musical Science, is, on the whole, judicious and respecta. ble. In the Compiler's introductory observations on the proper style of Sacred Music, and especially of that intended for Congregational use, we en. tirely concur.-Methodist Mug.

PSALMO-DOXOLOGIA; a new and Complete Collection of Psalm and Hymn Tunes. The whole set for three or four Voices, with an Accompaniment (in small Notes) for the Organ or Piano-Forte, and adapted as well to public Worship as private Use. 12s. bound, or in twelve half-bound Numbers, ls, each.

Psalmo-Doxologia is a collection of between three and four hundred Psalm Tunes and Hymns, containing all the established old melodies, and a great many new ones; including several of the best and most popular Airs of Handel, Haydn, Mozart, Pleyel, Beethoven, &c. &c., arranged for either ihree or four voices, with an Accompaniment for the Organ, in small notes, instead of a figured bass. This is the most copious collection that we have ever seen for the price, and musically speak. ing, is better executed than works of this kind generally are. The introduction of the delightful airs of the great German composers must relieve congregations from the fatiguing reiteration of the old tunes, which, though certainly excellent in themselves, become, like any other good thing, extremely dull if too often repeated, and unless relieved by a mixture of novelty. A slight biographical sketch of each composer, and a brief history of Psalmody, are prefixed to the collection. The former is in some few instances erroneous, but it gives a considerable share of interest to the work.”- Harmonicon, No. 7, July 1823.

“ We consider this as the most complete volume of valuable Tunes for Public Worship that has ever come under our Notice."

Home Mission. Mag. “ This work contains 347 Tunes, in 282 pages; besides a brief Introduction to Psalmody, and a biographical Index of the Authors; including Arne, Arnold, Bach, Beethoven, Handel, Haydn, Mozart, Playel, &c. besides the Authors of the

The REV. DR. ADDINGTON'S Popular Collection of PSALM and HYMN TUNES, chiefly in Three Parts, adapted to the Metres of DR. WATTS's PSALMS and Hymns, and the various Collections and Supplements now in Use. The Fifteenth Edition, containing all the most approved Tunes in the Three volumes, in One. To which is prefixed, a brief Introduction to Psalmody, and a complete Index. 75. 6d. half-bound.

The present proprietors of this work have employed a competent Editor to reduce the three volumes into one. Many of the Plates have been re-engraved ; the Tunes which originally belonged to the first volume have (with some few exceptions) been restored, and the most popular and useful Tunes in the second volume added, with a few from the third; comprising now 270 Choice Tunes, with a brief Introduction to Psalmody prefixed.

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