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less servants with the consequences of their shortcomings. He does not accuse them of overt acts of cruelty ; it was not through them that their fellow-creatures suffered hunger and thirst, but the sin was that they gave them no meat and no drink. They did not injure the stranger, but the sin was that they took him not in. They did not deprive their fellow-creature of covering, but they clothed him not. They did not add to the sufferings of the sick and the prisoner, but their condemnation was that they visited them not.

Reader, the suffering and the neglected are still on earth ; say not that you would have consoled them, if it had occurred to you to do so. Try to see your Saviour in them, and through them minister to Him. Each opportunity is given you


mercy, and it may be the last; see, then, that you do not let it pass unnoticed and unimproved. But while doing these acts of mercy, be ever on your guard lest a spirit of self-righteousness should creep in, leading you to pride yourself on having done what it was, after all, only your duty to do, and thus tempting you to trust to your own work and merit for salvation. Nay, let us do what we will, our good works can but be accepted by God, and valued by Him, as proofs of our love to Christ. True, we must be “always abounding in the work of the Lord;” but even while thus working, the language of our hearts must ever be

“ Could my zeal no respite know,

Could my tears for ever flow,
All could not for sin atone,
Thou must save, and Thou alone.”

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Disappointment, or Autumn Tints.
ELL” many will exclaim, “what a dreary subject to

choose; surely one more congenial to our feelings
might have been thought of, especially at this
season of the

year; for now the discoloured leaves lying under our feet tell us summer has passed away with

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all its glories, stern winter is near, with its frosts and snow, bringing care and sorrow into many a poor home.” Even at the autumnal season we are gratified by seeing the rich fruit bending down the trees, and the corn, safely garnered in, reminds us that “seed time and harvest shall not fail.”

It would not be well for us to have all summer-time, neither would it be so for us to be free from disappointments ; indeed, many have to look back with deep feelings of gratitude as they turn over the pages of their past life's history, and see what these very seemingly dark events have done for them. It may be true, plans which appeared so right and full of happiness, both to themselves and others, may have been frustrated, bright hopes crushed, and tears of bitter disappointment have flowed, yet how frequently they have come out of the furnace of trial purified. How could faith, courage, perseverance, and patience be strengthened if the whole of our path were strewn with flowers ? Only He who overcomes difficulties is truly brave ; and Solomon says of the man who faints in the day of adversity, that “ his strength is small.” There are many characters who, instead of feeling crushed under difficulties, like nature, come forth again with all the freshness of spring; they rise endued with courage, and, possessing perseverance, become victorious, never giving way to despair.

Must we not then be grateful even for dark clouds which not only hang over our head, but break, and in heavy showers descend, sinking deep into our hearts, emptying us of self, softening and preparing the fallow ground, and thus causing in days to come, instead of rank weeds, sweet flowers to bud and give a charming fragrance? Would these have bloomed had all been sunshine--rather, had they not have withered? Welcome disappointment, then, if it strengthens our characters, but, above all, leads us to rely upon a strength unseen, but felt, superior to our own; and in all life's dark mazes still to trust in Jesus.

H. W. P.

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F those I love, how many now

Are gathered round the throne ; Without a pain, or care, or woe

They “know as they were known.” Whose robes are washed in Jesus' blood,

Whose sins are all forgiven, Who, safe “beyond the swelling flood,"

Now rest with Him in heaven.
Remembering no more the pain,

The travail, they had here,
For joy to find their loss was gain,

The life without a tear.
And do they then remember nought

Of joys and griefs passed through ?
Or is the heaven they have sought

So very, very new ?
Nay, memories are ever bright,

But now their sight is clear,
To view by pure and cloudless light

Whate'er perplexed them here.
So small the things they used to prize,

Affliction, oh! how light,
Since they are seen with other eyes

Endued with enly sight.
They look with retrospeetion keen

On life, that tiny thing,
As we with microscope have seen

An insect's little wing.

The wondrous love, and skill, and grace,

The thoughtful, watchful care
Which in the Father's hand they trace,

That led them everywhere.
Or if they have a wish as yet

Unfilled, methinks 'tis this
That they a while to us could get,

To tell us of their bliss ;
To bid us yet in patience wait

Until our turn shall come,
To watch the opening of the gate,

That we may too go home;
To tell how many cherished ones

Below have names above
Enrolled, well-known amongst the sons

Of God,” whose name is Love ;
To tell how some whose places here

Have known them long no more Stood ready with their welcomes there,

“Not lost, but gone before ;" And how eternity is joy,

An everlasting day
Without a shadow of alloy,

Or fear 'twill pass away ;
But chiefly what a heaven it is,

To stand before His face,
Who sealed them here, who owned them His,

And kept them by His grace.
Still, could the dearest or the best

Of all our lost and loved,
Come back a moment from their rest,

To let us know they've proved
“The half to them had not been told"

Of all they now so prize,
Should they to earthly minds unfold

The joys they realize ?
No; "things unspeakable

to us
May not be now revealed ;
Nor dare we, would we, search for thus
What Love Divine concealed.

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EARY work this house-cleaning, and no mistake !"

exclaimed Lizzie Forbes, the charwoman, as she rested her fine, strong, round, rosy arms on the

kitchen table—rested them lengthwise, so as to form a pathway for the well-filled plate which her fellowcharwoman, Cissy Cann, pushed gently towards her. Now, Cissy was the elder of the two; therefore the mistress, who had provided this good dinner for them, had requested her to carve the meat, and as I was present when the order was given, I can tell you what else was said by the mistress, who thought of the souls of her work-people, as well as of their bodies. Ciss, I wish you to cut the meat, not only because you are older than Lizzie Forbes, and will, I know, keep the joint straight and tidy, but also because you will turn the meat into good to your poor bodies, by thanking God for it, and asking His blessing on it.” That

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