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"Israel; who is like unto thee, O people, saved by "the LORD? the Shield of thy help, and the Sword "of thine excellency." "The eternal GoD is thy Refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms.” And the blessings he hath bestowed "shall be in thee "a well of water springing up into everlasting life." Begin, therefore, and go through, every undertaking in this confidence and dependence; with prayer and thanksgiving; and you will soon be made "more than conquerors, through him that loved you.

In addressing you thus fully concerning the promise of the Holy Spirit, I wish it always to be understood, if not particularly mentioned, that this promise is given and fulfilled, only through the merits and mediation of CHRIST. But without the Spirit of CHRIST, we can have no saving benefit from his mediation.

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And now imagine to yourselves a large company, a whole nation, a continent, all the human race, universally receiving the gospel under the teaching and influences of the Holy Spirit; with deep repentance, lively faith, genuine humility, fervent love, and a heavenly mind: would not a large proportion of the miseries, which now desolate the earth, be terminated? Would not the remaining troubles be alleviated? Would not peace and harmony, and mutual good offices of every kind, with temperance, purity, and enlarged benevolence, effectually meliorate the state of human society? Now from whence can that be, except from GOD, who is Love, which, if duly attended to, would fill the earth with holiness and happiness? Can we shew our philanthropy more effectually, than by

promoting this genuine Christianity? And if we have linde else in our power; can we do better than pray continasly, that the Spirit may be poured out upon us - from on high;" and that the gospel may be preach*ed with the Holy Ghost sent down from heaven," in every region, which is enlightened by the beams

of the sun?

And now, brethren, "May the grace of our LORD + Jists Cair, and the love of GoD, and the com*motion of the Holy Spirit, be with us all evermore,


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VOL. 11.



"Are there not with you, even with you, sins against the "LORD your God?” 2 Chr. xxviii. 10,


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What could have been done more to my vineyard, that I have not done in it? Wherefore when I looked, that it should bring forth grapes, brought it forth wild grapes?

My brethren, let none of us forget, that humiliation

before God for our sins, as individuals and as a nation, constitutes the great business of this day. We should not have the least reason to doubt of the divine protection against the assaults of all our enemies; did not our manifold offences against GoD render us deeply deserving of his righteous indignation.-Instead, therefore, of calling your attention to partyquestions, which generally lead men to "fast for "strife and debate," I would attempt to assist your meditations on such subjects, as are connected with the great design of our assembling at this time.

Preached on the fast day, April 19, 1793, at the Lock Chapel.

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