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O Lord, we pray thee protect our soldiers and seamen, and those who lead them forth to battle. Preserve their lives, sanctify their perils and hardships, and save their immortal souls.

We beseech thee, O Lord, to look upon that neighbouring island, nearly connected with us which is now in an alarming and awful state of distraction, and has been the scene of most terrible calamities. Calm, we pray thee, that tempest which now prevails. Direct the persons, to whom publick affairs are committed, to the wisest and most salutary measures; and grant, we earnestly beseech thee, that with returning peace and and order, some effectual means may be used to communicate the blessed light of divine truth to all the inhabitants.

Teach and enable, O Lord, we intreat thee, all orders of men in these lands, to seek thy glory and the publick good, by a due improvement of the talents which thou hast committed to their stewardship.

Prosper the labours of all those, whom thou "al"lowest to be put in trust with the gospel." May they increase continually in wisdom and knowledge, in zeal and love, in simplicity and disinterestedness, and in self-denying diligence and activity; and grant them the sweet consolation of witnessing an abundant success to their labours. Illuminate all who bear the sacred character, 'with true knowledge and understanding of thy word; and grant that, both by their preach


ing and living, they may set it forth and shew it accordingly:'-and send forth many labourers into the

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Bless all those, who in any station, stand in the breach, by their prayers and exertions, to turn away thine indignation from a guilty land. Prosper all means used for the reformation of our manners; the extirpation of national enormities; the revival of pure religion; the pious instruction of the rising generation, and in particular of those who are designed to fill the more important stations in church and state; the alleviation of misery and distress in these calamitous times; and especially sending the gospel of salvation to the dark regions of the earth.


Lift up a standard, we beseech thee, against infidelity, impiety, and profligacy, which at present threaten the destruction of our holy religion. Deliver thy church from whatever corrupts its purity, divides its unity, and weakens the energy of its testimony to thy truth. Grant that all who are called christians, may be led ' into the way of truth; and hold the faith in unity of spirit, in the bond of peace, and in righteousness of 'life.' Extend the boundaries of thy church: and hasten the times, when the poor benighted Jews shall be converted to their long rejected Messiah; when the fulness of the Gentiles shall come in; and when "the "nations shall beat their swords into plow-shares and "learn war no more."

O Lord, we intreat thee, hear and answer these our supplications; bless our endeavours; and fill our land with truth and righteousness: that it may for be thy glory, not only to preserve us from every enemy, and to continue our privileges to the latest posterity; but also to VOL. II. 3 T

honour us, as thy instruments, to convey thy gospel, as the richest of all treasures, along with our extensive commerce, to the utmost borders of the earth. These and all mercies, we, poor sinful creatures, most humbly beseech thee to bestow upon us, of thy abundant goodness and mercy, through the mediation of thy well beloved Son our Saviour, who is with thyself and the eternal Spirit, One God over all, blessed for evermore. Amen.

The Doctrines of ELECTION and FINAL PERSEVERANCE stated from Scripture, and shewn consistent with exhortatory and practical Preaching, and conducive to Holiness of Life.




NOVEMBER 26th, 1786

Fourth Edition.

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