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25. Before thee.

Nuremburg, 39.

Noyes, 38.
Lo! we stand before thee now,
And our silent, inward vow
Thou dost hear, in that profound
Where is neither voice nor sound.
Not by any outward sign
Dost thou show thy will divine;
Deep within thy voice doth cry
And our quickened souls reply.
Thou dost hear, and thou wilt bless
With thy strength and tenderness :
Lo! we come to do thy will;
With thy life our spirits fill.


At parting. Nuremburg, 38

Pleyel, 40.
For a season called to part,
Let us now ourselves commend
To the gracious eye and heart
Of our ever-present Friend.
When we move at duty's call,
He is with us by the way;
He is ever with us all,
Those who go, and those who stay.
Father, hear our humble prayer!
Tender Shepherd of thy sheep,
Let thy mercy and thy care
All our souls in safety keep.
In thy strength may we be strong;
Hallow every cross and pain;
Give us, if we live, ere long
Here to meet in peace again.

26. Heart-speech. Mornington, 34.

HELP me, my God, to speak

True words to thee this day;
Real let my voice be when I praise,

And trustful when I pray.
Thy words are true to me;

Let mine to thee be true,
The speech of my whole heart and soul,

However low and few.
True words of grief for sin,
Of longing to be free,
Of striving for deliverance,

And likeness, Lord, to thee.
True words of faith and hopt,

Of godly joy and grief:
Lord, I believe,-0, hear my cry,

Help thou mine unbelief!


Part in peace.

Sicily, 48.

Benneson, 44. Part in peace! is day before us?

Praise his name for life and light: Are the shadows lengthening o'er us?

Bless his care who guards the night. Part in peace! with deep thanksgiving,

Rendering, as we homeward tread, Gracious service to the living,

Tranquil memory to our dead. Part in peace! such are the praises

God our Maker loveth best; Such the worship that upraises

Human hearts to heavenly rest.



Sicily, 48. 27.

Vesper, 50. FATHER, give thy benediction;

Give thy peace, before we part; Still our minds with truth's conviction,

Calm with trust each anxious heart.



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Should it be with clouds o'ercast,
Clouds of sorrow, gathering fast,
Thon, who givest light divine,
Shine within me, Lord, O, shine!
Show me, if I tempted be,
How to find all strength in thee,
And a perfect triumph win
Over every bosom sin.
Keep my feet from secret snares,
Keep mine eyes, O God! from tears;
Every step thy love attend,
And my soul from harm defend.

New hopes to open in the sun;

New efforts worth the will;
Or tasks, with yesterday begun,

More bravely to fulfil.
Fresh seeds for all the time to be

Are in my hand to sow,
Whereby, for others and for me,

Undreamed of fruit may grow. And if, when eventide shall fall

In shade across my way,
It seems that nought my thoughts recall

But life of every day, -
Yet if each step in shine or shower

Shall be with thee for guide,
Then blest be every happy hour.
That keeps me at thy side.

From Chambers' Journal.

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Paul, 70.

O GOD! I thank thee for each sight

Of beauty that thy hand doth give,For sunny skies and air and light;

O God, I thank thee that I live!
That life I consecrate to thee;

And ever, as the day is born,
On wings of joy my soul would flee,

And thank thee for another morn.
Another day in which to cast

Some silent deed of love abroad, That, greatening as it journeys past,

May do some earnest work for God. Another day to do, to dare;

To tax anew my growing strength; To arm my soul with faith and prayer,

And so reach heaven and thee at length.

36. From day to day. Father supreme! Thou high and holy One!

To thee we bow'; Now, when the burden of the day is gone,

Devoutly, now. When the glad morn upon the hills was spread,

Thy smile was there; Now, as the darkness gathers overhead,

We feel thy care. Silence and calm, o'er hearts by earth distrest,

Now sweetly steal; So every fear that struggles in the breast

Shall faith conceal. Thou, through the dark, wilt watch above our sleep

With eye of love; And thou wilt wake us, when the sunbeams leap

The hills above.


Dundee, 22. 35.


Hummel, 23. New words to speak, new thoughts to hear,

New love to give and take; Perchance new burdens I may bear

To-day, for love's sweet sake.

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O Shadow in a sultry land!

We gather to thy breast, Whose love, enfolding us like night,

Brings quietude and rest; Glimpse of a fairer life to be,

In foretaste here possessed. From all our wanderings we come,

From drifting to and fro,
From tossing on life's restless deep

Amid its ebb and flow;
The grander sweep of tides serene

Our spirits yearn to kncw.
That which the garish day has lost

The twilight vigil brings;The breezes from celestial hills,

The draughts from deeper springs, The sense of an immortal trust,

The touch of angel wings.

Holley, 37. 39. The light of stars.

Noyes, 38. Slowly, by God's hand unfurled, Down around the weary world Falls the darkness; O, how still Is the working of his will! Mighty Spirit, here am I! Work in me as silently; Veil the day's distracting sights, Show me heaven's eternal lights. Living stars to view be brought In the boundless realms of thought! High and infinite desires, Flaming like those upper fires! Holy Truth, eternal Right, Let them break upon my sight; Let them shine serene and still, And with light my being fill.



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Vesper hymn. Germany, 11.

Miss'y Chant, 16. 40. AGAIN, as evening's shadow falls, We gather in these hallowed walls; And vesper hymn and vesper prayer Rise mingling on the holy air. May struggling hearts that seek release Here find the rest of God's own peace; And, strengthened here by hymn and

prayer, Lay down the burden and the care! O God, our Light! to thee we bow; Within all shadows standest thou: Give deeper calm than night can bring; Give sweeter songs than lips can sing.

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LORD! a happy child of thine,
Patient through the love of thee,
In the light, the life divine,
Lives and walks at liberty.
Leaning on thy tender care,
Thou hast led my soul aright:
Fervent was my morning prayer,
Joyful is my song to-night.
O my Father, Guardian true!
All my life is thine to keep;
At thy feet my work I do,
In thine arms I fall asleep.


Dundee, 22. 41. Thou knowest.

Manoah, 26.
As darker, darker, fall around

The shadows of the night,
We gather here, with hymn and prayer,

To seek the Eternal Light.
Father in heaven, to thee are known

Our many hopes and fears,
Our heavy weight of mortal toil,

Our bitterness of tears.
Thou knowest all our absent ones

Who have been with us here,
As in our secret heart we name

The distant and the dear.
All weary eyes, all aching hearts,

And feet that from thee rove,
The sick, the poor, the tried, the fallen,

Thou knowest, God of love.
We bring to thee our hopes and fears,

And at thy footstool lay;
And, Father, thou who lovest all
Wilt hear us as we pray.


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Stockwell, 49. 42. Sunday evening.

Benneson, 44. Lo! the day of rest declineth,

Gather fast the shades of night; May the Sun that ever shineth

Fill our souls with heavenly light. While, thine ear of love addressing,

Thus our parting hymn we sing, Father, give thine evening blessing,

Fold us safe beneath thy wing.

FATHER, now our prayer is said,
Lay thy hand upon our head:
Pleasures pass from day to day,
But we know that Love will stay.
While we sleep it will be near;
We shall wake and find it here;
We shall feel it in the air,
When we say our morning prayer.
And when things are sad or wrong,
Then we know that Love is strong;
When we ache, or when we weep,
Then we know that Love is deep.
Love is old, and Love is new;
Love outlasteth firm and true:
And the Lord who made it thus,
Did it in his love for us.

W. B. Rands,


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