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Only not at death, for death,

Our love no broken ties. Now I know, is that first breath

We shall roam on the banks of the river of Which our souls draw when we enter

peace, Life, which is of all life centre.

And bathe in its blissful tide, Be ye certain all seems love,

And one of the joys of life shall be Viewed from Allah's throne above;

The little boy that died. Be ye stout of heart, and come

-Miscellaneous. Bravely onward to your home.

I raise What a strange, delicious amazement is death,

The song of thanks and praise, * *

For those high instincts, To be without body, and breathe without

Those first affections, breath;

Those shadowy recollections, I should laugh for joy if you did not cry:

Which, be they what they may, Oh, listen! Love lasts! Love never will die.

Are yet the fountain light of all our day. * -Edwin Arnold.

Truths that wake As the tree

And perish never, and have power to make Stands in the sun and shadows all beneath,

Our noisy years seem moments in the being

Of the eternal silence. So in the light of great eternity

Hence in a season of calm weather, Life creates the shade of death.

Though inland far we be, The shadow passes when the tree shall fall,

Our souls have sight of that immortal sea But love shall reign forever over all.

Which brought us hither,

Can in a moment travel thither, So not alone we stand upon the shore,

And see the children sport upon the shore, 'Twill be as though we had been there be

And hear the mighty waters rolling everWe shall meet more we know,

- Wordsworth. Than we can meet below, And find our rest like some returning dove, Haply the river of time Our home at once with the eternal love.

As it grows, as the towns on its marge

Fling their wavering lights A host of angels flying,

On the wider, statelier stream, Through cloudless skies impelled,

May acquire, if not the calm Upon the earth beheld

Of its earlier mountainous shore, A pearl of beauty lying,

Yet a solemn peace of its own. Worthy to glitter bright,

And the width of the waters, the hush In Heaven's vast halls of light.

Of the dim expanse where he floats, They spread their pinions o'er it,

Freshening its current and spotted with That little pearl which shone

foam With a lustre all its own,

As it draws to the ocean, may strike And then on high they bore it,

Peace to the soul of the man on its breast : Where glory has its birth,

As the pale waste widens around him, But left the shell on earth.

As the banks fade dimmer away,

As the stars come out, and the night wind The spoiler set the seal of silence,

Brings up the stream But there beamed a smile

Murmurs and scents of the infinite sea. So fixed, so holy, from that cherub brow

--Matthew Arnold. Death gazed and left it there. He dared not

steal The signet ring of Heaven.

Build thee more stately mansions, O, my

soul ! We saw thee come, we saw thee go,

As the swift seasons roll, Brief guest in this our earthly land.

Leave thy low vaulted past, Where from ? where to? We only know, Let each new temple, nobler than the last, From God's own hand to God's own hand. Shut thee from Heaven with a dome more

vast, We shall go home to our father's house, Till thou at length art free, To our Father's house in the skies ;

Leaving thy outgrown shell by life's unrestWhere the hope of souls shall have no

ing sea. blight,


NO. 28.








Almost Persuaded.-G. H., 75

30 America.-F. Sq., 30 (S. S., 89–H. T., 784) 46 Auld Lang Syne.-F. Sq., 104 (H. T., 839)

47 Bethany.-F. Sq., 23 (H. T., 621).

22 Coronation.-G. H., 101

1 and 39 Dare to Be a Daniel.-G. H., 158.

31 Give Methe Wings of Faith.-G. H., 186....

41 Glory, Glory, Hallelujah...

40 Go Bury Thy Sorrow.-G. H., 61

29 Happy Greeting

7 He Leadeth Me.-G. H., 51

32 Hold the Fort.-G. H., 14..

35 Home, Sweet Home.-F. Sq., 5.

45 I Love to Tell the Story.-G. H., 39

37 I Need Thee Every Hour.-G. H., 3

17 Just as I Am.-G. H., 54.

19 Let the Lower Lights Be Burning.-G. H., 65 .. 16 Old Hundred.-F. Sq., 131 (H. T., 2.).

2 One More Day's Work for Jesus.-G. H., 28 26 Onward, Christian Soldiers.-G. H., 175.. 14 Pass Me Not.-G. H., 27.

4 Rescue the Perishing.-G. H., 18..


Rest for the Weary.-S. S., 74

23 Ring the Bells of Heaven.-G. H., 19...

3 Robin Adair.-F. Sq., 76.

13 Rock of Ages.-G. H., 86 .

20 Shining Shore.-S. S., 52 (H. T., 852)..

6 Sunday School Army.-S. S., 72.

34 Sweet By-and-By.-G. H., 204.

33 and 42 Sweet Hour of Prayer.-G. H., 77..

11 Tell Me the Old, Old Story.-G. H., 37... 15 and 36 The Crowning Day.-G. H., 416.

44 The Great Physician.-G. H., 56 The Light of the World is Jesus.-G. H., 41... 28 The Precious Name.-G. H., 72...

18 There is a Fountain.-G. H., 91.

5 Triumph By-and-By. 289.

43 Vesper Hymn.-H. T., 163

10 What a Friend We Have in Jesus.-G.H.,29.9 & 12 What Shall the Harvest Be ?-G. H., 719

24 Whosoeve. Will.-G H., 10..

38 Wonderful Words of Life.-G. H., 282

27 Work, for the Night is Coming.-F. Sq., 116 (S.


:-G. H.,

S. 95)

With the help of friends to select the tunes and write new words, we print a few songs in which well-known music is set to singing our Liberal Faith. Not a few wide-circling hymn tunes have been echoes and adaptations caught from unchurched music: much more, why not thankfully borrow from friends in neighbor churches the swing, the lilt, the leading rhythm which they have found heart-stirring? We do not think they will grudge this use of them, even in the cases where old words have been altered to better serve our thought. Of the forty-seven songs, nineteen are new, fifteen are more or less changed from old forms,-some of them very slightly,—and the rest are old and unchanged. In selecting tunes the chief question has been, What is best known and easily caught ? What can people readily join in from memory or by ear ?

“Who among us will use them ?" Now and then a Conference or Grove meeting will use them; now and then a Unity club, while waiting for late comers; now and then a Sunday-school; now and then the summer picnic; oftenest of all, perhaps, the group clustering about the home piano; and if they grow familiar, they will sing themselves as we walk or work.

In indicating tunes, "G. H.” means the Moody and Sankey collection of “Gospel Hymns”, fou parts consolidated in one volume; “F. Sq." means the “Franklin Square" collection of popular songs (Part I); “S. S." means the little Sunday-school collection called “Sunny Side;" and "H. T." means th , revised “Hymn and Tune Book”, published by the American Unitarian Association. Double referenc are sometimes given.

E. E. M.
W. C. G.


















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Away with all thought that is selfish.
Bo we the courage-bringers...
Consider the lilies......
Dearest of all earthly treasures..
Father, I need thee! troubles abound.
From all that dwell below the skies..
Go, bury thy sorrow.....
He leadeth me! oh, blessed thought..
I live for those who love me....
I love to tell the story...
I need thee every hour..
Is there a human soul...
It singeth lɔw in every heart.
Just as I am,—without one plea...
Like a cradle rocking, rocking-
Love for all! and can it be..
Mid pleasures and palaces..
My country, 'tis of thee..
My life is like a little boat.
Nearer, my God, to thee...
Not a life so mean and lowly..
Not alone to the days of the storied past..
Now on land and sea descending...
Oh, the Father's hands are helping...

Onward, Christian soldiers....
Over all the prairies....
Saints and saviors light the head lands.
Shining thoughts that ever......
Sing forth his high eternal name..
Sowing the seed by the day-light fair..
Standing by a purpose true.
Sweet hour of prayer..
Tell me the old, old story of unseen..
Tell me the old, old story, to lift.
The days are gliding swiftly by.
The holy Truth shall make you wise.
The morning hangs its signal...
There is a Light that cannot fade..
There's a Hope that is fairer than day....
The Truth is the Voice of the God.
Though the cause of Evil prosper..
Unto thee, abiding ever..
What a Friend we have beside us..
What makes thy heart so sad..
Whatsoever is just and pure..
Work, for the night is coming.
Work for thy God, thy Father....


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