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Let us strive to learn of Jesus,

Who was meek, lowly and brave. When we labor and are heavy-laden, when we are tempted, sinful,

sorrowful, cold-hearted, The thought of him can make us strong, patient, cheerful and

kind. Thanks be to God for his holy saints: thanks be to him who giveth

Which in all ages entering into holy souls, maketh them friends
of God and prophets !

Gloria. (Music as before.)
Be thou exalted, O God a- | bove the heavens,
And thy glory be over | all the Earth!
All the ends of the world shall | worship | thee,

And glorify thy | holy | name for- | ever! 4. Prayer.

Jesus said, Ask and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find. The School will stand and read together.

Father Eternal, Infinite, Almighty, yet loving to dwell in every pure and lowly soul, in times past thou hast spoken to our fathers by prophets and holy teachers who have hallowed thy name. We bless thee for their sacred words which teach us truth, and for their holy lives which give us strength. We thank thee for the good teacher Jesus. We are moved by his holy life and heavenly spirit. Help us to learn of him how to pray and to live unto thee. Amen.

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1. Glory be to

2. We praise thee, we bless thee, we worship?
thee, we

glori - fy



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5. Hymn--selected.
6. Five-minute Sermon-or other customary or special exercise.
7. mn-selected.
8. The Class Lessons.

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& 은 41. The voice of old by Jor-dan's flood Yet flows up-on the air;

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We hear it in be - at - i- tude, In par-a - ble and prayer.

2. Earnest of life forevermore,

That life of duty here, -
The trust that in the darkest hour,

Looked forth and knew no fear!
3. Spirit of Jesus, still speed on!

Speed on thy conquering way,
Till every heart the Father own

And all his will obey! 10. Benediction.

Supt. It is our holy day: we have taken sweet counsel together.
School. Heart and voice give thanks unto the Lord.
Supt. Peace to young and old that enter here:
School. Peace to every soul herein.
Supt. The Lord doth bless us and keep us; the Lord maketh his

face to shine upon us.
All singing.

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Supt. The Lord lifteth the light of his countenance upon us and

giveth us peace.

All singing.

A - mien.


1. Let us call to remembrance the great and good,
Who in times past have wrought righteousness :
The righteous shall be in everlasting remembrance ;
Yea, blessed is the memory of the just.

2. The School will stand and sing.

O sing and praise the Lord, our strength, Our ref-uge and our
The Lord hath shown us his great might, His maj-es - ty and

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Come, let us reason together,

Let us take sweet counsel together: We will hear the wise and good, the saints and seers of the world,

Whose sacred words teach us truth and whose holy lives give

us strength. The good Zoroaster, in central Asia, called God Ahuramazda, The Living One who is Creator of All. He taught the people, and said: Give me, O God, these two desires,

To see, and to question myself.
Adore God by means of sincere actions,

Let us be such as help the life of the future.
Him whom I exalt with my praise I now see with my eye,

Knowing him to be God, the reality of the good mind, the good
deed, the good word.

[Zoroaster.] The good Moses delivered the Israelites and taught them good commandments. He said: Ye shall be holy,

For the Lord our God is holy. Thou shalt not kill, nor bear false witness, nor covet, nor steal, nor

profane the name of God.

Thou shalt not oppress any one, but love thy neighbor as thyself. Thou shalt honor thy father and thy mother. Thou shalt rise up before the hoary head.


The good Confucius taught in China during many years of poverty,
hunger and exile, teaching right-living. He said:
To see what is right and not to do it

Is the part of a cowardly mind.
If one cannot improve himself, or serve men,

How can he improve others, or serve God?
He who requires much from himself and little from others

Will save himself from anger.
Only he who has the most complete sincerity,

Can transform and inspire others.
Treat not others as you would not wish them to treat you.

Love to speak of the good in others.
Make happy those who are near,
And those who are far will come.

(Confucius.) Thanks be to God for his holy saints: thanks be to him who giveth

wisdom, Which in all ages entering into holy souls maketh them friends

of God and prophets.

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The good Buddha wandered and preached for forty years in India, with labor and in poverty, to help his fellow men. He taught thus: Overcome anger with love,

Evil with good.
For wrath is not stilled by wrath at any time;

Anger ceases by love-this is an everlasting law.

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