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1. Come, let us sing together!

There is nothing that so clears a way for prayer, that so disperses dullness of heart, that so purifies the soul from poor and little passions, that so opens heaven or carries the heart so near it, as these songs of praise. They kindle a holy flame, they turn the heart into an altar, prayer into worship. [William Law.]

2. The School will stand and sing.

Sing praise unto the Lord with thanks-giv-ing; Sing

praise un - - to the Lord with thanks-giving:


The School seated.


Lord upholdeth all that fall, and raiseth them that are bowed down;

Sing praise un-to the Lord...... with thanks-giv-ing.

3. Responses.

Let us strive earnestly to be faithful in all things.
He that is faithful in that which is least

Is faithful also in much,

And he that is unjust in the least

Is unjust also in much.

If we are to live unto God at any time or in any place,
We are to live unto him at all times and in all places:
If we are to use anything as the gift of God,

We are to use everything as his gift:

If we are to do anything by strict rules of reason and piety,

We are to do everything in the same manner.

Because reason and wisdom and piety are as much the best things at

all times and in all places,

As they are the best things at any time or in any place.

[William Law.]

Therefore, what matter if no one heed us or praise us,
Let us work faithfully with hand and heart,
Because we know the future ages need us,

[blocks in formation]

[Jesus, Lc. XVI.


ye his people: And all that
is within


mighty mer- Give praise
and Sciful S

praise his holy


to him song and ho-ly psalm. with

Let us be truthful:

He that speaketh the truth from his heart shall never be moved. [Ps. xv.]

Let us be courageous for the right:

He that feeds men serveth few;

He serves all who dares be true.

Let us be just:

Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.

[Moses, Jesus, Buddha, Confucus, Zoroaster, Talmud, etc.]

Let us return good for evil:

Blessed is he who loveth God, and his friend in God, and his
enemies for God.

Let us rule our own spirit, putting away anger and every unclean thing: Be stern to ourselves and gentle to others. [Confucius.]

Let us be generous and unselfish:

Large rivers and rich persons are not created for themselves but to be of service to others.


Let us be industrious, not slothful:

My Father worketh hitherto, and I work.

Let us be simple, childlike, contented;


By contenting ourselves with obedience, we become divine.

If we strive sincerely for these virtues, we are not left alone:
All things work together for good to them that love God.


(Music as before.)

O praise the Lord all | ye his | people;

And all that is within us, praise his | holy name.

He is One God and Father, Al- | mighty and | merciful;
Give praise to him with | song and | holy | psalm.

4. Prayer.

Ask, and it shall be given unto us: seek, and we shall find. In the Lord, the Eternal, is everlasting strength.

The School will stand and read together.

Merciful Father and Almighty Friend, we can give nothing to thee who hast all things, nor dost thou ask any offering. The greatest temple cannot be worthy of thee; but thou dost dwell in the pure and simple heart and dost love the hallowed mind. Help us to keep every evil purpose from our hearts, that we may lift up pure hands to thee, and wish nothing by which another may be harmed. Amen.




The Lord is a Sun and shield: No good thing will he with them that walk uprightly. hold from

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9. Close of School.

5. Hymn-selected.

6. Five minute Sermon-or other customary or special exercises.

7. Hymn-selected.

8. Class Lessons.

Light and life



Lord of hosts, Happy is the man who trusts in thee.



1. Heav'nly Fa-ther, God of Love! Send thy blessing from above:


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Plant in us a humble mind,
Patient pitiful and kind;
Meek and lowly let us be,
Seeking goodness, seeking thee.

Let us in our spirits prove
All the depths of lowly love;
Let us in our lives express

All the hights of faithfulness.

10. Benediction.

Supt. It is our holy day: we have taken sweet counsel together.

School. Heart and voice give thanks unto the Lord.

Supt. Peace to young and old that enter here:

School. Peace to every soul herein.

Supt. The Lord doth bless us and keep us; the Lord maketh his face to shine upon us.

All singing.

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All singing.

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God most high, the

And was in


As it is

Supt. The Lord lifteth the light of his countenance upon us and giveth us peace.


the beginning.

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