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262 No. 37. HAIL! HAIL TO THEE, MELODY! Moderato.



1. Hail! hail to thee, Mel - 0 - dy! daugh-ter of love!
2. Hail! hail to thee, Mu- sic thy glo- ri - ous art,


glad - ly our voices we

raise; forth with its ho- li - est strain!

O bear our hearts upward to
Go calm the wild surg-es that

man-sions a - bove, And speed our sweet anthems of praise. Hail! roll o'er the heart, Fall soft - lyon grief and on pain, Sweet

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waft our glad singing a ·

O tune our bright voices, while loft - i - est hymn we would raise; O kin - dle our voic. es and



prais-es we sing, And of - fer thanksgiving and love. fill them with joy, To sing our thanksgiving and praise.



1. "Tis Sum-mer, glo-rious Sum-mer, Look to the glad green earth; 2. These are her rich thanksgivings. The in-cense floats a-bove; 3. 'Tis Summer, blessed Summer- The loft-y hills are bright; 4. No! bid each spir-it praise him, Who gives to ev-'ry tree

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How from her.grateful bo-som The herb and flow'r spring forth,

Father! what may we of- fer? Thy chos - en flow'r is love, All Nature's fountains sparkle-Shall ours have less-tr light? A thousand liv-ing voic-es,

A - wak-ing har-mo-ny,

How from her grateful bo-som, The herb and flow'r spring forth.
Fa-ther! what may we of-fer? Thy chos - en flow'r is love.

All Nature's fountains sparkle- Shall ours have less-er light?
A thous-and liv-ing voices, A - wak-ing har-mo-ny.

264 No. 39. HE MAKES HIS SUN TO RISE. Andante.


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tals of the sky, light and life and joy: dai

ly path to shine; brigh - ter rays di - vine:

Love will soothe the sick man's

pil - low.

Smil-ing on their rug - ged side,
Love will light the poor man's day,

Love will

ev - ’ry crys-tal fountain, While its sparkling waters glide.
gild time's rolling bil-low, As it bears us on our way.

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1. There's mu-sic in the midnight breeze, There's music in the morn; 2. The winds that sweep the mountain-top Their joyous echoes bear; 3. The heart, too, has its mel - 0 - dies, A con-se-crat - ed spring,



The day-beam and the ger - tle eve, Sweet sounds have ever borne;
Young Zephyrs on the streamlet play, And make sweet music there;
From which mysterious voic - es flow, And songs of gladness ring.

The val-ley hath its welcome notes, The grove its tuneful throng,
With rustling sound the for-est leaves Bend to the pass-ing breeze;
Why Nature's mu-sic—but that man May join the myriad throng

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And O-cean's mighty caves resound With Nature's endless song.
And pleasant is the bus - y hum Of flow-er seek-ing bees.
Of all her glorious works in one Har-mo-nious burst of song.

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266 No. 41. ALL SERVICE IS HALLOWED. Mot too fast.


1. You can-not pay with mon-ey, The million sons of
The sail - or on the O-cean. The peas-ant on

the soil

; } 2. The work-shop must be crowded To fill the home with light; i

If plough-men did not la-bor, The po - et could not write; 3. Ye men of tho't and knowledge. Rise, like a band inspired

And po- ets let your vers-es With hope for man be fired; } 12

The la- borer in the quar - ry, The hew-er of the coal;
Then let all work be hal-lowed, That man per-forms for man,
Till eartb be-comes a tem - ple, And ev - 'ry hu-man heart

Your mon-ey pays the hand, It can-not pay the soul,
And hon - est toil re - vered, As part of one great plan,
Shall join in one glad song, Each hap - py in his part,

Your mon-ey pays the hand, It can - not pay the soul.
And hon- est toil re - vered, As part of one great plan.
Shall join in one glad song, Each hap - py in his part.

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