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the cross.---Now, that this death of his was of fufficia enc value to satisfy for their fins, is most evident, in that God has glorified him in heaven, after his oblation of himfelt on earth. Had he not fully answered all the demands of divine justice, he had never been raised from the dead, and received up into glory. His glori: fication, is a clear demonftration, of the fulness of his fatisfaction, and that he has paid our debc, to the utmost farching. Heb. i. 3. When he bad by himself purged our fans, be far down on tbe right band of the majesty on high. His filing down at the right hand of God above, or bis high dignity and advancement in heaven, is a full proof that he has purged our sins, or made perfect atonement and satisfaction for them. And how comforting a medication is this, to all true believers, for whom Christ died ! When they consider, that God the Facher has glorified Jefus Christ their furety, they may be assured, that the guilt of all their fins is removed from them, fo as chat they fhall never be condemned for thein. Thus the apostle argues, unco the confolasion of all true believers, Roin. viii. 33, 34. Who Mall lay any thing to the charge of God's ele&t ? fe is God that justifieth. Who is he tbat condemneth ? It is Christ that died, yea, rather that is risen again, who is even at the right band of God, who alfo maketh intercellion for us. Christ's being at the right hand of God in heaven, is a comforting evidence to believers, that Christ by dying for them has exempted them from condemnacion, and obtained a discharge for them.

2. It may affure them, that they thall also be glorifici! with Jesus Christ in heaven. Here we are to contider that God has glorified Jesus Chrift, not meerly as a fingle individual, or private perfon, that acted for hiin. self alone; buc as a cominon or publick perfon, that represented, and acted for others. He is glorified, in ihe quality of the bead, furety, and representative of a! that belong to the election of grace. The glorification therefore of Jesus Christ in heaven, is a certain pledge and assurance, that God's elect, the chosen generation of believers, Thall also be glorified in heaven. If the head be glorified, so shall likewise all the members... If the bridegroom be advanced, so thall the bride. He is therefore gone before to prepare a glorious place for them in his father's house, . (Joh. xiv. 2.) and he has prayed for them, that they may be with him where he is, to see, and share in, the glory God has given to him, (Joh. xvii. 24.) and he will ac last come again, to carry them to his glorious kingdom, and to make them parrakers of his glory. Col. iii. 4. When Christ who is our life fball appear, we lball also appear witb bim in glory. O what comfort is this !

USE 4. Let us also glorify Jesus Christ. If God the Father has glorified him, this should be an inducement to us, to glorify him, as far as we are capable of doing it. Herein we shall act in a conformity to God, which is our duty and honour. There should be in us an holy ambition to resemble God, as much as we 'can. And in this point we thould imiate God, by honouring those whom he honours, especially Jesus Christ, whom he most honours. If we are the dear children of God, we shall in this case be followers of Cod. Him whom the great King and God of heaven delights to honour, we should also deligbe to honour..-.-But besides this morive to glorify Christ, which our doctrire suggests unto us, I may here fer before you several ocher consideralions, to excile hereunio.

1. God the Holy Ghost does also glorify Jesus Christ. Thus Jesus Christ laid of the holy Spirit, Joh. xvi. 14. He häll glorify me....He glorified Christ, by. inspiring the penmer of the holy scriptures, wherein the glory of Christ is revealed to the world. The scriptures alone do declare unto men, what a glorious person the Lord Jesus Christ is. Therein the wonderful glory of Jesus Christ is clearly manifested. Now it was the holy Spirit, who inspired and guided, ebem in this infallible revelation of the glory of Christ. And herein the holy Spirit has glorified Jesus Christ..... It is also the


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holy Spirit, who enlightens the ininds of men in the knowledge of Christ, who gives them a ipiritual discerning, of the glory of Christ, and turns the hearts of finners unto Chrift, and enables them to live to his glory..... If then it be so much the work and office of the holy Spiric co glorify Christ, this should induce'us co make chis our work too. If we are led by the Spiris of God, we shall do fo.

2. The angels and saints in heaven do glorify - Jesus Christ. This is the constant employment and business of the church triumphant, lo glorify Jesus Christ in heaven. They do all with one consent honour Jesus Christ, and give glory to him. Rev. v. 13. And every creature which is in heaven, heard I, saying, Blessing, and honour, and glory, and power, be unto him that fitteih upon the throne, and unto the Lamb for ever and ever. Now, if those most glorious and excellent creatures in heaven above, do fo glorify Jesus Christ, this should be an argument with us to glorify Jesus Chriit here below. 'Tis heaven's work to glorify Christ, and therefore most worthy to be our work also.

3. Christ is inoft worthy to be glorified by us. He is to, considered in himself, being an infinitely glorious person, poffèffed of all the excellencies of the Godhead. 1-le is the great God, the mighty God, God over all, blelled for evermore ; and therefore most worthy to be glorified.-.-He is also worthy to be glorified on the account of what he is to us. He is our Maker, and our Redeemer; and on both these accounts is most worthy to be glorified ; especially, on the account of our redemprion by him. I Cor. vi. 20. Ye are bought with a price : therefore glorify God, in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's. Rev. 'v. 9. Thou art worthy to take the book, and to open the seals thereof : for thou wast pain, and hast redeemed us to God by thy blood, out of every kindred, and congue, and people, and nation.

4. The glorifying Jesus Christ, is an honouring God she Fatber. The honouring of the Son, is an honouring of the Father also. And unless we do honour the Son, 23


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with the same honour wherewith we honour the Fa. ther, we do not indeed honour the Father at all. So our Lord declares, Joh. v. 22, 23. The Farber hatb. committed all judgment 10 the Son : that all men pould honour the Son, even as they honour the father. He that, honoureth not the Son, honoureth not the Father that sent him. Men may pretend, as the Jews here did, 10 honour God the Father, though they do not honour Jesus Christ, with equal honour as they do God the Fa: ther : but such pretences are vain. If men do not honour Jesus Christ with the same faith, love, fear, wor{hip and obedience, which are due to the Father, they do not truly and acceptably honour the Father, any more than a Jew, Turk, or Pagan.

5. Our glorifying Christ will affuredly ilue in our own eternal glorification. If we honour Chrilt, He will honour us. It we live to his glory, paying to him thai homage and refpect which is his due, we fall receive eternal glory from him. They that glorify him on earth, Ihall be glorifed with him in heaven for ever.

O then, let us live to the glory of Christ : then will death be gain to us ; for it will be followed with communion with Christ, and conformity to him in never-ending blessedness and glory.



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The Importance and the Seafon of seek

ing and finding God.


ISAI. LV. 6.



the Lord, while he may be found i call ye upon him, wbile be is near.

ON this verse the Prophet, by way of exhorta

tion, directs his fpeech co fuch as enjoyed the gospel, and so were favoured with the means

of grace and salvation. Where observe, 1. The duty enjoined ; in ewo phrases intimating the same thing, Seek ye tbe Lard,Call upon him. What is intended' by feeking God and calling upon him, shall presently be shewn.

2. The seafon, wherein this duty is to be attended ; expreffed also in two phrases importing the fame thing, Wbile be may be found, ---Wbile be is near.

God is near to finners, by his essential presence with them. A. xvii. 27, 28. He is not far from every one of us : for in bim We live, and move, and bave our being. But this nearness of God to finners, is not that directly meant in the texr. For thus God is always near to siņners, and ever will

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