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viii. 32.

Can there be a greater, .er Pledge of the Love of God for his Creatures ?-He made him to be that is, a Sin-offering): He delivered o Death in our Stead :

-Can we this doubt of or distrust, the Mercy Cod? Observe the Method St. Paul takes to firm ow Faith, by giving us the ngest Proofs of our Acceptance with

. God, saith he, commended his Love s, in that while we were Enemies, we se reconciled to him by the Death of his

Bluch more, being reconciled, we Il be saved by his LifeRom. v. 10.

What may we not, after this, hope from God? en short, Jesus Christ has redeemed us w the Curse of the Law.- Thro' him have Peace with Goil.Rom. v. is the only Foundation of our Faith,

Hope, and Confidence. He is our Saice, our Mediator, our Advocate ; the :owledge of which ought to remove all casions of Despair and Fear, from the pleasure of God. Indeed if we should attempt to go to id, without an Interest in Christ, we uld hope for nothi to be rejected;


but when we go to him as redeemed by his own Son-and represent to him, as we do in this holy Sacrament, what he has done and suffered for us, we approach him as entirely reconciled to us.

But then you must remember, that he gave himself for us, and hath redeemed us from the Power of the Devil, for this End, that he may purify unto himself a People consecrated to his Service.-Consecrate, therefore, yourself to Jesus Christ, and with faithful Abraham, stagger not at the Promises of God; but go to this Sacrament with a full Assurance of Faith, that God will pardon your Sins, and give you all the Graces you shall stand in need of.

Only remember, that this Faith itself, is the Gift of God, and must be prayed for, for Christ's Sake; which you may do

; after this Manner.



I BESEECH Thee, O God, by that Love which moved Thee to give thine own Son for lost Mankind, give me a Faith in thy Promises for his Sake, as firm as thy Word, on which my Faith is grounded: And let me nerer presume upon thy gracious Promises, without sincerely endea


vouring to perform the Conditions on
which they were made, and without being
zealous of good Works, for which we were
redeemed.-May the Remembrance of our
Saviour's Love, and of thy great Mercy,
be ever seasonably present with me, to
keep me from Despair !
Faith in thy Promises support me in the
Hour of Death !-- May my Redeemer be
my Refuge, his Blood and Merits plead
for me, that I have


Lot and Portion with those whom he hath purchased with his most precious Blood ! Amen.

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And may my

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Whether you have a thankful Remembrance

of Christ's Death: This is the next

Thing you are to enquire into. Now this will always bear some Proportion to the Sense you have of the Evil he has delivered you from, and the Blessing he has by his Death procured for you.

Consider therefore yourself as a poor, șinful, lost, undone Creature, without a · Redeemer. Consider what liat Redeemer has done for you :

What he


1. Teiben be took

UDSF:s the Sins of

TSTis Son of God; 12 LTE , either was

. :!:i:stastanding *sicas EST Sakers, he was T2 Dunes a Soner deserves Dette 2017! St at nought! Lie Ei reriet by his own

3-TC. Ito rdeem ! Co Eus intueet brown Disciple; se' i 1:2008 r condemned!

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Curte Nuusaor all ttis.-It was 16 Justice of God for

seluure their Pardon Van Roccacce and future Obedere: cu also no seu Vankind, what irtuodaa31 Saners, who have re-Eine Viber Vaker, do deserve; with us when God orders or perSus Sorers to undergo such Indigni. nicions in this our State of ve ought to take our Cross par


tiently as our Redeemer did ; and be con- . tent, and even pleased, to fulfil the Will of God, in following his Example in his Sufferings in this Lite, that we may be Partakers of his Glory in the next.

In the next Place, consider the Blessing which Jesus Christ hath by his Death obtained for 119.-He hath delivered us from the great Power which the Devil had over Mankind, by procuring us Grace to resist and overcome him.-He hath prevailed with Godoto overlook the untoward. ness of our Nature ;-to pardon our greatest Offences upon our true Repent

- And, being by his Death reconciled to God, we have, for his Sake, free Liberty to apply to him, as Children to a Father, for what we stand in need of,

He has also obtained for us the Assistance of an Almighty Spirit, to enable us to know, and to do, what is necessary to fit us for Heaven and Happiness: -And he has prevailed with God that these shall be our certain Portion, if we are not wanting to ourselves. In one Word, Jesus Christ has entirely freed us from all Fears of what may come hereafter, if it is not purely our own Fault,



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