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have a quarrel against any, even as Chrift forgave you, jo
also do ye.--And above all these things, put on charity, which
is the bond of perfectness *. Be kindly affè&tioned one to ano...
ther with brotherly love; in honour preserving one another.
Be of the same mind one towards another. Mind not high
things, but condescend to men of low estate +. To the same
purpose speaketh St. Peter,-Finally, be ye all of one mind,
having compasion one of another ; love as brethren, be pitiful,
be courteous; not rendering evil for evil to.any, or railing for
railing ; but contrariwisë, bleffing ; knowing that ye fhall in-
herit a blessing 1. And above all, have fervent charity among
yourselves : for charity shall cover a multitude of fins. Use
hospitality one to ano: her without grudging S.

5. As thel Spirit of God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, so that fame Spirit will teach every one to know their place and station. It is generally believed, that, in heaven itself, there are different ranks and fta. tions, both among the angels, and the spirits of just men made perfect; and, indeed, that is natural to suppose ; for we cannot think that the thief, snatched to heaven from the cross, will ank with an Apostle Paul; or the child, which just entered into life, will equal Moses or Elias ! No ; for as ene star differeth from another in glory, so it will be in the resurrection of the dead. If fo, we may fuppose there will be a subordination of stations in the blessed Millennium. There will be masters, and there will be servants--there will be parents, and there will be childien, and


will know their place and station, T3

and * Col. iii. 12.

+ Rom. xii. 1000 17 1. Pet. iii.

§ Ibid iv, 8, 9.

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and will be easy and happy in it. The child will delight in, and honour the parent; and the servant will love and revere his master, and attend to all his concerns with the greatest fidelity. In short, honour will be given to whom honour is due; that is, wherever God has placed any excellencies they will be known and acknowledged, seeing all will be harmony, peace, and concord.

6. ENVY, fufpicion, and evil furmising, which now disgrace mankind, and are the bane of true friendship, will hide their shameful heads, and find no place in this kingdom of grace. The envy of Ephraim all depart, and the adversaries of Judah shall be cut off : Ephraim shall not envy Judah, and Judas fhall not vex Ephraim *. And what is said of Ephraim and Judah, will be acccomplished in all mankind. How dire have been, and still are, the effects of jealousy and fufpicion !-How has the peace of families, yea, of kingdoms, been utterly destroyed by those hellish pefts. But love, pure, disinterefted love, that fair image of the Deity, will now prevail—and love thinketh no evil, is not suspicious and distruttful—is not ingenious at imagining evil concerning others. O, no; that baseness of soul will be banished and confounded, with its horrid author, in its own place; while the chil. dren of men will love one another with a pure heart, and that fervently; yea, love will be without diffimulation. There will be no forced smiles, no glofses, no little quibbles, to save appearances--all will be firling fincerity, easy, and serene. As new-born babes defiring the


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* Ifa. xi. 13.

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fincere milk of the word, fo will they grow in grace. There will be no walking in craftiness, no dealing deceitfully with the word, or ways, of God. Indeed, there will be no temptation to low-minded cunning, or to that base jealousy-which has murdered thoufands and flain the peace of millions ; for all will be easy and happy, and so fitted for their place and station, that they will defire no other. O, blessed day! O God, let it approach! Let the accuser of the brethren be cast down, and let the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of our God, and of his Chrift, for ever.

7. As the religion of this blessed season will be love out of a pure heart, fo love rejoiceth not in iniquity, bot rejoiceth in the truth ;-in like manner there will be a rejoicing in each other's welfare. In the general, this is far from being the case at present. Too many feel an inward uneasiness at another's prosperity ; nay, to hear perTuns of the same profession well spoken of, gives an uneasy sensation ; and, to see them thrive, is a kind of poison to every joy, aud something like what Haman felt each time he saw Mordecai fitting at the King's gate*. 'Tis truly lamentable, that we see so much of this de. formity among the jewels of the Lord ; that it might speedily come to an 'end, so that it might be melted down in the flame of love ! 'So that we might feel real comfort in each other's felicity, which must take place whenever we love our neighbour as ourselves. To illustrate this a little-foppose the case of an affectionate and faithful wife : what effect has the honour or happiness of her hus

band * Esther V. 13.

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band upon her ? Doth it not increase her joy? Doth it not fill her with transport ?-Or take the case of an affectionate parent ; doth not such a one share in the feli. city of a darling child ?-Now there is a love of friend. Thip, which even surpasses the most delicate sensations of mere natural affection ; * and, if so exquisite in friendThip, how much more that love which many waters cannot quench, which foods cannot drown, and which all the wealth of the world cannot purchase or procure ! +- This is the Religion of Heaven, which will now descend upon earth, that peace and happiness, truth and justice, religion and piety may be established in all the earth. It will be the delight of each to contribute to the happiness of their fellow-creatures; they will not be satisfied with fome faint attempts to save appearances, fome feeble efforts to keep a good name in countenance ; no, that is too feeble a ray, tco faint a motive ; in that blessed day


grace there will be a cordial good-will, each one seeking to please another for his edification. O how far are we, in the general, from this blessed state of things at present ! And how many of our vile customs must be dropt before this mind of Christ can, in the nature of things, take place amongst us? Gaming muft drop, and all our fashionable amusements, whatever weak excuses may be found out to satisfy the minds of such as are carried away therewith.

8. As the fun in the firmament is feen and admired by all the inhabitants of the world, and all are bleffed with the falutary in Auences thereof,- so will the glorious Sun

of 2 Sam. i. 26.

of Sol. Song viii. 7.

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of righteousness, rising with his healing wings, be seen, felt, and admired by all; for all shall know him, and, therefore, shall love him. The reason why he is so little loved, is because he is so little known. And truly it is painful to confider, how little he is even spoken of among such as profess his name! In many fermons, and in many converlations, it may be truly said, They have taken away my Lord, and I know not where they have laid bim. Surely this ill agrees with our profession, as believers, as those bought with his blood, quickened by his life, directed by his wisdom, and sustained by his power. It is well known that a christless sort of preaching is now become very modish ; a text, it may be, is taken from St. Paul, or St. John, but the sermon seems to have come from Tully or Senneca-a pretty jingle of words about morality, till morality is well nigh driven out of the land. Have we not need to take heed of this fair-skinned Serpent, before he stings us to death? If we attend unto the oracles of God, we shall find a precious Christ in different estimation, both by preachers and hearers; we shall find all the strength and charms of language exhausted in setting forth the bleeding Reconciler, the great Ranfomer of a fallen race! they will proclaim him the mighty God, the everlafting Father, and the Prince of Peace *. Here we shall find one finging, My heart is inditing a good malter: I will speak of the things whi.h I have made touching the king : my tongue shall be as the pen of a ready writer, Thou art fairer than the children of men : grace is poured into thy lips : therefore God hath blessed thee for ever.-Thy throne,

O God, lla, ix. 6.

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