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Page 376 - Avogadro postulated that equal volumes of different gases contain the same number of molecules...
Page 211 - AN ELEMENTARY TREATISE ON THE INTEGRAL CALCULUS; containing Applications to Plane Curves and Surfaces, and also a Chapter on the Calculus of Variations, with numerous Examples. Crown 8vo. , IQS, 6d. GEOMETRY AND EUCLID. ** for other Works, see Longmans &* Co.
Page 367 - The different sizes of the particles of elastic fluids under like circumstances of temperature and pressure being once established, it became an object to determine the relative sizes and weights, together with the relative number of atoms in a given volume. This led the way to the combinations of gases, and to the number of atoms entering into such combinations, the particulars of which will be detailed more at large in the sequel.
Page 367 - And if the sizes be different, then — on the supposition that the repulsive power is heat — no equilibrium can be established by particles of unequal sizes pressing against each other. (See diagram.) "This idea occurred to me in 1805.
Page 365 - ... 4th. When four combinations are observed, we should expect one binary, two ternary, and one quaternary, &c. 5th. A binary compound should always be specifically heavier than the mere mixture of its two ingredients. 6th. A ternary compound should be specifically heavier than the mixture of a binary and a simple, which would, if combined, constitute it ; &c. 7th. The above rules and observations equally apply, when two bodies, such as C and D, D and E, &c. are combined.
Page 366 - Newtonian theorem. Every atom of both or all the gases \ in the mixture was the centre of repulsion to the proxi.mate particles of its own kind, disregarding those of the other kind. All the gases united their efforts in counteracting the pressure of the atmosphere, or any other pressure that might be opposed to them.
Page 181 - It seems fair to conclude that the function of the condenser in microscopic practice is to cause the object to behave, at any rate in some degree, as if it were self-luminous, and thus to obviate the sharply-marked interference bands which arise when permanent and definite phase relationships are permitted to exist between the radiations which issue from various points of the object".
Page 319 - JK"N is for such a case in which the magnetic leakage is zero on open circuit and increases to the maximum at short circuit. Where the magnetic leakage is variable, it is determined for any point as K" by the ratio of JK
Page 437 - An attempt to run the arc off a continuous-current dynamo failed, since even with the alternator at rest the electrometer showed a large deflection, evidently due to the oscillation of the current, owing to the commutator of the dynamo having a finite number of segments. Prof. A. Gray doubted whether it was right to give the name " true resistance " of the arc to the slope of the curve connecting the potential difference (V) and the current (A). The authors...
Page 317 - The point n' would then lie in the line OA. The deviation of the primary current locus from the line OA is produced by magnetic leakage. An experimental curve showing the primary current locus for a constant potential transformer, as affected by magnetic leakage, is shown in fig. 5. The reciprocal relation between admittance and impedance vectors gives a simple method for determining the conditions for consonance and resonance in transformer circuits*.

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