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- Sermon



Of the Faith or Ferswasion of a

Divine Revelation.

The third Sermon on this Text.

HEB. XI. 6.
But without Faith it is imposible to

please God.

I Have observ'd that a Religious I and Divine Faith comprehends under it three things..

First, a Perswafion of the Princi. ples of Natural Religion, which are known by the light of Nature.


Volume Secondly, A perswasion of things XII. Supernatural, and Reveal’d.

Thirdly, A Perswasion of Supernatural Revelation.

The two former of these I have consider'd, and now proceed to the

Third fort of Faith, which Ì call Divine, or Religious; viz. a Perswalion concernirig a Divine Revelation, that is such; which I distinguish from the former thus. The former is a Perswasión concerning the things which are revealed from God, that they are true: this is a Perswasion concerning the Revelation it self, that it is Divine and from God.

For the opening of this there are many things to be taken into consideration.

I. What we understand by a Divine Revelation.

II. The several kinds of it.

III. The

III. Whether a Perswalion con-Sermon cerning a Divine Revelation be pro. III. perly Faith.

IV. How we may come to be afsured of a Divine Revelation, or by what Arguments a Faith or Perswasion of a Divine Revelation is wrought in us.

V. The Degrees of this Perswalion or Assurance. .

VI. The Effects of it.

VII. In what sense it may be faid to be a Divine Faith; under which I shall speak something concerning the Testimony of the Spirit. sk

I. What we are to understand by a Divine Revelation. Answ. A Supernatural discovery, or manifestation of things to us. Í say supernatural, because it may either be immediately by God, or by the mediation of Ana gels; as most, if not all of the Revelations of the Old Testament were; a


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f upernatural Discovery, or ManifestaVolume tion, either immediately to our minds, Xil.

and inward faculties; (for I do not só well understand the distinction between Understanding and Imagination, as to be careful to take notice of it;) or else mediately to our understandings, by the mediation of our outward Senses, as by an external appearance to our bodily eyes, or by a voice and found to the sense

of hearing. But of this I have dif• Sec Vol. cours'd in a former Sermon, * and S. Scrm. II.

therefore shall add no more here.

II. For the several kinds of Di

vine Revelation; of this also I have See Vol. formerly * discours’d at large.

III. Whether a Perswasion of a Divine Revelation may properly be call'd Faith? To this I answer, That according to the streight and narrow notion of Faith, which the Schools have fix'd, which is an affent to any thing grounded upon the Testimony, and Authority of God revealing it, a Perswasion of a Divine Revelation cannot properly be call’d Faith ; because it is irrational

5. Serm. 18.

to expect that a man should have another Divine Revelation to assure Sermon him, that this is a Divine Revelati

i III. on:' for then for the same reason, I must expect another Divine Revelation to assure me of that, and so without end. But I have sufficiently shewn, that this is not the true notion of Faith in general, but only of a particular kind of Faith; viz. that which is wrought by the Argument, which we call Testimony, or Authority. But according to the true and general notion of Faith which is a persivasion of the mind concerning any thing, a perswasion of the mind concerning a Divine Revelation, may as properly be call’d Faith, as any thing else, if men will but grant, that a man may be fo satisfied, concerning a Divine Revelation, as verily to believe and be perswaded that it is fo.

IV. How we may come to be perswaded of a Divine Revelation, that it is such'; or by what Arguments this Perfwasion is wrought in us ? For answer to this, it will be requisite distinctly to consider, F 2


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