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Mr M, as he turned away, de- flung himself upon MrM—to distermined to seek out the Colonel be- arm him

in the struggle the pistol fore he rested. He chanced to fol was discharged, and the ball whizzing low exactly in his steps; but rapidly past the ear of the ruffian, did him as he walked, it was some time before no injury. Mr M-was soon overhe perceived his antagonist at a powered, as his arms having been considerable distance in advance of seized, he could not use his second, him, walking on the pathway which pistol ; the murderer was strong; and skirted the stream, as it ascended to- having flung him down, planted his wards the mountain region. The knee upon his breast. moon had just risen, calm, and bright, “ What shall we do with him, mo. and beautiful, peacefully beaming ther?” he said. “Best send him afon the rocks and furze, and glancing ter the Colonel, to give him a chain the rapid stream as it pounced racter," she replied, with a wild and along from stone to stone, yet almost fiend-like laugh. “I said I'd have seeming to hush its wonted mur, my revenge of him too, an' the divil murs, through sympathy with the has put it in my way sooner than I calm softness of the light that trem- expected.” bled upon it. Such an appearance The prostrate man thought of his of nature formed a singular contrast daughter, and wished for life. “ Wowith the burning fever in the heart man," he exclaimed, “ I never inand brain of the insulted parent, who jured you !”—“ Hah-you lie-you now strode along, irritated even more lie !” almost shrieked the hag. “I than he had previously been, by the asked you to speak a word for my sight of the man whose injuries he boys-for the boy that now has you in sought to resent and avenge. He bis grip-and you would not-But," had now approached within a dozen she added, after a little pause, “ I paces-his hands were upon his pis- can't hate you, as I did the villain tols, and he was about to call out to that's just done for. If you're let go, Colonel B, who was just going to will you swear never to say a word pass round a huge lump of granite to man or mortal of what you have that lay in the way, and would have seen to-night?”—“No,” said Mr Mconcealed him momentarily from the firmly—“Kill me, if you must; but view of Mr M-, when the report if I ive, I shall do my duty, and enof a pistol from the other side was deavour to bring you both to jusheard, and in the same instant Colo- tice.” nel B-leaped breast high from “ Hoh, you will ?” said the woman, the ground, and then fell flat upon it, and repeated her horrid laugh-“but a dead man.

say your prayers thin, if you think A moment before, and Mr M they'll do you any good, afore you had been himself eager to inflict such die.' She paused again a little a doom upon the man who now lay space-her eyes glistencd as if some stretched almost at liis feet, yet at joyful thought had struck her, and the sight of what was done, he was she whispered to her son. petrified with horror, and stood for “ What brought you here, wid a a moment, feeling as if his burning pistol in your hand ?” she said again, heart had been plunged in icy water. addressing Mr MThe next moment his recollection re “ May God forgive me," he repliturned, and rushing round the rock, ed," a wicked purpose ; but I trust from the other side of which the shot that sin, great as it was in intention, appeared to have come, he found the may not be imputed to me!” Widow Lynch and her son, the lat “I don't think you liked the Curnel ter with a pistol in his hand, still much, more than ourselves, MrMsinoking from the discharge which Maybe if we hadn't been in the way had killed Colonel B-“Mur- just now, you'd have saved us the derers !” said Mr M drawing trouble? What brought you here, I forth one of his pistols, “ you are de- say, at this time, wid a pistol in your tected in your foul assassination, band ?” Surrender yourself instantly," he “ Not to assassinate a man in cold added to the son, or you die as blood,” replied Mr M-“A crime surely as the man you have just so foul as that I have not to answer shot.”. The man made no reply, but for,”

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in agony:

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:“ Maybe you will though,” said speakable calamity. Fora time, somethe woman, “ and save other people thing like insanity took possession of from being suspected. Lay hoult on the unfortunate prisoner ; but at last him, Dinnis, and take him off. I the consolation of religion visited him, charge him wid having shot the Cure and Emily became his ministering nel, and you'll back what I say—You angel, and he wept, and was calm, seen him, didn't you ?”—and again and tasted something like peace even came forth the devilish laugh. in the midst of misery and tears.

In a moment the unfortunate Mr Time rolled on-property lives, M-saw the dreadful situation in though men, who call it theirs, die; which he was placed-his brain spun and it became necessary to arrange round, and he grew sick, with the for the disposition of Colonel B's fear not of death, but of infamy. effects. The heir-at-law was his ne“ Spare me, spare me!” he cried out phew, who had but a few weeks be

fore been on a visit with him, and he “"No," replied the woman, in a now returned, petrified with horror tone which seemed like the echo of at what had happened, and utterly inhis own “No” to her proposal a mi- credulous as to the guilt of Mr Mnute before-thewretch mocked him He visited him in prison, and listeneven then.

ed to his statement, which was given It would protract my tale too much in the language, and with the deportto tell minutely all that followed. A ment, of a man who had done with host of circumstances were brought this world, and only testified the forward against Mr M- He was truth, for the truth's sake. The priproved to have followed the Colonel soner's daughter was with him, for to a lonely place under strong irri- humanity did not refuse that blesstation; to have taken his pistols with ing to his gloomy cell; and if one may him, of which one was discharged, speak of female loveliness in such a and the woman Lynch and her son situation, even there, the touching swore positively to having come up- dignity of her extreme sorrow, and on him, as the murder was done. All the pious duty of filial love in which this was coherent, while his story she was constantly engaged, gave a was improbable, and unsupported. depth of beauty almost angelic to her True, he had the Colonel's letter, peerless face and form. which he said had provoked him to Tears stood in the young gentlefollow him with pistols; but the ma- man's eyes, as he mounted his horse gistrates, who examined it, could see to quit the prison-gate. " Aye, your nothing in it but a proposal for an honour,” said the servant, as he held elopement, and not at all

justificatory the stirrup, and spoke with the famiof the proceeding which it was said liarity which their respective ages to have induced. True, the charac made not unnatural between master ter of the woman Lynch and her and servant, “'twas a sorrowful sight son was bad as bad could be, and it you seen, I'll warrant me—a kind was very possible to suppose them gentleman they always said he was, capable of the murder which Mr--and the poor young crathur-sure M-alleged they had committed; it's hard, an' heavy, an’arely her misbut there was no particle of evidence fortunes have come upon her.” against them, save the assertion of Aye,” replied his master, with a the accused, who had the strongest sigh, aye-Do you know these possible interest in speaking falsely, people that are the witnesses against The weapon, too, with which he al- him, Peter ?” leged the murder had been commit “ Know thim ? to be sure I do, ted, could not be found, although the your honour-but I b’lieve the divil most diligent search had been made knows them better nor any one else, in and around Lynch's cabin. Mr an' has his hoult over thim strong M- was committed, by the magis- enough.” trates, for trial. Who shall paint his “Do you know the spot where my misery, or that of the wretched Emily? uncle was shot ?" Death, a felon's death-infamy, horri I do, your honour, well. I seen it ble infamy-hung over her father's the day before yisterday, and the head, and no ray of comfort pierced mark of the blood on the ground, through this dreadful storm of un God bless us, an' be about us!”

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“ I wish you would bring me to “Nothin', sir-only I thought I seen the place."

-Look, sir, don't you


you see Whin, your honour ?”

somethin' movin' down the side o' 6. This evening, after we ride the hill, toart (towards) the rock ?" home.”

“Yes," said his master, looking in - The cross of Christ be about us ! the direction pointed out, “ I do see Sure, sir, it is not to go there after what I take to be two persons walkdark you want ?”

ing that way. I see them now more No; there will be moonlight. It plainly—it is a man and a woman. was about this day month the mur What ails you, man?-does one man der was committed—and by moon and an old woman frighten you ?" light. I wish to see it under similar " It's the Widdy Lynch and her circumstances."

son," whispered the man; “ an' the An you're not afeerd, sir ?" divil's not far off, in some shape or

“ Afraid, fool! No; of what should other, I'll be bail.” I be afraid ?”

Hush, Peter-let us observe their “Why, your honour, to say nothin' motions--see, they are getting down of evil sperrits, for maybe you that under the shadow of that rock. Good has been at college doesn't beleeve Heaven! they have vanished !” in them like us poor people-but it's “ No, your honour,” said Peter, just convanient to the Lynches' cabin, smiling to find that for once he knew ar'where they are I'm thinkin' there's better than his master who had been

at college-"they're only gone close “ Never mind, take courage, and to the rock, and are quite hid in the bring me to the place. I have a par- shade—the bames o' the moon is all ticular reason for wishing to go on the other side-they're gone there there."

to hatch some divilment, I'll warrant Now, in sober truth, young Frederick B had no reason at all, but “ Could we get to the other side he had a strong impression upon his of the rock without being perceived mind, derived from he knew not by them, Peter ?” what-a presentiment, if philosophy “Not if you go straight forward, would allow of such a thing—that by sir—for they'd see us immadiately; going, he would discover something but if you go up the side of the hili of importance; and upon this impres- a bit, and keep up till we get beyant sion, or presentiment, he acted. the rock, thin we can come down up

At moonrise he arrived with his on the far side of it.” servant at the entrance of the


“ Let us do so, then. I should through which the stream passes in wish, if possible, to hear their conto the glen. Their horses were left sultation." in the care of one of the cottagers, The plan was put into execution, and they proceeded on foot up the and in half an hour they found thempathway which, exactly a month pre- selves approaching the rock on the viously, had been trodden about the opposite side from that on which same hour by Colonel B. and Mr they had before seen it. M - The present night, too, was “ Think you they are still there ?” calm and clear as that night had been, said Frederick Band all was silence, save the rushing “I do, sir," replied the servant; of the eager stream.

“I kep my eye on the place, an' barThe servant, although somewhat rin' they wint within the last two confident from the presence of his minits, they're still in the same spot.” master, who had been" at College,” “ How shall we get close upon yet felt some fear withal, and as they them ?” came within sight of the rock where

46 You can climb up upon the murder was committed, which an'get over their heads,” replied the they did while yet a very considerable servant, whose spirit of enterprise distance from it, he involuntarily had now overcome his fear. stopped, and looked round with an " Good--that will be the best anxious gaze as far as his eyes could reach.

• This is the way to do it, your “What is the matter, Peter ?" said honour," said Peter, pulling off his his master.

boots, in which his example was fol

the rock,


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lowed by his master; and they went out the stone first, that I put in after forward, silent and warily, as the it to prevent it getting wet." fowler creeps to take his aim. They The man placed his two hands readily climbed the rock, and lying upon the rock: above his head, and flat upon the top, with their heads made a spring to get upon it, when almost reaching over the verge on he found himself in the grasp of Frethe darkened side, they easily

over derick B, He was paralysed heard the whispered conversation of with sudden fear, and made little or the pair beneath.

no resistance to being secured. The “ I wonder you're not afeerd, mo woman gave a loud shriek, and then ther,” said the man, to come down resigned herself to her fate.“ Aye,” to this place, of all places in the she muttered—“Aye, and now my world, to persuade me to sware more; time is come; and sure I might have whin I tell you I'd rather kill another known it didn't [dhrame last night man than sware. Let them take your that I made the ould man that's in own oath, but don't ax me to go in jail a present of a black coffin, and to a coort-house agin.”

he threw it back to me, an' said it “Sware!” said the woman

would do for myself ?” what's swarin'? or what's in a coorthouse, or a judge's wig, to frighten ye? Is that the courage you larnt in Three years afterwards, Emily foreign parts, to be afraid to spake, was promoted much nearer you that did the raal business so cli- the top of the alphabet, and, as Emiverly?. Musha, but it was a steady ly B, appeared the lovely and hand that sent the bullet into the happy wife of him whose fortunate middle of his forehead what is chance it had been to rescue her fathere in your tongue, that it can't be ther from the peril that impended as steady as your hand ?”

over him. The old gentleman still kept “ Well, mother, don't say more bis beautiful cottage, and old Marabout it now-I'll see afore the trial guerite still lived to take care of it. comes on, an' make up my mind to The skeletons of the Widow Lynch do it; but I wish you'd let me off. and her son hang in the surgeon's Where's the pistol ? I want to lend room of the county infirmary, whiit to Kelly in the mornin'."

ther their bodies had been sent to be “ In the hole in the top of the rock anatomized. overhead,” said the woman

“ Pull So ends my tale,






CÆRULEA camerâ, penetralibus Ambrosianis,
Flavus ubi rorem Tapitourius iste ministrat
Montanum,-(ros hic certe stillatus Olympo !)
Nascentis speciósa Magæ portenta coquebat
Christopherus, nomen cui dat Septentrio clarum,
Forte suis vacuus sociis, solitâque podagrâ:
Namque evanuerant victi certamine Bacchi
Signifer, et Porcus, Titillatorque benignus.
Concrepuere fores subito, simul et venerando
En! sese obtulere seni Dux atque Satelles;
Hic novus acer eques, et homo novus ;-ille duello
Strenuus heroum victor, procerumque senatu :
Æreus huic rutilo vultus, sed ferreus illi.
Nempe Mage auspicium patrociniumque petebant :
Æmulus optat uterque alium præstare favore
Christopheri; tantum hoc ausus non cedere Duci.
Alter, præterea concedere cuncta paratus.
Annuit his pater, et nutu tremefecit utrumque
Ut sorices binos viso terrore molossi.
Jussit et alternis contendere versibus ambos,

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Insanum me olim sedem hanc ambire fatebar,
Quorsum hoc? Dementi Phoebus quondam Phäetonti
Annuit invitus patrios conscendere currus,
Dementique mihi Princeps commisit habenas.


Ecce novus custos totâ speculatur in urbe
Cæruleus, mea cura; qualis solet esse Priapus,
Terror ego furum,-nisi quod sit ligneus iste,
Haud ego: Judæi Membrum et me jactor apellæ.
Talia cantabant: alto Iste sopore prehensus
Interea, subito stertit lævum atque sonorum,
Haud secus ac tormenta tonant ingentia belli:
Hi fugere, atque Novas trepidi percurrere Athenas.

* “ I will stand or fall with my order.”


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