God: Trail of Evidence: The Quest for the Truth

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iUniverse, Jul 12, 2011 - Religion - 192 pages
Years ago The World missed the true Identity of Jesus. Why, because he was a man. Today we are on a straight path to repeat the exact same mistake a second time for the exact same reason. The past 20 years this world has been a revolution of technology advancements. In the past 100 years more historical evidence has been unearthed than throughout written history. Religion however is still basically the same as it was in the Middle Ages. Why? In this book you will find that when Science is viewed from the proper perspective, it is the anchor of evidence that proves who God actually is. Supported not only by mankind's history but is actually the only evidence that the Bible itself supports. Read it for yourself. Learn where the Bible originated from and what's actually in it. There is only one truth in the world. It is where Science and History meet. You will be surprised to find that it is also where the Bible has been all along. In life the decision regarding your relationship with God, ultimately falls on you. The Quest for the Truth! Is it in you?

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About the author (2011)

The author has been studying the truth behind religion for more than 25 years. As a professional in a field requiring research for more than 17 years he has learned to research patterns and combine information to derive at a reasonable supportable conclusion. Born and raised in the southern US in a small town of 500 residents the author learned at an early age religions in the south. However, at 18 years old there was a life changing event that created a desire to search out the truth concerning God and to this day the desire still burns strong. It was an event that allowed the author to acquire information that most humans will never have in life. It was this event that has been the driving force in searching for facts that was certainly there. It just took many years to find the right path on which to search. Living in the rural country for the past 17 years has been an asset in having a relaxed atmosphere in which to research the truth. While being licensed in 1984 as a lay minister for the Southern Baptist it quickly became apparent that there was more to God that what was being protrayed and what has been told for the past 2,000 years. Read the Evidence Trail found by the author and decide for yourself as to what you believe. Deny it you may but forget it you will not. A belief should be supported by more than blind faith. Where God is concerned blind faith is not necessary. There is both Scientific and physical proof of God and its always been there. We have just been searching in the wrong place for all this time. A book that will change your entire outlook and viewpoint of God himself. Regardless of how you decide to believe you will forever ask, Is it true, because the facts speak for themselves.

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