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9. The Service may begin with some of these Sentences.

H EN the to the Lord your God; for

wicked man he is gracious and merciful, W

turneth away fow 10 anger, and of great

from his wick kindness, and repenteth him

Wednefs that he of the evil. Joel 2. 13.63 hath committed, and doth To the Lord our God be that which is lawful and long mercies and forgivenesright, he hall fave his foul ses, though we have rebelled alive. Ezek. 18. 27." against him : neither have 1. I acknowledge my tranf- we obeyed the voice of the greffions, and my lin is ever Lord iour God, to walk in before me. Pfal. $t. 3.' his Laws which he set be.

Hide thy' face from my fore usi Dan. 9.9, 10. fins, and blot out all mine. O Lord correct us, but iniquities. Pfal. 51. 9. with Judgment; not in 6. The facrifices of God are thine anger, left thou bring arbroken spirit:a broken and us to nothing. Jer. 10. 24. a contrite heart, O God, Pfal. 6. I. thou wilt nor defpife. Pfal. Repent ye; for the king$0.17.

dom of heaven is at hand. ** Rent your hearts, and not S. Matth. 3. 2. fourgarments, and turn un

I will arife and go to my

Father, and I will say unto hands, to set forth his moft him; Father I have finned worthy praise, and hear his against heaven, and before most holy Word, and to ask thee, and am no more wor- those things which are rethy to be called thy son. quisite and necessary, as well S. Luke 15. 18, 19. for the body as the foul.

Enter not into judgment Wherefore I pray and bewith thy servants, O Lord; seech you, as many as are for in thy-fight shall no man-here present, to accompany living be juftified. 1 Pfal. me with a pure heart, and 143. 2.

humble voice, unto the If we say that we have no throne of the heavenly grace, fin, we deceive our "felves, saying after

, me. and the truth is not in us. A general Confeffion to be faid But if we confess our fins, of the whole Congregation, God is faithful and juft to after ' the Minister, -all forgive us our fins, and to kneeling. cleanfe us from all unrigh: Almighty and most merteoufness. I S. John 1. 8, 9. cifui Father, we have D.

brethren, the Scripture ways like loft sheep. We moveth us in sundry places have followed too much the to acknowledge and confess devices and desires of our our manifold fins and wick- own hearts. We have of. edness; and that we fhould fended against thy holy laws. not diffemble norcloak them We have left undone those before the face of Almighty things which we ought to God, our heavenly Father'; have done; And we have but confess them with an done. those things which we humble, lowly, penitent,and ought not to have done; And sobedient heart; to the end there is no health in us. But that we may obtain forgive thou, O Lord, have mercy ness of the same, by his infi- upon us, miserable offenders. nite goodness and nercy. Spare thou then, 10. God, And as we oughts at all which confess their faults: times humbly to acknow. Restore thou them that are Jedge our sins before God, penitent: According to thy so ought we particularly fo promtses declared unto manto do, when we affembleiand kind in Christ Jesus our Imeet together, to render Lord. And grant, moft thanks for the great benefits merciful Father, for his fake; that we have received at his That we may hereafter live


a godly, righteous, and sobér Judge of all men; We ac life, To the glory of thy ho- knowledge and bewail our ly, Name. Amen.

manifold fins and wickedThe Abfolution or Remiffion ness, Which we from time

of fins, to be pronounced to time moft grievously by the Bipop or Prieft a- havecommitted, by thought, lone, ftanding; the People word,' and deed, against ftill kneeling.

thy divine Majesty, provoA Lmighty God, the Fa- king most justly thy wrath

ther of our Lord Je- and indignation against us: sus Christ, who desireth not Grant that we may earnestly the death of a finner, but raó repent, and be heartily sor. ther that he may túrn from ry for all our fins, and his wickedness and live; and provocations : that the rehath given power and com- membrance of them may be mandment to his Ministers, grievous unto us; as, the to declare and pronounce to burden of them is intolerahis people, being penitent, 'ble." Have mercy upon us, the absolution and remiffion have mercy upon us, moft of their fins : He pardoneth merciful Father: For thy and absolveth all them that Son our Lord Jesus Christ's itruly repent, and unfeigned- fakejí forgive us all that is ly believe his holy Gospel

. paft : and grant that we Wherefore we beseech him may ever hereafter ferve "to grant us true repentance, and please thee in newness and his Holy Spirit, that of life, To the honour and those things inay please him glory of thy Name, Thro' which we do at this present, Jesus Christ' our Lord. "and that the rest of our life Amen. hereafter may be pure and Almighty God our hear "at

may come to his eternal joy, his great mercy hath pro-
thro' Jefus Christ our Lord. (mised forgiveness of sins to
The People fall answer bere, all them that with hearty

and at the end of all Pray- repentance and true faith
er's, Amen,

turn unto him; Have merOn the Lord's day, instead of cy upon you, pardon and

the ordinary Confession and deliver you from all your ta

Abfolution, these following fins, confirm and strengthen
may be uféd. I'm

- you in all goodness, and AL mighty God, Father bring

bring you to everlasting life, of our Lord Jesus thro? Jesus Christ our Lord. Chrift, Maker of all things, Amen.

B 2


Psalm 95.


Note, That when none büt Then on Saturdays fall the

the faithful are present, the following Pfalm, or the

Service may begin here. 8th or 19th be ufed: but on OUR Father, which art

Sundays, and between Eain Heaven ; Hallowed fter and Pentecost, the be thy Name. Thy King- 103. Pfalm is to be used dom come. Thy will be in their stead, done on Earth, As it is in Heaven. Give us this day Come let us fing unto our daily bread. And for- the Lord, let us hear* Debts, 43

give us our *tref tily rejoice in the strength We forgive our passes, as we for- of our

Şalvation. Debtors,

give them that Let us come before his trespass against us. And presence with thanksgiving, lead us not into temptations and thew our felves glad in But deliver us from t evil: him with Psalms. + Theicvil One. For thine is

For the Lord is a great the kingdom, the power and God, and a great King athe glory, Forever and ever. bove all gods. Amen.

In his hands are all the Tben likewife he foall say, corners of the earth : and r. O Lord open thou our the strength of the hills is tips:

his also. Anfio. And our mouth The sea is his, and he hall fhew forth thy praise. made it, and his hands pre1 Prieft. O God, make pared the dry land. 'speed to save us...

O come let us worship, Answ. O Lord, make and fall down, and kneel hafte to help us.

before the Lord our MaHere all ftanding up, the ker. iu. Prieft fall fay.

For he is the Lord our Glory be to the Father, God, and we are the peo1. Or, by] and thro' the Son, ple of his pasture, and the We every wobec. * in the Holy Sheep of his hand. Ghost. 1

Glory be to the Father, Answ. As it was in the be- through the Son, in the ginning, is now, and ever. Holy Ghost. -Thall be, world without end. As it was in the beginAmen.

ning, is now, and ever Laall 1. Prieft. Praise ye the be, world without end. ALord.

mnen Anfw. The Lord's Name be praised.


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