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Dr. Clarence Milton Holloway is detailed in the article on page 85, "Harvard Friends". He was born in Norfolk, VA and lived in Dendron, VA (Surry County) during formative years. He was reared in Philadelphia, PA. At an early age he was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa. He underwent surgical procedures to dilate the retinal arteries that supply blood to the retina. There was only minor success to these procedures. His sight continued to reduce during his childhood into his teenage years until he was totally blind, but continued to have light perception. He graduated from Overbrook School for the Blind in Philadelphia, PA. He attended Howard University and graduated in three years with his B.S. degree in psychology. He attended and graduated Harvard University with his J.D. degree in law. The Pennsylvania bar had quotas on the number of Black males that would be allowed to pass the bar exam. He preempted that situation by enrolling at Adelphi University and graduating with an M.S.W. degree. He worked for the Children's Home Society in New York, NY. He also attended Yale University in 1961 for their Alcohol Studies Program (Chemical Dependency). He later on became the Chief Psychiatric Social Worker for the Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation in the city of Philadelphia, PA. He later practiced law singly at the first location of 1604 Spruce Street and then within the firm of Holloway & Gibbons at 919 Walnut St., Ste-800, Philadelphia, PA. He was married to Christine Taylor Holloway(of Mollusk, VA and Newport, RI) and had 3 daughters and 1 son. He had one brother named Joseph Holloway, Jr.(of Dendron, VA and Philadelphia, PA) who was a merchant mariner. There are just to many momentous events in his life to spell out here as a Black Male who was blind during '30, '40, '50, '60, '70 and '80's until his passing in 1984. He was under consideration for the position of a Federal Administrative Law Judge prior to his passing. 

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