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Statutes at Large.

cery 220.


Pleasin, how to be received 478. Of general court, power of 320.

Where suit shall not abate by Of county courts 491.
death of parties 510.

ABSENT DEBTORS. He, his servant, and horses,
How proceeded against, in chan- exempted from ferriage 23.

May shew cause ADMINISTRATION.
against decree within 7 years County courts, may take proof
223. When decree shall be of wills, and grant adminis-
final 223. How defendants trations 456. Where execu-
permitted to answer 224.- tors refuse administration
When barred 224.

with the will annexed may be

granted 455. Rules in grant-
Receivers of stolen horses, deem- in administration 458.-
ed 249.

When creditors may take

458. Jurisdiction of general
Court day ol, altered 60.

court, in relation to 466.

Limitation of real actions 415. Rules in appointing 456. Oath

Proceedings on 416. Of per- of 459. Bond of 460. Duty
sonal actions 512,513

of in selling perishable goods
ACTS OF ASSEMBLY. 463. Allowance of 466.
Representation against repeal Lawyers fee not taxed against

of certain acts 432. Form 497.
of giving the royal assent to AD QUOD DAMNUM.
559. Proclamation repeal. Proceedings on, to bar estates
ing certain acts passed at the tail, under a certain value
revisat of 1748, p. 567.

Z 3-Vol 5.


Of servants, imported without To be raised to go against the
indenture, how adjudged, 547. Spaniards, 92,94. So on an

intended expedition against
Parish of, in Surry, formed 76. Canada 402.

Vestry of, authorised to sell ASSAULT AND BATTERY.
certain lands 77. County, in action for, when plaintiff
formed from Goochland 267. shall not recover costs 240.
Boundaries 267. Court days

267. Court day altered 371. General; to inake good loss of

tobacco, by fire 150. Inspec-
Court day of, altered 60.

tors ineligible to 153. Wages

of Burgesses to be paid in
On conviction for gaming al- money 172. Oath of electors,

lowed 230. On what terms in Williamsburg 206. Repre-
231. From judgment of in- sentation against repealing
spector of pork, beef, pitch, certain acts of, 432. Proc.
tar, turpentine, and flour, 354. repealing those acts 567.-
To general court, when to be Form of giving the royal as-
inade 471. Rules concerning sent to an act of Assembly
481. Damages on 482.- 559.
From county courts 505.

APPOMATTOX. Form of giving the royal assent
Courts of Henrico, Prince to an act of Assembly 559.
George, Amelia, Goochland,

and Albemarle, authorised to or plats, liable for surveyors'
order the clearing of James fees 51,341.
and Appomattox rivers 375. ATTACHMENTS.

APPRAISEMENTS. May be levied, in the hands of
Of deredents estates, how to be persons indebted to the party
made 462.

absconding 59. Foreign at-
praisement necessary 464. tachinents, proceedings ou

220,225. Against absconding
Poor orphans to be bound 452. debtors, by whom to be serr-

To serve out their full time ed238. Proceedings on 492,


Militia, how armed 17. Time To confess judgment, void 240.

allowed to provide arms 21. Penalty for appearing under
Arms exempted from seizure, 241.
and distress 21. Mulattoes,

not to bear 17.

To be car-

Their fees to be taxed, except
ried to church 19. Further

against executors and admin-
supply of alins for militia 90. istrators 54. Act for grant-

ing licenses to, repealed 171.

Where no ap

On peti

Again revived and altered

required 475.

In county
345. Fees of 181. Oath of courts 495.
182. Fees when taxed 344. BANKS, WILLIAM.
Examiners of, appointed 345. Certain entailed lands of, in
License, how obtained 345. King and Queen, vested in
Oath of 346. Penalty for George Braxton, the young-
practising without license and er, and other land in King
oath 346. Misdemeanor of William settled to the same
347. Barristers not to ob- uses 214,215. Certain lands
tain license 347. Attornies, in King William, entailed on,
not licensed, may finish cau- vested in John Norton, 306.
ses 347. Punishable for con-

tempt 348. And liable to Parish of, formed from Bris-
costs, for neglect 348,473. tol, in Prince George 212.-
Fees of, in general court. In Part of added to Bristol 261.
county courts 497.

BEEF-See Pork, &c.
tions 499.

Inspection of established, 164.

Regulations concerning 164,
County, formed from Orange, 168. Act concerning amend-

78. Boundaries 79. Court ed 350,355.
days 79. Court day altered BELLFIELD, JOHN
371. County, certain taxes Authorised to sell certain lands,
authorised in, for the use of notwithstanding his infancy
the inhabitants 187. Inhabi- 285.
tants of, to pay their propor- BRAXTON, GEORGE, Jr.
tion of theexpences of running Certain entailed lands purchas-
dividing line, between that ed of William Banks, vested
county and Frederick 275. in 214,215.

In what cases, to be required Rents of certain of his lands, to

472. Where bail, or sheriff be applied by Peter Hedgman,
liable 473. Sheriff's remedy to payment of bis debts 292.
where bail adjudged insuffi-

cient 474. Where judgment How to be erected, between ad-
against defendant, or sheriff joining counties 33.

To be
and bail may be set aside 474. built over Nottoway river, at
Remedy for sheriff or bail, Hunt's landing 107; and o-
where judgment confirmed ver Pamunky river, at New
against them 474. Any Castle 108. Levies for, may
judge of general court, may be laid by county courts 175.
take recognizance of 475.-

Where the special bail shall Parish, in Prince George, divi-
be liable 475. No special

ded and Bath formed 212.
bail, in suits upon penal laws Part of added to Bath 261,
except expressly by the laws

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483. Not to be granted, to
County divided, and Lunenburg remove a cause, not original-
formed 383.

ly cognizable in the general

court, 349. Suit remanded by
Their wages to be paid in mo- Certiorari, not afterwards

ney 172, 372, 404. Repre- removed, 349. Notice and
sentation of, against the pre- affidavit, 549. False swear-
rogative exercise by the king, ing on, Perjury, 349.
in repealing laws, by procla.

mation 432, note.

Convicts entitled to benefit of,

26, 546. Or jurors, how to
How convened, its power and

be made 545. For the King,
duty, in relation to criminals inust be upon good cause

shewn 545.

Grant of money, for expedition

against 400.

Certain slaves of Wm. Cham-
CAPIAS AD SATISFACI. berlayne, dec'd vested in trus-

tees, for the benefit of a pos-
No justice of peace to grant 37. thumous child 117.

County, part of King & Queen Days appointed for hearing
added to 185,

chancery causes, in the gene,
CARTER, GEORGE ral court 320. Rules of

Of Middle Temple, London; tice in 484.
certain lands belonging to, in

Prince William, Fairfax, and Certain entailed lands, in King

Frederick, vested in trustces William, vested in 114, 117.
.. to be sold 300.


Militia to go armed to 19. Not
Drivers of, to produce manifests attending, what an excuse for

and bills of sale, and make 226.
oath before the next justice

176. Duty of justice 177.- Benefit of where taken away by
Like method to be observed any act of Parliament, prior
in every county, thro’ which to the 4th of James 1. taken
the drove passes 177. Pen- away in this country, for the
alty 177. Act concerning same offence 547.

Where a
further continued 247. To man would be entitled, a wq.
be preserved for the heir 465. man equally entitled 546.

When a person convicted
How to be made between adja- shall have it, without reading
cent counties 32.


Writs of how obtained, 348, of county courts, their feos 42.
47. 331. Office of, to be in- atious suits 509. Security
spected annually 344. To for to be given, by non-resi.
tax attorneys fees 344.

dents 512.

Of duties, on skins and furs, Members of the general court,

to be appointed 56. Power being councillors, may re-
and duty, in relation to li- ceive the salary, without vio-
quors imported 313. How lation of their oath, as judges
appointed 317. Their salary 227. Process against a mem.
317. When to account, with ber of 495.
treasurer 317, 318.

CONSTABLES. Orange county divided, and all
Their fees 50, 340. May search that part westward of the

for red deer skins 62. To be Blue Ridge, to the utmost li-
sworn to prevent offences a- mits of Virginia, formed into
gainst the act against unlaw- the counties of Frederick and
ful hunting 63.

Augusta 78, 80. Part of

King and Queen added to Ca-
See Deeds.

roline 185. Prince William
Deeds for lands, bow to be ac- county divided, and Fairfax

knowledged, proved, and re- formed 207. Hanover coun-
corded 408, 409.

ty divided, and Louisa formed

208, 209. Goochlạnd county
How to be tried for capital of- divided, and Albemarle form-

fences 25. Challenges allow- ed 266. Brunswick county
ed them 26. Rules concern- divided, and Lunenburg form-
ing trials of 545.

ed 383.

Authorised to dispose of her May Jay levies, for building

property, as a feme sole, not- bridges, &c. and such con-
withstanding her husband tracts shall bind their succes.
Isles Cooper, may happen to sors 175. Act establishing
be living 294,

489. Justices to hold them

489. Their oath as justices
of pleadings, what taxable in generally 489. As justices in
bill of costs, what not 46.

chancery 490. Penalty for

acting without 490. Court
Their fees 50, 340.

days 490. Adjournment of

491. Jurisdiction of court
Rules in taxing, for copies 46. 491. What cases excepted

In assault and battery, and 491. Warrants, for small
slander, where plaintiff shall debts, deterininable by a sin-
not recover costs 240. At- gle justice 491. But no exe-
torney's fee, when taxed 344. cution against the body 491.
Of costs in frivolous and vex. Attachments against abscond-

ing debiors 492. Proceedings

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