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on 492, 494. Process, how ant refusing to enter appear-
issued, executed and returned ance 222. If he be in custo-
494. Bail, appearance, and dy 223. Absent defendant may
special rules, concerning 495. shew cause within seven years
Process where defendant not 223. - When decree final 223.
found 496. Rules of practice

How defendant permitted to
at common law 496, 498. Pe. answer 224. When barped
tition and summons, for debts 224. When they may take
under 51. how proceeded on administration 458.
498. Debt on bonds of more

than 51. penalty 499. Penal How convicts, to be tried 25.-
actions, how prosecuted 500. Jury o by standers, and not
Rules of practice in chancery of the vicinage 25. Qualifi.
501-504. Rules concerning cation of jurors 25. Chal-
witnesses 504. How summon- lenge allowed 26.

26. Act for
ed, and their allowance 504. trial of criminals continued
Penalty and privileges 505. 249. Method of trying, for
Appeals from, how granted capital offences 541. Called
505. Bond and security 506. court 541. Commitment 541.
Certiorari 506. No justice Sheriff may impress guards
to appear as attorney 507. 542. Bail, when admitted
Court-houses, how erected 542. Witnesses, for and a-
507.–Prisons for 507.

gainst the prisoner 542.-

Goaler may iinpress guard
Of Accomack and Amelia alter- 543. Prison fees how paid

ed 60. Of Frederick, Fair 543. Grand jury to pass upon
fax and Louisa altered 265.- 543. Venire, how summon-
Of Nansemond, Isle of Wight, ed 544. Qualification 544.
Princess Anne, Norfolk, King Prisoner may have counsel
William, Albemarle and Au- 544. Challenge of, how ta-
gusta, altered 571. Of all ken 514. For the King 545.
the counties 490.

Rules, in trials of convicts

545. Benefit of clergy 546.
How erected 507.

Who may, or may not be wit-

nesses 546.
How constituted, and when held

19. Power and duty of 20. Tobacco, weight of 133,134.-

How made up, from transfer
Rules in actions, for non-per 157,325.
formance of 511.


Act for destroying, on eastern
Art for relief of certain 220. shore 203.
Foreign attachment 220. Ab.

sent defendant, how proceed. Parish of, in Lunenburg, form-
ed against 220, 222. Defend-

ed from St. Andrew,in Bruns-

wick 383.

Of land must be in writing 456.

How attested 456. How re-
On appeals 482.

vocable 456.

When to be filed 348. No in- Arms of militia exempted from
cipitur to be received 348. 21. Unreasonable not to be

made 37. For public tocacco
For land, how and when to be debts, when to be made 139.

acknowledged, or proved and For quit-rents and public &
recorded 408. In what courts county levies, where and low
408. Within what time 409. to be made 519. Penalty for
Number of witnesses 409.- making unreasonable 519.-
Livery of scisin, to be record- Or, for distressing slaves
ed with 409. Former deeds, 519.
valid 409. When void as to DISTRIBUTION-See in-
creditors, though binding be

testate's estates.
tween the parties 410.

Re How estates of persons dying
linquishmeut of dower, how intestate, to be distributed
to be made 410. Effect of 444,448. When it shall be
410. Memorials of, to be made 448.
sent to Secretary's office, and

there recorded 411.

Relinquishment of, how to be

made, and effect of 410,411.
Within what periods deer may

Widow's dower, in personal
be killed 61. May be killed, estate and slaves 444,445.-
at any time, in fields, or for Permitting dower slaves to be
necessary food 61.

Penalty sent out of the colony, forfeits
for buying red skins 62.- them 446. Her dower in
Constables may search for lands 448.

Jointure, in bar
them 62. Hounds, not to l'un of 448.
at large 62. Penalty for fire DRAWBACK.
hunting 62. No person to On liquors exported 534 When,
hunt. on another's land 62.- not allowed 315.
Constables to be sworn to pre-

vent 63.

Regulations concerning drivers

of cattle 176.
Of witnesses, when and how ta- DUCKING-STOOLS.
ken 479.

To be built 508.

How apprehended and punish- Act, laying duty on liquors, fur-
ed 93,96,403,404.

ther continued 26. Further

allowance for leakage 27.-
Parish, in Prince William, form- Not to extend to certain ap-
ed from Hamilton 259.

propriated duty 27. Master:
or owner máy detain for duty ELECTIONS.
27. Liquors, when seizable Penalty on inspectors interfer-
27. Act laying duty on slaves ing in 153. Qualification of
further continued 28. Duty, electors, in Williamsburg 206.
how collected and accounted ELIZABETH CITY.
for 28,29. Penalty 50. Ad County, justices of, authorised
ditional duty on slaves 92. to erect pounds overt 186.
How appropriated 93. Act Act revived 266.
laying duty on slaves, contin- ERROR, WRIT OF
ued 160. Act laying duty on Returns of 472. Rules, for
liquors, continued 161,236. granting 482.
Drawbacks on 163. On hor.

ses, imported 178. Acts lay- Proceedings against a prisoner
ing duties on liquor's, reduced escaping 520. Escape war-
into one, and amended 310. rants 520.
Duty on spirits and wine 311. ESKRIDGE, GEORGE
On cyder, ale and beer 311. Authorised to sell certain lands
Saving as to liquors, import- in Westmoreland 392.
ed from Great Britain 311. ESTATES TAIL.
Oath of master, &c. 311. Not to be barred, but by act of
Entry, how to be made 312. Assembly 414. Except un-
Forfeiture 312. Permits 312. der certain value 414. Pro-
Wines, how entered 312.- ceedings by writ of ad quod
Penalty for false entry 312. damnum 415.
Duty of collector 313. Bri. EXECUTIONS.
bery 313. Power of collect- Arms of militia exempted from

313. Onus probandi 21. Slaves not to be taken
314. Duties, how paid 314. in, for less than 101. if other
Drawback 314. Oath of im- sufficient property be shewn
porter 314. When drawback 37.-Nor for levies, or offi.
not allowed 315. Premium, fees 37. No justice to issue
for importing money 316.- a ca. sa. 37, 491. Writs of
Duty-bonds, how prosecuted execution, how tested, issued
$16. Forfeitures, bow recov- and returned 526. Time be-
erable, and appropriated 316. tween the teste and returned
Collectors, how appointed, 527. Forms of 527,528.-
their salary, and how to ac- Forms of returns 528,529,
count 317. Duties appropri- 530. Debtor dying in prison,
ated 317. In aid of the taxes new execution may issue 531.
317. For relief of William May sell his lands, while in
and Mary College 317. execution, for the benefit of
When accounted for 318.- his creditors 531. Rules in
Governor's Madeira exempt issuing the writs 531. Rules
from duty $18.

in extents 532. Officer to en-
dorse the time of receiving


the writ 533. Those first de. wrong, answerable to execu-
livered to be first satisfied tors, &c. in right 465. Of
533. Rules in executing 533. guardians, joint tenants, &c.
Party may give a forthcoming how accountable 466. AI-
bond 533. May discharge it Jowance of 466. Lawyers
by paying the money at the fees not taxed against 497.
day of sale 533. Or security

to pay in three months 534. In the militia 16. Who to give
When officer may sell on three their personal attendance, and
months credit 534. Proceed- furnish

a substitute, who
ings on forthcoming and re- wholly exempted 16,17. All
plevin bonds 534. Proviso, militia to give their personal
as to public collectors 534. attendance, during the exist.
Where slaves may not be ing war 91.
seized 535. Penalty for ma-

king unreasonable seizures County, formed from Prince
535. No execution or distress William 207. Boundaries
for tobacco, between the 30th 208. Court days '208. Jus.
September and 31st Decem. tices of, authorised to levy
ber 535. Proceedings against tobacco, for support of Occo-
officers not paying monies

quon ferry 252.

Court day
collected 535. Venditioni ex- altered 265.
ponas 536. Executions may

run into other counties 536. To be kept in the town of Frede-
Prison rules 536. Statute for ricksburg 82. Days for hold-
relief of creditors against ing altered 105.
fraudulent devises, declared

in foree 537. Insolvent debt. Estates in, not to be barred, but
ors, how discharged 537. Oath by act of Assembly 414.-
of 538. How his estate shall Except under a certain value
be disposed of 538. His dis- 414. Proceedings, by.writ of
charge 539. But creditor ad quod damnum, in such ca-
may afterwards have an ex- ses 414,415. Certain intailed
ecution against him 539. His lands of John Wallop vested
prison fees, how paid 539. in Joshua Kendall 83. Ralph
Executions for sterling mo- Wormley authorised to sell
how satisfied 540.

certain intailed lands, to raise

sister's portions 85. Certain
Refusing, administration with intailed lands, in Charles Ci.

the will annexed may be ty, vested in Philip Light-
granted 455.

Oath of 459. foot, in fee-simple 111. Cer.
Bond of 459. When not to tain intailed lands in King
give security 461. Power William vested in Richard
of, before probate 462.- Chapman, in fec simple 114.
Executors, in their own Certain intailed lands in King

A 4-Vol. 5. & Queen vested in Geo. Brax-
ton the younger 214. Mann cerning 169. Of Attornjes
Page of Gloucester, author. 181. Act for regulating and
ised to sui cortain intailed collecting, continued 246. Act
lands, for performance of his again revived 326. Fces of
father's will 277. Iatail of the Secretary 326. Of clerks
certain lands, in King Wil- of county courts 331. Costs
liam docked, and vested in of copies 335. Costs on pre-
Francis West 297. Certain sentment of grand juries, and
Jands of George Carter, in- prosecutions of church-war-
tailed and in fec-simple, lying dens 336. On suits brought
in Prince William, Frederick by treasurer 336. On making
and Fairfax, vested in trus. up records 336. Fees to be
tres to be sold 300. Certain charged to the person, for
lands in King William, ill- whom services performed 330.
tailed on William Banks, Fee-bills to be produced $37.
vested in John Norton 306. Fces of sheriffs 337. On
Intail of certain lands in presentments, &c. 339. Fees
Gloucester, of the estate of of coroners 340. Of consta.
Thomas Todd, docked 395. bles 340. Of surveyors 340.
Intail of certain lands, in Table of fees to be set up 341.
Gloucester of the estate of Penalty, for over-charging
John Smith, docked 397. 342. Accounts of, when to be

delivered to sheriff 342.-
Slaves not to be seized for 57. His duty in collecting them

No action to be brought for 343. When to account 343.

Fecs of the Secretary Reniedy against 344.
Of clerks of county

courts 42. Of sheriff's 43. To forge tobacco notes, or in-
Of coroners 50. Of consta spector's stamp, or to break
bles 50. Of surveyors 50. or alter inspected tobacco, &c.
Fees to be charged to the per- 135.
son, for whom services per-

formed 42. Fee bills, to be On militia 20,22. To be col.
produced 47. Table of fees lected by sheriffs 22. Other
to be set up 51. Penalty for fines 91,99,100. Power of
over charging 51.

When to courts martial to remit 91.
be delivered to sheriff's 52.

When to be accounted for 53. Adjutant General and his ser-
Attorney's fee, when to be yant, ferry free 20, New fer-
taxed 54. Settlers on Roan- ries established 66. Rates
okc, called the southern boun- 66,67. Former ferry dis-
dary, permitted to pay their continued 67. New ferries
fees, and levies in money 58. established 104. Rates 104,
Persons not cultivating to- 105. New ferries establishi-
bacco, allowed to pay fees in ed 189. Rates 190. New
money 168. Regulations con- ferries established 249. Rates

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