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250. Occoquon ferry, how | FRIVOLOUS AND VEXA.
supported 252. New ferries

established 364. Rates 364, Act to prevent 509. Where the

plaintiff shall not recover

costs 509.

Where no more
Inspectors of, to be appointed costs than damages 509. Re-

352. Manufacturer to be medy where more shall be
sworn 352. Nature of his oath awarded 509. Where the de-
352. Duty of inspector 352. fendant shall have his costs
His fees 352, Penalty for ne- 509. Exception as to execu.
glect 352.

tors and administrators 510.

Where suit shall not abate by
River, certain funds vested in death of parties 510. Rules
trustees, for clearing 377. in action for non-performance

of covenants 511. Actions on

bonds, for payment of money
Mode of proceedingon 220,225. 511.

Of tobacco notes, felony 135. Settlements on Roanoke, as a

frontier, encouraged 57,58.
County, formed from Orange

78. Boundaries 79. Court Collectors of duties on, to be ap-
days 79. Court days altered pointed 56. Skins and furs
265. Reward for killing may be seized 56. Additional
wolves in 373.

duty on, for William & Mary
FREDERICKSBURG. College 237. Act concerning
Fairs to be kept in 82. Days

explained and amended 355.
for holding, altered 105.-

Certain lands added thereto, Gaming debts not recoverable
and bounds established 197, 102. Securities void 102.--
198. Act allowing fairs to Penalty on ordinary keepers
be kept in, continued 203. suffering gaming 103,230.-
Wooden chimnies not to be Loscratgaming, how to reco-
built in 209. Nor hogs suf- ver back 229.

When others
fered to run at large in 210. may sue 229. Gaming at or-

FREDERICKSVILLE. dinaries 230. Appeal allow-
Parish, formed from St. Mar-

ed 230. Want of form, no
tin's, in Hanover 211. To bar 231.
receive certain tobaccoes, GENERAL COURT.
from St. Martin's 262. To Terms of, altered 319. Power
receive certain monies from of adjournment 320. Days

appropriated for chancery

and common law suits .320.
Not to bear arms 17. When Docket, how made up 320.
witnesses 245.

Act establishing generalcourt

467. Governor and council, Records 479. Rules for wit.
to constitute 468. Five to

ness 476. Depositions 479.
act 468. To be sworn 468. Refusal to give evidence 480.
Their baths, as judges of com- Recusant convict, incapable
mon law and in chancery 469. of being a witness 480.-
Penalty for acting without Witness failing to attend 480.
being sworn 469. Jurisdic- Privilege of witnesses 480.
tion of 469. Terms of 470. Their allowance 480. Rules
Rules for docketing causes in appeals 481. Jeoffails
470. Adjournment 470.- 482. Damages on appeals
Process, rules for issuing and 482. Jurisdiction on appeals
returning 470. Appeals to 482. Writs of error, how
471. Writs of error, super-

sued forth 483. Certiorari,
sedeas, &c. 472. Process a- how obtained 483. Punish-
gainst a councillor 472. Or, ment for false oath 483.
sheriff 472. Where no ap-

Causes remanded, not again
pearance bail required 472. to be removed 484. Habeas
Where bail shall be required Corpus 484. Rules in chan-
473." When bail, or sheriff

cery 484,488. Injunctions
Jiable 473. Remedy of she- 488. Officers duties 488.
riff against bail 474. When GOOCHLAND.
judgment against defendant, County divided, and Albemarle
and sheriff, sball be set aside formed 266, Bourdaries 267.
474. Remedy where judg- Court days 267.
ment is confirmed, against

sheriff or bail 474. Recogni- Madeira wine, imported for, ex.
zance of bail, by whom taken empt from duty 318.
475. Where special bail lia- GREENHILL, FRANCES,
ble 475. No special bail, in Authorised to sell certain lands
penal actions 475. Proceed- in Prince George and Surry,
ings against defendant, in cus- notwithstanding her cover-
tody 475. Where the defen- ture 216,219.
dant is not found 476. Out-

lawry, in civil actions 476. When to account 100. Duty of
Rules in personal actions, at courts 101. Testamentary,
common law 477. Non-suit how appointed, their power
477. Pleadings 477. Judg- and duty 449. Jurisdiction
ment by default, or non-suit of courts, concerning 450.-
477. Writ of enquiry 477. Security to be taken 450.-
Trial of issue 478. Final Liability of courts, for taking
judgment, and lawyer's fee insufficient 450. Power of
478. Special verdict, or case courts over 451. When to
agreed 178. Pleas, in abate- account 451. Process against
inent, 478. Fines, on cou 451. What guardians may
'courts, or vestries 479. charge in their accounts 452.

, ,

How securities of, may be re-
lieved 453. Debts due from, Glebe land of Hungars parish,
to ward, to be first paid 453. in the county of Northampton,

vested in trustees to be sold
Parish, in Prince William, di- 390.
vided, and Dettingen formed


Penalty for fire hunting 62,431.

no person to hunt on ano-
County, divided, and Louisa ther's land 62,63,430. Pen-
formed 208. Boundaries 208.

alties 430.
Court days 209. St. Mar- HUSBAND AND WIFE.
tin's parish in, divided, and Joining in conveyance, passes
Fredericksville formed 211. the wife's estate 410.

Authorized to apply rents of Soldiers raised by, for the Span-

certain lands, to payment of ish war 95.
debts of Wm. Brent 292.


None to be filed 348.
His part of personal estate, of

intestate 444. Of slaves 445. Not to bear arms 17. When
Must pay the other children, witnesses 245. Nottoway and
the appraised value of slaves Nanscmond authorised to sell
445. Where he may contest certain lands 270,273..

a will 455. Cattle to be pre- person to sell spirituous li-
served for 465.

quors to, on credit 273. Pen.

alty for taking any pledge,
Additional premium for raising or pawn for 278.
and exporting 357.

HIGH WAYS-Sec Roads. How granted 241. Jurisdiction

of general court in 488
Duty on imported 178. How Rules concerning 512.

collected and accounted for INSOLVENTS.
178,179,180. Reward for Insolvent debtors, how dischar.
apprehending horse-stealers god 537. Oath of 538. How

his estate shall be disposed of

538. His discharge 539.
Reward for apprehending 247. But creditor may afterwards

If killed, executors of persons have an execution against him
attempting to apprehend, to 539. His prison fees, how
receive the reward 248. Re- paid 539.
ceivers of stolen horses 248.

Accessaries, when punishable of tobacco, how appointed 10.

Noinspector to be a collector,

11. No justice to vote on a
Not to run at large 62.

recommendationof himself 11.
County courts, failing to re- ance 165.

When to attend
commend, governor & coun- warehouses 175. Salaries al-
cil may commission 11. In-

tered 233. When to attend
spectors, in office, and again 235. Inspectors salaries 325.
recommended, may be contin- INTLAIS-See Fee Tail Lands.
ued so long as they behave INTESTATES' ESTATES.
themselves 11. Failing to Distribution of personal estate,
attend, atcertain periods, lia- except slaves 444. Wife's part
ble to a penalty 11. Shall ac- 444, Children's part 444.
count for tobacco gained by Heir at law to have equal
allowance for, cask 11.- share 444. Children dying
Weight of hogsheads of trans intestate, in the mother's life-
fer and crop tobacco 12.- time 444. Where no children
Oath of 12. Penalty for fail or representatives 445. Who
ing 13. Inspectors removed, may be representatives 445.
liable to action, for costs and Where the intestate dies with-
damages 14. When to at- out wife 445. Widow's dow-
tend warehouses 98. County er of slaves 445. How to be
courts to nominate annually recovered 445. Held and
129. On failure, goverpor

determined, vested in the heir
may appoint 180. Justices, 445. Also all the other slaves,
being inspectors, or in the but he must account with the
nomination, not to vote 130. other children for the apprais-
Inspectors to give bond 130. ed value 445. Former titles,
Oath of 131,152. Within in slaves, confirmed 445.-
what periods to attend 131. Widow, or her husband, per-
Penalty, for neglect 131. mitting dower slaves to be
Directions for receiving and carried out of the country, for
marking 132.

And, in case fcits them 446. Partition of
of disagreement or sickness slaves, how made 446. Pro-
132. How their own tobacco portion, how recovered of
to be passed 132. Salaries of heir at law 446. What part
143, 1-14, 145.

How paid of his estate, a testator shall
146. Ineligible to the Gene- leave his wife 447. How she
ral Assembly 153. Penalty may renounce the will 447.
for interfering in elections Within what time 447.-
153. For taking any gratu.

When distribution shall be
ity 154.

Further duty of made 448. Widow's dower

When to make return in lands 448. Except where
to court 158.
When to ac

there is a jointure 448.
count with treasurer 158.-
Proceedings against, , for INVASIONS AND INSUR-
breach of duty 158,159. Of

pork and beef, how appointed Act providing against, continu-
164. Their duty and allow-

ed 24.

Further continued

and amended 99. Further 524. On sheriffs 521. Pro.
continued 228.

ceedings on presentments 524.

Grand juries, at the general
To be returned, by executors court 524. What offences
and administrators 462. they may present 525. Rules

in presentments 525. She
County, court day altered 571. riff's duty, in summoning ju-

ries 525. Fine for neglect 525.
County of, and York, to pay Qualification of jurors 525.

sergeant and constables 264. In the general court 525. In
Sheriff of, authorised to sum- the county courts 526. Not
mon jurors, in any part of to be challenged after sworn
Williamsburg 386.


The courts of Henrico, Prince of general court 469. Of coun-

George, Amelia, Goochland, ty courts 491.
and Albemarle, autborised to JUSTICES OF PEACE.
order the clearing of James Not to grant execution against
and Appomattox rivers 375. the body 37. May make con-
Certain funds vested in trus- tracts wbich will be obliga-
tees, for clearing Fluvanna tory on their successors 175.
'river 377.


Certain intailed lands of John
Statute of, declared in force

Wallop, vested in 83,84.


His power to repeal laws, by
In bar of dower 448.

proclamation, questioned 432.
JUDGMENT BONDS. Form of giving the roy-
Declared void 240. Penalty for al assent to a law 559. Pro-

appearing under power of at- clamation repealing certain
torney with such 241.

laws passed at the revisal of

1748 p. 567.
Power of attorney to confess, KING & QUEEN.

void 241,511. Judgments on County, part of, added to Caro-
bonds for payment of money, line 185.
how to be entered 511.


County, court day altered 371.
Qualification of, for trial of con-

victs 25. Sheriff of James Vestry of Albemarle parish, in
City authorised to summon Surry, authorised to sell cer-
in any part of Williamsburg tain lands 76. Vestry of St.
386. Grand juries, when and Paul's parish, in Hanover,
how summoned 523. Present- authorised to sellrertain lands
ments, how made 523. Fines 77. Certain intailed lands
on jurors 524. On courts of John Wallop, in Acco-

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