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mack, vested in Joshua Ken-
dall 83. Ralph Wormloy au-
thorised to sell certain intail-
ed lands, to raise sister's por-
tions 85,89. Certain entail-
ed lands, in Charles City,
vested in Philip Lightfoot, in
fee-simple 111. Certain en-
tailed sands, in King Willi-
am, vested in Richard Chap-
man, in fee 114.

ors of, not to deliver certifi-
cate, copy, or plat of land,
but to the person for whom
surveyed, unless his fees be
refused, or the land be legally
forfeited 170. Certain en
tailed lands, in King & Queen,
vested in George Braxton,
the younger 214. Frances
Greenhill, authoriser] to sell
certain lands in Prince George
and Surry, notwithstanding
her covorture 216, 219. Dis-
puted bounds of, at whose
costs to be laid out 246.-
Mann Page, of Gloucester,
authorised to sell certain en.
tailed lands 277,284. John
Beifield authorised to sell cer-
tain lands, notwithstanding
his infancy 285. Peter Hedg-
man authorised to apply rents
of certain lands, to payment
of debts of William Brent
292. Entail of certain lands
docked and yested in Francis
West 297. Certain lands of
George Carter, in Prince
William, Frederick, and Fair-
fax, vested in trustees, to be
sold 300. Certain lots, in
Tappahannock, rested in the
purchasers 305. Certain
lands in King William, en-

tailed on Wm. Banks, vested
in John Norton 306. Glebe
lands, in Hungar's parish, in
the county of Northampton,
vested in trustees to be sold
390. George Eskridge au-
thorised to sell certain lands,
in Westmoreland 392. En-
tail of certain lands in Glou-
cester, of the estate of Tho-
mas Todd, docked 595. En-
tail of certain lands, in Glou-
cester, of the estate of John
Smith, docked 397. How
and whien deeds forlands shall
be acknowledged, or proved
and recorded 408. In what
courts 408. Within what
time 400. Number of wit.
nesses 409. Livery of seizen
409. Former deeds valid,
though not recorded 409.-
When void as to creditors
409. Yet binding between
the parties 410.

Deed by
husband and wife, passes the
estate of the wife 410. Re-
linquishment of dower, how
taken 410. Effect of 410.-
Privy examination must be
recorded 411. Memorials to
be certified and recorded 411.
Formerconveyances confirm-
ed 412. Estates tail, can op.
ly be barred, by act of As-
sembly 414. Exceptions, as
to estates under a certain ya.
lue 414. Proceedings, by
writ of ad quod damnum, in
such cases 415. Limitation
of real actions 415. Process
in writs of right and real ac-
tions 416. Confirmation of
former patents 417. Patents
to be recorded 417. Surplas

land to be granted to patentee Limitation of petitions for
417. Double patents 418.- 421.
Improvements 418. Lapsed LAWNS CREEK.
land, when and how 418.- Parish of, in Surry, divided 75.
By judgment of general court


Method of petitioning Act for revisal of 321. Com-
for 419. Suminons and other mittee appointed 321. Powo
proceedings 419, 420. Pro- er of 321. What number may
viso in favor of infants and act 321. Vacancies, how sup-
non-residents 420. Limita- plied 322. When to mect
tion of petitions for lapsed 322. No discontinuance 323.
land 421. Swamps, marshes, New members, how admitted
and sunken grounds, how ob- 323, Power of committee to
tained 421. Certain patents send for persons, papers and
for, void 422. Saving to in-

records 323. Present laws
fants 122. Surplus lands, to remain in force, till alter-
how obtained 422. Allow- ed by Assembly 324. Revis-
ance for variation of instru- ed laws, to have formal read-
ments 423. Privilege of ten- ings, &c. 324. Representa-
ant in tail, or by the curtesy tion against repeal of certain
423. Liable for quit-rents laws 432. Form of giv.
424. Surveys of land, how ing the royal assent to 559.
and by whom made 424.- Proclamation repealing cer-
What deemed a seating and tain laws, passed at the revi-
planting 424, 425. Once sal of 1748 p. 567.
made, forever valid 426.--

Processioning of lands, when Town, in King George, osta-
and how made 426,427,428. blished 193.
Bounds three times proces-

sioned, shall never be altered Slaves not to be seized for pay-
428. Saving to heirs and per- ment of 37. No action to be
sons under legal disabilities brought for 37. Settlers on
429, 430, Penalty for un Roanoke, called the southern
lawful hunting 430. What boundary exempted from 57.
good evidence, in prosecu- Persons not cultivating to-
tions for 431. Fire-hunting, baoco, allowed to pay levies
penalties for 431. Devise of, in money 168. · Regulations
must be in writing, and how concerning 169. May be laid
attested 456.

by county courts 175.

Whereland shall lapse, for want Certain entailed lands, in

of seating and planting 418. Charles City, vested in 111,
Proceedings to obtain lapsed 114.
land 419,420. Saving to in-

fants and non residents 420. of presentments, by grand ju-

B 4-Vol. 5.

ries 226. Of actions real 415. lattoes, not to bear arms 17.
Act for limitation of actions Duty of officers, and punish-
513. Limitation of various ment of disobedient soldiers
513,514. Exceptions 514. 18. Provision, for going

armed to church, and appoint-
Act laying duties on, further ing patroles 19. Courts mar-

continued 26. Further al. tial 19. Fines 20,22. Arms,
lowance for leakage 27. Not how furnished 21. Exempt-
to extend to certain appro-

ed from seizure, or distress
priated duty 27. Master or 21. Exempted overseers and
owner may detain for duty 27. millers, not to appear at mus-
Liquors, when seizable 27. ters 29. Sheriff, failing to
Act laying duty on, continu- collect fines 23. Oaths of
ed 161. Further continued officers 25. Adjutant gene-
236. Acts laying duties on, ral ferry free 23. Exceptions
reduced into one 310,318. as to Williamsburg 23. In-

LIVERY OF SEISIN, habitants of the borough of
Must be recorded with deed 109. Norfolk, not compellable to

serve in the militia of the
County, forined from Hanover county 81. Nor sailors, in

208. Boundaries 208. actual service 81. All sol-
Court days 209. Court day diers to give their personal
altered 265.

attendance at musters 91.

Company musters 91. Ge-
County, formed from Bruns neral musters 91. Fines 91

wick 383. Boundaries 383. Power of courts martial to
Court days 383. Public le- remit 91.
vies and fees in, how payable

in tobacco 382. Surveyor, How roads passing over, to be
to reside in 382.

kept 34. Penalty on owner

or occupier, for neglect 34.
Exempted from payment of

tythes 36. How they may Exempted from militia duty,
make a will 457.

not to appear at musters 22.
MARSHES-See Swamps.

MEMORIALS. Owners of, to keep roads in re-
Of deeds, to be sent to the se- pair, crossing their dams 34.

cretary's office, and there re. Persons intending to build,
corded 411.

how to proceed 359. Where

he owns theland on both sides
Who shall be enrolled in 16.-- the water-course 360. Not to

Certain evempts, to furnish a extend to mills heretofore
gubstitute 16, 17. Others built 360. Saving, as to own-
wholly exempted 17. How ers of old mills 361. Low a
militia to be armed 17. Mu. fee simple acquired in entailed
Jands 361. Time allowed

for rebuilding mills destroy-Costs on 477.
ed 362. Jury to fix bounds

of acre condemned 362. Inhabitants of the borough of,

not compellable to serve in
Premium, for importing 316. the militia of the county 81.

Court day of, altered 371.
How to be executed, proved, & NORTON, JOHN

recorded 409. All former Certain lands, in King William,
declared valid 409.

entailed on Wm. Banks, vest-

ed in 306.
Not to bear arms 17. When

witnesses 245.

Indians, authorised to sell cer-

tain lands 270,273.
of militia, when to be 18. Ex-NUNCUPATIVE WILLS.

empted overseers and millers Rules concerning 456,457.
not to appear at 22.


pany musters 91. General of inspectors of tobacco 12. Of
musters 91.

militia officers 23. Of inspec-

tors 131. To be taken by
Act for the relief of sufferers, by sheriffs and constables, in re-

loss of the records of 72,75. lation to tobacco 151. And
Further act for the relief of by inspectors 152, Of attor-
183. Indians authorised to nies 182. Oath altered 346.
sell certain lands 270,273.- Of executors 459. Of admin-
Court day altered 371.

istrators 459. Of judges of
NATURALIZATION. general court, at common
Letters of may be granted, to law, and in chancery 468,469.
encourage settlers on Roan-

Of justices of the peace 489,
oke, as a frontier 58.

490. Of insolvent debtors

Town of, purchasers from Wm.

Meriwether confirmed in their County, divided, and Frederick
titles 257, 258. Wooden and Augusta formed, from
chimnies not to be built in that part, lying westwardly
387. Hogs not to run at of the Blue Ridge to the ut.
large, in town of 387. Fairs must limits of Virginia 78,
to be kept in 388.


Vestry of, parish of, dissolved Penalty for suffering gaming at


In Princess Anne, established Guardians of, when to account

106. Hogs not to run at 100. Duty, of courts 101.-
large in 387.

Custody of, may be bequeath-

ed by will 449.

Duty of part added to Bristol 261.—
Guardians 449. Provision Of St. Martin, to pay certain
for poor orplans 452. Must tobaccoes to Feedericksville
be bound apprentices 452. 262. St. James's in Gooch-
Debts due to orphans from land, divided, and St. Anne's
guardians, to be first paid in Albemarle, and St. James

Northam, and Southam, in

Goochland formed 267. Suf-
Proceedings on, in civil actions folk parish, in Nansemond,

altered 269. Vestry of Truro

parish, in Fairfax dissolved,
Liability of, for refused tobacco and a new one to be elected

274. Election of vestries of

St. Anne and Truro confirm-
OfGloucester, authorised to sell ed 380. Saint Andrew, in

certain entailed lands 277, Brunswick & Lunenburg di-

vided, and Cumberland form-

ed 383. Glebe lands of Hun-
Southwark and Lawn's Creek, gars, in Northampton, vested

in the county of Surry, divi- in trustees to be sold 390.
ded 75.
Albemarle parish

formed 76. Vestry of Albe- To be recorded 417. Double
marle authorised to sell cer- patents 418. Surplus land
tain Jands 76. Vestry of

to vest in patentee 417.
Saint Paul in Hanover, au-

thorised to sell certain lands When and how appointed 19.
77. Saint Mark, in the coun.

ty of Orange, divided, and To be licensed 54.

Saint Thomas formed 96.- how obtained 55. Fees for
St. Martin's, in Hanover, di- 55. Penalty for trading with-
vided, and Fredericksville out 55. Act concerning, ex-
formed 211. Bristol, in Prince plained and amended 355.
George, divided, and Bath

formed 212. Vestry of Strat- To take a false oath, on appli-
ton Major, in King & Queen, cation for certiorari 349.
authorised to sell the Glebe, PERSONAL ESTATE.
and purchase a more conveni- of persons dying intestate, how
ent one 251. Of St. John, distributed 444,448.
and St. Margaret, in King PETITION & SUMMONS.
William, divided, and Saint Mode of recovering small debts
David's formed 254, 255.- 498.
Hamilton parish, in Prince
William divided, and Dettin- PITCH-See Pork, &c.
gen formed 259. Bath, in Inspectors of established 164.
Prince George, divided, and Regulations concerning 164,

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