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ed 350,355.
Town of, established 199. Re-

gulationsconcerning 200,202. For the year 1738, 67. For the
Bounds, and title of lands,

year 1740, 110. For the
held in, established 241,244. year 1742, 182, For the
Parish of, in Nansemond, al-

year 1744, 308. For the
tered 269. Wooden chimnies

year 1745, 389.
not to be built in 387.

SUPERSEDEAS. Penalty, for removing, from one
How to issue 482.

county to another, to avoid

payment on 35,36. Seamen
How acquired 417,421,422. exempted 36.

Their fees 50,51,540. Assignees Inspectors of, how appointed 10.

of plats, liable for 51. Not to No inspector to be collector
deliver certificate, plat, or co- 11. No justice to vote on a
py, to any person, but him recommendationof himself 11.
for whom survey was made, County courts failing to re-
unless his fees be refused, or commend, governor and coun-
the land be legally forfeited cil may commission 11. In-
170. Of Albemarle, Augusta, spectors in office, and again
Frederick and Louisa, to re- recommended, may be con-
side in their respective coun- tinued so long as they bchave
ties 253. Fees of, on assign- themselves 11. Failing to
ed plats, may be recovered of attend, at certain periods, li-
assignee 341. Of Lunenburg, able to a penalty 11. Shall
to reside therein 382.

account for tobacco gained
SWAMPS, MARSHES AND by allowance for cask 11.-

Weight of hogsheads of trans-
Method of obtaining patents for fer and crop tobacco 12. Oath

of inspectors 12. Penalty for

failing to take 13. Exporta-
Profane swearing, penalty for tion of uninspected tobacco,

225. How enforced 225.- how prevented 13. Inspector
Limitation 226.

removed, liable to action, for
TAPPAHANNOCK. costs and damages 14. Rents
Hogs not to run at large in 253. of several warehouses, raised

Recital of its establishment 14. New ones established
304. Certain lots in, im- 14,15. Directions for plac-
proved by mistake, vested in ing hereafter 15. Allowance
the purchasers 305.

to be made, on paying fees,
TAR- See Pork, fc. explained 15. Time for the
Inspection of, established 164. attendance of inspectors at

Regulations concerning 164, warehouses, altered 98. -
168. Act concerning amend- When transfer tobacco to be

sold 98. Act reducing into
onc, all acts concerning to-
bacco 124,160. All tobacco
exported to be inspected 125.
None to be taken on board,
for exportation, but from a
public warehouse 125. Mas-
ters of vessels to be sworn
125. Penalty for taking un-
inspected tobacco on board
125. Or parcels not packed
126. Exceptions 127,128.
Fraudulent delivery or em-
bezzlement of tobacco, felony
128. Exception 129. Da
maged tobacco to be review-
ed 129. County courts to
nominate inspectors annual-
ly 129. On failure to nomin-
ate, the governor may appoint
130. Justices being inspect-
ors, or in the nomination,
not to vote 130. Continu-
ance in office 130. Inspectors
to give bond 130. Oath of
131. Penalty 131. Within
what periods to attend 131.
Penalty for neglect 131. Di.
rections for viewing & stamp
ing 132. And in case of dis.
agreement, or sickness 132.
Inspector's own tobacco, how
to be passed 132. Transfer
notes 132. Allowance for
cask 133. Weight of trans-
fer 133. Weight of hogshead
133. Allowance for inspection
133. For shrinkage or loss
of weight 133. Penalty on in-
spectors failing to pay their
notes 133. Crop notes 134.
Allowance for inspection 134.
No tender of tobacco good,
except in notes 134. Stemmed
tobacco 134. Size of hogs-

heads 134. Forging notes,
&c. felony 135. Notes lost
or mislaid how renewed 135.
Payment of public debts 136.
Currency of inspectors notes
136. Allowance for conveni-
ency 137. Proviso as to non-
residents 137. Allowances,
on payment of levies or taxes
137. Commission for collect-
ing 138. Allowances in tax-
ing costs 138. Public tobacco
debts, when payable 138,-
Distress for 139.

For quit-
rents, how redeemable 139.
Sheriffs and collectors when
to account 139. Refused to-
bacco to be burnt, or picked
139. Liability of overseers
140. Weights of all tobacco,
to be entered in a book 140.
Manifests 140. Proviso,
where the ship cannot re-
ceive the tobacco 140. Du-
ty of masters of vessels and
naval officers, in relation to
manifests 141. Warehouses
established 141, 142, 143.-
Inspector's salaries 143, 144,
145. Rents of warehouses
145,146. Provision, where
rents are insufficient 146.
Rents and salaries, how paid
146. Owners of warehouses
compelled to rent them 147.
Proceedings, where the owner
of land intends to build 147.
Where he refuses 147. Ware-
houses discontinued 149.-
How owner restored to his
former estate 148. Houses,
orchards, &c. not to be taken
149. Hogs, how kept 149.
Power of justices, in relation
to warehouses 149. Penalty

on, for neglect of duty 149. 233. Currency of certain
Loss by fire made good, by notes 233. Abatement, in
General Assembly 150.- Albemarle county 234. Pro-
Weights & scales 150. How prietors, how restored to
provided 150. How tried 150. warehouses 234. Failing to
Penalty for carrying into N. build 234. Penalty, for car-
Carolina and Maryland 151. rying uninspected tobacco
Oaths to be taken by sheriffs from one district to another
and constables 151. Penalty 235. Attendance of inspect-
152. Oaths of inspectors 152. ors 235.

Transfer tobacco,
Exportation of uninspected to be made crop 325. Ware-
tobacco, how prevented 152. houses established 325.
Duty of justice 152. Inspec- Others disjoined 325. In-
tors ineligible to the General spectors' salaries 525. What
Assembly 153. Penalty for warehouses to have floors
interfering in elections 153. raised 325.

Reparation for
Proviso 154. Penalty on in- loss of, at Gray's creek, and
spector, for taking gratuity York warehouses 365. No
154. And on person offering execution or distress for, be-
154. Tobacco, when to be tween 30th Sept. and 31st
reviewed 154. Proceedings, December 535.
when tobacco proves bad, on TODD, THOMAS
review 155. Further duties Entail of certain lands, in Glou-
of inspectors 156. Light cester, of estate of, docked
hogsheads, how disposed of 395.
157. Transfer notes, how

converted into crop 157.-New-Town, in Princess Anne,
When to be sold 157. In- established 106. Richmond,
spectors, when to make re- in Henrico, established 191.
turn to court 158. When to Commons 192. Fairs 192.
account with treasurer 158. Leeds, in King George, es-
Proceedings against inspect- tablished 193: Bounds of
ors, for breach of duty 158. Fredericksburg established,
Costs 159. Penalties, how and certain lands added there-
recoverable and appropriated to 197,198. Suffolk, in Nan-
159. Limitation of prosecu-

semond, established 199,202.
tion 160. And of the act 160. Charter of Williamsburg, ex-
Persons not cultivating to- plained 204. Port-Royal, in
bacco, allowed to pay their Caroline, established 287.
levies and officers' fees in mo-

ney 168,169. Certain ware- | Tobacco, when to be accounted
houses discontinued, others for 98. How far current 132.
established, and others dis- Weight of, when prized by
joined 232,233. Inspectors' the inspectors 133. H con-
salaries 233. Rents altered verted into crop 157. When

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to be sold 157. Transfer to-

bacco to be made crop 325. Rents of certain warehouses

raised 14. New ones esta-
Act for appointing 64. His sa-

blished 14,15, Directions,
lary 65. Security to be giv- for placing hereafter 15. Es-
en 65. Vacancies, how sup- tablished 141, 142, 143.
plied 65. Act for appointing Rents of 145,146. How paid

146. Owners of, compelled

to rent them 147. Proceed-
Vestry of Truro parish, in Fair- ings, when be refuses 147.

fax, dissolved, and a new one Discontinued 148. How own-
to be elected 274. Election er restored to his former es.
of vestry of, confirmed 380. tate 148. Houses, orchards,

TRUST, DEEDS OF &c. not to be taken for 149.
How to be acknowledged, pro- Hogs, how kept at 149.-

ved and recorded 409. All Power of justices, in relation
former declared valid 409. to 149. Certain warehouses
TURPENTINE-See Pork, discontinued, and others es-

tablished 232,235. Propri-
Inspection of established 164.

etors, how restored 234.-
Regulations concerning 164, Failing to build 234. Ware-
168. Act for, amended 350, houses established 325.-

Others disjoined 325.

Town of, hogs not to run at For small debts, proceedings on
large in 260.


Allowance, for variation of com- And scales, how provided at

warehouses 150. How tried

Election of Vestries of St. Anne

and Truro, confirmed 380. Public store-houses to be erect-
Vestries of St. Margaret and ed at 378. Duty and respon-
Newport, dissolved 380. sibility of proprietor 379.-

Price of storage 378.
Certain entailed lands of, in WEST, FRANCIS

Accomack, vested in Joshua Entail of certain lands docked,
Kendall 83,84.

and vested in 297.

With Spain, troops to be raised Joining her husband, in convey-

for 92,94. By impressment ance, passes her estate 410.
or enlistment 95. Appropri- . Her proportion of the perso-
ation for expenses of 121.- nal estate of her husband, dy-
French, grant of money for ing intestate 444. Her dow-
carrying on 400.

er in slaves 445. What part

pass 423.

Nor any

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of estate, a testator must
leave his wife 446. How she

may renounce the will 447.

Duties on skins and furs, for

benefit of 237. Duty on spi-
rits, for relief of 317.

Charter of, recited 204. Ex-

plained 205. Oath of electors
206. Power of court of Hus-
tings 207. Common-ball of,
authorised to assess a tax, for
building a prison 263.

May be proved, so soon as ex-

hibited 232. Not to affect
heir at law 232.

What part
of his estate, testator must
leave his wife, by will 447.
How and when she may re
nounce the will 447. County
coarts may take proof of
wills, and grant administra-
tions 434. Rules of probates
of wills 154. Where execu-
tors refuse, administration
with the will annexed shall be
committed 455. When wills
may be proved in court 455.
Where the heir at law may
contest the will 455. Rules
in case of several heirs or
where no heir is known 455.
Infants, &c. may contest will
within ten years after disabil-
ities removed 455. Rules in
case of administration 456.
Devise of lands must be in
writing 456. How to be at-
tested 456. Such, devises
shall remain valid, unless re-
voked, in writing, or cancel-
led by the devisor 456. Rules

concerning nuncupative wills
456. When they shall not
be of force 457.
probate, or administration
granted thereon 457. The
widow or next of kin shall be
first summoned 457. Writ-
ten legacies of personal es-
tate, not recoverable, except
in writing 457. Soldiers or
mariners excepted 457.-
Rules in granting adminis-
trations 458. Where credi-
tors may be admitted 458.-
Method to prevent waste, or
embezzlement 458. Wills
may be proved after adminis-
tration granted 458. Court
may compel any person to
produce the will of a person
deceased 458. Executors and
administrators shall be sworn
458. Oath of executor 459.
Of administrator 439. Bond
of executor 459. Of admin-
istrator 460. The whole
penalty recoverable 460.--
Where no security taken, the
justices liable 461. When
discharged 461. How secu-
rities indemnified 461,-
Where security not required
461. Executors refusing the
executorship, or to give secu-
rity 461. Power of ex’ors be-
fore probate 462. Rules in pro.
bates & administrations 462.
Inventory to be returned 462.
Appraisement of the estate
462. Appraisers' fee 462.
How far appraisements bind-
ing 463. Duty of executors
and administrators in selling
perishable goods, specific le-
gacies excepted 463. Where

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