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3 Thy servants for that


wait, And lift to thee their longing eyes, Weep o'er thy Judah’s ruin'd state,

And watch to see her glories rise. 4 O come, thou Universal Lord,

*Thy name let gentile nations fear, Till, by remotest kings ador'd,

Thy glories through the earth appear! 5 Let Zion now thy praise repeat,

Judah thy won'drous grace record, And kingdoms, crowding round thy seat,

Own Thee their Saviour and their Lord!

S. M.

PSALM 103.


1 O BLESS the Lord, my soul!

Let all within me join,
And aid my tongue, to bless His name,

Whose favours are divine !
2 O bless the Lord, my soul!

Nor let his mercies lie Forgotten in unthankfulness,

And without praises die. 3 Tis he forgives thy sins,

'Tis he relieves thy pain ; 'Tis he that heals thy sicknesses,

And makes thee young again. 4 He crowns thy life with love,

When rescued from the grave;
He that redeem'd my soul from hell

Hath sov’reign power to save.


PSALM 103. VERSION 2. (8.7.4.)

Praise. 1 PRAISE, my soul, the King of Heaven,

To his feet thy tribute bring ! Ransom'd, heald, restor'd, forgiven, Who like thee his praise should sing?

Praise him! Praise him!

Praise the Everlasting King!
2 Father like, he tends and spares us ;

Well our feeble frame he knows;
In his hands he gently bears us,
Rescues us from all our foes.

Praise him! Praise him,

Widely as his
3 Angels, help us to adore him!

Ye behold him face to face:
All his works bow down before him,
Through the boundless realms of space!

Praise him! Praise him!
Praise with us the God of grace!

mercy flows!


PSALM 103.

VERSION 3. The abounding Compassion of God. 1 MY soul, repeat His praise,

Whose mercies are so great; Whose anger is so slow to rise,

So ready to abate. 2 High as the heavens are rais'd

Above the ground we tread, So far the riches of his

grace Our highest thoughts exceed.


His power subdues our sins;

And his forgiving love,
Far as the east is from the west,

Doth all our guilt remove. 4 The pity of the Lord,

To those that fear his name, Is such as tender parents feel;

He knows our feeble frame. 5 Our days are as the grass,

Or like the morning-flower;
If one sharp blast sweep o'er the field,

It withers in an hour. 6

But thy compassions, Lord,

To endless years endure,
And children's children ever find

Thy word of promise sure.


PSALM 104.

The Majesty of God.
1 MY soul, praise the Lord,

Speak good of his name;
O Lord, our great God,

How dost thou appear!
So passing in glory,

That great is thy fame;
Honour and majesty

In thee shine most clear. 2

With light as a robe
Thou hast thyself clad,
Whereby all the earth
Thy greatness may see :


The heavens in such sort

Thou also hast spread,
That they to a curtain

Compared may be.
His chamber-beams lie
In the clouds full sure,
Which as his chariots

Are made him to bear;
And there with much swiftness

His course doth endure,
Upon the wings riding

Of winds in the air

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The Glory and Goodness of God.
O worship the King,

All glorious above!
O gratefully sing

His power and his love!
Our Shield and Defender,

The Ancient of Days,
Pavilion'd in splendour,

And girded with praise.

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3 Thy bountiful care

What tongue can recite?
It breathes in the air,

It shines in the light;
It streams from the hills,

It descends to the plain,
And sweetly distils

In the dew and the rain.

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PSALM 105.

Praise. 1 O RENDER thanks, and bless the Lord,

Invoke his sacred name; Acquaint the nations with his deeds, His matchless deeds proclaim. .

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