No work, no wages: and other stories

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Page 47 - Leave thy fatherless children, I will preserve them alive; and let thy widows trust in me.
Page 80 - He that ruleth his spirit, is better than he that taketh a city,
Page 37 - ... and she covered her face with her hands, and burst into tears.
Page 88 - Since you lament the want of it yourself," said Mrs. Maynard, "let me beg you to give Sarah every opportunity in your power to become mistress of her needle. I know you cannot send her regularly to school ; but do let her go when you can ; and I will speak to the governess that she may be received with that understanding." So it was settled, greatly to Sarah's joy when she heard of it, and for a short time she went to learn sewing and knitting at least one morning in every week. The governess gave...
Page 39 - ... was evidently in everybody's way but Lizzie's. It seemed to him that he had no longer any right to the food which he ate at his uncle's table, because if he had not of his own accord left Mr. Hilton's, he might have been earning plenty for himself. He tried hard to meet with another place, but he did not succeed, and it made him very unhappy, especially when his uncle would sometimes say that "he thought it was quite as much a person's duty to get their own living as to shut up his shop once...
Page 72 - God commands, that we shall soon find here," taking up a Bible which lay beside him. "For what purpose. is the history of the life of Christ written here ? " he asked. "I think," I answered, "for an example that we should follow his steps.
Page 72 - some of the boys say they would not have answered a syllable, just out of spite ; but would that have been like Christ ? " " Certainly not ; that would have been pride, not meekness.
Page 42 - You will have to go out into tlie world some day, and you will be forced, as Harry was, to act for yourselves. Imitate him in this respect ; be faithful and courageous in doing your duty. Never shrink from what you know to be right, because of the unpleasant consequences which may follow. Obey God's will, and trustfully leave the consequences to him. If you serve him, he will take care of you ; and those that honour him he will assuredly honour.
Page 9 - Who was the lady, Jenny ? and where does she live ? " " I don't know anything about her," answered Jane. "Mother asked no questions, for she said my work would never be done, and I wasn't strong enough for the place.
Page 40 - But at length Harry was again provided for. It happened in this way : Jane, in her gossiping at the butcher's, told all about Harry's return ; the butcher's wife repeated the story to Mrs. Benson, the baker's wife ; Mrs. Benson's servant had a sister living as cook with Mr. Graham, the coal-merchant, and one day, as they were talking, she mentioned it to her.

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