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states but to the defective organization of the international sense of right. One might well question whether there is any such international sense of right at all; possibly it is non-existence rather than defective organization that is at fault. The author is firm in his belief that a world state will some day be an actuality, but he also believes that that day is far off, and that no true world state can arise save by the same long and halting process that has marked the development of the modern national state.

Regardless of agreement or disagreement with Professor Krabbe's conclusions, it will be generally agreed that this is a very suggestive study of certain important problems of present day political theory. American students of this subject are under obligations to Professors Sabine and Shepard for the admirable translation which they have produced. Mention should also be made of the rather extensive Translators' Introduction which in itself is a decidedly worth while contribution.

To the reviewer, the unity of these three works is to be found in the fact they represent somewhat different views of a curiously two-fold tendency. In the first place, our political and legal institutions seem to be on a path of retrogression, that is, as Dean Pound indicates, there is a tendency back towards a condition of status rather than of contract, and of reliance upon natural law rather than upon analytical or historical philosophy. Instead of the sovereign state which was the product of the sixteenth, seventeeth, and eighteenth centuries, the ideal seems to be much nearer to that of the middle ages, when, as Professor Carlyle indicates (History of Medieval Political Theory in the West, IV, p. 390) the state was not sovereign at all and the only sovereign was the law.

However, these points of retrogression may be very easily over-emphasized, and the second aspect of the tendency which they indicate is undoubtedly the more important of the two. These two writers appear to express a decided

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The term retrogression is by no means meant to have a condemnatory connotation here.

dissatisfaction with the generally accepted legal and political ideas of the present day. It is not merely that certain minor institutions are in need of modification, but rather that our fundamental theories of the state and of the law are outworn and hence are in need of thorough revision in order that they may better accord with the conditions and demands of present day life. Furthermore, they seem to be in substantial accord that ideas akin to those of natural law are to be instrumental in this era of progress. American theorists have been too prone to believe that natural law long since served its turn and has since been nothing more than a conservative check upon political and social progress. The prevalence of this notion is due mainly to the individualistic influence of ideas of natural rights in the decisions of American courts. But in the history of the progress of political and legal institutions natural law has been a most effective tool in all periods of liberalization. Those who believe that the time is ripe for another such period will welcome such books as those of Professors Pound and Krabbe.

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