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whose words shall stand, mine or The priest's lips should keep knowtheirs.-- Jer. xliv. 28. Ezek. vi. 10. ledge. -Mal. ii. 7.

I will set my glory among the The light of the body is the eye, heathen : so the house of Israel shall &c. If therefore the light that is in know that I am the Lord their God, thee be darkness, how great is that from that day, and forward, &c. And darkness !—Matt. vi. 22, 23. when I have brought them again, &c. No man knoweth the Father, sare then shall they know that I am the the Son; and he to whomsoever the Lord their God, which caused them Son will reveal him.-Matt. xi. 27. to be led into captivity.-Ezek. xxxix. If ye had known what this meaneth, 21,22.27,28. xxxviii. 23. Jer. xvi. 21. I will have mercy, and not sacrifice;

To the intent that the living inay ye would not have condemned, &c.— know that the Most High ruleth, &c. Matt. xii. 7. they shall make thee eat grass as

Because it is given unto you to oxen, &c. till thou know that the know the mysteries of the kingdom Most High ruleth in the kingdom of of heaven ; but to them it is not men.-Dan. iv. 17. 25. 32.

given, &c. therefore speak I to them But the people that do know their in parables, &c. When any one hearGod, shall be strong, and do exploits: eth the word of the kingdom, and and they that understand among the understandeth it not ; then cometh people, shall instruct many, &c. and the wicked one, &c.—Matt. xii. 11. some of them of understanding shall Mark iv. 11, 12.15.34. fall.—Dan. xi. 32, 33. 35.

If the blind lead 'the blind, both Many shall run to and fro, and shall fall into the ditch, &c. Are ye knowledge shall be increased, &c. also yet without understanding And none of the wicked shall under- Matt. xv. 14. 16. stand; but the wise shall understand. Ye do err, not knowing the scrip-Dan. xii. 4. 10.

tures, nor the power of God.—Matt. For she did not know that I gave xxii. 29. her corn, and wine, and oil, &c. The Gadarens (through ignorance Hosea ii. 8.

of Christ) besought him to depart The Lord hath a controversy with from them.-Luke viñ. 37. the inhabitants of the land: because Peter said, &c. Let us make three there is no truth, nor mercy, nor tabernacles; one for thee, and one knowledge of God in the land, &c. for Moses, and one for Elias ; not My people are destroyed for lack of knowing what he said.-Luke ix. 33. knowledge : because thou hast re I thank thee, O Father, Lord of jected knowledge, I will also reject heaven and earth, that thou hast hid thee, that thou shalt be no priest these things from the wise and pruunto me.-Hosea iv. 1. 6.

dent, and hast revealed them unto Then shall we know, if we follow babes; even so, Father, for so it on to know the Lord, &c. For I de- seemed good in thy sight, &c. No sire, &c. the knowledge of God more man knoweth who the Son is, &c. who than burnt-offerings. -Hosea iv. 3.6. the Father is, but the Son, and he to

I taught Ephraim also to go, &c. whom the Son will reveal him, &c. but they knew not that I healed them. Blessed are the eyes which see the -Hosea xi. 3.

things that ye see.—Luke x. 21–23. Who is wise ? and he shall under Woe unto you, lawyers; for ye stand these things : prudent ? and have taken away the key of knowhe shall know them.-Hosea xiv. 9. ledge; ye entered not in yourselves,

The poor of the flock that waited and them that were entering in, ye on me, kuew that it was the word of hindered (or forbade). ---Luke xi. 52. the Lord.—Zech, xi. 11.

That servant which knew his Lord's

will, and prepared not himself, nei- should have known my Father also, ther did according to his will, shall be &c. When ye have lift up the Son of beaten with many stripes : but he man, then shall ye know that I am that knew not, and did commit things he, &c. If ye continue in my word, worthy of stripes, shall be beaten then are ye my disciples indeed ; and with few stripes.—Luke xii. 47, 48. ye shall know the truth, &c. Why

Jesus took unto him the twelve, do ye not understand my speech? and said unto them, &c. And they even because ye cannot hear


word. ủnderstood none of these things, and -John viii. 12. 19. 28. 32. 43. xiv. this saying was hid from them; nei- 7. 9. ther knew they, &c.--Luke xviii. We know that God spake unto 31. 34. John xii. 16. xiii. 7. xx. 9. Moses : as for this fellow, we know

He beheld the city, and wept over not from whence he is, &c. Jesus it, saying, If thou hadst known, even said, For judgment I am come into thou, at least in this thy day, the this world, that they which see not, things which belong unto thy peace! might see ; and that they which see but now they are hid from thine eyes. might be made blind, &c. If ye were -Luke xix. 41, 42.

blind, ye should have no sin, &c.Then opened he their understand- John ix. 29. 39. 41. ing, that they might understand the He that walketh in darkness, scriptures.—Luke xxiv. 45.

knoweth not whither he goeth.He was in the world, and the John xii. 35. world was made by him; and the If ye know these things, happy are world knew him not.-Johni, 10. 26.


do them.-John xüi. 17. Ye must be born again, &c. Nico All these things will they do unto demus answered and said unto him, you for my name's sake, because they How can these things be? Jesus know not him that sent me.—John answered and said, Art thou a master xv. 21, 22. xvi. 2, 3. in Israel, and knowest not these And this is life eternal, that they things ? If I have told you earthly may know thee, the only true God, things, aud ye believe not; how shall and Jesus Christ whom thou hast ye believe, if I tell you heavenly ?- sent, &c. They have known surely John iii. 7. 9. 10. 12.

that I came out from thee, &c. The If thou knowest the gift of God, world hath not known thee; but I and who it is that saith to thee, Give have known thee, and these have me to drink; thou wouldest have known that thou hast sent me.asked of him, and he would have given John xvii. 3. 7, 8. 25. thee living water, &c. Ye worship ye As yet they knew not the scripture, know not what: we know what we that he must rise again from the dead. worship.-John iv. 10. 22.

-John xx. 9. xii. 16. The Jews therefore strove among It is not for you to know the times themselves, saying, How can this or the seasons, which the Father hath man give us his flesh to eat ? -John put in his own power.-Acts i. 7.

Ye denied the Holy One, &c. and If any man will do his will, he shall killed the Prince of life ; and now, know of the doctrine, whether it be brethren, I wot that through ignoof God, &c.—John vii. 17.

rance ye did it ; as did also your I am the light of the world : he rulers.-Acts iii. 14, 15. 17. that followeth me, shall not walk in When they saw the boldness of darkness, but shall have the light of Peter and John, and perceived that life, &c. ye neither know me nor my they were unlearned and ignorant Father; 'if ye had known me, ye men, they marvelled ; and they took

vi. 52.

xy. 14.

knowledge of them, that they had their own righteousness, have not been with Jesus.--Acts iv, 13. submitted, &c.—Rom. x. 2, 3.

They that dwell at Jerusalem, and I would not, brethren, that ye their rulers : because they knew him should be ignorant of this mystery not, nor yet the voices of the pro- (lest ye should be wise in your own phets, which are read every sabbath conceits), that blindness in part is day; they have fulfilled them in con- happened to Israel, &c. O the depth demning him.--Acts xiii. 27. of the riches, both of the wisdom and

I found an altar with this inscrip- knowledge of God! how unsearchtion, TO THE UNKNOWN GOD: whom, able are his judgments, and his ways therefore, ye ignorantly worship, I past finding out! For who hath known declare unto you, &c. We ought not the mind of the Lord, or who hath been to think that the godhead is like unto his counsellor?-Rom. xi. 25. 33, 34. gold, &c. And the times of this igno That ye may prove what is that rance God winked at ; but now com- good and acceptable, and perfect will mandeth all men every where to re- of God.—Rom. xii. 2. pent.--Acts xvii. 23. 29, 30.

I myself also am persuaded of you, I verily thought with myself that I my brethren, that ye also are full of ought to do many things contrary to goodness, filled with all knowledge, the name of Jesus of Nazareth. able to admonish one another.-Rom. Acts xxvi. 9.

That which may be known of God, The mystery which was kept secret is manifest, &c. For the invisible since the world began, but now is things of him from the creation of the made manifest : and by the scripworld, are clearly seen, being under- tures of the prophets, according to stood by the things that are made, the commandments of the everlasting even his eternal power and godhead; God, made known to all nations. so that they are without excuse : be- Rom. xvi, 25, 26. cause that when they knew God, they In every thing ye are enriched by glorified him not as God, &c. Even him, in all utterance, and in all knowas they did not like to retain God in ledge, &c. The world by wisdom their knowledge; God gave them knew not God, &c.—1 Cor. i. 5. 21. over to a reprobate mind.—Rom. i. I determined not to know any thing 19-21. 28. Ps. xix. 1, &c.

among you, save Jesus Christ, and Or despisest thou the riches of his him crucified, &c. We speak the goodness, and forbearance, and long- wisdom of God in a mystery, &c. suffering, not knowing that the good- which none of the princes of this ness of God leadeth thee to repentance? world knew ; for had they known it, &c. Thou art called a Jew, &c. and they would not have crucified the knowest his will, &c.—Rom. ii. 4. Lord of glory, &c. God hath revealed 17, 18.

them unto us by his Spirit, &c. The The way of peace have they not things of God knoweth no man ; but known, &c. By the law is the know- the Spirit of God. Now we have reledge of sin. -Rom. iii. 17. 20. ceived, not the spirit of the world, vii, 7.

but the Spirit which is of God, that We glory also in tribulations ; we might know the things that are knowing that tribulation worketh pa- freely given to us of God, &c. The tience, &c.—Rom. v. 3, 4.

natural man receiveth not the things They have a zeal of God, but not of the Spirit of God, for they are according to knowledge ; for they foolishness unto him; neither can being ignorant of God's righteous- he know them, because they are spipless, and going about to establish ritually discerned, &c. Who hath

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known the mind of the Lord, that he of this world hath blinded the minds may instruct him? but we have the of them which believe not; lest the mind of Christ.—1 Cor. ii. 2. 7, 3. light of the glorious gospel,&c. should 10-12. 14. 16. Ps. xcii. 5, 6. shine in them, &c. God, who com

If any man among you seemeth to manded the light to shine out of darkbe wise in this world, let him come ness, hath shined in our hearts, to a fool, that he may be wise.-1 Cor. give the light of the knowledge of the iii. 18.

glory of God in the face of Jesus Do ye not know that the saints Christ.--2 Cor. iv. 3, 4. 6. shall judge the world ? &c. Know ye We know that if our earthly house, not that your bodies ? &c.—-1 Cor. &c. Knowing therefore the terror of vi. 2, 3. 15.

the Lord, we persuade men, &c. We know that we all have know- Henceforth know we no man after the ledge: knowledge puffeth up, but flesh: yea, though we have known charity edifieth ; and if any man Christ after the flesh, yet now hencethink he knoweth anything, he know- forth know we him no more.—2 Cor. eth nothing yet as he ought to know, v. 1. 11. 16. &c. We know that an idol is nothing, Therefore as ye abound in every &c. Howbeit, there is not in everything, in faith, in utterance, and man that knowledge.—1 Cor. viii. 1, knowledge.--2 Cor. viii. 7. 2. 4. 7.

Howbeit then, when ye knew not I would not that ye should be igno- God, ye did service unto them, which rant, how that all our fathers were by nature are no gods : but now, after under the cloud.—1 Cor. x, 1, 2. that have known God, or rather

To another, the word of knowledge are known of God, how turn you? by the same spirit.—1 Cor. xii. 8. &c.Gal. iv. 8, 9.

Though I have the gift of prophecy, Having made known unto us the and understand all mysteries, and all mystery of his will, &c. That God, knowledge, &c. and have no charity, &c. n. ay give unto you the spirit of I am nothing, &c. Whether there be wisdom and revelation in the knowknowledge, it shall vanish away; for ledge of him; the eyes of your underwe know in part, &c. Now we see standing being enlightened, that ye through a glass, darkly (or in a rid- may know what is the hope, &c. dle), but then face to face : now I Eph. i. 9, 17—19. know in part; but then shall I know, The mystery of Christ, which in even as also I am known.—1 Cor. other ages was not made known unto xiii, 2. 8–10. 12. Job viii. 9. the sons of men, as, &c. that ye may

If any man be ignorant, let him be be able to comprehend with all saints, ignorant. -1 Cor. xiv. 38.

what is the breadth, &c, and to know Some have not the knowledge of the love of Christ which passeth knowGod: I speak this to your shame.- ledge.-Eph. iii. 4,5. 18, 19. 1 Cor. xv. 34.

He gave some apostles, &c. Tir Lest Satan should get an advantage we all come in the unity of the faith, of us : for we are not ignorant of his and of the knowledge of the Son of devices.--2 Cor. ii. 11.

God, &c. Walk not as other GenBut their minds were blinded : for tiles, &c. having the understanding until this day remaineth the same veil, darkened; being alienated from the untaken away, in the reading of the life of God, through the ignorance Old Testament, &c. When Moses is that is in them; because of the blindread, the veil is upon their heart.- ness or hardness of their heart.-Eph. 2 Cor. iii, 14, 15.

iv. 11–13. 17, 18. 1 Thess. iv. If our gospel be hid, it is hid to 4, 5. them that are lost; in whom the god Proving what is acceptable unto the

Lord, &c. understanding what the will They profess that they know God, of the Lord is.--Eph. v. 10. 17. but in works they deny him.— Titus

That your love may abound yet i. 16. more and more in knowledge, and all They do always err in their hearts, judgment, &c.-Phil. i. 9.

and they have not known my ways. I count all things but loss for the —Heb. ii. 10. excellency of the knowledge of Christ Every high priest taken from among Jesus, &c. That I may know him, and men, &c. who can have compassion on the power of his resurrection, &c.— the ignorant, &c. concerning whom Phil. iii. 8. 10.

we have many things to say, and hard Since the day ye heard of it, and to be uttered, seeing ye are dull of knew the grace of God in truth. We hearing, &c.—Heb. v. 1, 2. 11, 12. desire that ye might be filled with the If we sin wilfully, after that we knowledge of his will, in all wisdom have received the knowledge of the and spiritual understanding, &c. in- truth, &c.—Heb. X. 26. 2 Pet. ii. creasing in the knowledge of God, 20, 21. &c. the saints, to whom God would If


you lack wisdom, let him make known what is the riches of the ask of God, that giveth to all men liglory of this mystery among the Gen- berally, &c.—James i. 5. tiles, which is Christ, &c.-Col. i. 6. Who is a wise man, and endued 9, 10. 26, 27.

with knowledge among you? let him Unto all riches of the full assurance shew, out of a good conversation, his of understanding, to the acknowledg- works with meekness of wisdom.ment of the mystery of God, and of James iii. 13. the Father, and of Christ; in whom To him that knoweth to do good, (or wherein) are hid all the treasures and doeth it not, to him it is sin.of wisdom and knowledge.-Col.ii.2,3. James iv. 17. The new man, which is renewed in

Not fashioning yourselves accordknowledge, after the image of him ing to the former lusts, in your ignothat created him.-Col. iii. 10.

rance.—1 Pet. i. 14. Knowing, brethren beloved, your With well doing ye may put to sielection of God: for our gospel came lence the ignorance of foolish men.not unto you in word only, but also i Pet. ii. 15. in power.—1 Thess. i. 4, 5.

Grace and peace be multiplied unto I would not have you to be igno- you through the knowledge of God, rant brethren, concerning them which and of Jesus our Lord, &c. Add, &c. are asleep.—1 Thess. iv. 13.

to virtue, knowledge, &c. If these Taking vengeance on them that things be in you and abound, they know not God.—2 Thess. i. 8. make you that ye shall neither be

Desiring to be teachers of the law, barren nor unfruitful in the knowledge understanding neither what they say, of our Lord Jesus Christ : but he who nor whereof they affirm: but we know lacketh these things is blind, &c. that the law is good, if a man use it Knowing this first, that no prophecy lawfully, &c. But I obtained mercy, of the scripture is of private interprebecause I did it ignorantly, in un- tation.—2 Pet. i. 2, 3. 5.8, 9. 20. belief.—1 Tim. i. 7,8. 13.

But these, &c. speak evil of the Who will have all men to be saved, things that they understand not, &c. and to come into the knowledge of If, after they have escaped the polthe truth.1 Tim. ii. 4.

lutions of the world, through the If any man teach otherwise, &c. he knowledge of the Lord, &c. it had is proud, knowing nothing; but doat- been better for them not to have ing about questions and strifes of known, &c.—2 Pet. ii. 12. 20, 21. words.—1 Tim. vi. 3, 4.

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