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A COURSE OF PRACTICAL SERMONS, expressly adapted to be read in Families. By the REV. HARVEY MARRIOTT, Rector of Claverton, and Chaplain to the Right Honourable Lord Kenyon. Fourth Edition, 8vo. price 10s. 6d. in boards.

"The volume before us is one of considerable merit, and in a family, or a country parish, will be found of much practical utility. The discourses which it contains are clear, simple, and persuasive." British Critic, Feb. 1817.

A SECOND COURSE OF PRACTICAL SERMONS, expressly adapted to be read'in Families. Second Edition, 8vo. 10s. 6d.

HOMILIES for the YOUNG, and more especially for the Children of the NATIONAL SCHOOLS. Price 5s. 6d. boards.

"This is not the first time that the labours of Mr. Marriott have... fallen under our notice. It has been our pleasing office to accord the meed of deserved praise to more than one former production of his pen. His "Course of Practical Sermons" were well adapted to fulfil the important ends of parochial and domestic instruction; and his "Easy and Practical Explanation of the Church Cate chism,” was peculiarly suited to answer its destined purpose. That pious and landable zeal to promote the national instruction in the principles of the national faith, which produced the last-named publication, dictated also to the mind of the reverend Author, the probable utility of some such manual as the small volume now before us. Of its favourable reception by the public, if patronage be apportioned to desert, we can have little doubt. Nothing, we think, can be more simple or better adapted, as far as it goes, to the direction of the youthful mind in the course of Christian piety and order, than the work now before us. We see in it much to be pleased with, and little to disapprove. The style of exhortation is affectionate and impressive, and Mr. Marriott, by these, as well as by his former sermons, has vindicated to himself the possession of a valuable, but somewhat rare endowment; we mean, the art of expressing his thoughts on the most important subjects with that easy familiarity which the most youthful, or the most illiterate of his hearers can scarcely fail to comprehend, without descending at the same time to a coarseness or vulgarity, by which this mode of address is too often disfigured.”—British Critic, April 1820.

"We have perused this work with no ordinary satisfaction.-We have no hesitation in pronouncing it a most unexceptionable manual for the rising generation; and calculated to promote, in no ordinary degree, the education of youth of all ranks in the doctrine and discipline of our venerable church.”—Antijacobin Review, Dec. 1819.

AN ESSAY on the MADRAS SYSTEM of EDUCATION, its POWERS, its Application to CLASSICAL SCHOOLS, and its utility as an Instrument to form the Principles and Habits of Youth in the Higher Orders of Society. To which was adjudged a Premium of Fifty Pounds, by the Society for promoting Christian Knowledge and Church Union in the Diocese of St. David's. 8vo. price 2s. 6d.

"Let the merits of the system be stated without exaggeration, and enforced without violence, and the day inust arrive, in which every seminary throughout England will submit to the empire of Dr. Bell. Mr. Marriott's Essay is calculated to hasten this consummation." Christian Remembrancer, Feb. 1820.

LATIN GRAMMAR CARDS, adapted for a Classical School, upon the Madras System. Price 3s. 6d.

AN EASY and PRACTICAL EXPLANATION of the CHURCH CATECHISM, intended for the Use of Schools, and dedicated, by permission, to the Rev. Dr. BELL. Price 8d. or 7s. 6d. per dozen.

"The Explanation before us appears to be short, simple, and
intelligible; the doctrines inculcated are of the purest nature, and
the form is particularly adapted to children of every description.
We feel ourselves justified in recommending this little tract to ge-
neral notice, as a useful accompaniment to the Church Catechism
in the various schools now established upon the plan of Dr. Bell,
to whom it is dedicated."
British Critic, May 1814.

"We do not know whether this Explanation of the Catechism is
adopted in the National System of Education, but it is dedicated
to Dr. Bell, and it is not likely that a better can be written. It is
superior in plainness of illustration, to any other that we have seen;
and, if the Catechism is to be taught, perhaps this little tract will
give the Children of Churchmen more clear ideas than a longer trea-
Critical Review, May 1814.

A SERMON preached at the ABBEY CHURCH, BATH, at the
ARCHDEACON'S VISITATION, July 6, 1814. 8vo. price ls. 6d.

A LETTER to the REV. THOMAS GISBORNE, in Reply to his LETTER to the BISHOP of GLOUCESTER On the British and Foreign Bible Society, 8vo. price 2s. 6d.

A SERMON on the EXTENDED BLESSINGS of CHRISTIANITY; preached at the ABBEY CHURCH, BATH, at the Annual Meeting of the Societies for promoting Christian Knowledge, &c. 1823. 8vo. price ls. 6d.

THE ADULT SCHOLAR'S READING BOOK, or the Church Catechism explained: for the Use of Adult Schools, and Persons untaught in the days of their Childhood. Price 2s. boards.



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