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heavy blow and great discouragement' inflicted by the Duke of Wellington on Sir James Graham and the Conservatives in the House of Commons-a blow which leaves nothing to be achieved by other and weaker arms.

The attacks on Lord Palmerston respecting Buenos Ayres, are "but the repetition of similar charges made last year on the subject of Vera Cruz. In that case, our interposition not only put an end to all just causes of complaint, but proved the weight justly due, to our mediation, and became an additional tie between us and the government of France.

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We now close our review of the state of our Foreign affairs, and of the policy of the Government. We do not pretend to possess information or authority beyond what the official documents presented to Parliament place at the command of the whole public. But, from that evidence, we think we are entitled to say, that Lord Palmerston has had to contend with difficulties of the greatest magnitude abroad; that these difficulties have been increased, and multiplied, by the conduct of a most unscrupulous opposition at home; that his policy has, nevertheless, succeeded in Belgium, succeeded in the Peninsula; that peace has been preserved; that the mediation of England has been accepted and employed for the benefit of our allies, and of the world; that commercial treaties of no ordinary importance have been concluded; and that a foundation for the settlement of the Boundary Ques'tion' has been laid. Great and vigorous measures have been adopted for the annihilation of the Slave Trade;-and when energetic efforts were required for the protection of our Eastern Empire, the military resources of the country were put forth on a scale, and with a promptitude unsurpassed in our national history. We have endeavoured to avoid all mistatements or exaggerations; and while we do not flatter ourselves that we can gain Tory converts on behalf of principles of foreign policy which have greatly advanced the cause of constitutional freedom throughout the world, we await with confidence the favourable judgment which we are convinced will be pronounced by that large and important class, throughout the world, who are the lovers of liberty, but no less the lovers of order.

No. CXLV. will be published in October.


From April to July 1840.


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