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perpetual youth, that is now clearly consumed in intemperance, links in the surfeit of continual drunkenness and gluttony, and then tumbles into the grave, and almost pollutes the ground that is under it !-Can we reasonably suppose, that head shall ever wear or become the crown of righteousness and peace, in which dwells nothing but craft and avarice, deceit and fraud and treachery, which is always plodding upon worldly designs, racked with ambition,-rent asunder with discord, -ever delighting in mischief to others, and unjust advantages to itself ;-Shall that tongue, which is the glory of a man when rightly directed, -be ever set to God's heavenly praises, and warble forth

Vol. IV.

the harmonies of the blessed, that is now full of curfing and biccernels, backbiting and Nander, under which is ungodliness and vanity and the poifon of afps?

Can it enter into our hearts even to hope, that those hands can ever receive the reward of righteousness, that are full of blood, laden with the wages of iniquity, of theft, rapine violence, extortion, or other unlawful gain?, or that those feet Thall ever i be beautiful upon the mountains of light and joy, that were never shod for the preparation of the gospel,---, that have run quite out of the way. of God's word, and made hafte only to do evil?--No furely. In this fense,-he that is unjust, let him be

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unjust fin, and he which is Althys let him be filthy ftill.

How inconsistent the whole body of fin is, with the glories of the celestial body that shall be revealed hereafter, and that in proportion as we fix the representation of these glories upon our minds, and in the more numerous particulars we do it--the stronger the necessity as well as perfuafion to deny ourselves all ungodliness and worldly lusts, to live faberly, righteoully and godly in this prefent world, as the only way to entitle us to that bleffedness fpoken of in the Revelations of those who do his commandments, and have a right to the tree of life, and shall enter into the gates of the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerun? falem, and to an innumerable company of angels ; to the general afsembly and church of the firft-born, that are written in heaven, and to God the judge of all, and to the spitits of just men made perfect, who have washed their robes, and, made them white in the blood of the


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May God give us grace to live under the perpetual influence of this expectation, that by the habitual impresion of these glories upon our imaginations, and the frequent sending forth our thoughts and employing them on the other world, we may disentangle them from this,and by so having our conversation in

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heaven whilst we are here, we may be thought fit inhabitants for it hereafter ;-that when God at the last day shall come with thousands and ten thousands of his saints to judge the world, we may enter with them into happiness, and with angels and arch-angels, and all the company

of heaven, we may praise and magnify his glorious name, and enjoy his prefence for ever.


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