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· “ We need not say to you, that the best of four Trustees; whio,' as soon as the hopes of his widow and children must come amount of the subscription can be ascerfrom the liberality of British Christians, tained, shall settle it upon Mrs. Brunnfor what can our dear country do for them mark and her children, in the manner under its present impoverished state? And which shall appear to them most for their to tell you the truth, be spent all his tem- advantage. , poral earnings, and we might also add, that

London, 1st October 1814.. : he expended all the powers of body and soul, in order to accomplish what was so near his heart -- A Bible for every Swede.' We , need say no more, hut remain,

" ? BIBLE SOCIETY' IN SAXONY. “Dear Sir, ever yours, &c.

An article in the German papers, dated TO ...(Signed) “ CLAES GRILL. Dresden, Aug. 11, has the following inte Ch. Sundius, Esq.... “A. SANDMARK.”

resting intelligence:

“ Yesterday was held a numerous meet Subscriptions since received :- ing for the establishment of a Bible Society

£.8. d. for all Sarony. at which an Englishman of Messrs. Hankey and Co. Fen

the name of Pinkerton, now on a mission to church Street ............. 25 00 St. Petersburgh, presented 5001. for the Mr. and Mrs. R. Smith, Palatine

purchase of Bibles for all religious sects, House, Stoke Newington. ... 10 10 0 and in a speech endeavoured to urge all Widow's Mite, (J. R. B.) ...... I 10 present to exertions in behalf of this bene Thos. Edwards, LL.D. Southamp

volent purpose.".,

".... ....... .. ton ..................... 10 10 0 . It is - remarkable, that the meeting was Mr. Jno. Smith, at Messrs. Thorn

held in the house in which the French entons', Brothers, Broad Street 10 10 0 Yoy, Serra, gave a most splendid entertainRobert Steven, Esq. Old Swan

ment to the Saxon ministers in honour of Lane.................... 10 10 0 Buonaparte's birth-day, the preceding year, Robert Steven, Jun. Esq. ..... 5 5 Q and on the very same day of the month, Joseph Hardcastle, Esq. and Sons,

W. have anticipated the accession to the Old Swan Stairs ........... 21 00. power and influence of the Bible Society John Rew, Esq. (Messrs. Eneborn

which would result from the peace, aço and Rew), Leadenhall Street. 21 00 companied by the regard and respect Mr. Christian, Wigmore Street. 2 00 for England, which her conduct has Mrs. Hannah Mor-, Barley Wood 5 00 spread throughout the territories of the alMrs, E. More.

.. 100 lies. We now hail our countrymen on this Mrs. S. More...

100 eminent proof of that esteem which Enge Mrs. R. More ...

100 land has actually gained upon the Conti The Earl of Liverpool. ....... 20 00 nent, where they have so early begun to The Countess of Liverpool.... 5 00 follow her example, in one - among the The Right Hon. N. Vansittart.. 10 00 greatest of her works. The example and Miss Vansittart. ............. 00 aid of Eugland led nations to their liberaThe Lord Bishop of Durham ...' 10 10 O tion from an odious tyranny i may their e Lord Teignmouth ............ 10 10 O ample also bring them, as it were, into one. James Mayor, Esq............ 1 10 family, only striving with each other which Williain Carne, Esy. Penzance.. 5 00 shall do most good; first among themselves, Joseph Carne, Esq. Hayle Copper

and afterwards to the uttermost extremities Works...........

of the earth!
Thos. Holy, Esq. Sheffield..... 5 00
The Hon. Sir Geo. Grey, Bart.
Portsmouth .......

FURTHER CONTRIBUTIONS FOR THE REWm. Cardale, Esq. Bedford Row 5 50

LIEF OF THE MISSIONS OF THE UNITED Rer. R. P. Beachcroft, Blunham,

BRETHREN. Beds ...............

.......... 2 20; Mr. L. B. Seeley, Fleet Street.. ? 20 With great gratitude we have again the D.G....................... 3 30 favour to report several donations towards W. Harryman, Esq.,..........5 5 0 the support of the Missions of the United John Thornton, Esq. King's Arms, Brethren, received during the months of * Yard.................... 5 5.0 August, and September 1814; and heg all Rev. C. Simeon, Cambridge. ... 10 10 0 our kind benefactors to accept our best acMessrs. Foxes and Sons, of Fal

knowledgments for their liberality, for mouth................... ........ 10 100 which may the Lord reward and bless them

abundantly. *** The money, as received, shall be

C. I. LATROPE, Secretary, invested in the British funds in the names

J. L. WOLLIN, Treasurer.

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med barn,

The sums marked with an asterisk are des

£. so di tined for the relief of the sufferers at Mr. Walter Ewing M Lea .... *5 5 0 Moscow, mentioned in the Appeal. Mrs. Ewing MʻLea ....... *3 30 . £. ed. Mr. A. Reddall....

*5 5 0 Collection at the Chapel of the

Mr. Andrew Tennant ...... United Brethren at Baildon, 600

Mr. John Wood .......... Ditto at Gomersal, including a

Mr. James Deakin ........

1 0 Contribution by a Ladies' Pen

Mr. John Wright, jun. ..... *2 by per Week Society ....... 18 8 0

Mr. David Lamb, jun. ..... Mr. Henry Rhodes ......... 1 1 0

Messrs. T. and M. Mitchell ... N. N. Gomersal, by the Rev. R.

Mr. John Tennant .......... *2 Grimes ................. 5 0

Mr. Richard Thompson....... 0

Mr. James Sword ........ The following transmitted by the Rev. C. F. Ditto, for a Friend .......... *5 5 0 RAMITTER, Fulnec.

Ditto, to make up the Sum-to Miss Brown, Leeds ....

Fifty Guineas ....... i. *1 Mr. Richard Lubley, ditto .... 2 2 0 Rev. Dr. Wm. Muir ......... *1 1 0 Miss C. Place, York ......... 1 1 0 Missionary Society, Glasgow.. 100 0 Edward Place, Esq. Sketton... 5 Ő 0

Mr. Smith, ditto .......... 1 1 0 Miss. Currer, Bierley Hall ..... 5 5 6 Mrs. Court, York, for some Friends 5 0

John Gurney, Esq. Serjeant's Ina 5 0

5 A Friend at Leeds, by, Mr. R.

Rev. Mr. Eyton, from a Reli

gious Society, Wellington, Salop 5 0 , ' Oastler ............. ... 2 0 0

From a Friend in Deron, by the H. S. i..... ............. 2 0 0

Rev. Ig. Montgomery, Bristol 58 15 6 Scholars at Mr. J. Hinchliffe's

Ladies' Association at Bristol.. 23 1 3 School, Quarry Gap, Bradford 3 3 O

H.S. Fleet Street .......... 3 15 e Wm. Hey, Esq. Leeds ....... 10 10 0

By the Rev.John Caldwell, LeoMr. Wmu. Stawe, Pudsey ..... 10

minster ................ Anonymous ......... .... 5 5 0

Rev. H. Belfrage, by the Ror. A Friend ....... ...... 0.10 6.

A. Waugh .............. 13 13, Mr. Jos. Hinchliffe, jun. Quarry

B. E. Moscow :.i.ii....... *0 10 Gap.i......

.... 1 0

Wm. Dunn, Esq. ........... 20 Mr. T. D. Smith, Leeds .....

0 1 1 0

Meniber of Established Church 100 Benjamin Gott, Iisq. ditto.... 4 4 0

Rev. James Long, Buckingham *3 Mr. James Montgomery, Shef

3 0

Mr. John Frost, Ilull ....... I I a field .................... 1 1 0 Mr. Bourns, Melksham, per Do. 1 0 0

Mrs. Dickenson, East Halton , 1 1 0

Rev. L, Gralriger, Wintringliam Mrs. Haugli, Doncaster, per Do. 0 10 6

1 1 0

Lady O'Brieni, Dubliu..ic... 7 0
The following six by the Rev.

Miss M. A. B. Mérrion Square,

ditto ..ii... ........ 0 2 6 Mr. Wm. Hindmarsh, Alnwick 1 0

Mrs. E. C, N, Cumberland Str. 0

ditto iiii........... Mrs. Scarth, near Wakefield .. 1 0 0

Mrs. Bennet, 14, Upper Gower Mr. Win. Burrows, Leeds .... 1 0 0

Street ............... Mr. Maiden, Greene, near Roch.

.. 1 1 0

Rev. Mr. Halbeck .......... 4 16 A dale.................... 5 5 0 4

A Donation ... ........ Mr. Thos. Brown, Aldborougla

.. 1 i 10

10 0 Mr. Wm. Milnes, Alnwick .... 0 10 6

By the Rer. JOSIAH PRATT. · Collected and remitted by JAMES SWORD, D. P. C. K...... ........ 1 1 0

Esg. of Aunfield, near Glasgow, for Rer. T. Webster, Oakington., 1 1 0

Mr. Wm. M'Gariu ....... *9 20 . By CHAS.

0 By Chas. Bridges, Esq. Cambridge.
Mr. Wm. Kelly ............, *2 2 0 C. O. S. Queen's College, Cam-
Messrs. Leslie and Reid ..... *2 0 bridge ................. 5 5. O
Mr. Wm. Harley ,.......... O F.·Foster, Esq. ditto ....... 5. 5
Mr. Matthew Urie .......... *2 o T. Foster Barham, Esq. ditto, 110
Mr. Matthew Perston ........

0 H. Foster Barham, Esq. ditto 1 1 0 Mr. Archibald Newbigging ... ** 2. Q T. Gallaud, Esc, ditto io....

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Church of England Magazine.


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MEMOIR OF MISS CECILIA teen days before her decease; for

she sometimes said that she expect

ed and wished to see London Miss Cecilia Gibert, late daugh- again; that she should be sorry to ter of the Rev. E. Gibert, one of die in Guernsey: Then, speaking His Majesty's Chaplains for the to her father and mother, she said, Freneh, and rector of St. An- “ I am quite happy; if it is the drew's, in the island of Guernsey, will of the Lord to take me to himwas born in London, Oct. 35,1778. self, I am ready to go, for I ami

It appears, that she was very persuaded he will be merciful unto early under the influence of di- me;" and afterwards she added, vine grace: while other chil- speaking to her father, “ I thank

dren of her age are generally di- you, . papa, for having instructed - verting themselves with toys, she me in the way to obtain that asdevoted much of her time to the surance." reading of the Bible, Hervey's. She had been a very dutiful Theron and Aspasio, and in con- child to her parents, and was in versation with her father on reli- many things exemplary; notwithgious subjects. She loved her standing, she placed no confidence books, and had made a great pro- in that: “ No,” said she, “ all ficiency in learning ; but she was that is nothing; all my righteousof a weak and sickly constitution; ness is nothing but filthy rags." her heaven-born soul was hasten- All her confidence was in the blood ing fast to her long home. In 1793 of Jesus ; she repeated these verses she caught a cold at a friend's with peculiar pleasure: house in Golden Square, by sitting « The Saviour's blood and righteousness opposite a door that was open; My beauty is, my glorious dress; since that period her illness in- Thus well array'd I need not fear creased until the Lord took her to When in his presence I appear." himself.

On the 18th she was uneasy in Mr. Gibert having been pre- her mind, and said to her father, sented to the rectory of St. An- with tears in her eyes, “ Papa, I drew's, in the island of Guern.. am in a great perplexity, because sey, by Lord Amherst, he set out I do not feel myself so much rewith his daughter for that place, signed to the will of the Lord, and and arrived thereton - the 1st of detached from the world, as I would June 1794. Like many others wish to be.” On which he told in consumptions, she entertained her, that she was not to trust in gome hopes of recovering until the any thing coming from herself, nor gth or 10th of October, about four, in any self-righteousness, but only


in the righteousness of her Sa- ket-money, she desired her father viour: she knew it was not her to give it to the poor: all this was own righteousness which could done with a very cheerful counterender her worthy of appearing nance; and, resuming her disin the presence of the Lord; but course, she said, " I hope the Lord what he had himself done in will grant me the favour to take shedding his most precious blood: me to himself before my birthday; that it was not in her power to I do not desire to recover from this imprint in her heart and mind illness; it is much better for me to that resignation which is a gift of be with the Lord; there I shall be his sovereign grace: that all she safe had to do was to resign herself into She suffered much on account of the hands of her merciful Saviour severe oppression, and her strength with all her misery: that, believe was almost exhausted. On the 20th ing in him, he would certainly re- she said, " Time appears to me, ceive her, and work in her heart very long. ( how dreadful would that faith and resignation she wish- be my situation if I had not the ed for; but that at the same time assurance which the Lord affords it was our duty to be satisfied with me! ( that the Lord would take the portion the Lord is pleased to me to himself, for I long to be at impart unto us, though we do not my long honie, and that not to be experience those raptures of joy delivered of these my sufferings, which he bestows on some of his but that I may see the Lord in children. She was fully persuaded glory." that our only title to mercy was On the 22d she told her father that of poor sinners, and that that she was very poorly, and that pone can claim it but as such; and she could scarcely speak; but she as she was conscious that she was added, « My departure from this one of this character, it enabled world will be the beginning of my her to put her confidence in the happiness ; I know in whom I have Lord Jesus.

believed, and it is His merits which * About half an hour after she are the objects of my confidence." said, “ Papa, I am now freed from At dinner-time she said, “ This áll fears and anxiety, and quite re- will be my last dinner : I thank signed to the will of the Lord, and you, my dear parents, for all the death cannot deprive me of my tender care you have taken of me joy." She was tempted, but she from my infancy to this moment, overcame the enemy by the blood and permit me to kiss you while I of the Lamb, and by the word of am able to do it.” A relation the testimony; and, being justified who had frequently visited her duby faith, she had peace with God ring her illness entering her apartthrough our Lord Jesus Christ, ment, she thanked her for her kind therefore death had nothing to ter- attention, and expressed regret rify her. She knew that she was at not being able to give her a accepted in her beloved Saviour, token of gratitude; adding, “ I and she spoke of her last moinents, have nothing against any person, not only without any emotion of nor do I know that any one has fear, but with an ardent desire to any thing against me; I am in take her departure from this world peace with all the world.” When to enjoy ler Saviour.." I know," tea was ready she said, “ I thought said she, “ that I am going to hea. I should eat no more, and that beven; I long to be at the feet of my fore this time I should have been beloved Jesus."

. delivered out of my prison, for this. • Having on the 19th disposed of is a prison ! but I have been disap. the things belonging to her, and pointed.”. ( :,. having one guinea left of her poca - From that timeher sufferings be

came more severe; she could numerable company of angels; to
speak but little; but the Lord was the general assembly and church of
with her, and the enjoyment of his the firstborn, which are written in
pardoning, love made her able to heaven; and to God, the Judge of
suffer with patience, not uttering a all; and to the spirits of just meri
word tending to murmur, express. made perfect; and to Jesus, the
ing only her desire to depart, Mediator of the new covenant.
to be with the Lord, where, she There she rejoices around the
said, “ there was no suffering." throne of the Lamb; rejoices in

On the morning of the 24th she' the fruition of present felicity, and
was in a state of the most bitter in the assured expectation of an
agony ; sometimes she said, " o inconceivable addition to her bliss ;
how I suffer! I suffer more than I when God shall call the heaven
can express!" But about two in from above, and the earth, that he
the afternoon she said, “ I am very may judge his people.
glad to be at the end of my la Our Saviour tells us, In the
bours ;" and taking a handkerchief world ye shall have tribulation...
to wipe her eyes, fell into her fa- Why? - Because it is necessary.
ther's arms, and gave up her last Jesus has triumphed on the cross
breath: as she had prayed to be over all his and our enemies (Col.
with the Lord before her birthday, ii. 15); but in Gethsemane he was
she died Oct. 24, 1794; aged six- exceeding sorrowful. Let his peo-
teen years, wanting a day.—Thus ple, therefore, be not surprised nör
she was freed from all the pains of discouraged if they are called to
a lingering illness, and her soul suffer : whatever may be the nature
(we doubt not with an agreeable of their suffering, let them lay hold
surprise admitted into the presence upon the hope that is set before
of Him whom she loved here on them; which hope they have as an

anchor of the soul both sure and But let us leave her happy spi- steadfast, that they may be able to rit, arrived unto Mount Zion, and say at last, “ I am glad to be at unto the city of the living God, the the end of my labours.” heavenly Jerusalem, and to an in-'



. ON THE CEREMONIAL LAW. mighty God, under the Levitical No. III.

dispensation, was divided into two Hebrews, ix. 3, 4, 5..

. parts; and as the first comparto

ment was a type of the church on And after the second vail, the taberracle which is called the holiest of

earth, so the second, or inner

compartment, called the holy of all : which had the golden cena

holies, was a type of heaven itself. ser, and the ark of the covenant



This might be inferred from the overlaid round about with gold; .

very great sanctity of that most holy roherein was the golden pot that had manna, and Aaron's rod that

place; for no one besides the high

priest was ever permitted to enter budded, and the tables of the co

it, and he only once a year. And venant ; and over it the chera

St. Paul, in his Epistle to the He. bims of glory shadowing the mere

brews, declares most plainly, that cy-seat.

this annual entrance of the high The sacred tabernacle erected priest into the holy of holies, was a by Moses for the service of Al. type of our Saviour's gntrance into

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