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be thanked, I never complained of any EUGENË, of savoy;

WRITTEN by one, neither did I ever throw upon anoa

ther the blame of a fault or misfortune.

Titul was burned. The grand vizir [The following particulars respecting one of remained on this side of the Danube, the most distinguished military characters which it was necessary for the grand of the 17th and 18th centuries, are extracted from a work printed last year at signor to cross before he could lay siege Weimar, from a manuscript partly dictated

to Peterwaradin; but marching along by the prince, and partly in his own hand the bank of the river, and concealing my writing. It is written in French; the intention by my skirmishes with the events of each year are separately detailed, spabis, I got before bin, passed the and the work forms an octavo volume of bridge, and thus saved the place. This pear 200 pages. As the sentiments of this march, I must own, was well conducted, great man respecting English affairs in ge- and equivalent to a victory. I enneral, and his account of the campaigns trenched myself with great dispatch, which he made in conjunction with the il and the enemy durst not attack me. lustrious Marlborough, and other English Ainong some prisoners that we took, officers, must be the most interesting to the there happened to be a pacha, whona British reader, it is to this part of his re

I moirs that particular attention will be paid designs of Kara Mustapha; but four

questioned in vain respecting the in these extracts. ]

hussars, with drawn sabres, ready to cut VIIE prince having entered in 1683, at bim in pieces, extorted the confession

the age of 20, into the service of the that the enemy at first intended to make emperor Leopold I. commenced his

an attempt on Segedin; but that the military career at the celebrated siege of grand signor having afterwards changed Vienna. Before the expiration of that his mind, had already begun to cross the year he was appointed colonel of a Teisse ; and that great part of the army regiment of dragouns; at twenty-one under the command of the grand vizir he was promoted to the rank of inajor. was still in good entrenchments near general; at twenty-five to that of lieute- Zenta. I was marching to attack them, nanl-general; and, before he had been when a cursed courier brought me an ten years in the service, he became a order from the emperor, not to give field-marshal. For this rapid advance battle under any circumstances whate ment he was indebted only to his extraordinary talents and success.

I had already advanced too far. By Passing over his early campaigns stopping where I was, I should have lost against the Turks, and against the part of my army, and my honor. I put French-in Italy, where he was opposed the letter in my pocket, and, at the head to the celebrated Catinat, we shall of six regiments of dragoons, apcommence with the events of the year proached so near to the Turks, as to 1697; when he was at the head of perceive that they were all preparing the imperial army, acting against the to pass the Teisse. I rejoined my army

with a look of satisfaction, which, I was 1697.-The Turks are never in a cold, was considered a goud omen by the hurry. The grand signor, Kara Mus- soldiers. I began the engagement by tapha, hiniself did me the honor to charging myself two thousand spalis, arrive at Sophia with his army in the whom I forced to return to their en. month of July. I collected mine at trenchments. A hundred pieces of Veris Marton; I called in Vaudemont cannon annoyed me greatly. I sent and Rabutin, as it appeared to me to be orders to Rabutin to advance his left the grand signor's design to make hin. wing so as to form a curve towards the self master of Titul, that he might be right: and to Stahrenberg, who coin. able to lay siege to Peterwaradin. I manded the right, to do the saine encamped on ihe 26th of August at towards the left, with a view to take in Zenta. General Nehm was attacked. the whole entrenchment by a semicircle, I arrived too late to his assistance, but This I could not have ventured to do nevertheless praised him, for he could before Catinat, who would have internot have held out any longer, over- rupted me in so slow and so complicated a alielmed as he was by numbers. God morement. The Turks, however, gave



former power..


knowledge. He was highly astonished Vienna.' This means-a great deal, said at the coldness with which he was all at the fools. No conspiracies have ever once treated, Notwithstanding the been formed against our emperors; they friendship of the king of the Romans for have never been assassinated. We hare me, I could not prevail upon him to no Clenients or Ravaillacs. The people relax in this respect. Of what use," are not enthusiasts, as with you, but for said I to him, and to the courtiers and that very reason, they do not pass from generals who followed his example, " is one sentiment to another.' Crimes in. this personal antipathy, which M. Villars deed are very rare in Austria. 'Last. does not deserve? I shall see him, and year sone persons wanted to persuade continue on friendly terms with him, till Leopold that a design had been formed we begin to fire upon one another again.” to kill him because a ball went through Prince Louis of Baden acted in the same his hat while hunting. Seok the man, Danner, though we were not the better said he, with his Spanish air;' he is awka liked for it. We all three parted very ward one way or other; he is dying of good friends. We missed his company fear or of hunger; give him a thousand much; for when Louis XIV. had at ducats.'” length completed all his machinations, 1704. The only time to tell Leopold and thrown off the mask, he departed. plain truths was when he was frightPrevious to this we had the following ened. Where is the mistress or friend to conversation :

whom they can be told with impunity! “ It is not my fault,” said he, “if, and much less a great sovereign, spoiled without knowing how to suppress your by slaves who accompany him every day rebellion in Hungary, you are deter to church, but not his generals to war. mined to make war upon us. I had In urgent cases, I requested an extraorrather your highness would do like those dinary audience of him, as if I bad been gentlemen aho have turned their backs the ambassador of a foreign power,* and upon me here, as they will do elsewhere, this occurred but very seldom. if I command an arıny." This was truly What I obtained was the power of an expression à la Villars. “ You hope negociating quite alone, and I gained that the Turks will interfere, because the over to our side queen Anne and Marlabbé Joachim bas predicted that the borough. I went to meet him at Heilempress would be delivered of twins, one bronn, to concert measures with him of whom should sit on the throne of and prince Louis of Baden, whom I had Constaninople." "I am not angry with not seen for a considerable time. I took you, M. de Villars," replied I, “for in upon myself the defence of the lines of your correspondence, which to be sure Behel, and left them to follow Tallard, is somewhat tinctured with levity, after who was endeavouring to join the elector the manner of your nation, you have of Bavaria. If I am not fortunate transmitted to your court a portrait of enough to prevent their junction,(thought me drawn by the hand of friendship. 1,) the worst that can befal me is to fight Others complain of certain inadver both together, which will save me the tencies, and the court of having read in trouble of engaging them separately. one of your dispatches: “ We shall see if Taliard and Marsin had two other sorts the Christ in Leopold's chapel will speak of presumption than Villeroy, and more to him as he did to Ferdinand II.' wit. The presumption of the one was Private individuals never forgive a satire; founded “sur sa Spiret," that of the judge then of the effect which a severe other on the divine protection, which, by thing said against a sovereign must pro the cabals of the pious, had certainly duce upon him." “ It is only by great proved as beneficial to hiin as the pa. reserve in conversation," said he, " that tronage of the court. Tallard was as I have supported myself in this country. short-sighted morally as he was physiI am anyry with your Austrians, who, cally. Marsin was more clear-sighted, among the tales which they invent concerning me, assert that I conspired with

* The prince had been the preceding year Ragotzi against the person of the em

appointed president of war. peror."

+ The translator has here inserted the ã I can tell you," answered I, what gave rise to this stupid idea. knowledges he does not understand.

words of the original, which he frankly ac

Per. People recollected an expression in a

haps some more intelligent correspondent of letter intercepted while you were a volun- the Monthly Magazine, may be able to exteer in our service: 'I am an Austrian

plain the circumstance to which the illuswith the army, but a Frenchman at crious writer here alludes.



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