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propositions till he returns to Paris. The day safety, and the protection of these provirees, before he set out he gave me a ship to carry by taking into our hard the natural sovemyself and family to the United States. The reignty of our country. minister recommended that I should not pin The period has at length arrived, when myself down to a day as to departure, as cir these United Provinces possess both the cumstances might make it proper for me to strength and the power to protect themselves. stay soinewhat longer than I now intended. With a population of nine millions of inhabiThe treaty between France and Holland was tants, with an extent of tertile territory ratified the 30th March, and will be publish- superior to any empire on the globe, and ed this day in Holland. I am assured that it abounding with all the riches that bounteous contains the following article:

nature ever bestowed on the human race, it “ All the merchandize conveyed into the would be contrary to sound policy in the ports of Holland on board American vessels, present state of the world, to submit, and we since the 1st day of January, 1809, shall be are determined no longer to submit to the put under sequestration, subject to the dis. domination of any European or foreign power position of France, according to circumstances, whatever. and the political relations with the United For whilst a lawful govornment existed States."

in Spain, and her legitimate king sat upon You will learn by a decree of the king of her throne, we have erer been loyal to his Naples, that he has put his gains beyond the person, and faithful to his government; and reach of negociation. The ports of Prussia our Treasures have been the only support of are open to our commerce. Avoid both the European monarchy and its allies, Prussia and Denmark vill you have other whilst we had no interest whatever, and our

country drained of thuse riches which nature Paris, April 16, 1810.-Sir, the John has bestowed upon the inhabitants of AmeAdams being yet detained, I am able to in- rica, for their own happiness, support, and form you, that on the 11th instant the em. defence. peror directed the sale of all the American Under these consideracions, to prevent the vessels taken in the ports of Spain, and that inevitable and ruinous consequences of falling the money arising therefrom should be placed under the yoke of the Emperor of the French, in his caisse private. He has also refused to the tyrant of Europe, and the oppressor of give up the Hero, and has ordered that the Spain, We, the Spanish Provinces in Amecase be brought before the Council of Prizes, rica, declare ourselves a free, sovereign, where condemnation necessarily awaits it. and independant people, not acknowledging 1 send a cupy of a note upon which this last the domination of any power on earth, rco order was taken, and another relating to our fusing submission, and denying and repelling business at Naples; and am, sir, with very the authority of whatever nation may high consideration, your most ubedient, and attempt dominion over us. This we unanivery humble servant,

mously engage and pledge ourselves to main. Hon. R. Smith, &c. JOHN ARMSTRONG, tain and support with our lives, our fortunes,

and our sacred holours, calling upon every On the 19th of April the Provinces of inhabitant of the provinces to aid and supthe Caraccas, declared theinselves inde- port in carrying into effect this our laudable pendant of Old Spain, in the following and just resolution, and establishing for our proclamation :

selves and our posterity, a free, «quitable, It has pleased Almighty God, to grant

and iidependent government, that shall to every country alike, the natural right of

secure our happiness, and give us a place of its own sovereignty.

hunour and respect among the independant These provinces, planted by Spain, fos- nations of the earth. tered and protected by her power, have, and

And we do carnestly entreat all foreign of right, ought to have submitted to her nations to gurantee our independence, and guidance and direction during the period of

to favour us with such alliance and assistance their infancy, when, from imbecility and

as may enable us to defeat the designs of the weakness, they were incapable of their own

enemies of our country. government and protection.

By thus disavowing our dependence on But Spain, deprived of her king by the Spain, we solemnly appeal to heaven for the unparalleled perfidy of the Emperor of the

secticude or our intentions, and we do protest French, her European States vanquished before the sacred Majesty of God himself, by his treachery and his arms, and the that in all our measures we have ever been ancient, tawful, and acknowledged govern.

actuated by motives pure and honourable, nient of the country, destroyed by the

and that we have no other design in view violent outrages of his sanguinary policy, than the preservation of ourselves, and the

And we there exists neither reason, right, nor justice, protection of our common country, for continuing cur dependance on a power

do must humbly supplicate that Being who that has no existence but in memory; policy

cecides the fate of nations, to smile on our and seit preservation, therefore, demand

exe tions, and 10 bless and protect this our that we should provide for our common

new established empire.




the 20th of June and the 20th of July, extracted from the London Gazettes.

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BANKRUPTCIES. (The Solicitor's Names are between Parentheses.) ARBOT Thomas, Market Deepink Lincoli, ingholder:

(Lanabert and Sons, Hatton Gardens and Charles and

Forbes, trattord. Abell Fiederic, Ingram court Fenchurch Street, mer

chapt. (Pearce, Paterroiter row Aldridge Charles, Aldurfte Atreet, fatter. (Silver,

Aldeifuate itreet Aldridge Rich rd, Nath worth, Gluuceter, clothier.

(wann, New Balinhallitrect Armstrong Francis, Salibu'y ftreet, Strand, wine-mer

chant. (Walbrough, Waraford court, 1 hsogmorton

Atreet. Ashtoo Thomas, Portsea, linen-draper. (Wiltshire

and Bolton, Broad ftrect. Bachelor John and Jofeph Petril, Larkall place, Surry,

carpenters. Price. Clifford's Inn. Balls Jotun isury, Surfolk, carrier. (lickering, Staple's

Inn, and Archier, Mildenail, Suffolk Bamford Samuel Paul, Exeter, and Chudleigh, factor.

(Turner, Exeter, and collett, Chancery lane Barns witiam, fen. Rochford, Edex,' barge mafter.

(Ma' gnall, Warwick fquare Iartlett Jofeph, Colyton, Devon bag maker.

( Dolly, Bridport, and Jenkins, James and Abbots, New jan Back Anthony, Oxford Arcet, sadcier. (*.t, Surty

street, Strand Bei jamin benjamin. late of Chatham, but now in the

King's oench, gaf ang china-tao, (Howard and

Abraham, Jewry Atreet Blakey l humas and Jolin, Live poni, merchants. (Grifo

hth and Hinde, Liverpoong aid Windle, John Areet,

Bedford row Blandy Edward, 1 jncombe and widcoinbe, Somner set, dea

ler.) Frowd, Serie tireet, Linguins inn Bloore John, Ludhate hill victualkr) Boll and Bro

drick, Bow lane. Cheapside Bonfer William, Richard Lewomb and John Siffin, Can.

Don Atreer, Ak but.manutacturers. (Swann, New

Basinghall frett Boorn Jonn, Northen, Chester, corn-faqtor, and John

Smith. Liverpool, corn merchant. (windl, John

Atreet, Besford row, and Griffith and Hinde, Livei pool Bowler George Haugh in, Mancheller, hat manufacturer.

(Willis, Fairthorn, und Clarke, Warnfurd court, and

Hellup, Manchester Bow es William, I hoinas Ogden and George Wyndham,

New Salvin, Wilts. baikers. (Hodding, Saliibry

and Millett, Middle Temple lape Bowles William, Thomas Ogien and George Wyndham,

of New Sarum, and James Barrow, of Shaftesbury, Dorfet tankers. (Hudding Salisbury and Millett,

Middle Temple lane. Brickwood John, fen, and jun. John Rainoer, Wiliam Morgan,


Julepo siarkty, Lundard streets bankers. Paruthus and Son, London treet, Fen.

church Areet. Briggs Luke, London Road, 6. George's fields, More

inaker, and Coltham green, Miduletex, soap manu.

facturer. (Hitches and Safnpfon), Swithio's lane Brown Richard, jun. Battle-bridge, painter and glazier.

(Hamilton, Tavirock row, Cuvert garden Bucknell William, Kirby itreet, Hatton garden, watch.

Danufacturer.) Orchard, Hatton Baden Buil John King's Langley, Herts. carpenter. (Falcon,

Temple Bus bidse William Cannon freet, umberella.manufacturer.

(Chapman and Stevens, St Mildred's court, Poultry Butcher Nathaniel, St. Martin's le-Grand, victualler.

(Chriftis, Holborn court, Gray's ina. Cars George and John, Shetheid, grocery. (Brookfield,

Shefica, and Sykes and Knowles, New inn Chandler Thomas and Thomas New fum, Norton Falgate,

STOCtrs. ( Williams, jun. Lurd Mayor's Court office,

Royal Exchange. Coles William, Milicing lane, broker. (Walton Girdler's

hall Balighall frect Culturell Eonund, jun. Vine freei, Liquor pond Areet,

bacon merchant) Hammond, Hatti garden Crampton William Beckingham, Norts, hori .dealer.

Trimur, Ginsborough, and warrand and word, Cas.

tle cuurt, Budge row Cranch Natha iel, Exeter, merchait. (Abbott, Old

broad areet, and Kendall, Exeter Critten John, Haleworth, Suttolk, plumber. (White

and Woodcock, Hallworth, and Push, Basdard Atrett,

kindel fiuare. Darwin Henry, Southampion, tailor, (Dodd, Billiter

lalle Vavics, James Risca. Monmouthshire, merchase.

dams, Ren Livnuar , and Evals, Newport Dankin, Thomas, nerurs, York, sb pkeeper. (Granger,

ents duu tuntunas, LIDcon's Deal Jan Thuri, aftsbury, Diret, brewer. (Couper

U lowe, Southampton buildings, Chancery lane Dcha. Sampon sind in Banks, Poultry, haiters.

l'hillips, Howard Areet, Strand Duthhain Thomas Huthfield, Devon, catrie dealer.

Akos aud Kuowles, New inn, sud Maunder, EXIST,

Dyfon. Spencer. Herdersfeld, York, merchant. (Ste:

phenson, Holmfirth and Battye, Chancery lane. Larbihaw Thomax, Sunithey Ridge, Silkitone, York, corn

dealer.) Kine, Calle mieet, Holborn Easton Samuel, pover, brandy merchant. (Cobb, Cle

ment's inn Eastwood Jumes, Lingett, York calico maker. (Par

tington, Manchester, and murd, 1uner Temple. Eecles, Francis, Crispin Atreet, Epital-fields, draper.

(James, Dowgare hill Egerton Ezekiel. Duvai's lane, Middlesex, Turkey-mer

chant. (Millware, Stoglane, London Ellis Richard, Earle street, Blackfriars, provision-broker.

(Bryan, Copthall court Fanshaw Jono Liverpool dealer in earthenware. (Bad

deley, serle ftreet, Lincoln's inn. and. Griffin, Hanley. Faulding Williain, Hull, grocer. (Edmunds, Lincoln's

ind, and Haire, Hull Field william, North Green, Warship ftreet, chip hat ma.

nufacturer. (Harding, Prim ole itreet, Bishopspate Field William, Trowbridge, Wiltsamholder. (Williams,

Red Lion fquare, and williams and Buth, Trowbridge Forster William, Carburton Areet, Fitzroy rquare,

maker. (Langley, Pluintree ftreet, Bloom-bury Gaskell 7 homas, Bruton freet, Berkeley Square, linen

draper. (Collins and Waller, spital' square Godwin Thomas, Queen ftreet, Cheapride, merchant.

(Hartley, New Bridge Atreet Haritz John, limehouse. timber-merchant. (Evitt and

Rixon, Haydop yuare Hassies John Portra, dealer and chapman. (Rivers,

Garlik hill Harris Richard, Oxford, hup-keeper. (Moore, Bow

jane, Cbeapade Harrison william. Charlotte Areet, Rathbone place, victu.

aller. (Cuppage and Rice, Jermyn licet Hart George, wou bridge, Suffolk, brewer. (Brame

and Notcut, Ipfwich, and Flexney, Chancery lane Harvey William Chifwell itreet, currier, (uwen and

Hicks, l'artlett's Buildings Hippins John, Albion street, Blackfriars ruad, merchant,

(Kear fey and Spur, Binoplyate itreet Jamei fins Jóhi), Liverpool, mip broker. (Davis, Liverpool.

and Meddowcroft, Gray's im Jarvis James, baihi, victuailer. (Highmore, But lane,

Cannon street, and Wingale, Bath Jones Anne, Ft. James's stree', millinerg. (Denton and

Barker, Gray's inn Jones Daniel, Popty pool, Monmouthshire, liquor-merchant,

(Clifford, Bristol. ang lariant. Chancery lane Jordon Thomas, Bath, liner-draper.

(Shephard and Addingtoni, Bedford row ; shepperd, Bath; and Clarke

and son, Bristol Jukes, George Morfs, Gosport banker. (Boswell, St.

Michael's alley. Cornbill Jukes Edward, Gotport, merchant. (Boswell, St. Mb

chaci's Alty Jukes Edward. John Langley, and Goorge Morfs Jukes,

Gotpuri, bankers. weddel, Gosport, and Briggs,

Efex freet, Strand Killick Richard Southamptun, upholfterer. (Vizard and

Hutching fun, New Square, Lincoln's inn Knight william and William Bucknell, Kirby Atreet, Hat

ton Garden, watch manufacturers, (Orchard, Hattor

garden Lugs Richard, late of Cornwell's fields, St. George's in the

East, dealer in cuals. now a prisoner, in Newpaie,

(Reeks, Welclure fqware Lewis Peter Roynon. and Joseph Jackson, Strand, silk.

mercers. (Rufencourt Alderfgate freet Lloyd Samuel, Manchester, dry falter. (Swain, Stevens

and Maples, Old Jewry, and Whiteley, Birmingham Lund Charles Lewis, Austin Friara, insurance-broker.

(Harrifun, Crown court. 'Threadneeth its et Magenis Daniel, late ut Clifford's inn pafrare. but now in

the goal of Ludgate, victualler. (Brown Pudding ane Maltby Rowland, Mortimer treet,

money fcriveuer. (Humphries, Clement's inn Marshall be jamin, eminiter Down, Somerfct, victualler,

(Shephard and Adlington, Bedford row, and James,

Brittol M'Donald James, Wuolwich, victualler. (Pearfon,

Temple Melton William, Manchester, victualler. (Hurd, Temple

and Hawkins. malichetter Middiehurit Mathew, Wigan, I ancaster, cors and four

dea er. Griffith and Hinde, Liverpool, and Wnule,

Juh, freet Bedford row Mingay Sophia ad l hoinas, and Philip Nott, Smithfield, bankers.

(Harrows and Vincent, Banghall street Morgan Evan, Nowbridge, Monmouthshire. Ibup-keeper.

Danies, Driftul, a. Peartons, Temple Mezeiy Maurice Lewis. Liverpool, merchant. (Higius

and Atkinson, Alarichester, and Eliis, Chancery latic Newtonbe Juhiin. Excter, victuailer. ( Williams and

Darke, Prince's Atrtet, Bed toid row, and Buwring,

Exeter Nicholl's. Robert, Norwich, wollen draper. (Simpron

and Rackham, Norwich and Windus, fon, and Hulta.

way, Chancery lane. Normington John, St Martin's-le-Grand, cotton and folk trimming Emanufacturer,

(Field, Church-paliage, Aldermanbury


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Norton Aaron, Printer Areet, Blackfriars, dealer. (Reilly, Barcklay James, Old Broad freet, merchant. Aug. 7
scaford-row, Pimlico

Barlow Jaimes Newport, Itle of wingt, Mercer. Aug **
Parken DanielExeter, flour-merchant, (Williams, Bedford William and Samuel bumper, Foiter late, whole
Austin Friars, and Turner Exeter.

fte linen drarer, A. 4
Pearfon William, Chitwell Areet, paper.hanger. (Prior, Belcher John Oxturd, thou maker. July 14
Coptball court

Benfon John Wulian, Halbeach, Lincoin, furgeon July 31
Pearfon Paul, Counton common,

Notts innholder. Birket Robert, Gloucefter free:, Queen fyware, tailos (Fisher. Gainsborough, aed War abd and Wood, Calle July 27 court Buure taw

Bowies' A 'T. and T. Williams, Kent ftreet Southwark. Penney Thomas ant Henry Mayo, Ball alley, Lombard grocers. July 1

atreel, merchants. (Barmow, Threadneedle ftreet Bowinan Joon. Water lane, brandy merchant, Joly 6 Perkins Juhn, Queen's ftreet, CheapSide, fationer. Broinn. W. Wormwood itreet, London wall, vidua lor. (Rufell, Lant wreet, Southwark

July 17.
Yeters Jan, Portsmouth, merchant. (Annefley and Bryan William, Camberwell, merchant, July 3
Bennett, Angel court, Throgmorton ftreet

Bryan Michael. George Areet, Hanover quare, picture.
Phillips i avid, Baistol, haberdu sher. (Whitcombe and dealer, July 21

King, Serjean's ind), Fleet ftreet, and Frankis, Britol Burland Thimas, Hunger ford, Derks. draper, Julys Hickman Richard. Dockhead, Surry, China and glass-man. Busby William and Ifac Hill Strand, hatters, Aug. 4 (Naylors. Great Newport Atreet

Chambers William, Lincoln, currier, July 14
Pickiley William. Exeter, inen-draper. (Turner, Exeter

Charlton Cornelius Eait Farleigh, Kent, yeoman, July 14 and Colicti, Chancery lane

Cole Ifaac, Marnnull, Dort wooApler, Ang. 1
Reed William, southend, Errex, apothecary. (Hunt, Coulthard Robert, late of Kennington rad. Suriy, victualler,
Warwick cour!, Holborn

but now in the King's Bench, July 11
Revell George, Poplar, bricklayer and builder. (Evitt Cowcher William Pollock and Thomas Fedoulhet. Clement's
and Rixoa. Haydon square

lane, Lombard Aieet, merchants, July 14 Roberts Jofeph, Sheffield, razor maker. (Bics, Hetcon Cowfill William, Mucheiter, Ronc mafun, Aug. 8 sadeo, a od Rudgers Shefhelst

Dallas William, Cumion curt, Old Broatticet, merchants Robintan William King's Newton,

Derby, farrier. July 14 (Greaves, Derby

Davis Anthony, Stroud green Middlefax, dealer, Aug 14 Robinson Stephen, Saffron Walden. Effex, carpenter. Deighton Joon, Reeth, York, iromonker, July 14

(Dawson and Wratislaw, Warwick freet, Golden fare Defouineaux John, King ftreet Gorwel dieet, irunfounder,
Rome David, Liverpool, cabinet-maker, (Forrest, Liver AUB 14
pool, and Windle, John ftreet, Bedford row

Devenith Aon and Henry Newport, Villiers Areet, Strand,
Ruficil Johs Norris ftret, Haymarket, poulterer. (Pike, upholterers, AUG 18
Air Greet, Piccadilly

Dinifáale Jofeph. Hull dealet, AUR 4
Sandon Ralph, Deptford, wine-merchant, (Charsley, Dunare Samuel, St. Paul's Church Yard, trunk-taker,
Mark lane

July 28
Saunders Thomas, Borough market, southwark, builder. Eaton David, Chatham, tailor, Aug. 11
(Sweet and Stokes, Temple

Ekins Joseph. Oxford treet, cheer.monger, July 5
Sharpie. Lawrence and William, Walton-le-Dale, Lan. Evalt Joseph, Rood lane glassma), A98 4

caiter, cuttan manufacturers (Wakelock and Ma. Fairt cld john and James Brickley, Liverpool, merchants,
kinfon, Temple, and Blanchard and Brickeritat, Tuly 31

Farbridge Robert, Paragon place, Kent road, tiiber-mer-
Sheldon Richard Henry. Neville's court, Fetter lane, jew. charit Aug 4
eller. (Dawfon And Wrattillaw, Warwick ftreet,

Figsius Francis. Stockport, upholsterer, July 14
Golden fquare

Flening henry, Hanway Areet, Oxford itreet, jeweller,
Sibbald Robert, Lower Lut Smithfeld, nop seller. (Bir

A116 4
kett, Fond coirt. Walbruk

Forretter John, Lane End, Stafordthire, manufacturer of
Skirve. John, James treet, Wetminster, baker. (Freame, earthenware, AVR. 8
Great Queen strect

Fortnum Williain, ball alley, Lombard Arcet, ftatiuner,
Slow George, Manchester, dealer. (Partington, M. AU 7
chester, and Hurd, luner Teinple.

Tofter ki Śt. Ann's lane,, July 24
Smith Edward, Dalt, Lancaster. cori dealer.

( Windle,

Frater Thomas, Well Arcet, Mary la-boane, coach-springJohn Atreet, Bedford row, and Galkid, Wikia

manufacturer, July sa Stanoury John Wall and Richard, Plymouth duck salesmen. Freemantle John and John ! eformeaux, King Areet, Gufe (Williams, Austin Friars, and lurer, Exeter

well ficet, iron founders, A11, 14
Stocks Sansuel, Liley Cough York, clothier. (Rylan,

Gaywood William, Stockport cabinet maker, July go
Dewsbury and Crosley, Holborn court, Gray's ino Gibbs John, Haverfordwett, wine merchant. July 17
Stroud Benjamin, Poole, linep draper. (Clarke's Bris Gilber: 1homas, Birmingham, fitur, July jo
tol, ani Jenkins, Jarses and Al ott, New inn

Gould Juhn, Harrington, Worcester, paper in nufacturer,
Turner John, Suefiting, sottolk, merchant. (Simpson

Aug. 9
and Kackham, Norwich and Windos, son and Holta. Hall Thomas, Berwick on Tweed, merchant, July 24
way, Chancery lane.

Hall Richardi Liverpoul, grocer, 19. 2
Turvey Thomas, Ham, Surry, bakar. (Carter, Kingstone, Hancorne William, Swanf-a. Nopkeeper, July 19
and simstone and Maftic, Temple

Handip William, Stradbrook, Sutk tasner, Aug. 25
Tutin Ralph, Chandos Atreet, Covent garden. cheere Harvey C. Monmouth, ironmoser, July 19
monger (Clayton, Scott and Liaire, New fyuare,

Hatton Thomas, Coletord, Glucetter, mercer July 13 Lincoln's inn.

Henderfon Robert Wentworth, Georec treet, Minuries, Villars Charlotte, Conduit freet, pilliner.


dhip broker, July 14 Finner and Luke, bury Atreet, St. James's

Hill William, late of Middle-row, Holborn, but now in the
Yos Hermianus and Jan Christiac Effers, New court,

Kiot's Bench. carpenter, July 28
Cru'ched Friars, merchants. (shawes, Le Blane

Hifcocks Zacharian, Britol, draper. July 4
and Shawe, Tudor ireet, Blackfriars

Holden Gcorge, Hull, merchant, Aug. 3
Wair sey James, Salford, Manchter, dealer in cotton. Holton, Robert Woburn, Bucks, matriter, July 19

twin. (Micfan 300 Atkinlon, Manchcier, and Hopkins Thomas John, Chigwell, Efic X, cominon brewer,
Ellis, Chancery lane

July 14
Warwick, Wiliiam, Red Lion Areet, Clarkenwell, jeweller. Horsley Richard, 'Eldon freet, Spital fields, filk weaver,
(Atkinson, Calle Street, Falcon Square

July 24
Watson William, fen, and jun. Warrenhouse, Alnwick, Houlden Ribert, St. Margaret's, southwark, linen-draper,
Northumberland curl factors. (Lainbeit, Alnwick,

July 28
and Flexney, Chancery 120€

Howarú Jerrard Joha, Lower Eaton îtreet, Pimlico, lure Watfon Clement Chat s, Fenchurck freet, wine merchant, geon, July 17 (Druce, Billiter fyuare

Howell William, Neath. Glamorgan, Mop.kceper, July 3 White Hugh, Manchetter, iron liquor-malter. (Ellis,

Jenkins David, Llantrifl'ent, Glamorgan, Aupkeeper, • Chancery lane, and Johnson and Bailey, Manchester

AUR 30
White Gabriel Gregory, Illington and Cixton, Kent. Cal.

Kirke Georze, Grocer's hall court, merchant. Aug.1 1actor. (Kearfey and Spurr, Bishopfrate street within Kirke George and John Ford, Grocer's hail court, mere Wilcocks Thomas, Exter, tailow.chandler. (Terrell,

chants, July 14 Exeter

Knowics J. Proyndee, Carnarvonshire, innkeeper, Aug. a wilcock Johd and Edward and Alexander Frazer, Exeter,

Lawtie G. U. Waitan freel, merchant July 19 bankers. (Williams and Brook, Atw yuare, 10.

Lewis Wiliam, bend true', wuol entraver. July 14 coln's inn

Lewis Joho, Uper lait smithheld, needlemiker Ave 15 Wiliis James, George Morfs Tukes, James Grey Jackfon, Lives Jofeph, Rotherh. he and Gres bland Dick, finith, and John Langley, Salsbury square merchant

July 14 (Boswell, St. Michael's alley, Ciruhill

Liner 1. Kiug Breet, Holbors, coach-plater, July 1 windcat Thomas, Bridgetown, Devon. wool.fpinner. Lifier l'aul, Heptent n, Miliam ter Mortit, and Joh. (Follett, Inner Temple, and Eruton. Exeter

Longbottom, st ston, all in Yorkshire, culton.fpinners, Voolcombe William, fcn. and jun. Ruthe tithe, Raip. July jo builders. (wilde, jun. Caitle Arect, Falcon quale

Lodge,' o. Keresforth Mill, Barnsley, York. dealer, July 19

Mah ny leanin, lutenlain Court rost victualer, Aug. 11 DIVIDENDS ANNOUNCED.

Maton John, euford, Wits lineu drape. Scpt. 6

Mears Henry, scenich, tavern-keeper. July in
Abney Robert, Abby de la Zouch, Leicefter brick maker,

Mseker Williain Parions, Balinghali Areer, merchant,

Aug. 4
July 14.
Adams' Thomas, High freet, Sorthwark, innholder, July 14

Morris Robert, Wigan Lancaster, cotton ma ufacturer,
Antworth David Prelun, Lancader, cotton spinner, July 14.

AUR. !3
Appleton William, jun and Edward, Smedley, Mancheder,

Mountad John, Worcener, woollen draper, July 30.

Muliner John, Miriam malman, Auss
piper manufacturers, July )
Atrick B. Flockton, York, July 13

Myers David Thompton. Stamford, Lincoln diaper, July 28
Bailey Jacob, Dockheid, Bermondsey, brewer, August or

Newman Melly, Siider freet, currier, Aug. 1.
Baker joba shiptoo Mailet, tomcrist, ina keeper, sopt. 6

Nightingale George, i umbard are con bauker. aug. 11


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Nightingale William, Lombard Atreet, banker, Aug. 11
Nightingale William and George, Lobard Arect, bankers,

Ag. 11
Nordith Henry, Meoplam. Kent, hutcher, Aug. 25
Oakley Francis, Hereford, woolapler. July !!
Parke John, Eroan street, Kor feiey Down, wine-merchant,

Parkintün George. Bucklershury warehouseman, Nov. 10
Zarinerer Juhn, Borough, near Ayltham, Norfolk, miller,

July 20
Parry Heter, Llangollen, Denbigh, grocer, July 17
Bass willi m Thomas Dockhead, Bermondsey brewer,

Pafs William Thomas and Jacob Bailey, Dock head,

brewer. Aug. 11
Pateu John Lewis, Steney Stratford, Blicks. grocer,

July 14
Jayler inomas Greenwich merchant. July 28
Pea na Bath. hofr. Aug. 10
Terry Francis Finsbuy fquare. merchant. Ju'y 21
upplestone w Plymou b. Grocer. July 18
Putts J. White Beer yard, Back hill Middlesex. cabinet.

maker.!' '7
Powell Edvin Birmingham.japanner. Aug. !
Zratt Williain. Bromley, Kent victualler. July 11
Rayner James Nightingale, Ely, Cambridge. linenodraper.

dug. 7
Reeve William Claphan. Surry coach-mafter. July 14.
Web as Willian Lewin Tugweli. Baitiert's buildings.

Holborn feivener. July gi
Loutled: Edward. fen. and jun, Barrock fide. Cumberland,

dinvers. Alk. 4
Sales Thomas, Preiton. Lancaster. plum'er. Aug. I
Scot: Edward Chandos ftreet Covent garden, thoe-maker.

July 21
Shee wód John William. Newgate Areet, cheese monger.

July 17
Shelley George Mabbs. Whitechapel. nofier. July 77
Shevald Ann. now Ann Dewhurit. Leeds. Yok milliner.

july jo
Sinclair Archibald Calle court, Birchin lanie. merchant.

July 11

Sintzenich Peter. New Bond Atroet. printreller. July 24
Slings by John. Manchester, merchant. Aug. 8
Smallwood George. Beech ftreet Barbican, brass and

Staffordshire warehouseman. Aug. 4
Smith Barnard. York. wipe merchant. July 24
Smith Richard. Liverpool. uphofterer. Aug. 14
Southey John William, Bath. paper hanger. July 27
Spackman Joseph Jewry Arect, pewterer. July 24
Spachman Jofeph and James. Jewry tireet. pewterers.

July 24
Squire William Leeds, York, horier. July 20
Syıne George, Nine ftreet. Minories. merchant. July 14
Thompson Anthony. Tiriningham. merchant. Julys
Tomlinson John. Tarleston. Stafford. boar-buliver. nug. 13
Tulloch J. jun. Savage garden merchant. July 14
Var deil Wuliain. Hartley row. near Hartford bridge.

Hants. coach maker. July 14
Ver all William. Uckfield. super. grocer. Aug. 3
Wade Searles. Albion. Blacfr ars brewer, July 6
Waghorn Thomas, Romfoid Efiex. draper. July 24
Ward Thomas Hull, inerchant, A18. 1
Wardril john, King's Lino. Norfolk, grocer, Aug it
Waters Benjatain, Finch lanc. broker. July 16
Watmough Robert, Liverpoul fap boiler, July 28
Watt William Trixi holier, July 3
Watson John. jun, and Paul Catterall. Preston. Lancakter.

cotton spinners. July 24
Watson John. and John. jun. and Jofeph and David

infworth Preton. cotton spinners. July 24
Welt John. Somer's place. Ea. st. Pancrare, plasterer

Aug 1
Willams William and Wettinfedt. Wapping and Weybridge.

Surry, soap builers. July 21
Willianis william. Torts. Norfolk. carpenter July 31
Wilson Ifaac, Thornhough lireet. dealer in phyfic. Aug. 18
Wood John White Cross Atreet, victuall. July 14
Woudroffe E. Wollafton. Gloucestershire, iron manufacturer..

July 16
Worley J. jun. Fim freet hill. linen draper. July 17
Wright Nathaniel. Nottingham. brickmaker. AURTO
Yurk henry, Carey lane, toiter Jage. Cheaplide, talk dealer.

July 24


With Biographical Memoirs of distinguished Charucters recently deceased. On Friday evening, July 13, a fire broke out Combe and Co.

85,150 at Mr Reeve's foor-cloth manufactury, Brown and Parry

84,475 Little Titchgeld street, in consequence of Goodwin, Skinner, and Co.

74,223 the men having neglected to watch some Elliott and Co.

57,951 turpentine which they were about to use in Taylor

41,510 the business. The flames very soon com Clowes and Co.

41,594 municated to the adjoining houses on either The commissioners of the land-tax, conside ; and notwithstanding every exertion cerned in the new improvements of Westwas used, we are sorry to say seven houses minster, have agreed to dispose of the vacant were entirely consumed, and likewise Mr. ground adjoining the new Guildhall, for Huntingdon's chapel.

which they ask the enormous price of three About four in the morning of Friday, guineas per foot. July 20th, a fire broke out in the house of

MARRIED. Mr. Paris, Printer, in Tooke's-court, Cursi. At Putney, W'm. Baring, esq. fourth son tor strect. It was first discovered in the pare of Sir. Francis B. bart. to Fanny, fourth lour, but by what accident it happened is ur. daughter of J. Thompson, esq. of Waverleyknown. A great number of engines arrived abbey, Surry. soon after five, but it was more than an hour At Allhallows on the Vall, Broad-street, before a supply of water was obtained. I1 Francis Grimani, gent. of Winchester-street, raged with dreadful fury for some time before 20 Elizabeth, daughter of R. Parry, esz. of it was at all subdued; the principai house, and Culebrooke-row, Islington. the two adjoining, were demolished entirely, Lieut. Pritchard, R. N. to Miss Davis, of and some adjacent ones were ruch injured. Printing-house square, only daughter of the Several persons were much huri, and one late Mr. John D. of Biofield, Berks. woman, about 45, was burned to death.

Ac Mary-le- bone, the Hon. Samuel Hood, The quantity of strong beer brewed by the

to Lady Charlotte Nelson.-Capt. Edward first twelve houses in the London porter Cheltham, of his majesty's ship Leyden, to brewery, from the 5th of July, 1809, to the Margaret, youngest daughter of ihe late Peter 5.11 of July, 1810 :

Barrels. Dean, esq. of the Bahama Islands.-Captain Barciay, Perkins, and Co.

235,053 Shirrett, R.N, to Elizabeth Ann, eldest Noux, Read, and Co.

211,009 daughter of the late Hon David Murray, orwe Trumar, Hanbury, and Co. 144,990 ther of Lord Elibaik.--James M«Gregor, Felix, Calvert, and Co.

133.491 MD. inspector of arıny hospitals, in the Weitereud and Co.

110,939 Hampshire district, to Mary, daughter of the Huary Moux and Co.

93,660 late Duncan Grant, esq. of Forres, N. B – S



James Thompson, esq. of Bishop Auckland, of liis former marriage, and one other son and Durban, to Mary Ann, daughter of T. Mor two daughters by his present lady. His lord. tis, era of Bangtead, Surry.

ship was first married to the beautiful Laura Asst. George's, Bloomsbury, John Smith Keppel, daughter of the bishop of Exeter; Gratan,esq. of Somerset-place, io Miss Elliott, and, secondly, to Frances Isabella Seymour, of Dentford Butts.

second daughter of Lord Robert Seymour. At St. George's, Hanover-square, the Hon. At Walworth, Mrs. M. H. Ler, widow of Cail Jenkinson, to Miss Julia Schuckburgh Captain L. of the Royal Navy. Evelyn, only daughter of the late Sir George At his sister's house. Tottenham, Mr. Wil. Schuckburgh, bart.

liam Drake, late purser of his Majesty's ship Ac Hammersmith, John Sich, jun. esq. of Centaur, in his 45th year; and a few days Chiswick, to Ann, eldest daughter of William afterwards, at the same place, Mr. Thomas Smith, esq. of Hammersmith and Curzon- Drake, in his 59th year, of Meytch-hall, in

Norfolk, who, on a journey to the coast to At Lambeth, Mr. Frederick Chaproniere, meet his sick brother, was attacked by a mato Miss Jane Bulle, only daughter of the late lady which terminated his life. Bulle, esq. late of Holloway.

At Turnham-green, Mr. Ogren, of sporting By special licence, at Mrs. Lockhart's, celebrity: he was the most quick calculator Spanislieplace, Manchester Square, the Hon. of the long odds ever known on the curf, and Major Heniy Murray, brother of the earl of could as readily hedge his bets, when many Mansfield, tú Miss De Vismes.

horses started, so as to secure himself a win, At St. Martin's, Henry Suffield, esq. to ner, by which peculiar talent he realized a Augusta, daughter of the late Mr. William fortune of 100,0001. He had occasionally. Cramer.-). Scott Dixon, esq. of Morden, kept faro tables, &c. on a large scale; and Surry, to Mrs. Mary Wright.

though he thus profiled of the folly of others, At Lambeth, Mr. Edward H. Lee, of Bel. unfair play was never imputed to him, and Dost-place, to Miss Thompson, youngest he had many valuable traits in his characdaughter of Thomas T. esq. of Castle-street, ter. Leicester Square. -T. Musgrave, esy. to Miss At Poplar, Daniel M.1xwell, esq. surgeon, 56. Veon, eldest daughter of E. V. esq. of Caru At I wiekenham, Isabella, relict of Major berwell.

Cole, and eldest daughter of the late Sir The Rer. Daniel Mathias, rector of White. Henry Ibbersun, bart.--'The Countess of Elgin chapel

, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of John and Wincardine, 50. Lafont, esq of Lemon-street.

At Putney, Mrs. D'Arandy 81. At Sc. Giles's, the Rev. lohn Rideout, rec At South Mims, Edward Vincent, esq. 76. tos of Woodmancore, Sussex, to Mrs. Doing, At Hayes, James Collett, esq. 53 -In Upwidow of the Rev. John D. and youngist per Berkley.street, Portman-square, William daughter of Sir Harry Goring, bast.

Jolinston, esą. of the loper Temple, many At Walthamstow, the Rev. E. J. Burrows, years clerk of indictments of the county of to Emma Margaret, youngest daughter of the Middlesex, and of the Oxford circuit, 75. late Joba Allen, esg.

In Nortolk street, Strand, Isaac Heaton, Captain George Bean, of the royal artillery, esg. 76. to Frances Eliza, eldest daughter of William In Nottingham-place, Mrs. Mariba Bicknell, esq, of Cadogan-place.

Riley, 76. John Jeffery, esq. of Throgmorton-street, AC Tottenham, Mis. Mildred, relict of to Charlotte, third daughter of Juhn Longley, Daniel M. esq. eg of Hampstead.

Ac Edgeware, aged 06, Mrs Letrice Hallet, William Sharpe Handasyde, e.q. to Miss relict of William H. e.q. late of Cannons, Spliat, daughter of the lace Christian S. esq. and daughter of James H. esq. formerly of of St. George's Piace, East.

Dunmow Priory, in Essex. A! St. Paul's, Covent Garden, Baron de In Brewer.street, Golden-square, Henry de Staguer, to Fermina, eldest daughter of Fer- Cors, esq.71. Din de Tasset, esq.

In Green-street, Grosvenor.square, John DIED.

Williams Willaume, esg.70. la Seratford Place, Mrs. Kingston, wife At Lambeth, Pbilip Gregsos, esq. surveyor of John K. esq. M.P.

of the coast waiters at the port of London, 51. At Fitzroy farm, Highgate, the Righis In Great. Russell-streei, Bloomsbury, Mrs. Honourable Lord Soutbampton, (nephew to Mary Ann Houstoup, wife of J. H. esq. forhis Grace the Duke of Grafton) a lieutenant merly of Lisbon, 66. ftacral of the army, and colonel of the 34th In Sloane-street, the Rev. Herwy Reynett, regiment of foot. His lordship was but in D.D. many years one of the justices of Wor. the 'ch year of his age, and within a month ship-sireet office. before his death appeared in the utmost vigour At Hackney, James Nicklin, esq. 76. of life. His loroship is succeeded in his I. Great Queen-street, Lincoln's-inn-fields, title by his eldest son, an insant, in the Mrs. Agassim, relice of Lewis A. esq. 69. sixth year of his age; he has left a daughter At Stepney, Ricbard Price, c'q. 74. MONTBLY MAO. NO, 202,



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