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Died.] At Boston, Samuel Barnard, esq.

At Ullesthorp, Mrs. Bray, 37. banker, 58. This gentleman united in his At Southam, Mr. Joseph Southam, of the character an eminent degree of private worth, King's Head Ina. with political independence. A staunch sup

At Enderby Mill, Mr. Willmore. porter of the cause of reform, his dependants, At Melton Mowbray, Mrs. Marriott. friends, and relations, saw in his virtues a At Burbage, James Freeman, esq. grazier. pledge of the integrity of that cause.

While the venal and the base exert themselves 10

Married ] At Wymondham, Mr. James perpetuate the system of corruption, the true Moore, 10 Miss Mary Kettle. reformist will reflect with satisfaction, that Died.] At Whissendiné, Mr. John Hack, he acts with such men as Mr. Barnard ; this

sen. 73, reflection will at once encourage inim to per.

At Grantham, Mrs. Mauton, 87. severe, and inspire bis mind with contempt At Oakham, Mr. Edward Payne, jun. 44. for the calumnies of his opponents. Mr., John Hammond, 73, an opulent farmer and Died.) At Ledgley Park,, Mr. James grazier.-Mary, youngest daughter of Mr. M‘Stay, 26, youngest, son of Mr. M.Stay, of John Porter. -Mr. Cox, of the Boston loçad Stony Stratford; a very worthy young man, militia.

and his loss is much lamented by his friends. In the parish of All Saints, Stamford, Geo

WARWICKSHIRE. Bindby Sancman, 70. He is supposed to Married.) At Kislingbury, Mr. Davis, have left considerable property.

baker, to Miss Martha Blewett, of Duston, At Stamford, Mr. Thomas Hickham, gra- near Northampton. zier.-William Jackson, esq banker, 41.- At Little Burton, Mr. James Barrs, to Mr. John Tuynton, of Sutton Marsh, farnier Miss Adcock, of Burbage, Leicestershire. and grazier

At Solihull, Mr. John Brookes, of Bente Ac Thorpe, Mr. Charles, farmer.

ley Heath, to Miss Foxhall, of Packwood. At Greatford, Thomas Bowner, esq. of At Wolverhampton, Mr Elliage, mer. Retford'.

chant, to Miss Barber. At Burton-upon-Humber, Mr. Robert Hat- At Handsworth, Mr. William Murdock, tersley, 40.

of the Soho, to Miss Chamberlain. At Stockwith, near Gainsborough, Mr. W. At Berkswell, Mr. Matthews, boot. Dunting, farmer, 75.

maker, of Coventry, to Miss Hands, of the At Sutterton, near Boston, Mr. William former place. Challans, parish clerk, 73.

Died.] At Warwick, the Rev. Charles At Lincoln, Mr. Tally, late surveyor of Blount, 74. His loss will be severely felt, navigations.

not only by the poor catholics of this town At Croft, Mr. S. Salter, 79, many years and neighbourhood, but also by chose of all master of the Skigness Hotel.

other persuasions.--Mrs. Muir, aged 87, and Ac Spilsby, Mrs. Atkinson.

mother of Mrs. Hall, of the Warwick Arms At Killingholme, Mr. Nathaniel Cliff, 67. iun, of this town. LEICESTERSHIRE.

At Birmingham, Mr. Rice Pritchitt, 25. Married.] Ac Leicester, Mr. B. P. Penn, At Coventry, Mr. Eglington, of Warwick surgeon, to Mrs. Bradsworth, relict of the late Row. Mr. Brown, of Little Park.street, Mr. B. of the South Gates. --Mr. Higginson, Mrs. Ball, wife of Mr. Ball, builder. Market-place, to Miss Sykes, of Scrapto, t.The Rev. B. Maddock, A.B. of Cambridge, Married ] At Newport, John Clarke, esq. to Miss Walker.

of Wigston Hall, Leicestershire, to Aliss Bad, At Ingersby, Mr. Carver, to Miss E. Simp dely, daughter of Thomas Baudely, esq. kin, of Little Glen.

At Hathern, Mr. Lowe, joiner, to Miss At the New Lodge, Mr. Pratt, to Miss
Anu Davenport, of that place.

Summers, of Bridgnorth.
at Ashby, Mr. W. S. Wallis, grazier, to Át Madgley, Mr. Morley, of the Three
Miss Ann Benson, of Water Newton, Bucks. Tuns, Iron Bridge, to Mrs. Rushton.
At Thurmaston, Mr. Pollard, licensed

At Coalbrookdale, Mr. Thomas Graham, teacher, to Miss Harrison.

to Miss Elizabeth Ogden.
At Little Ashby, Mr. Stevenson, to Miss At Kerley, Mr. James Carter, to Miss

Nory, of Homer.
At Loughborougli, Mr. James Hinde, to At Diddlebury, Mr. Williams, of Cul.
Miss Sarah Sper cer.

mington, to Mrs. Wilcox.
At Snareston, George Moore, jun. esq. of Died.] At Shiftnall, Mrs. Sarah Sla,
Appleby, to Niss Drummond, of the former ney, 69.

At Shrewsbury, Mrs. Williams, of the
Died ] At Leicester, Mrs. Davie, of the Half Moon inn.
Church Gate.-Richard Stephens, esq. 65. At Eardiston, near Oswestry,Mr. Pugh,79.

At Loughborough, Mr. Hopkins, of the At Oswestry, Mr. Redrobe, of the Star
Bull's Head

inn.The Rev. Joseph Venables.






deric Augustus Berkeley, Viscount Dursley, Married.) At Worcester, Sir William Pole, and Baron Berkeley, lord-lieutenant of this of Sute, bart to Miss Charlotte Frazer.- Tohn County,colonel of the South Gloucester militia, Little, esq. of the 36th regiment, to Miss and high steward of the city of Glocester. Mary Raeester, of St. John's, near this city.- At Cheltenham, Mr. Seward. John Drakeley, esq. aged 52, formerly of Market Busworch.

The expectation of a most numerous and Died.] At Worcester Mrs. Wilson, wife of distinguished body of visitors to this UniverMr. W. late of the Pack Horse, in this city. sity, on occasion of the first public reception

At Great Comberton, Mrs. Middleton, re- of a nobleman' so eminently distinguished lict of Thomas Middleton.

both as a scholar ard a statesman as Lord Ac Spetchley, near Worcester, Ann Taylor, Grenville, was abundantly fulfilled. So at the extraordinary age of 114 years. The carly as Saturday June 30th, and Sunday only record she possessed of her surprising July 1st, visitors were pouring into the town; longevity was her memory, which, together and during the whole of Monday the roads with her health, remained unimpaired till leading to Oxford in every direction were wiibin a few days of her death.

thronged with carriages. The Marquis and

Marchioness of Buckingham, Earl Temple, Married.] At Hereford, Mr. Robert Minton, Lord George and Lady Mary Grenville, to Miss Mary Gwillym.

arrived at the house of ther Pincipal of Died.) At Homen, neai Hereford, deeply Brasenose college on Monday morning; and regretted by all who knew him, William in the evening of the same day the Noble Griffiths, esq. many years an eminent proctor Chancellor arrived at the lodgings of the of this place.

Vice-Chancellor, at Baliol. college. At Blakemere, aged 77, Mr. T. Elliot, Tuesday, July 3. --At nine o'clock this The goodness of his heart, and his generous morning the gates of the theatre were and upright conduct in lie, will render his opened; and owing to the highly careful and loss irretrievable' to all who were acquainted judicious arrangements adspied for the acwith bis hospitable and liberal disposition. commodation of company, not the slightest At Leominster, Mrs. Heritage, wite of Mr. accident occurred. The pressure

at the James H.-Mr. W. Turner. --Mr. Benjamin doors was exceedingly great, and several Wilson, shopkeeper, 90.

hundreds, both otladies and gentlemen, were At Hereford, Mrs. Pendry, wife of Mr. ultimately obliged to retire, disappointed in P. late of the King's Head inn. ---Mr. Pem- their endeavours to obtain a seat. Abouc ter, sadler, 71.

ten, Sir Sidney Smith, in a full dress na. At Nenchurch, Mr. T. Deykes.

vai uniform, entered the theatre ; and, as

soon as his person was recognized, the intreMarried.] At Stone, George Bonne, esq. pid admiral was conducted to a seat, amidst of the 85th fuct, late of Skendleby Thorpe, the long and loudest bursts of cordial approÎn Lincolnshire, to Mrs. Bulkeley, only daugh. barion. At eleven, the Chancellor, accomter of the late William Paty, esq. of Bristol. panied by the Vice Chancellor, by-all the

At Pucklechurch, the Rev. Jolin Whitting. heads of houses, by the Doctors, the Proc. too, rector of Coid Ashton, to Elizabeth, tors, the Professor of Poetry, and a long zelict of John Keinekee Kater, esq. late of train of aub.lity, walked in grand procession Bristol.

from the house of the vice-chancellor at At Bitton, Mr. James Bywood, aged 75, to Baliol college, to the theatre, where the Miss Ruth Brain, aged 81.

noble lord and his academical friends were Ded.) At Nailsworth, Mr. J. P. Wesley, greeted with the most sapturous applause. lale of Shepton Mallet.

After the accustomed, ceremonies had taken At Stonehouse, Mrs. Broughton, relict of place, the chancellor opened the convocation, Mr. B. late an eminent clothier, of Shipton and then conferred the honorary degree of Mallet.

D.C.L. upon the following noble and distin. At Malmsbury, Mr. Macdonald, of the guished personages, who were introduced by Greyhound Inn, who was suffocated by the Joseph Phillimore, esq. Professor of Law: Apure air in one of his own casks.

The Duke of Somerset; Marquisses of At Cirencester, Mrs. Bevir, wife of Mr. G. Buckingham, Downshire, and Ely; Edris of E. solicitor, 72.-B. Ward, esq. formerly & Essex, Abingdon, Jersey, Fortescue, Caryscollector of excise.

fort, and Temple; Viscounts Bulkeley and At Filton, Mrs. Brown, wife of Mr. B. of Carleton; Lords Braybrook, Cawdor, and the Anchor.

Carrington; the Right Hon. Wm. Wickham, At Clifton, Miss Charlotte Buchanan, George Tierney, and Wm. Elliot; Sirs Wrn. daughter of lieutenant-colonel B.-Mrs. De Drummond, john Newport, and hn Anicell, wife of R. B. D. esqo--- Jeremiah Hill, struther, barts. ; and Mr. Fagel, late Gressire,

of the United Provinces. The speech in At Newent, Mrs. Bower, wife of John commemoration of all the benefactors to the Bower, esq.

University was then delivered by the Rev. At Berkeley Castle, in bis 65th year, Free Wm. Crowe, LL. 6. and Public Orator of the




University: his oration was dedicated to a of the Grenville family, and all the other succinct, but highly interesting, review of noble visitors in the town. the preceding chancellors in this University ; Wednesday, July 4.- About half-past nine and terminated in a strong and well-merited this morning, Lord Chancellor Grenville, eulogium on the public and private virtues, accompanied by the vice-chancellor, and the political probity, the statesman-like qua. preceded by the beadles, went from Baliol lifications, and the classical as:quirements, of college to the Delegates' room, where the the present illustrious chancellor. The heads of houses and proctors were in waiting. compositions to which the chancellor's prizes Walking from hence to the Radcliffe library, had been awarded were then recited in the his lurdship joined the nobility, the Goverfollowing order :

The Latin Verses, nors of the Infirmary, and other gentlemen, " Pyramides Ægyptiacze," by Nir. John and went in full procession to St. Mary's Taylor Coleridge, scholar of Corpus Christi church, where divine service, with a very coiiege. The English Essay, “What are the large choir, was performed, during the course. Arts, in the cultivation of which the Mo. of which were introduced the Te Deum and derns have been less successful than the Benedictus, by Orlando Gibbons ; the Ancients ?" by Mr. Richard Whately, B.A. Anthem, “ Blessed is he;" and " to swell" of Oriel college. The Latin Essay, “In still more the “notes of praise," additional Philosophia, quæ de Vita et Moribus est, were given by Jessrs. Knyvett, illustrandas quænam præcipue Sermonum Vaughan, Braham, and Bartleman. ImmediSocraticorum fuit excellentia?" by Mr. ately before the sermon, the old 100th John Miller, B. A. scholar of Worcester Psalm, with accompaniments by Dr. Crotch, college. Sir Ruger Newdigate's prize : was introduced; and then the Rev. Ds.. English Verse, " The Statue of the Dying Howley, canon of Christ-church and Regius Gladiator," by Mr. G. R. Chinnery, student Professor of Divinity, delivered a most admi. of Christ church. Each of the compositions rable discourse for the benefit of the linfirwas, in the highest degree, creditable to the mary. The collection at the church-doors accomplishments of its respective author, amounted to 2491. 145. 61. After church, and they were, individually, honoured by the chancellor retired tu Baliol college, reiterated bursts of applause. An Ode, com- where he held a public levee : and about pored on the occasion, by the Professor of three o'clock, accompanied by a select party Poetry, and set to music by Dr. Crotch, of nobility, and the gorenors of the Radclitie then commenced with a recitative and air Infirmary, proceeded to the Town Hall, from Mr. Partleman. Mrs. Bianchi and Mr. where his lordship was received with the Braham had also solos allotted them, which most lively tokens of respect, and partook of they executed with their usual stile of excel. an elegant entertainment. In the evening lence. The chorusses were grand, and the Ds. Crotch again conducted a grand Musical whole was rapturously applauded. About Concert, and the “ full melody of song" &wo o'clock the noble chancellor dissolved the was poured forth tu an enraptured and nose convocation, and was afterwards magni numerous audience. ficently entertained by the vice-chancellor in Tbursday, July 5.-By the very provident the hall of Baliol college, where he was and delicate arrangement of the Rev. the met by the heads of the houses, the proctors, Provost of Worcester, and the Rev. the the young nubiliry of the university, and President of St. John's college, the doors of the whole number of thuse distinguished the theatre were thrown open this morning personages upon whom the honorary degree at half.past eight, for the admission of ladies of D.C.L. had been conterred. About five exclusively; who were thus enabled, undes in tlie evening the doors of the theatre were the direction of the above-named gentlemen, again thrown ofen for the grand musical (who are the curators of the theatre,) to festival, intended to commemorate the first select and take their seats without the incon. public reception of the illustrious chancellor; venience of any pressure or crowd. Gentle. ard, in a short time, every part of that struc- men were subsequently admitted, and the ture was filled by ladies and gentlemien of theatre was thronged in every corner, when the first distinction. There is, perhaps, no about ten the chancellor, attended by the building in Europe better accommodated for nobility, heads of houses, and the whole tie advantageous display of a large assembly; train of those illustrious personages who, oni and on the present occasion the theatre, the preceding day, had been complimented studded to the very top with beauty, vank, with the honorary degree of D.C.L. entered and fashion, presented a most striking and the theatre in their court dresses and scarlet briliant

coup ď æil. The performers, both robes, and were welcomed with every demon. vocal and instrumental, acquitted themselves tion respect and approbation. The to the entire satisfaction of their audience; noble chancellot then opened the business of and, in a reusion, Madame Catalani electric convocation with his accustomed dignity, and fied the assembly by singing, in her unrivalled conferred the honorary degree of D.C.L.

"God save the King.” In the upon the following noblemen and gentlemen, evening a subscription ball was given at the who were all introduced by Dr. Phillimore, Town-hall, and was attended by every tranch Professor of Law: Lord Viscount Hawar. den, Hon. Rich. Neville, M.P. Hon. W. H. Friday, July 6 –The doors of the theatre Lyttleton, MP. Hon. Jas. Abercromby, were this morning chrown open at half.past M.P. Sirs Cecil Bishopp, William Pole, eight for the accom raudation of the ladies, and George Clerke, Steplien Glynn, Richard access was afterwards given to the gentlemen. Brooke, Oswald Mosely, and James M. The building was completely thronged, and Strong, barts.; Rear Adm. Sir W. Sidney at ten the chancellor proceeded from the Smich, knt. Sir C. E. Carrington, knt. Rcar. Divinity School, and with the whole traina Adm. J. G. Manley; William Cavendish, of nobility, heads of houses, doctors, and C. W. w. Wyno,



Wm.. Lowndes, John proctors, arrayed as usual in their superb Leach, Daniel Giles, W. H. Freemantle, habiliments, entered the theatre, and was Pascoe Grenfell, R. W. H. Vyse, Wm. enthusiastically received by the august and Holmes, and Joseph Halsey, esqrs. and crowded assemblyIlis lordship then openMembers of Parliament. In presenting Sired, with the accustomed formalities, the Sidney Smith, Dr. Phillimore burst out into business of convocation, and then conferred an animated ailusion to the high and heroic upon the following personages the honorary achievements of this extraordinary man, and, degree of D.C.I.. Lord Viscount Duncana in'an espezial manner, celebrated the unpa- . non ; Lord George Grenville; Sir Edward ralleled dispiay of valour with which he Knatchbull; Siss J. Craufori, and M. defended the fortress of Acre, in spite of all Cholmeley, barts.; W. R. Spencer, 'T. Tyrthe machinations of him who is at once the whitt, M.P. Wm. Taylor, M. P. Albany scorn and the scourge of Europe. To C. W. Saville, M. P. H. C. Cotton, H. W. W. Wynne, esq. the learned Professor also paid Wynne, George Hammond, Benjamin Gar. a well-merited tribute of approbation, and like, W. H. Ashhurst, F. T. H. Foster, T. F. eulogized those talents and that great know- . Freemantle, (Capt. R. N.) G. J. Legh, w. ledge of the laws of his country, of which Hanbury, P. C. Bruce, Samuel Kekewich, Mr. Wynne has lately given so striking a Thomas Schutz, J. E Liebenrood, T. S. Hor. proof in a well-known and highly-extolled ner, and Edwerd Grove, esqrs. The followpublication upon the independence and pri. ing gentlemen, Graduates of the University vileges of Parliament. Dr. Phillimore was of Cambridge, were also admitted ad eundcin, also peculiarly happy in the introduction of viz. Rev. F. Huggit, D.D. Charles Peers, esq. Mr. Abercrombie, as the son of the veteran M.A. Rev. P. Luckie, M.A. Rev. W. Ro." hero who conquered and fell lamented on binson, M.A. Rev. R. Kennedy, M.A. The the plains of Egypt. The gallant Admiral honorary degree of M.A. Was also conferred Sip Sidney wore bis doctor's robes over a full upon Charles Cumming, A. J. E. Cresswell, dress naval uniform; and both during his W. Whitred, II. R. Willet, and E. L. Charlentrance, and his exit from the theatre, was ton, esqrs.

The laudatory and poetical most rapturously applauded. The poetical compositions in honour of the celebrity were exercises in honour of Lord Grenville's In. then re-commenced, and recited in the fol. stallation were then recited in the following lowing succession: Mr. Smith, Magdalen; order : Mr. Chinnery, Christ-church ; Earl Mr. Cleaver, Christ-church; Mr. Fowie, Delewarr, Brasenose; Mr. Rogers, Oriel; Mr. Merton; Hon. Mr. Eden, Christ-church; Mr. Rawnsley, Exeter; Mr. Gregson, Brasenose; Crowe, Wadham; Mr. Hornby, Brasenose ; Mr. Mills, Magdalen; Hon. Mr Campbell, Mr. Oakley, Christ-church; Mr. Short, Tris Christ-church; Mr. Keble, Corpus Christi; nity; Mr. Starkie, Brasenose; Hon. W. BaMr. Poulter, New college; Mr. Randal, thurst, Christ-church; M. Bartholomew, C. Trinity; Mr. C. Bachursi, Christ-church; C. C.; Hon. Mr. Vane, Brasenose; Mr. Swete, Me. Bill, Oriel; Mr. Richards, Jesus; Lord Oriel; Earl of Clare, Christ-Church. Eacke Apsley, Christ-church. The several coin- of the composicions was highly creditable to positions evinced great taste and discrimina. the taste and talents of the respective tion, and were much admired and universally authors, and was delivered with a distinctness applauded: after they had been heard, che of enunciation, and a fullness of tone, emia chancellor dissolved the convocation. At nently well suited to the dignity of the subthree o'clock the chancellor, attended by the ject. When the noble chancellor dissolved whole tady of illustrious personages in the the convocation, he retired to Baliol college, Unjversity, were entertained with a most and again held a public levee, which was magnificent banquet in the grand Hall of numerously attended by his lordship's acade. Christ church, where, upon his lordship's mical friends. At three o'clock his lordship arrival at the high table, he was welcomed proceeded to Brase nose college, where he was and congratulated in a most eloquent Latin met by a large train of nobility, and other oracion, delivered by the Rev. Wm. Coneyillustrious personages; all of whom immedibeare, M.A. student of the college, and pro- ately sat down to a most sumptuous eniere fessor of Anglo-Saxon Literature in the Uni. tainment furnished with every delicacy in versity. The Dean of Christ church presided

In the evening a fourth grand muat the entertainment. A third grand Musical sical festival was performed in the cheatre, Festival, to a very numerous and splendid and the whole of the celebrated band, both audience, closed the ceremonies of this day. vocal and instrumental, gave universal and




of a


Miss Rogers.



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unqualified satisfaction to the judges and ingham, à distance of 24 miles from
admirers of music. The same evening the Oxford.
Town-hall was 'again fitted up for a subscrip. Died.] At Oxford, aged 58, the Rev. Charles
ziun ball, and at an early hour the room was Davis, M.A. vicar of Sutton Bingen, near
honoured with an overflow of beauty, rank, Chippenham, Wilts. --Mr. Samuel Carson,
and fashion. Immediately after the pre- wine-merchant, 72.
sentation of the gentlemen to degrees this At Wolvercott, Mrs. Elizabeth Lock, 67.
morning, and just as the assembly had At Great Haseley, Mrs. Horner, many
turned to the rostrum, where the first public years housekeeper to the late John Blacka
speaker of the day had advanced to deliver all, esq.
his composition, Mr. Sheridan was discerned At Islip, Mr. Jacob Peake, farmer, 62.
in the area. The shouts of applause, the At Bletchington, Mrs. Busby: to.a na-
huzzas, the cries of “ Sberidan! Sheridan! turally mild and amiable disposicion she ad-
and seat! a seat! degree ! degree !" &c. that ded all those virtues which adorn a true
ensuet, it is impossible to describe. The Christian.
cumuit of high acclaim lasted for upwards
of ten minutes, during which period this In the gardens of W. Penn, esq. of Stoke
esteemed favourite of the people enjoyed the Green, in this county, is a most beautiful
stiil greater satisfaction of hearing the loudest alue, now in full bloom, whicli is remarkable
testimony of approbation from an enlight- from this shrub being in flower only once in
ened assembly. Academic honours, how the space century.
ever, are not the result of general feeling or Married.] Ar Leighton, Mr. Charles Fre.
acclamation: they rest on the cold basis of derick York, of Oundle, to Miss Ann New-
turm, and the wishes of this unanimous thea- som, of the former place.

were, in this instance, disappointed. At Hanslop, Mr. Godwin, surgeon, to
The vice-chancelior waved his cap, and
silence was obtained. Mr. Smith (the first Died.] At lowersey, Mr. Frances Ludlow,
8&utleman in the rostrum) then

84. menced; but, alas! for order, his poem began with these words, “ Genius or Muse,"

Married.] George Birch, esq. of Blakenand it was impossible to prevent the renewal hali, to Miss Cockayne, of [ckleford House. of the ebullition they again occasioned. The

Died.) At his brother's house, at Hadham, name of Sheridan, so nearly and so clearly Richard Stanley, esq. recorder of Hertford, and allied to "genius and the muse," now flowed

a bencher of the Isiner Temple; a gentleman even from tongues that had been before universally beloved and respected by all who silent; and the effect, like the electric spark, knew him. communicated itself to every surrounding body. The shouts, the hails, the most

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. gratifying tributes of applause, were repeated Married.] At Tiffield, Mr. Cornelius Gud. with ten-fold ardour; and it was not till this geon, farmer, to Miss Alice Love. great orator and singularly.gifted man was At Towcester, Mr. White, master of the conducted to a seat in the elevated semicircle grammar-school, to Miss Collins. amongst the doctors, that the formal business

At Northampton, Mr. Samuel Dickens, of of the convocation could proceed. Saturday Old Lodge, to Miss Margaret Gordon, of the morning the chancellor paid his respects to former place. the heads of houses and members of convoca- At Twywell, Mr. Thomas Knight, farmer, tion at their respective colleges and Halls, to Miss Johnson, of Deeping St. James's. and in the evening left Oxford on his return

At Peterborough, Mr. Charles Fux, to to Dropmore. Thas ended the first appear- Miss Ross. ance of Lord Grenville as Chancellor of

Died.) At Carlton, much regretted by all Oxford. Throughout the period no who knew her, Barbara Cacherine, only could have supported the elevated station daughter of Sir John Palmer, bart, of that with more dignity and grace.

To every place. youthful speaker he paia che most sixed

At Northampton, Mrs. Stevenson, widow of attention; and, if appearances may be judged the Rev. Joseph S. Mr. F. Osborn, son of from, Oxford in bim has the tairest chance Mr. Alderman O. of the Peacock Inn.-Mr. of finding a munificent patron, an anxious William Main, formerly of Spralton. guardian, and a stedfast friend. At half past At Daventry, Andrew Mieres, esq. on Saturday afternoon, Mr. Sadler

Ac Maidwell, Mr. Edmund Bland, 85. ascended in his balloon from Merton Mea

At Tosapston, Mr. Lewis Robert Tookey, dows, amidst the acclamations of an im. surgeon ; he died universally respected. mense concourse of spectators, assembled

At Oundle, Mrs. Elizabeth Saunt, baker. from all parts of the surrounding country.

HUNTINGDONSHIRE. It was visible for a considerable time ; and, after a voyage of about an hour and a half, Married. I At St. Neot's, I. G. Howdescended in safety within a mile and a half ard, ot Bunwill, Nurfolk, Lo Miss Gorham, of of Stowe, the seat of the Marquis of Buck. che former place.


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