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especial service, but also because a formal curse has been often pronounced against its spoliators, that evil must necessarily wait upon those who possess it. In the Appendix, a specimen of such a curse is given, and a very pretty specimen of a sacred rite it is. But now listen to the following reasoning: p. lxv. “But, granting what we deny, granting that a curse cannot be pronounced without sin : we yet assert, that an imprecation, thus pronounced, may bring misery on those against whom it is directed. For this is in complete analogy with the rest of God's dealings with mankind. “ Thou shalt do no murder," is the command. Yet, if we disobey it, what then? God will not interfere with a miracle to protect the life of an enemy. “ Speak every man truth with his neighbour,” is the injunction : yet God will often permit the success of a lie. Even perjury has frequently gone down to the grave unpunished.”

Balaam was wiser than this: “ How shall I curse, whom God hath not cursed :” and so was that poor born-blind man to whom as yet the Lord Jesus was not revealed. With him it was an in

maintain that even their imprecations may avail. Dark and confused indeed must be their minds, which see any analogy between God's permitting the sin that He condemns, and becoming Himself the minister of the sinner's blasphemy and wrath !

It seems scarcely possible to believe that the Editors of this production can be members of the Church of England—as many passages would seem to infer, as well as the Dedication to a professing member of our Church—especially, when we find their holding out this only possible comfort to the holders of ecclesias. tical property, which, however, they do not administer, viz. : “ If the Church, speaking by the mouth of the Pope, or of any other, has rescinded the curse it pronounced on church-violators, they have no more to fear from its ill effects. p. cxlii.

If these wholesale and anonymous slanderers could be exposed by you, or any of your correspondents, Mr. Editor, I conceive that you would be conferring a benefit on the public.

Your obedient Servant,

C. W. B.


SIR, Your eulogy of Mr. Trench's preaching in the last number of your admirable Review leads me to suspect that you may not have seen a volume of poems which have issued from his pen, and which have been animadverted upon with just severity by a correspondent of “the Achill Herald. I will extract a portion of the letter I refer to, with the sentiments of which I cannot but think you will thoroughly coneur.

“I hardly know a more humiliating spectacle than to contemplate men of Mr. Trench's talents and learning occupied in retailing at second-hand the anile puerilities of the middle ages and the Breviary; nor can I account for it otherwise than by the awful supposition of judicial blindness by which the heart, which once learns to look with complacency on Romish blasphemies, is more and more turned away from the truth, and turned unto fables. A few passages from Mr. Trench's poems will convince the reader that this criticism is not more severe than just. One of these poems is called “Genoveva," the story of which may be told in few words. She lived, it should seem, in the middle ages, and was married to a count, who was soon afterwards called to the wars. In his absence his faithful wife was slandered by a villain, and in consequence sent out to perish in a forest. How she was relieved in her distress, the following extract will shew :

Mourned this painful hermitess
Of the lonely wilderness;
Lonely kneeling, mourned one day,
Did with eyes uplifted pray,
In a trance-like agony
Sunken ;-when she seemed to see,
From that bright superior coast,
One of that angelic host
Stooping tow'rd her: awful fear
In his visage did appear,
And his front was bent before
That which in his hand he bore :
Only hands of angels aught,
Lovely as that cross had wrought,
With the image there suspended,
In which love and death contended-
And this cross he reached to her,
This angelic comforter:
And her agony beguiled
With these soothing words and mild :-
Genoveva, take thou this,
Take it for the boon it is,
Choicest blessing, costliest boon
That God's treasure-house doth own;

Gift He keepeth for his friends,
And to thee at this time sends.
Hither be thy glances sent
When thy soul with pangs is rent:
Set on this thine eyes and heart
When impatient movements start:
This shall as a shield repel
All the fiery darts of hell;
This shall prove a golden key,

Heaven unlocking unto thee.'" This, together with other passages of a similar description, are worthy, as the Achill Herald's correspondent truly says, “to be held up to the scorn and indignation of the Christian public;" and, whatever may be the merits of Mr. T.'s Hulsean Lectures, I cannot but think that the author of verses such as these, is no fit man to be Examining Chaplain to a Bishop, and Professor of Divinity in King's College, London.

It can hardly be supposed that the author of this poem would put doctrines such as these into an angel's lips, without meaning to intimate thereby that they are suited to those lips; and if such be his opinion, to what party in the Church does he belong ? and hor fearful to reflect that so many of our candidates for orders have to pass under his hands! Hoping that you will take some notice of these poems, I remain, yours faithfully, Woodrising Rectory, Norfolk.

ARTHUR ROBERTS. Dec. 11, 1846.

January, 1846.



Rev. A. GRANT, D.C.L., Vicar of Romford, and Prebendary of St. Paul's, to the Arch-

deaconry of St. Alban's.
Rev. E. CHURTON, Rector of Crayke, to be Archdeacon of Cleveland.


Value. Popul. Patron.

£ in1831.
Acland, P. L. Prebendary of Exeter
Alder, G.

Hurstbourne, Tarrant, v. 370 1557 Preb. of Sarum.
Armstrong, J. Dinder, Preg. and R. 184 248 Bp. of Bath & Wells.
Bastard, J. II. Her Majesty's ship Terrible
Beresford, J. J. St. Andrew, v. Whittlesea

6774 Lord Chancellor.
Bignold, S. F. Tivetshall, R.

760 699 Earl of Orford.
Blakiston, R.
Ashington, R.

189 354 G. Wyndham, Esq.
Bousfield, w. Combe Longa, P.C.

605 Lincoln Coll. Oxf.
Bowles, F. A. Swallowcliffe, P.C.

282 Dn. of Heytesbury,
Brown, T. K. Easby, v.

92 771 Lord Chancellor.
Bunce, J. B.

H. Majesty's ship Endymion
Carlyon, E.
Lamerton, v.

344 1288 J. H.Tremayne, Esq.
Carlyon, F.
Mevagissey, v.

186 2310 E. of Mt. Edgecombe
Carwardine, T. W. Cavenham, v.

113 277 Lord Chancellor.
Chapinan, C.
Acrise, R.

171 207 Lord Chancellor.
Coghlan, Jas.
Markfield, R.

500 1203 Marq. of Hastings.
Colenso, J. W. Forncett, R.

979 974 Earl of Effingham.
Davies, J.
Elsecar, P.C.

- Earl Fitzwilliam.
Davies, A. G.

St. James, P.c. Dudley 200 - Vicar of Dudley.
Davies, C. G.
Tewkesbury, v.

313 5862 Lord Chancellor.
Dover, R. H.
Wilsden, P.C.

150 4598 Vicar of Bradford.
Dalton, C.B. St. Mary's, R. Lambeth 2316 41377 Abp. of Canterbury.
Drake, J.T.
Lower Malpas, R.

910 - T.1. Drake, Esq.
Duthie, A. H. Deal, R.

429 6688 Abp. of Canterbury.
Eden, W.
Bishopsbourne, R.

1240 334 Abp. of Canterbury.
Evans, J.
Llanbyther, v.

117 1120 Lord Chancellor.
Faithfull, F. J. Prebend in Lincoln
Fawcett, S. G. Eaton Socon, v.

2600 - Day, Esq.
Garrett, T.
Martock, v.

500 3451 Treasurer of Wells.
Gaskarth, I.
Lowick, P.C.

75 374 Miss Everard& others
Goldney, A.

East Pennard, v. with 1190 657 | Bishop of Bath &
West Bradley

116 Wells.
Gorham, G. C. St. Just in Penwith, v.

449 7047 Lord Chancellor.
Haughton, H. P. St. James, P.c. Bethnal Green
Hewson, F.

Christ Church, P.c. Nailsea 120 1100 Rector of Nailsea.
Hill, w.

Chap. of St. Oswald's Hospital, Worcester
Hodgkinson, G. C. Prirl. of Agricultural College, Cirencester
Holden, H.

Master of Uppingham School
Keymer, N.

Chap. to Hertford Infirmary
Ludlow, w.
Kirton in Holland, v.

304 2092 Mercers' Company.
Lukis, w.c. East Grafton, P.C.

120 1019 Vicar of Gt. Bedwin.
Maunder, C.

Holy Trinity, P.C. Bitton 150 4542 Preb. of Bitton.
Moore, J.

Her Majesty's ship Trafalgar
Otter, J.
Ludford Parvu, R.

119303 A. Boucherett.
Oxenden, C.
Barham, P.C.

1151 Abp. of Canterbury.
Paton, A.
Tuddenham St. Martin, v.

133 423 Mrs. Lillingston.
Postlethwaite, T.
Witherslack, P.C.

140 489 Trs. of Barwick's

Preedy, W. T. Blackpool, P.C.

200 840 Trustees.
Slight, J. G.

Master of Manchester Commercial School
Thompson, J. Her Majesty's ship Alligator
Thynne, Lord C. Canon of Canterbury
Turner, G. F. St. Lawrence, R. Exeter

90 641 Lord Chancellor.




Atkinson, H.

Burdwood, C.

Calthrop, J.
D'Oyly, G.
George, W. H.
Mundy, F.
Saul, Jos.
Say, T. E.
Todd, H. J.


Value. Popul. Patron.

£ in 1831 Wacton, R.


262 E. Burroughes, Esq. Crost wight, R.

66 69 M. Shephard, Esq. Chaplain of Naval Hospital,

Gosberton, v.

130 2120 D. & C. of Lincoln. Lambeth, R.

2316 41377 Abp. of Canterbury. Sundridge, R.

615 1254 Abp. of Canterbury. Spaxton, R.

594 1002 Rev. W. H. George. Winston, R.

557 293 Bp. of Durham. Trinity, P.c. Warrington. 130

T. Legh, Esq.
Braughin, v.

192 1358 Rev. W. Tower. Hatley, R.


136 T. Quinton, Esq.
Archdeacon of Cleveland,
Chaplain to the Queen
Settrington, R.

1045 741 Css. of Bridgewater. Chettle, R.

180 129 H. Chambers, Esq. Farnham, R.

149 117 Lord Chancellor. West Coker, R.

467 1046 T. M. Leir, Esq.

West, J.
Wilmer, T. G.


Dec. 6.-In a Congregation holden on H. S. Disbrowe, University coll.
Thursday last, the following degrees were E. G. Edwards, Magdalen hall.
conferred :

J. Earle, Magdalen hall.
Doctor IX Civil LAW.

A. Gray, University coll.
Rev. J. P. Parkinson, Magdalen coll. E. T. Harper, Pembroke coll.

S. J. Hulme, Wadham coll. Rev. T. Butler, Magdalen coll.

C. H. Hutchinson, Exeter coll. Rev. F. Reyroux, St. Edmund hall.

T. W. S. Langdon, Pembroke coll.
Rev. J. Sandford, Balliol coll.

J. E. Millard, Magdalen coll.

W.G. Mount, Balliol coll.
Jon. Dawson, Exeter coll.

P. Onslow, Exeter coll. Rev. S. Holmes, Magdalen hall.

E. Palmer, Balliol coll. Rev. C. F. Lowder, Exeter coll.

J. Pascoe, Exeter coll. E. W. Oswell, Christ Church.

Rev. R. C. Powles, Exeter coll. C. S. Slocock, Trinity coll.

S. Rogers, Exeter coll. Rev. W. Tancred, Christ Church.

G. H. Sumner, Balliol coll. Rev. T. H. Woodroofe, St. Edmund hall. C. Telford, Christ Church. BACHELORS OF ARTS,

H. M. Wilkins, Trinity coll. E. Armitage, University coll.

W. Willes, Balliol coll. G. Butler, Exeter coll.

BACHELOR OF MUSIC. T. W. Cleare, Exeter coll.

E. Redhead, Magdalen coll.

CAMBRIDGE. Nov. 29.--At a congregation holden on

BACHELORS OF ARTS. Wednesday last, the following degrees T. D. Dove, Emmanuel coll. were conferred :

G. S. Gamble, Downing coll.

J. Jones, Queen's coll.
C. Badham, Emmanuel coll.

Dec. 13.-At a congregation R. Firmin, Clare hall.

nesday last, the following degrees were W. C. Osborn, St. John's coll.

conferred : J. J. Ramsay, Pembroke coll.


B. E. Metcalf, Sidney Sussex coll.
A. H. Novelli, Trinity coll.

BACHELOR IN Civil LAW. F. W. Wheatley, Downing coll.

W. Seymour, Trinity hall.

on Wed

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