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used in the Congregations of the Diocese of New1ork during the continuance of danger from the Cholera Morbus, immediately before the General Thanksgiving, at Morning and Evening Prayer.

Most Gracious Father and God, who hast promised for. giveness of sins to all those who with hearty repentance and true faith turn to thee, look down, we beseech thee, from heaven thy dwelling place, upon us thy unworty servants, who, under an awful apprehension of thy judgments, and a deep conviction of our sinfulness, prostrate ourselves before thee. We acknowledge it to be of thy goodnese alone, that, whilst thou hast visited other nations with pestilence, thou hast so long spared us. Have pity, O Lord, have pity upon us. Withdraw thy heavy hand from those who are suffering under thy judgments, and arrest the grie Vous calamity with which other people have been scourged, and against which our only security is in thy compassion.— We confess, with shame and contrition, that in the pride and hardness of our hearts, we have shown ourselves unthankful for thy mercies, and have followed our own inclinations instead of thy hely laws: yet, O merciful Father, suffer not thy destroying angel to lift up his hand against us, but keep us in health and safety; and grant, that, being warned by the sufferings of others to repent of our sins, we may be preserved from all evil by thy mighty protec tion, and enjoy the continuance of thy mercy and grace, through the merits of our only Mediator and Advocate, JESUS CHRIST. Amen.


O, ALMIGHTY GOD, who by the many instances of mortality which encompass us on every side, and by the warning, now especially urged upon us, of our exposure to tho sudden stroke of death, dost call upon us seriously to consider the shortness of our time here upon earth, and remindest us that in the midst of life we are in death, so teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. Give us grace to turn unto thee with timely repen. tance, and thus to obtain, through the merits of our Saviour, that pardon to-day, for which, to-morrow, it may be too late to seek; that so being strangthened by thy good SPIRIT against the terrors of death, and daily advancing in godliness, we may at all times be ready to give up our souls into thy hands, O gracious Father, in the hope of a blessed immortality, through the mediation and for the merits of JESUS CHRIST Our Lord. Amen.

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Mana Willery.


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