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This book pioneers the idea that Bible Prophecy (in this case the book of Revelation) can have more than one true fulfilment. While Protestant interpretors have said that there are dual or double fulfilments, it is very rarely taught on. Certainly there are plenty of examples in the Scripture which would build the case for multiple fulfilments.
Today, most people are viewing the different methods of interpreting prophecy (preterist, historicist and futurist) as mutually exclusive. However, Kett gives the foundation for taking a number of different interpretations as being concurrently correct. Teachings from this book are used by the Bible Protector ministry as part of a resurgence in this view of Bible prophecy.
What is amazing is that Kett had quite an insight into prophecies which quite a number of interpretors in the nineteenth century lacked. Even E. B. Elliott's work, which is highly regarded, would have been better if it regarded Kett's view more closely.

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