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Of the First PART.


Churches. I hat in all probability they are not Prophetical. The Thoughts of Interpreters thereupon.

Pag. 1 Chap. II. An Explication of the Vifion of the fanr.

living Creatures, and of thetwenty four Elders, contained in the fourth Chapter.

19 Chap. III, The Key of the Revelation. This book is no

other than a comment on what Daniel faith in the seventh Ch. of his Revelations, touching the fourth, Beast, and the fourth Monaroby.

28 Chap. IV. The System of the seven Seals, and these

ven Trumpets, that denote the great events, and

bring the World to its end. Chap. V. The Explication of the Vision of the fixe first Seals, according as it is in the futh Chapter of the Revelation.

44 Chap. VI. An Explication of the four firf Trumpets,

which are the five degrees of the fall of the Roman

Empire, or the Soveraignty of Rome.
Chap: VII. An Explication of the Visions of the fifile

andfixth Trumpet , wherein are seen the Empires
of the Saracens and






Chap. VIII. The Explication of the tent b Chapter of

the Revelation. Chap. IX. A short System of all the Events of the

Church, which are noted in tbe Apocalypse; and firft of all, an Epitome of the Chronology. 83 Chap.Xi A short System of the Evenis fore-told in

the Revelation, concerning the Church, as to the Historical part.

94 Chap. XI. Several things, tbat all are agreed on , in

reference to Antichrist, which will serve to clear up those wherein we are not agreed. Chap. XII. The Characters of Antichrist, which

we are not agreed about. The false Antichrist of the Papifts.

107 Chap. XIII. What are the true Charakters of the

Antichristian Empire. They are three; Tyranny, Idolatry, and great corruption of manners. That we must not look on Tyranny alone, as the fole Claracter of Antichrist.

119 Chap. XIV. That the three Characters of the Anti

christian Empire do perfectly agree to the Empire of the Papism. Proofs out of History and Prophecies. Reflections upon the Prophecy in the secondo Chapter of the second Epistle to the. Thessalonians,

and upon the end of the Roman Empire. 127 Chap. XV. An Explication of the Vision of the thir

teenth Chapter of the Revelation, and of the two

Beasts that appear therein. Chap. XVI. Tbe Explication of the seventeenth

Chapter of the Revelation, where the Empire of the Papism is plainly described. Chap. XVII

. Babylon in the seventeenth and eiglo. teenth Chapters of the Revelation is Roman-Antichristian and Papal , and not Rome Pagan.

163. Chap



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-- Chap. XVIII. More proofs, tbat the Charakters of

the Antichristian Empire do agree to the Papism.
A Proof
drawn from the fourth

Chapter of the firft.
Epistle of St. Paul to Timothy. The translation of
that passage

177 Chap. XIX. That the term of Apostacy , is not too

big to express the Papism by: tbat Apostacy fignifies Rebellion and Idolatry : why the H. Scripture uses such high words to describe the popish Idolatry; and higher

than those it makes use of to describe the Pagan Idolatry. Chap. XX. The deceiving Spirits which St. Paul peaksof, are Evil Spirits. The Dutrine of Dæmons is that Do&trine, that bath Dæmons for its Objects, and not that which hath Dæmons for its Authors. Tbereis a perfect conformity between the Theology and the Religion of tbe Heathens about Dæmons and, that of the Papism about

Saints and Angels, mediatony Spirits. 199 Chap. XXI. What is the Character of those, that

were to establish Idolatry in the Christian Religion. They are.Priests and Monks, Authors of the Laws of Celibacy, and of. Fasts. How

many fables and

fitions have been invented by these men seared in their consciences.

215 Chap. XXII. The Chara&ters af Antichrist in the

Papism, confirm'd by the great type of Antichrift, ;
Antiochus Epiphanes. That which is spoken li-
terally of this Antiochus, agrees mystically to the
Pope and the Papism.

228 Chap. XXIII. A notable Prophecy of the Mahu

zim, that Antichrist was to worship. The whole found admirably accomplisht in the Papism. What is the literal sense of the Prophecy with respect to,

Antiochus. An Explication of the beginning of the 6


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12th Chap. of Daniel applied to Antiochus and the Papism.

241 Chap. XXIV. In which are gather'd together 35.

Characters of Antichrist, that perfe&tly agree to the

Papism, and cannot agree to any but it. 255 Chap. XXV. How Antichrift came to be mistaken,

being so well Chara&terised in the Prophecies. A comparison of I. Christ and Antichrift in the accidental circumftances of their coming. 263

The Table of Chapters of

the Second Part.

Pag. 3

Chap... tichrift. A refutation of that dream,

F the duration of the Kingdom of An. that it muft last but three years and a balf. Ten Arguments which demonstrate that that supposition is

false and impoffible. Chap. II. The last Argument against the Chimara of

three years and half, taken from the time , during wbicb the Temple was prophan’d by Antiochus. Four quite different times set down for that in Daniels Prophecies. An Explication,anda reconciling of those four times.

An application of these four times to the Kingdom of Antichrift, and the ruin of that Kingdom. Chap. III. What the last times are. It doth not figni

fy the end of the World. There are many times with reference to the Church, and with reference to the World. If Antichrist muft reign 1260) come. Mahometanism is not Antichristianism.

-29 Chap


Oyears, he


Ghap. IV. Some Principles to discover, when the

Antichristian Empire began, and when it must end. Three Characters of that Empire , Idolatry, Pride, and corruption. That these three Characters began to appear in the fourth Age gand did infinite

ly encrease in the fifth. Chap. V. That we must look

for the point of the birth of Antichristianism in the fifth Age. It must end about the year 1710, or 1715.

48 2 Chap. VI. The circumstances of the fall of Anti

christ re-establisht in their order. An Explication of the fifteentle Chapter. Principles for the righi underftanding the fixteenth Chapter. Divers interpretations given of it, and their visible faults.

62 Chap. VII. An Explication of the three firft VIOLS,

and the three firft PLAGUES. Chap. VIII. The fourth plague; the encrease of the

heat of the Sun, denoting the encrease of the Papal Authority, which bad almost utterly ruin'd the World and the Church. The fifth plague is the desolation of ROME, when the Popë retreated to Avignon, and the diminution af the Papal Anthe

rity by the grand Schifmof the West. Chap. IX. The fixtb Plague are the Turks, who para

over the Bofphorus, and invade the Greek and Latin Empires. The three unclean spirits , which come out from the mouth of the false Propbet, are

the Papal Laws, armed with Excommunications. 31

97 Chap. X. The seventh Plague is the preaching of Lu

ther, and other Reformers, by which the Latin Church was divided into threepartsy Papifts, Lutherans, and Reformed,

216 Chap.



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