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Chap. XI. The Explication of the 14th Chapter. The

vision of the harvest, and the vintage: the barvest of the Reformation, made in the age last.paft; the vintage is the Reformation, which shall be made i this present age.

224 Chap. XII. The Explication of that part of the 11th

Chapter, where the last persecution made by Antichrist is fore-told , which is the present persecution in France. The death of the two witnesses, who shall not be buried, by means of the succòur brought by the enemies of France.

236 Chap. XIII. The resurrection of the two Witnefes.

The Reformation shall within a few years rise again in FRANCE: after that, it shall be establishi by Royal Authority. FRANC E shallrenounce

Popery, and that Kingdom shall bir converted.251 Chap. XIV. Observations upon the 17,18,19: Chapt.

of the Revelation concerning the fall of Antichrifts Kingdom.Abrief Methodizing of the events,which the H. Ghost bad displaced in the Vifions. 270 Chap. XV. The Reason why in this work we speak of fome things so positively. The linking together of our Principles, suffers us not to doubt, that

we now are at the end of the reign of the Papacy.

277 Chap. XVI. Of the thousand years reign. That in

all the past time, there is not a time to be found, wherein Satan bath been bonnd. Four beads of arguments to prove this reign. The first is, the fifth

Monarchy, so plainly promised to the Saints. 285 Chap. XVII. The second spring of Arguments to prove

the thousand years reign, is the reign promised to the lews. The promises made to them, have not been fulfilled, but must be. The conversion of St. Paul # Type of that of the whole Nation.

294 Chap. XVIII. The third Head of Argumenisforthic


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future Kingdom of Christ and the Church. So mani.

Prophecies which concern the compleat Vi&tories of

v. Christ, the Holiness of the Church, and its perfect - profperity, which have never get been'accomplisht.

312 Chap. XIX. The fourth Head of Arguments, for the

reign of a thousand years, are the Types. Four Types of this period; the Principal is the seventh day of the Creation, which is not an immediate Type of Eternal Reft , but of the Peace of the Church on

Earth. Chap. XX. The Type of the Creation bath not been

well explained: We must make a System of it. Prin ciples to establish that System ; the division of the duration of the Church into seven Periods į answe

ring to the seven days of the Creation. 326 Cháp. XXI. The Explication of the Mysteries figni

fied by the Chaos, by the Creation of Light, by the separation of the Waters, and by the Creation of the Plants. The first days of the Creation, and the thrée first Periods of the Church.

334 Chap. XXII. Explication of the Myfteries of the forr Last days of the Creation.

345 Chap. XXII. A farther Confirmation of the future

prosperity of the Church upon Earth. The 21 and 22. Chap of the Apocalypse interpreted : that in those Chapters the Clourch is described as vittoa rions upon Earth , and not as Triumphant in Heaven.

357 Chap. XXIV. The Characters of the Kingdom of

the Church. Eight are certain, and five doubtfulí. What shall happen after this Kingdom. What is meant by Gog and Magog. There shall probably be a leffer kind of Antichrist a little before the end of the World.

375 Chap

Chap. XXV. An Answer to the reasons of the

Anti-millinaries, against the Reign of a thensand years.


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Approaching Deliverance of



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Of the Establishment of the Antichristian

Empire, & it's Characters.

CHAP. I. of the Seven Epistles to the Seven Churches.

That in all probability they are not Prov phetical. The Thoughts of interpreters thereupon.

Hen I undertook this Work, I had no Design to make a compleat Commentary on that which is Prophetical in the Re

velations, as did appear in the first Edition : However, when I observed



The Table of Chapters.
Chap. XXV. An Answer to the reasons of the

Anti-millinaries, against the Reign of a thonfand


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