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Antichri. ? ftianilm,


Rulers of Sadom ; give ear unto the Law of our 3 God, ye people of Gomorrha. After which isaiah c falls not upon their Idolatry , but upon their cor

rupt manners. He reproaches them with nois thing but their injustice and violence. Lastly, Babylon signifies Idolatry. All do a-nities the

Babylon sig. igree, that Babylon was the fountain of all sorts Idolatry of

of Idolatry. "From Chaldea it spread it self over all the Earth : That is the fountain and spring of men, 'tis also of false Gods. 'As she was the first fountain , so she did continue the chief Seat of it. 'Twas there that was the most famous Temple, of țlię most infainous of all the Heather Divinities , viz. Venus the Goddess of profțitutions. And 'tis plain, that by way of allusion to this infamous Goddess, Spiritua!' Babylon is represented in the 17th of the Revelation, as a whore litting on a beast, and offering her self from on high to every comer. For Women did expose and prostitute themselves in the most vilible places of the Temple of thật Venus of B4bylon.

So ther, these are the three Characters , by Thefethree which the Antichristian Empire is represented to things Ty. us, in those places that speak of it. In the se- latry", and cond Chapter of the second Epistle to the Thef of manners salonians , the head of this Empire is called the we meet man of fin, and the son of perdition, i.e. utterly

the descrip. loft, and plunged'intoa mightysink of corruption ; tions of Behold Sodom. "Tis faid, that he should exalt Antichrift. himself above all that is called God, that he should fit in the Temple

of God, behaving himself as though he were God; Behold Egypt, pride and tyranny: ; His Religion is called a mystery of iniquity, and he is to establish it by signs and lying wonders; behold Idolatry, and behold Babylon. All the


with in all

Heathens called their Religion and their Cere-
monies by the name of Mysteries. Ceres had her
mysteries, Bacchus had his, and Venus of Baby-
lon had hers also; but these Mysteries were abo-
minable and idolatrous.
In the eleventh of the Revelation

this Ema pire is called a Gentilism, a Paganism. The outward Court is left to the 'Gentiles, for them to tread under foot for 42. months. Behold Babylon; behold Idolatry. By the prophaning of the outward Court, is also meant the corruption of man. ners; because the Heathens were wont to make

the Temples of their Idols, the place of their most P.7. filthy debauches. In the same Chapter it is said,

that the beast which comes out of the bottomless pit, shall make war with the Saints, and overcome them, and kill them. There is the tyranny and cruelty of Egypt.

In the two Visions of the 13th Chapter of the Revelation, this Antichristian Empire is represented as a Beast. In the first as a beast compounded of a Leopard, a Bear and a Lion, three cruel Beasts. This is to set forth its cruelty and tyranny, It is given to him to make war with the Saints, and to overcome them. Here again is Egypt, that oppresses the children of God, and makes a cruel war upon them. Men worship this Beast and the Dragon , that gave him his power. And they worshipped the Dragon, which gave power to the Beast, and they worshipped the Beaft. Behold Babylon, where a Dragon was worshipped, to which it may be the Holy Ghost alludes. Lastly, to this Beaff was given a mouth, Speaking great things, and blafphemies against God,

his Tabernacle, and them that dwellin Heaven; There is pride and idolatry,


bis Name,

men :

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The second Beast works great signs to seduce R04.13.14.

And deceiverb them that dwell upon the Earth, by ineans of those miracles, which he had power to do in sight of the beast. 'Tis therefore a false Prophet that works false Miracles, to cause his talle Gods to be worshipped. "Tis a Prophet of Babylon and of Idols. He causes all them to be killed, that do not worship the image of the beast. Its cruelty and tyranny makes this Empire a true Egypt.

In the 14! Chapter , 'tis said of this Babylon, that she made all nations drunk with the wine of the wrath of her fornications. They are her Idolatrics, that are so called. And in the 17th Chap. The is more largely described as a prostitute wo

arrayed in purple and scarlet colour , and decked with gold, and precious Stones and Pearls, having a golden Cup in her hand full of abaminations and filthiness of her fornication. And upon her fore-head was a name writien MYSTERY, i. e. Religion; and for the explication of this word Mystery, 'tis added, the mother of forné çations or idolatries; this is Babylon. She is also the mother of the abominations of the Earth; This is Sodom, whose corruption spreads it felt even to the end of the World. She makes her self drunk with the blood of the Saints., this is Egypt, 'tis cruelty and tyranny:

One cannot question whether these be the wherefoCharacters of the Babylonish Empire. But we must everthele carefully observe , that in all places of Christen- raders are dom where these Characters are found, the pride there is and tyranny of Egypt', the filth and abominations Antichriof Sodom, and the Idolatries of Babylon , there linisimo is the Antichrisian Empire, in whole or in part. confined And hereupon we muit conclude, that this Em-Empire of


pire the 'Peps

The Greek



pire is not confined to what we call the Papism, the Places subject to the Pope, the Latin Church. In the Greek Church there is Idolatry, there is

Babylon ; for there they invocate Saints, and part of Ba. worihip Images and Relicks. There is sodom;

for the corruption of manners there is great; and this corruption when the Eastern Church was not under the Turkish Cross , appeared much more than it doth at this day. Lastly, There is Egypt, for there were tyranny and pride in that Church The Patriarchs and Prelates of the East, in their time, and in their prosperity, carried themselves like Masters and Tyrants, though in that respect they did not go so high as the Bishop of Rome. The Greek Church did not separate from the Latin before the tenth Century; when the Latin Church was already become Sodom, by the horrible corruption of her manners ; Egypt by her Tyranny and Pride ; Babylon by her Idolatries. These two Churches made but one Body and one Babel. And we must not imagine, that the Greek Church by her separation became a ferusalem, seeing she retained the corruption of Babel.

But this doth not hinder, but that we may look Yet Rome for the capital of this Anti-christian Empire in ceaseth not Rome, and find the man of sin, the head of the head of the Babylonish Empire, in the Pope. The Greek Babylonish Churches, and those of the Eastern Communion Empire.

do no longer obey him. They are revolted Provinces, over which he pretends a right, and who indeed ought to obey bìm

, seeing they have

taken his mark and sign, which is Idolatry. The Pope always keeps his Titles , and as he preterids, he keeps his ancient rights over these separate Churches, calling himself the universal Bishop. Besides ; we mult consider all the Churches that


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have revolted from their obedience to God, as united under one spiritual head which is Satan; just in the same manner as Churches of different communions remain united under one fpiritual head, which is Iefus Christ, if they hold the fundamental Doctrines. In like manner the corrupt Societies are united under one spiritual head, which is the Devil , as far as they follow the Doctrine of Devils, which is Idolatry, though they are of different communions j yea; and excommunicate each other.

I therefore inake no scruple to affirm, that the Babylonish Empire is in all places , whereever tyranny, pride", corruption of worship man. ners' and Government mingled with Christianity are to be found. And that which I say in respect of places , must be extended to times also. ŠTis in those ages, where pride , tyranny, corruption of manners and idolatry, have been visibly establisht in the Church, that we must look for the birth and beginning of the Antichristian Empire. And in the process of this discourse, this observation will be usefullto us; to find out that which we principally seek for in this work, 3. e. the time where we are to begin the 1260. years, that are aligned for the duration of Antichristianism.

'Tis this chiefly , that hath caused our Inter- Mens mida
preters to be at a loss about the time of the birth ding no
of the Antichristian Empire. They have looked ta&ter but
only tô Tyranny, as if that were the only Cha- that of ty:
racter of this Empire. Monsieur du Plessis hath made them
made a great Book about it, with this Title The time of An-
Mystery of Iniquitx; in which he traces this Ty- tichrifts

ranny of the Church of Rome and the Popes, froin
its birth to its periection ; as if the Mystery of
Iniquity fignified nothing else : Whereas on the


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