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That Religion is an Apaltacy, because there is The Pa. in it Idolatry, prophaning of holy things, an in- pismis an

Aportacy. troduction of new Gods, and the abomination of Images set up in the Sanctuary. Its head is the man of fin and the son of perdition, because his throne is the throne of pride, of covetousness, of ambition , of Simony. There we find the Politiques of the World, and of the spirit of darknels ; cheating, deceit , violence, blood, fornication , sodomy, brutishness , magick, and all manner of imaginable wickedness. This head of

the Papism fits in the Temple of God; i. e. in the : Christian Church, where Jesus Christ dwelt, who

is the foundation. He sits there as a God; for E he makes his feet be kiss’d by men, yea, even by.

the highest powers of the Earth. He is called God, the Lievtenant of God, the Vicar of Jesus Christ, and a Vice-God. In the quality of a God, and as one clothed with his power, he changes the times and the Law. He dispenses with Dan. 7a things against the Law of God, against the Ca

nons of the Church, against the Apostle, against i the Old and New Testament. He lifts up him

self above all that is called God; for he exalts ¿ himfelf above all the Kings of the Earth, that are

the Gods of this lower World, He exalts himfelf also above the true God , in making such laws as make void the Laws of God; for instance, in commanding to worship Images, which God hath forbidden us to worship. He exalts himfelf above the Saints, which are his Demy-Gods. For in the quality of a Judge, and consequently of a Superiour, he Canonises them, he places them in the Heavens, he causes them to be honoured with Temples and Altars, or he refuseth it to them.

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The Pa- His Religion is a mystery of iniquity; for all that
pism is a
Myftery of is in it is unrighteous, unjust, wicked. 'Tis
Iniquity. usurpations, violences and Idolatries. It ravishes

away from men their juft rights , and from God
that worship that belongs to him alone ; to ap-
propriate it toa Tyrant, or give it to fubjects that
do not deserve it. "Tisa Mystery, for it hath all the
appearance of a Mystical Religion. It hath cere-
monies in abundance a pompous worship, a
mighty out-side ; but 'tis a Mystery of iniquity.
This mystery was establisht by the efficacy of Satan,
with all power, signs and lying wonders. For one
can't reckon up either the Diabolical illufions, or
the Cheats of the Priests, or the lying Miracles
by which this false worship, and this false Re.
ligion, was establisht in the World.

The explication and application of that place of St. Paul to the Empire of the Papifm, have been already made so exactly, that we fhall not do it

over again, except only that Article , in which 2 Thess . 2. the Apostle faith ; re know what with-holdeth,

that he might be revealed in his time, &c. Hewho now letterb, will let, till be be taken out of the way, and then shall that wickedone berevealed. All the world did formerly believe, and so it doth still, that by him who Held and possessed, or did let, in St. Pauls time, we must understand the Roman Empire. And it hath been generally apprehended, that the Apostle intended to say, that the Antichristian Empire would not appear in the world before the Roman Empire was abolisht and destroyed. Tho we should stick to this, without any other explication , our cause would be much better than that of the Church of Rome. For to demonstrate that the Romish Antichrift is not yet come , lhe is obliged to prove , that the Romaña


6, 7.


not an Em.

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Empire doth yet subGft. She finds it in the Em- Germany is pire of Germany. But nothing is more vain than pire, nor this , nor more easy to be confuted. The Go- ihe komen

Empire. vernment of Germany is neither an Empire, nor a Roman Empire. 'Tis not an Empire. There is nothing Despotical in it, nor any thing that savours of an Emperour. 'Tis rather a Republique, or an heap of many different Monarchical, Aristocratical and Democratical States. 'Tisnot the Roman Empire, no more than the Kingdom of France, or that of Spain. For 'tis one of the dismembred pieces of the ancient Roman Empire, as well as the other Kingdoms of Europe. It retains the name of the Roman Empire, its head is called the King of the Romans. What of all this? Is it necessary only to retain names and vain titles, to be in possession of the thing, and to exercise the rights belonging to it? The Jews retain the name of the people of God, of the chosen people, of the Lords inheritance, by way of excluGon of all the nations of the Earth ; but doth it follow, that they are what they once were, and what tothis day they call themselves?

We therfore may juftly fay, the Roman Empire is destroyed, and was abolisht when the Goths, the Vandals, and the Huns rent it in pieces, and divided it into lo many parts, took away the rule from the City of Rome, and made it the chief City only of a part of that ancient Em. pire. And indeed, 'tis then, that the Antichristian Empire was born, or at least began to be Revealed, that is to say, to become seplible, and this was in the fifth Age:

But this doth not agree with the other Prophecies ; for according to St. John and Daniel, ëhe fourth Menarchy, which is that of the Roc


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mans, must continue till the Kingdom be given to the Saints, and all the Nations of the World be reduced to the obedience of Jesus Christ.

This is in the seventh of Daniel. There he man Em- makes four Beasts, i. e. four Monarchies or four ding to the Empires. These four Beasts are four Kings, that Prophecy, shall arise out of the Earth. 'Bue the Saints of the and Da... most high Shall take the Kingdom , and possess the niclis not yet ended.

Kingdom for ever, even for over and ever. He 1.17, 18. places nothing at all between the end of the

fourth Beast or the fourth Empire, and the Kingdom given to the Saints. Now if the fourth Monarchy did cease in the fifth Century, then the fifth Monarchy, which is the Kingdom of 7. Christ, being not begun , there would be the space of 12. or 13. hundred Years berween the fourth Monarchy and the reign of 7. Chrift upon the Earth. One can't conceive why the H. Spirit should leave so wide a


of time in the Prophecy.

This is yet more evident by what follows. The Angell

, that explains the vision to Daniel, saith to him, The fourth Beast shall be the fourth Kingo dom upon Earth, which hall be diverse from all

Kingdoms, and shall devour the whole Earth, and V.24. Shall tread it down, and break it in pieces. And the

ten horns out of this Kingdom are ten Kings, that Soall arise; and anoiber sball arise after them, and he shall be diverse from the first, and he shall subdue three Kings. And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to

and think to change times and law. ; and obey shall be given into his band , untill a rime , and rimes, and the dividing of time. But the

judgment shall fit , and they sball take away boas dominion, to consume and to deftroy it unto the end. And


V. 23.

V. 25.

y. 26.

the Kingdom , and dominion, and the greatness of the Kingdom under the whole heavensball be given 10 the people of the Saints of the moft High, &c. He had said before, on occasion of the fourth Beast

V. In and his little Horn, I beheld them, because of the voice of the great words, which the hornspake; I beheld even till the beast was pain, and his body destroyed , and given to the burning flame.

'Tis clear, that the ten Horns, or theten Kingdoms , together with the little Horn, that subdues three Kings, are a continuation of the fourth Beast, and make but one Monarchy together with it, which Monarchy muit endure till the Kingdom begiven to the people of God.

The same thing plainly appears in the dream Chap. 2. of Nebuchadnezzar, and the explication which Daniel gives of it. Nebuchadnezzar saw in a dream a great Statue, whose head was of Gold, his shoulders and his arms of Silver his belly of * 310 Brass, his legs of Iron , and his feet divided into ten Toes were partly of Earth and partly of Iron. V. 34 A Stone cut out of the mountain without hands, breaks this statue in pieces , mingles the Gold, the Silver , the Iron and the Brafs, and reduces them all to duit. Daniel explaining this dream, declares that the head signifies the Monarchy of the Asyrians , of which Babylon was then the capital city since the ruin of Nineveh , and Nebuchadnezzar the head. That the shoulders of Silver lignify a second Monarchy ; andthe belly of Brass a third. And the fourth Kingdom small belike v.4%. Iron , for as much as Iron breaketh in pieces and subdueth all things. All the World is agreed, that this is the Roman Monarchy. After which follows, not the destruction, but the division of that Empire among ten Kings. And wheras thon fawest



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